Sunday, April 30, 2006

Driven to Success by Digital Business Cards

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: For years, businesses have been using business cards to entice new customers or to keep contact with existing ones. But as society changes and technology evolves, promotional materials including business cards have become more and more high-tech. Needless to say, it is essential for every business that their advertising materials communicates effectively what is distinctive about their business and what sets them apart from their competitors.

Today, there is a better and more cost effective way of marketing your products and services - that is through digital business cards. But what exactly are these digital business cards? In essence, it is a pocket size CD-ROM roughly the same size as a typical business card that can be played in most electronic equipment that have CD drivers. With digital business cards, your customers can actually access your site, know your products and services and have up to date information with just a click of the mouse. Compared to brochures, catalogs and newsletters which need to be printed every month or every quarter to include new additions in products or services, digital business cards eliminate the need to print brochures every month. You only need to change or improve your website to accommodate new products. From the digital business card itself, customers will already be able to know whatever new products you have. Hence, handing out digital business cards can better provide your customers with better and fuller access to what you have to offer.

Imagine providing your customers large volumes of information for less than the cost of a standard catalog printing. You can better equip your customers with what they need to know regarding your products and perhaps you can encourage them to try your services. Doing so, your marketing tactic will have a new life and meaning when you start to use this technologically advanced advertising tool.

Digital business cards can also make you stay ahead of the competition. Envision you and your competitor handing out business cards at the same time. Your competitor is giving out the standard business card strategy while you are handing out digital business cards. You would notice that your unique strategy would create good impression to you and your business. Customers would also be fascinated with your distinctive tactic and would be encourage to visit your web site and better yet avail of your products and services. Hence, this is a good way to get noticed and stand out among the rest.

Digital business card is becoming the 'it' tool in the business market today. The endless possibilities it offers and the savvy professional look that it gives can really offer several benefits to businesses. It has, in fact, become one of the most cost effective and good marketing tool to hit the electronic media business.

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About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Trade Catalogs and American Advertising

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: The 19th century was the year of trade catalogs. This era saw a revolution in the business and industrial history as reflected in these trade catalogs. The Industrial Revolution evident in this century was a major force in the modernization of the business industry. Aside from new methods of producing goods that brought down its prices, even making luxury items available to ordinary people, this period as evident in the catalogs began offering goods and services to customers in addition to traders. The growth of trade catalogs in this period has provided a distinct way of life for all people both at home and at work. These catalogs even brought traces of development that changed the life of all Americans and brought in a modern lifestyle.

But what are these trade catalogs? Trade catalogs are generally similar to the retail catalogs existing today. They describe and illustrate business products and services. With trade catalogs, it is possible to understand clearly the market for goods and what is actually available for sale at a given period. But just like the catalogs that are produced today, trade catalogs were also intended to be used and thrown out eventually. But some businesses and manufacturers produce catalogs with hard covers so customers can keep them for a long time. And if ever there are price changes and additional products, they just send out an updated price lists for the items in the catalog rather than printing and issuing a new catalog.

Trade catalogs were also a major force in advances in printing technology. Advances in machine presses and lithography significantly reduced the cost of producing informative and captivating catalogs and enhanced the quality of printed marketing materials. Recently though researchers have used trade catalogs as a tool for historical research. These catalogs used for research covers a wide range of subject areas such as manufacturing, textile, household and consumer products and leisure goods among others. Hence, trade catalogs have certainly illustrated a broader context of the 19th century American advertising history. They have chronicled the development of different styles and tastes of the people and have been a valuable and useful source of information for those interested in trends in the business industry.

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About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Efficient Blogging

Author: Jim Estill

Article: One of the challenges of blogging is to come up with good posts that interest readers and keep them coming back. Sometimes I do not feel like I have good original wisdom. It is presumptuous to think I can have top quality original material all the time.

A second challenge is the time to blog. I run a $1 Billion dollar company so when I decided to blog I knew I needed to figure out how to do it efficiently. My blog is mostly about efficiency and time management; these are topics I study.

These two challenges can be solved with a simple concept. Copy.

Ideas to use when copying are:

1 - attribution. Give the credit together with the link to the original author.

2 - look for something you can add to. Blogs can be synergistic. Take a concept or part of a blog post and expend on it and give your opinions, insights or views. In many cases, this can start a flow of ideas that are enriched from the original post.

3 - You can use either the whole post or most usually just part of it and point people to the original.

4 - I usually ask for permission which has never been denied. After all copying helps the original author and garners them some readership. And of course never copy copy written material without permission (and most blogs are not copy written).

5 - The simplest place to find material to use to copy is by blog surfing although this can mean a lot of irrelevant material to filter. One source of free articles sorted by topic is <A HREF=""""></A>.

6 - In many cases the person you copy from will point a link back to you since it is flattering to them. Charles Caleb Colton said ""Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"" (one trick on quotes is to look them up on <A HREF=""""></A>). These links to you can increase your traffic.

In summary, copying saves time and increases the quality of material on your site. It can even lead to traffic since in many cases you will get link backs from the original site.

About the author: Jim Estill is CEO of SYNNEX Canada a $1 Billion distributor of computer products. He is also a regular blogger at

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Mobile Marketing: Why This Method Of Advertising Is Working

Author: Sandy Baker

Article: In the digital age, companies that want to stay ahead need the tools to do so. Mobile marketing is one of those tools. This method of advertising allows businesses to connect to those that they need to, effectively. It allows the organization to spend messages to mobile phones to promote a product or a service. It also for them to tell their targeted audience that the store parking lot they just pulled into has something on sale. Or, it allows them to know that today is the last day for the lowest price of the seasons. Mobile marketing works for several reasons.


Let's face it. We are all working on finding the best way to accomplish all that we need to in the fastest, most convenient way. Mobile marketing allows individuals to receive the information they need to reach their goals, when they need it. It is convenient because it allows for not external needs. They don't have to get online to see the ad. They don't have to have the radio on a specific channel either. They don't have to watch the television commercials to hear it. They get the information on their mobile phone. How many people that you know don't take their phone with them?

Get It To The Right Audience

Mobile marketing is targeted advertising. You don't find yourself pushing a new electronic gadget on the senior citizen that doesn't know how to send an email. Because there is an activation process, the marketing goes to those who it will work for, those who are interested in the products and services available. There are few other mediums that can do that.

Personal Touch

The personal nature of mobile marketing also is effective for this type of advertising. The message is sent directly to them, not to a board range of people. This personal nature is quite effective at making them click and buy.

Mobile marketing is an excellent type of marketing that we can count on seeing more of down the road. Because of how well it works, more and more companies are getting it that this is the marketing of the future. Why waste money, precious advertising dollars on a 'maybe they will see it' type of advertising? Mobile marketing is fast becoming the advertising medium.

About the author: Sandy Baker is a well respected writer and recommends using , the leading provider of highly successful and a lauded <a href="""" target=""_blank"">mobile marketing company</a> , providing solutions to major consumer brands and media companies.

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Dominate Your Industry or Niche with Systematic Automation

Author: Michael Valiant

Article: You're probably painfully aware that many business owners waste a significant portion of time and money on insignificant tasks throughout any given day.

The simple truth is, you can't move your business forward when you spend hours a day reading email, responding to customer enquiries, fielding phone calls, taking orders, or participating in any of the other straightforward but time-consuming activities that seem to fill every hour of the day for so many of us.

The success of your company relies heavily on your ability to achieve goals, and if you are too busy taking care of the mundane day-to-day operations of your business, you'll find (and have probably already found) your ability to exploit new opportunities seriously hampered; and that has serious long-term effects on the life of your company and your own personal well-being.

Sales and marketing form the core of any business growth strategy. The amount of time you are able to spend actively pursuing them will lay the foundation of your future success. But, because so many people waste so much energy and resources on activities that don't yield their company any significant results, their business suffers.

But, imagine having the time to execute even half of the ideas and opportunities that have until now, passed you by. Imagine owning and running one of those self-sustaining, ""money-machine"" businesses that you have always heard of and envisioned for your own company.

Is it possible? Very!

Can ANYONE do it? Absolutely!

It all starts with outsourcing all non-essential activities applicable for your business:

· Hiring outside Experts to help finish tasks and projects faster · Hire a Virtual Assistant (or VA) to take care of all your mundane tasks · Find a Mentor to avoid costly mistakes and learn winning procedures to model · Hire a Support Center to field your phone calls · Use the right combination of software and technology to Systematically Automate your online business

What do I mean by Systematic Automation software?

There are a number of ways to use technology to automate your daily work flow and free up your time for the more important and essential task of growing your business.

Fortunately, there are many Internet-based and web supported solutions to help you today. The power and leverage you get online reduces much of your manual labor and can even completely automate repetitive work. You can easily automate the following:

· Your Online Order Process · Recurring Orders · Up-Selling and Cross-Selling · Fraud Security · Client Prospecting · Client Follow Up · Customer Service · Technical Support · Mailing List Management · The Tracking of Essential Statistics · Advertising · And Many More Administrative and Sales Functions

This concept is so important for your business, let's take a minute and look at it from another angle.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking of exactly how some people seem to be so lucky and always seem to be able to find and capitalize on the greatest of opportunities?

Have you ever wondered how some business owners seem to have all the time in the world to take vacations with their families and go golfing or fishing every week?

Are some people just lucky? Maybe...

Can you make changes to enjoy these same benefits? Absolutely!

There is one thing that all successful and happy business owners have discovered and applied (read that sentence again and take it to heart, because MANY people fail with the very last word!)

Outsource ALL Non-Essential Activities!!!

That's the big secret folks! Imagine for just one second... Going into the office in the morning (maybe 'The Office' is in the spare bedroom) and NOT having to check your email, NOT having to put on your headset and start taking phone calls, NOT having to check your website stats, NOT having to do anything that does not directly GROW your business, which, as the owner, should be your primary task.

The strategic use of automation determines who'll come out ahead and allow you to exponentially multiply your discretionary time. And if you are not getting bogged down with all of the mundane tasks that fill your daily schedule, you will have more time to concentrate on Advertising, Marketing, Sales and planning out your Business Strategy.

What does this mean for your business? (Guess what happens next!)

Instead of having your head down, buried in the usual daily grind, you all of a sudden find yourself looking forward more often, and before long you are going to find yourself faced with more opportunities than you ever would have even noticed before.

And because you don't have a million and one insignificant tasks to handle, you're able to reach out and grasp at the choice, dangling fruits, turning your business into that 'self-sustaining, ""money-machine,"" Internet-savvy business' that you have always desired.

About the author: Michael Valiant is Technical Writer for Corporation. Want to Learn More About the #1 Business Automation Tool that 8 out of 10 Online Marketers Use and Recommend? Simply go to to improve your sales and productivity right now!

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

So You Want To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Author: Jude Wright

Article: If you're like 99% of the population, you have some interest that you are passionate about. Maybe it's travel, or sports or animals. If you have an interest like this, why not make some money from it? Create a website to showcase your interest, join some affiliate programs and add the links to your new website. Now, starting raking in the cash. Simple, right?

No, not really. When a new affiliate marketer comes to me for advice, I tell him or her it's not as easy as it sounds. Many will listen to my suggestions and then ""go his own way"" to creating banner farms. Sometimes pretty, but not very effective. My biggest piece of advice is ""Don't create a website about pets and add affiliate banners like satellite tv or gambling or dating to it. It doesn't work!

Let's start by discussing what affiliate marketing really is:

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between a web merchant and one or more affiliates. Affiliates are paid commissions for referring others to the site - specifically for generating sales, leads or ""clicks.""

There are a lot of benefits to affiliate marketing. You don't have to deal with customers, worry about payment processing or find your own affiliates. But, do you have the patience it takes to build from the ground up? It takes knowing yourself. It takes time and it takes persistence. It takes having a strong desire to succeed. And it takes a little bit of luck. You're not going to become a millionaire overnight - sorry!

Again, what's your passion? What affiliate products can you find that will compliment your interests? Do those affiliate products actually sell? Do your homework! You must research your products thoroughly.

It's not easy to be a successful affiliate marketer. There's a lot you must learn. Once you get your website up, you need to know how to market your site effectively. You'll need thousands, even tens of thousands of visitors to see your affiliate products' ""offers."" Think big! Go for LOTS of sales - not just one! By the way, don't sell - PREsell! The real key to being successful with affiliate marketing is to develop a good content based website and weave your affiliate links into all your content.

Create a list - a newsletter. You must have a way to bring your website visitors back to your site. Once they leave, they won't be back without some incentive. Put your newsletter signup box on every page of your site because you never know what page your visitors will land on first.

Be creative. Think of ways to keep your visitors coming back. Perhaps with contests or polls. You might want to give away a ""freebie"" every once in a while. Write reports and articles. Keep your content fresh and new.

What do you think? Do you still want to be an affiliate marketer? Good, then get started, and, as the saying goes, ""Keep on keepin' on.""

About the author: Jude Wright is the webmistress of multiple websites. Learn about affiliate marketing at <a href=""""></a> and subscribe to her popular newsletter, <a href="""">About Affiliates Ezine</a>.

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Postcards Straight to Your Mail

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: To stay competitive in the market, one has to create ingenious means to showcase their products or services. You have to stand out from the rest. This is where the innovativeness of a person comes in handy.

Why spend your time and effort folding letters and stuffing them in envelops when you can simply send a one page promotional material without the hassle of licking envelops and stamping them for mailing. For years, postcards have been used to simply tell a friend that you have been to this great place and that you suggest he check it out, too. Few people realize that aside from being used as personal cards, postcards can also be used as marketing or promotional materials. In fact, postcards are used by many businesses today, because aside from they are simple and handy, they are inexpensive, too. Likewise, when people see a postcard they can absorb messages and information right away. They are also easy to store, easy to handle and simply unique.

Money wise, postcard printing is mostly within the budget of many business owners. Hence, even small business owners can afford to advertise through postcards. Printing and design costs are minimal because there are no letters, envelops and other inserts to produce. If you are really serious about marketing through postcards you can also consider mailing them directly to your potential customers. Why? Well, for one reason postcard separates you from your competitors. When a potential customer receives your postcard, they immediately recognize your name making you stand out from your competitors. Postcards also foster constant communication that can spur customers to turn to you whenever they need your service or product.

Direct mail postcards also build up customer loyalty. It is one of the great ways to tell your customers that they are important. Because direct mail postcards have been around for quite a while, you can benefit from this tried and proven marketing strategy.

A well produced postcard can be more than an advertisement. It can be an informative form of communication that can establish bond with customers. If done appropriately, direct mail postcards work. With so many reasons to use direct mail postcards, the only thing left for you to worry is what to include on your postcard.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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All About Calling Cards

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: All sorts of businesses, profession or hobbies can benefit from calling cards. Whether you use them as a businessman, real state agent, doctor or any other means you can always be one step ahead of your colleagues or competitors when you have calling cards. Having a calling card is like packing all your business identity, contact information and logo into a wallet sized billboard.

Calling cards can be for corporate or personal use. When they are used for work purposes they are commonly referred to as business cards. Business cards are used for contact information and keeping in touch with your customers. Adding a business card to your marketing strategy is one way of assuring that you maintain communication with your customers. Whenever or wherever they need to contact you, reaching you won't be too difficult because they know which number to call.

For personal use, traveler's calling cards can come in handy when you are on the road and need to book hotels, call home or call your office. Having traveler's calling cards can allow you to make that important call no matter where you are. Home phone cards can also be useful when you are traveling through a countryside where cell phones don't work. Say for instance your car broke down and you need to call a mechanic, you can't be always sure to make that call when you do not even know who to call. Your personal card can be very helpful in this occasion. Hence, having a calling card is like an added insurance to you so the next time you hit the road make sure that you never go without your phone card.

You can always design and customize your own calling card. Your choice of design can come in different forms. Among the most common design are raised ink and full color. But you can also choose among foil stamping, embossing and die cut, whichever you think suits your business. Die cut calling cards are always effective in captivating attention because of their unique shapes but they can also be expensive. Nonetheless, they can really make a difference in projecting your overall company image and making a memorable impression.

Full color printing, particularly CMKY color printing, is also a good choice in designing your calling cards because it gives you the option of using full color images and photos in your design. You need not worry anymore about color printing being expensive because with the technology that are available today, color printing can now be offered at affordable prices. Hence, they are a cost effective way to display your information.

The bottom line is: your choice of calling card design should be based on how you would like to project your business image, your advertising scheme and budget. Remember also that a simple design can always be as effective as a costly design.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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7 Tips For Selling Expensive Collectibles on eBay

Author: Sydney Johnston

Article: Recently, a friend asked me to help her brother sell his collection on Lladro glass figurines on eBay. These are expensive glass collectibles and I knew nothing about them - but I don't have to. The principles for selling expensive collectibles on eBay are the same, regardless of what is being sold.

Obviously, like any eBay auction, the seller must have a powerful listing with great pictures. This is always true regardless of what the merchandise is. Expensive collectibles offer splendid opportunities, but also need special precautions.

1. Price: decide the lowest amount you will accept for each figurine and set that price as a reserve. Then make your opening bid absurdly low - yes, absurdly.

Example: if you will accept $1,000 - make your opening bid $25. There is no risk in this, because you don't have to sell unless the bidding reaches $1000, but the low price attracts buyers, (assuming there is demand, of course).

Looking at completed eBay auctions allows us to track prices, Again and again we learn that starting the price where the seller hopes it will end is not a wise tactic.

For instance, a seller wants to get $750 for his figurine. An opening bid of $750 won't attract nearly as many buyers as an opening bid of $25 and - surprisingly - the lower bid almost always gets higher prices. There is some psychology at work with the cheap price. It may not make logical sense, but it's the reality of life on eBay.

2. Devote space in your auction listing explaining how you will pack your item to ensure safe transit. This is critically important because in the back of every buyer's mind is the dread of receiving a package that rattles. A collectibles buyer will inevitably be thinking of the hassle she will have to go through - and the possible loss of purchase price - if her item is broken. She needs to know that the seller has carefully considered this issue and has a solution.

3. For the protection of both of you, insist that the buyer pay for appropriate insurance. Don't allow this to be an option. You definitely do not want the liability of a broken collectible that costs hundreds of dollars. In fact, if a customer objects to paying for insurance, this might possibly be a red flag. A genuine collector is very eager to add to her collection and wants her figurine to be protected.

4. We can safely assume that every Internet buyer has heard stories of fraud on eBay and elsewhere on the Net. Therefore, anything you can do to prove the authenticity of your collectible is well worth your time. Is there a marking on the bottom? Do you have the original box or other container? Does it have a label? Is there a certificate of authenticity or an appraisal by a respected organization? If the answer to any of these is ""yes"", then be certain to emphasize your authenticity in your auction. Taking pictures of your proof is especially effective.

5. I don't suggest offering a guarantee except in the most general way - that is, you, the seller, are telling the truth about the product. Anyone bidding on a collectible is knowledgeable and therefore they know what they're buying so there should be no reason for a return. If someone expresses dissatisfaction and mails your merchandise back, there is every likelihood of it being broken. You do not want the hassle of trying to collect on broken merchandise or putting yourself into a litigious situation with someone who refuses to believe that the collectible was broken via return shipping.

Also, you don't want to take a loss on your eBay fees, which might be substantial if the price is high.

6. With a really expensive item, always offer the option of an escrow service - at the buyer's expense, of course. They may not take want this service, but make certain they have the option. You, of course, know that your merchandise is legitimate, but the buyer isn't so certain. eBay recommends an escrow service that is available to all members.

7. If you're willing to ship worldwide, you need to take special steps to protect yourself. In the US we have AVS (Address Verification System) which offers some protection. A very large portion of the fraud suffered by buyers occurs outside the United States and you are justified in protecting yourself. Losing the purchase price on a $5 item isn't such a big deal - but a $1,000 collectible absolutely does matter.

Your bank can advise you on the time it will take to verify foreign funds. Be certain to let any prospective buyer know in your auction that there will be a delay if they are outside of your country. Do not let your merchandise out of your hands until you are sure!

If you follow these 'rules', the chances of selling your expensive collectibles at the highest possible prices will be greatly increased.

About the author: Learn <a href="""">how to sell on eBay </a> with 16 hours of online instruction taught by a 10 year eBay veteran. Own an eBay business instead of an eBay hobby.

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Internet Copywriting - Make Your Offer Irresistible!

Author: George Dodge

Article: Want to increase your online sales? Make sure your offer is one they can't pass up!

Any offer you make through your Internet copywriting needs to be worth the readers' time. Time is valuable and there is no bigger waste of time - for you as the creator or for your reader - than a worthless offer. A number of years ago, a newspaper advertising sales rep went to her boss, disgusted that her client would not buy the ad schedule she pitched. It turned out that the last time the client ran an ad - five years before - ""I didn't get a single result from my coupon"" that he ran way back then. The coupon was for a free coffee refill... something that was already common practice at the restaurant. Honestly, who would bother? ""Go back and tell that man we'll run his ad for free if he will live up to the offer we create,"" was the ad manager's response. From there, he proceeded to tell the young sales rep to tell the client that the coupon would read ""Bring this in for $1.00 in cash."" So, she did. The client naturally refused because he knew he would have too many takers. What he finally admitted to himself is that his advertising did not work because his offer was lousy. Keep this business owner's woes in mind as you plan to create your own irresistible offers with your Internet copywriting. Make your offer one that is worth the time it takes to respond. A ""Free 60 day trial"" is a pretty good offer for an online program. What kind of offers can your business make?

The key to getting readers to respond to your offers is to make them irresistible. Can you afford to knock several dollars off the fee for your product or service? Or maybe you can make a strong guarantee, making your product or service almost risk free. Transferring the risk from the customer to you will help remove resistance to your offer.

Whatever it is you decide to offer, honor the offer at all costs. Keep your word and potential customers will quickly fall into place as current customers spread the word. If you have never done any Internet copywriting before, don't worry about it. No one knows your product or service as well as you do. Because of your passion for the product or service you are selling, you know it better than even a professional copywriter. Let that passion lead your Internet copywriting as you work to create the perfect offer that your potential customers just cannot refuse! If you need some help creating an irresistible offer for your Internet copywriting, ask yourself, ""What would make me buy?"" Think about your answer. Is it do-able? If so, let that be your irresistible offer.

You can always make it available for a limited time (another good way to get people to act quickly) in case you decide the offer is too good to be very profitable.

Add a sense of urgency to your offer to get people to act immediately. If they put it off, they are likely to forget about it and you end up losing the sale. Adding a sense of urgency can be done by limiting the quantity or time of the offer or both. For example, the special offer is good only for the next 100 people who order, or the offer expires in 48 hours. You can even use both to heighten the sense of urgency.

In summary, make your offer irresistible. Make it worth the effort to the customer to place the order. Transfer the risk from the customer to you and add a sense of urgency. Then be sure to live up to what you have written in you copy. If you do these thing, you'll see your sales skyrocket!

About the author: George Dodge is owner of where you will discover 757 explosive <a href="""">persuasive copywriting techniques</a> guaranteed to skyrocket your sales and put more cash in your pocket - even if you haven't written a thing since high school

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Friday, April 28, 2006

How to turn your Web Site into a Free lead Generation Machine

Author: Daegan Smith

Article: There is one big problem however. How come there are websites that actually help businesses to sell its products and services yet at the same time, there are those that remain unknown to consumers and drain the businesses' money, instead of helping them earn additionally?

For many businesses that own websites, this is their question: How come their websites do not attract potential consumers and serve as additional source of revenue? Aren't websites built precisely for that?

For many businesses with web sites, these online resources are built for a variety of reasons, among them:

* Get, as many as possible, prospects for its products;

* Help businesses create a short list of prospective consumers;

* Turning prospective online surfers to stop being just that - prospective surfers - and actually buy products and services from businesses; and

* Ultimately, turn these clients to purchase products and services from businesses on a continuing and long-term basis.

If, for example, your website actually is meeting all the said functions above, then great! Your website actually helps your income. But if it is not, then probably it is the best time to review or evaluate your website's problems and reasons for not doing so.

Countless marketing websites offer various products and services that say they could help your website to be a top lead generation machine (that is, your website draws ""leads"" or sales from online consumers). Although, these websites may offer genuine and helpful information to you, most of these products and services are expensive and seem to provide general information on how to improve you website's lead generation capabilities.

Actually, you can improve your website on your own. You are responsible for the success or failure of your website. With these tips below, you can start improving your website's sales potential.

1. Is the nature of your business or company, including your products and services, immediately available to the website?

The website has to immediately and clearly state what your business or company is. Information on the products and services you sell should be immediately available. Otherwise, why would someone take his or her time to look at your site? It would be a waste of time if an online prospect is having a hard time looking for a product or service information. The longer he or she lingers around your website looking how much a product costs, the lesser the chances of buying that product.

You also have to state on your location. Are you based in just one state? In another country? What if for example, someone orders a product halfway around the world, is it possible? And how much the cost would be?

Are your links, both text and images, working? If someone clicks on a link, would that link go to the webpage that he or she is most likely looking for? Or is it not? Worse, you have linking errors?

2. What is the selling proposition of your business or your company? Is it clear in the website?

Prospects should know why choosing your business is the best choice compared with others. What are the reasons someone would buy your product or service compared with your competitor? Are these reasons reflected in the website? How do you substantiate your claims? If you got testimonies or experts praising your product or service, you have to show that they are credible endorsers? Explain in the website the necessary experience and knowledge of these people. Give your users their credentials. In that way, they know that they can trust with your company, and possibly, purchase your goods.

If there are any, show the awards or certifications received by your business or company from consumer or industry associations.

3. Does the website offer additional information or resources if a customer buys something from your company or business?

These are added come-ons for customers. Services like technical or administrative customer support in the website, if available, should be clearly stated in the website. This will give an assurance to customers that if something goes wrong with a product or service they purchased, they could easily contact you via the website.

Make them an offer they can't refuse If you want your prospects to respond, you have to give them a convincing reason to do so. Keep the phrase ""what's in it for me?"" in mind as you're writing your ad's call to action. It's what your prospects are thinking as they decide whether or not they will take the time or effort to respond. It will have a noticeable effect on B2B sales leads generation. Consider offering application notes showing how other buyers solved their problems using your product or service.

Offering a useful premium or advertising specialty can also significantly increase the number of responses. However, try to make sure your offer is of interest only to qualified prospects. For example, a tool for sizing rings would be an attractive offer only to people who use rings. However, everyone might want a free pocket screwdriver set and inquire only to get it, not because they have a need for your product or service.

Many of your prospects may want to try your product before they buy it. If you can cost-effectively offer samples or a demonstration CD, you will generate more inquiries as part of your B2B sales leads generation program.

4. Offer consumers features and add-ons that would entice them to buy

Convince your prospects that they need to buy your product or service. Tell them that they need or want this product or service. Explain how other users benefited from it. In that way, they become convinced the capability of your product or service and hopefully buy it. Consider offering application notes showing how other buyers solved their problems using your product or service.

5. Is ordering in the website hassle-free?

Try to make ordering in your website as hassle- and worry-free as possible. Surfing should be as smooth as possible. No complicated ordering forms as well as processes. Is payment information stored for future buyers?

6. Is your company or business accessible enough for consumers?

Contact information of your company or business should be in the website. And this does not mean just electronic mail. Telephone numbers, feedback forms, among others, should be easily available on the site.

7. Good writing is the key.

Of course, any good website means good writing. Write clear and simple. Focus on your market's needs and wants. Try to get to them that going to your website is not a worthless thing to do.

These tips, when used, can help your website into a more active sales generator for you.

About the author: Daegan Smith is the leader of the fastest growing team of successful home business enterpernuers on the net. Find out how we're creating financial freedom all across the globe and how to get in on the action FREE =>

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Electronic Business Cards: What Are They?

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: We can really no longer escape the wonders of modern technology. Every where you look and everything you do the virtual market has plagued our lives. This technology has indeed proven to be helpful and beneficial to all. Businesses have also benefited from this technology. What used to be costly and lengthy business transactions can now be done in just a few hours or even minutes. Even business cards can now be done electronically. But what are these so called electronic business cards?

Basically, electronic business cards are calling cards minus the paper, graphics and text. These cards are files that contain information in multimedia format. The information is usually in the form of URLs, logos, images, and text among others. There are several advantages of electronic business cards. Firstly, they can save time and effort from not having to design and print the cards. Aside from saving time and effort, they also allow automatic exchange of information provided that both parties are running on devices that can communicate with each other. Additionally, electronic cards are considerably small so they can be easily attached to emails and they can be easily added to an address book or to a contact manager.

For example you need to attract more customers to avail of your products or service. Since most people today are virtually connected, sending them electronic business cards can be a good way to invite them to try your products. They are a cost effective way of marketing your business. Once you have attached your business card in your email program every email that you send will contain these cards adding to a more professional and attractive look. Of course, you have to make sure that your electronic business card has been designed to enhance the image of your comply. Remember that people respond to a professional image because this gives them a sense of security that they can trust the company to provide them good service.

Whatever your business is, using electronic business cards aside from the standard cards can be very useful. Nonetheless, the real success of a business comes from the people who are putting their services and talents at work. The electronic part is just motion not skill. Hence, creating electronic cards is just a cog in the business. Just the same, make sure that every email and business card that you send help promote your image as a professional that can be trusted in providing products and services.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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Press Printing Pros and Cons

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: The introduction of the printing press has made producing multiple copies of a document much easier and convenient. This machine has changed the totality of the written language. It was a breakthrough in spreading literacy in the lower classes as books and other printed materials are now easily reproduced. Many more copies of a document could be made making the documents more available to the masses.

But have you ever wondered how these books, magazines or newspapers are produced? Are these printed materials literally written and colored by the writers? Absolutely not! Just imagine how long it will take to write a single copy of a book. It would seem impossible to actually produce one copy if one has to do it manually. Then how are they able produce thousands of copies in just a short period of time? The answer to that is press printing. Press printing can make copies of words and images by placing ink on paper.

In the past, when the printing press was not yet invented printing a hundred copies of a book can take a year to produce. But after the printing press was developed, it takes only a few months to print not only hundreds but thousands of copies. The printing presses available today can do more things than those available in the past. There are those long ones that can print different colors and those short ones that can print only black colors. There are also those that can connect to a computer to make printing much easier.

The traditional process of press printing has several advantages and disadvantages. Let's begin with the advantages. For one, press printing offers good color precision. This printing technique can create much brighter print outputs. If you are a person who is particular with color precision, press printing may be the right choice for you. You can also use different types of color with press printing. Whether its colored papers or pitch black type, you have the liberty of deciding which is best for your printed material. Additionally, color printing will look smooth and flawless as fine line screens are available with press printing. Wide array of finishing options are also available such as foil stamping, embossing, and die cutting. Hence, using press printing techniques can help you produce materials that really stand out.

On the other hand, press printing can be quite costly. Films and plates need to be produced adding to the overall cost. It is also time consuming as setting up, aligning the press and washing the press needs a considerable amount of time. Then after this process, folding, cutting and other finishing have to be done. Thus, print jobs done with press printing can cost twice as that of digital printing.

Nonetheless, your decision to use press printing in your print jobs depend on you. When you think this printing process is appropriate to your print needs, then by all means avail of this process. After all, you are after the quality of the print job not the manner on how it was produced.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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Things You Should Keep in Mind For Market Research

Author: James Hunt

Article: Market research can be very complicated if you are not sure what you have to do. If you want to do market research you can hire someone to help you but it is cheaper and easier to do it on your won. However, if you are doing your own market research there are some things that you should keep in mind.

To start with, you should always remember that the information you collect will only be as good as your market research sample. You should always be careful when choosing your research sample. Your research sample must meet two basic criteria; it has to be relevant to and representative of the entire target population. This is the only way that it will truly reflect what you want it to. When you are doing your own market research it is always a good idea to choose an area of people to question that you do not know. All too often when the interviewer knows the people being questioned some form of bias may find its way into the results. If this happens then the results are not valid and reliable.

You should always design your market research questionnaire carefully. You questions should focus specifically on what you want to know. Be careful that your questions are not too personal because some people do not want to answer questions that involve money earned and money spent. They are more willing to ask general type questions. If you offend the people in some way they will not be willing to fill out the questionnaire at all.

The market research questionnaire should be kept short and to the point. People become bored and restless if they are asked to fill out pages and pages of questions. If at all possible then you should always try to keep your questionnaire to about one page or a little more.

The most important thing when conducting some form of market research is that you have excellent skills for recording information. Before you start doing your market research then you should always practice and refine your recording skills. You could look at how others have collected and recorded information, or you could do some practice samples on friends and family.

About the author: James Hunt has spent 15 years as a professional writer and researcher covering stories that cover a whole spectrum of interest. Read more at <a href=""""></a>

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How to Create Good Poster Prints

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Posters have been around for ages. It has been used by monarchs and politicians since the 18th century to announce gatherings, advertise entertainments and any other events. It has been used for commercial purposes and for propaganda. Additionally, it has been used by political organizations or charitable institutions to announce any event they may be planning to carry out. Today, there has been a massive revival of interest in poster for interior embellishment. Among the most popular posters are movie posters, reprints of World War I, and photographs of celebrities and animals.

A good poster design does not only mean being legible enough for people to read. It requires, above all, a clear expression of the idea, service or product being advertised. These promotional materials are now easily, quickly and affordably produced. Whether your poster printing need is small or large, many companies now have printers that will match any of your needs. If you want a customized poster, you can always choose among the different paper types, font types, and backlit media. All you have to do is provide your printer with your files and they will produce the poster for you.

In poster printing, your imagination is the only constraint. To create good designs, it is important that your first consideration must be the poster's purpose and application. Think of who your target readers are and from them you can create a design that will best meet your print needs. Keep in mind that your poster will be displayed in a public area and will have to compete with other posters. That is why it is essential that you produce a truly creative and appealing poster.

The size and shape of the poster will be the first thing that you should consider when designing it. Consider the places where you will most likely put your poster and you can use this information in deciding which size, proportion and shape is appropriate. Next you have to create the information that needs to be conveyed. It is vital that the information to be communicated is simple as much as possible to make sure that it is communicated clearly and vigorously. Also, carefully select the typeface that works for your design. And if possible present a number of alternative designs. After the design and printing process, you are now ready to put your poster to the test.

So make that poster work for you. Make wise decisions when it comes to your poster printing needs.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Put Your Marketing on AUTOPILOT

Author: Fabienne Fredrickson

Article: <b>Would you be surprised if I told you I actually coach a LOT of marketing consultants and business coaches</b> who help others build their businesses? Many of these consultants and coaches come to me because, even though they know how to put these steps into practice, they still don't have a full practice, or at least not consistently. WHY?

<b>The reason is simple. They don't market consistently.</b>

What usually happens (to most of us self-employed professionals) is that we get caught up in the everyday of our businesses and when we have clients, we focus our entire days on those clients. (Is that the case for you too?)

<b>Until the clients leave and our well runs dry.</b> So, we find ourselves digging our well when we're thirsty. This is the scenario my clients tell me about: because they know what to do, when marketing consultants need clients, they market, market, market, market, and sign up a bunch of new clients. Then, because they have all these new clients, they stop marketing. No time to market!

<b>But, sooner or later, the well runs dry once again and they have to start marketing furiously again.</b> So they, market, market, market, and they again sign up a bunch of new clients. Then the same thing happens and they start living this unbearable life of Feast or Famine, an intolerable rollercoaster they wish they could stop. Well, now they can.

<b>The solution: you can eliminate ""Feast or Famine"" by being systematic</b> about your Client Attraction and putting your marketing on autopilot.

The only way to make sure you always have a full practice is to always market. The best way to do that is to make all the pieces of your marketing pie run on a system, like a well-oiled machine that doesn't need you to be there the whole time, just once in a while to make sure everything's going smoothly.

<b>As clients get to know me in our one-on-one private coaching, they tend to see how fanatical I can be about systems.</b> I've created systems for EVERYTHING, probably because I wasn't always a very disciplined person by nature. (I know I'm not the only one, so don't start throwing stones!)

So to counteract that (because I need to have a full practice at all times or else I'd have to go back to being corporate, which is a big no-no for me), I make sure everything I do runs like clockwork.

<b>Here's how I do it and how I've taught hundreds of clients how to do it too:</b>

*Breakfast networking group (WEEKLY MEETING, paid for once a year and booked in my calendar for the entire year).

*Associations (MONTHLY MEETING, paid for once a year and booked in my calendar for the entire year).

*Free teleclasses on how to attract clients, MONTHLY.

*My own seminars (BIMONTHLY, paid for and booked at the beginning of the year).

*E-zine (WEEKLY, goes out ever week, without exception--my assistant makes sure that it does).

*Articles for association newsletters (MONTHLY, schedule of articles and deadlines are set by the association).

*Speaking for associations/organizations/conferences (OFTEN WEEKLY OR BIWEEKLY, I have a list of speaking opportunities that I'm constantly following up on to get booked regularly).

*Strategic alliances (OFTEN WEEKLY OR BIWEEKLY, I have a list of strategic alliances that I'm constantly following up on to do things with regularly).

<b>Do you see a trend? </b>Everything I do in terms of Client Attraction, every single piece of my own Marketing Pie, is set up to work automatically and systematically. I set these things up ahead of time and then all I have to do is show up. I don't ever have to worry about what I have to do next. It's already in my calendar.

<b>This is the one thing that I have rarely seen in any book or course that teaches you how to get clients, yet I think it's one of the most crucial.</b>

<b>If you don't set things up to be systematic, then you won't stay on track. If you don't stay on track, you won't market consistently.</b> If you don't market consistently, then you won't take action and get results consistently. That means you're going to have a much harder time keeping your practice consistently full, UNLESS you set things up to work on their own, with a little tweak from you here and there.

<b>Your Assignment:</b>

<b>Set up systems for everything that is marketing and Client Attraction.</b> Figure out what you will do daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly so you too can go from being undisciplined with not enough clients, to disciplined with a full practice.

<b>If you're not sure where to start, everything's laid out in the Client Attraction Home Study System™</b>, the ""bible"" for attracting all the clients you need with proven, systematic processes that will help you fill your practice quickly and consistently, guaranteed. Here's where you can get your own copy: <a href="""">TheClientAttracti</a>. © 2006 Fabienne Fredrickson

About the author: Fabienne Fredrickson, The Client Attraction Expert, is founder of the Client Attraction System™, the proven step-by-step program to help you attract more clients, in record time and consistently. To sign up for her freebie how-to articles and no-charge teleclasses on attracting more clients, visit <a href=""""></ a>.

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Logo Design

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: All business owners know that the most vital part of a promotional material is the message that it communicates to the customers. That is why even the logo has to be carefully designed and created to make sure that it gives the right meaning.

In the past, there is actually no need to put logos in stores or in the products. This is because there is little competition and oftentimes, towns only have one clothing store, restaurant or general store. But today, things have changed. From everyday necessities such as toothpastes and soaps to expensive jewelries and clothes, there are literally hundreds of different suppliers and retailers. Competition is stiff, that is why most of these vendors are looking for the best way to make their products stand out among the rest.

Picture you are in a grocery store. You need some soaps and shampoos. So you went to the section where these products are displayed. You will be surprised to know that there are quite a number of brands to choose from. If you are the kind of customer who doesn't stick to one brand you will have a hard time choosing which brand of soap or shampoo is best for you. But most customers today look for consistency and familiarity when it comes to products they need on a daily basis. Hence, a good logo will create a differentiating characteristic of a brand that will eventually become familiar to customers.

Simply put, business owners use logo because they are good stimulants that once a customer sees a particular logo they will immediately remember what brand it is. With the seemingly complex way of modern life today, people just don't have a lot of time to research all the benefits and features of each brand. They simply take note of the logo and know immediately what these products are all about. In addition, with the advent of the Internet, shopping has never been easier. Just like when people shop in stores, they also look for familiar brands when browsing through the Internet. Hence, when you have a good logo people will not have a hard time recognizing your brand. Logos are in a way the simplest, most direct way of promoting your business. It is like an overall statement of what you are about, minus the lengthy statements. Since logos are distinct graphic images, they can easily create name recognition and easily entice your target customers.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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How Will a Profit Pulling USP Help Your Small Business?

Author: L A Parmley

Article: A unique selling proposition (USP) is an attempt to express the uniqueness of your business in a single statement. It can be a promise no one else makes. It can also be a unique benefit that applies only to your product or service. Either way, it serves to differentiate you from your competition.

To sum it up, it's a one to two sentence phrase (or it can be a concept) that clearly lets your customers know why they should buy your product over your competitor's products.

The use of a unique selling proposition in your business will only stand to benefit you.

Here is what a profit pulling USP will allow you to do...

» Find a niche and position yourself as the ONLY choice for that niche.

» Place your product or service on a different level than your competition, catapult you to a higher plane of business and enable you to sell in a vacuum (i.e. no direct competition).

» Protect you from market fluctuations.

» Break free from mindless advertising and get your product or service remembered more than any other in your market.

» Grant a stronger preference for your company's products and services so you can charge more and customers will gladly pay your higher price.

Sound interesting?

Copyright © 2005 by L A Parmley. All rights reserved.

About the author: Would you like to create a profit pulling unique selling proposition for your small business or professional service? Discover how by visiting <a href="""">Positioning Tactics</a> and sign up for our free ecourse.

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Discover the Basics of a Unique Selling Proposition

Author: L A Parmley

Article: Having a USP helps make you look like you are on the customer's side and not just out to prey on unsuspecting passer bys. Instead of raving how you're number 1 (like everyone else), you can appeal to their benefits.

Prospective customers really don't care how great your company is (especially if it's coming from you) or how long you've been in business. They want to know what's in it for them. What benefits will they get if they buy from you instead of your competition? That's your USP. What sets you apart from your competition?

Here are the basics to a profit pulling USP:

* Your USP should set you apart favorably. * Your aim is to try to fill an obvious void in the marketplace. * Your positioning should set you apart from your competition.

In the process, it should get prospective customers excited about your product or service.

When people think of what you sell or have to offer, you want them to think of you.

You want to cement an important benefit or promise to your product or service. And you want this benefit to be important enough to get consumers clamoring to buy from you.

Over the years, USP's have been shown to be a highly effective means for advertising. This has held true for giant corporations and even small businesses and service professionals.

Some of the more popular USP's have been used for decades! I'm sure you'll recognize these two...

""Wonder Bread helps build strong bodies in eight ways.""

""Certs breath mints with a magic drop of retsyn.""

USP's are everywhere, if you take the time to notice. Keep learning about this positioning tactic and you'll never look at advertising the same!

Copyright © 2005 by L A Parmley. All rights reserved.

About the author: Would you like to create a profit pulling unique selling proposition for your small business or professional service? Discover how by visiting <a href="""">Positioning Tactics</a> and sign up for our free ecourse.

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The Power of the Reassurance Letter

Author: L A Parmley

Article: OK, if you don't already use something like this, you need what I call a reassurance letter. A what?

A reassurance letter. Seriously. Hear me out.

Let me ask you a question. When you buy something, have you ever experienced that nagging feeling or voice that questions whether you made the right decision? Sure you have. It's called buyer's remorse. The more expensive the product, the more chance your buyers will experience it and possibly act on it.

What you want to do is reassure them during what I call the ""Critical Remorse Period"". This period of time generally begins after they whip out their credit card right up through the first few days after they've receive the product. Now, if you're shipping the item out to them, this time-period is extended. It can take well over a week for shipments to arrive. This can be an agonizing time-period for your clients.

One obvious way to deal with this dilemma is to deliver your product as quickly as possible. Get it in their hot little hands immediately. Use 2-day shipping, send it out the door the day after they order, or deliver it electronically. Do whatever sounds reasonable to you.

Another method is to use the reassurance letter(s) (hey, don't groan). It's easy. Immediately after the customer places their order, you should send out a follow up email. This is very easy and can actually be automated for you especially if you accept orders over the internet. And no, you don't need any special skills to rig this up.

This email should thank them for placing their order and congratulate them on making such a wise purchase. You can even be more specific and congratulate them on taking the step towards solving whatever problem your product attempts to solve. Just reassure them. Think to yourself ... what would you like or need to hear to keep that nagging buyer's remorse at bay?

If you are sending out a tangible product, include a short letter in the package that also thanks and reassures them. Include some testimonials or case studies. Resell your product. Remind them how others have benefited from it. You can even explain how they can achieve the same results (this can be called a quick-start guide and can even be mentioned in your sales letter to increase the value of your product).

Regardless of whether it's a shipped package or a digital product, you want to send out your thank-you/reassurance email immediately. Then give your clients a little bit of time to look your product over. A few days, weeks, or if you've sent them something that takes time to look over or experience, perhaps even a couple of months. Then write to them again. You can use email or an actual letter. Regardless of which you choose, make sure to send this out.

You may want to ask them for feedback (hopefully you can get a testimonial from them), on your product. Hey, even if they don't tell you how great your product is, constructive criticism can be of great use to you. Just try not to take it personally.

So get busy writing your reassurance letter!

Copyright © 2005 by L A Parmley. All rights reserved.

About the author: Would you like to learn how to position your small business or professional service and start increasing your profits? Discover how by visiting <a href="""">Positioning Tactics</a> and sign up for our free ecourse (Value $37)

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

White Space in Your Design

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: White can be a soothing and relaxing color to see. For some people white is simply a refreshing color while for others it is a dull, common color. If you have been in the web business for quite a while you would often hear the word white space. What does this term mean? Simply put, white space is a term used to denote open space between designs. It is like creating a site that is neat to look at with lots of room or space. Most graphic designers often opt for having white space in their design because having a simply uncluttered site makes visitors and net surfers feel comfortable.

You have probably seen in the television people asking for help to renovate their house because they feel that it is too untidy and unpleasant to live with. Perhaps they want to change their furniture, change their wall paint or move a few things to make everything in order. After living years in complete mess and untidy house and after hearing thousands of comments from friends and relatives about their uninhabitable house they finally want to have a house that is neat, clean and simple for a change. After the renovation and remodeling you finally came home and were surprised with your new house. Isn't it a great feeling to come in a house that is tidy and roomy? Doesn't it make you feel you want to stay for a long time there?

Well, this is also what people who visit your site will feel when they see that your space is comfortable to read and visit. They will be encouraged to stay for a while and read through the whole site. It is, thus, important to provide enough spaces between visuals and text in your page as it can help guide your reader's eye from one point to another. Oftentimes, designers tend to overlook these white spaces in their clamor to create an attractive and stylish design. Nonetheless, white spaces must never be taken for granted. Designers have to keep in mind that if they want the design to be appealing they must also be easy on the eyes. Remember that if there is not enough white space in the page, texts can be unreadable, images can be blurred and there would be no balance in the elements on the page.

So make your web site as user friendly as much as it can be. Consider white space as more than a plain background. Think of it as an important part of the design. You will find it more appealing and comfortable to look at your site, thus, allowing you to effectively deliver your message to the readers and site visitors.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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Company logos: the beginning of a long-term relationship

Author: Mark Knerr

Article: In today's business world, chasing timelessness can be a harrowing task.

Million dollar company ad campaigns may hit the streets steaming hot and create a sensational buzz, only to disappear in a couple of months. If you happen to have a marketing budget that is built to weather such storms, you're probably not so concerned about the fickleness of your consumers. In fact, you almost come to expect it.

However, no business - be it the huge multinational conglomerate or the industrious rookie entrepreneur - can afford to gamble on the trends when it comes to company logos.

In fact, the most important thing any chief executive officer needs to know about company logos is simple: If you're not planning on having your corporate logo along for the long haul, you're probably not planning to be in business very long.

It may sound a touch dire, but the proof is in the pudding. A company like Nike may change its shoe designs every season, but the Nike swoosh logo has been around for decades. Coca Cola may prefer scantily clad women for their summer ads and virgin-white polar bears for the winter season, but their logo has stood the test of time.

Because company logos end up being emblazoned on everything from company letterheads to transport trucks, it is crucial that they effectively capture one's corporate identity and constantly transmit that information to consumers.

Of course, figuring out just what it is that your company stands for is something you need to figure out before you even entertain the idea of a company logo.

What we're really talking about here is the basic core values of your company: honesty or innovation, for example. Prudential Financial must have been looking to convey a sense of stability and strength when they decided to use the rock of Gibraltar in their company logo.

Another very important factor in logo design is the positioning of your product or service. In other words, who is the specific consumer that you are targeting and what sort of values will appeal to them. Things like age, income and geographical location will all become factors.

Capturing the essence of your company may seem like a daunting task, but a well- designed company logo will go a long way in shaping all your future marketing endeavors - no matter how trendy or frugal these might seem to be.

About the author: Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved Mark Knerr is a graphic designer specializing in company logo design and business card design services. He also offers professional, full color postcard, plastic cards and business card printing. <a href="""">http://www.businesscards4</a>

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10 Super Fast Traffic Tactics You Can Use To Explode Your Website's Hit Counters Almost Overnight

Author: John Stafford

Article: Traffic...

Confusing isn't it? Everyone agrees it's the lifeblood of your internet business but how do we solve the mystery of actually getting it?

Here I break down 10 of the best techniques you can use daily to create a flood of traffic to any website you want, here we go:

1. Posting in discussion forums: Finding a discussion forum along the topic of your site and posting often can yield you 50-100 visitors daily if you do it correctly

2. Traffic exchanges: Placing ads for your site in traffic exchanges is a fast way to get free traffic. Here's a good one:

3. E-mail Signatures: Making a fast ad and sending it out with every mail you send will increase your visitor counts immediately

4. Write an article: If you write a quickie article and submit it to article directories, you'll get a load of serious traffic fast. Here's a good one I use:

5. Submit the article you just wrote to ezines along the same theme for an extra boost of quick traffic

6. Trade your article: You can find similiar websites to your own and make a deal to place each others articles as content on your sites

7. Pay Per Clicks: Placing a quick ad on a pay per click search engine site will explode your traffic quickly and cheaply. A good one that's easy to use is:

8. Share your traffic: Using a quick exit popup you can share your traffic with any of your other sites and vice versa

9. Joint Venture Popups: Here's another good way to use popups, find a few sites like yours and stick their URL's on an exit popup - if you all use it you'll multiply your traffic easily

10. Thank You Page Joint Venture: As a twist to the JV Pop up you can place each others links on thank you pages for your partners products or lists

Copyright 2005 - John Stafford

About the author: John Stafford is the author of: Laser Guided Traffic Tactics - Discover How to Instantly Get Multiple Streams of <a href="""">Targeted Traffic</a> to Your Website Starting Today

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Catch the Holiday Spirit with Digital Cameras

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: It's the time of the year when your family and friends spend their time together at home. It's also the best time to get memories in print. But oftentimes people are frustrated to find out that the pictures they have taken don't look too good when they get printed. So the best way you could perhaps do to minimize excessive outflow of money and effort is by using digital cameras.

Digital photography has opened up a lot of new and valuable opportunities to all. Here are a few reasons for you to go digital. First, you can always make sure that the shot you took is the one you like before leaving the scene and if it does not meet your expectation, you can always delete it and take another shot. Second, digital cameras allow you to easily and quickly retrieve images. You also have the option of having your photos printed at home at your own convenience. Digital cameras can also mount filters, auxiliary lenses and polarizers allowing you to meet any photographic challenge you might come across with.

These are just a few reasons to make you cross over the fence to digital photography. When you do decide to use digital camera there are a few things to consider in choosing the right one as there are a lot of choices when it comes to digital camera today. Most of these cameras only differ in use and price. If you are thinking of only using your camera to exchange snapshots with your friends, you do not need to spend a lot for the camera. Don't forget to ask the seller if the camera you are buying can accept external power supply. Remember that cameras use power fast so you do not want to spend most of your time buying batteries and miss the opportunity of getting the shot that you want.

Buying your digital camera need not be a difficult task. To make things simple, just try to remember these factors when shopping for your camera - number of megapixels, user controls, battery life, zoom lens and exposure control. So get started with your shopping for the right digital camera today. After all, you would not want to miss grandpa crying beside the Christmas tree because of the gift you gave him or miss little Annie getting frantic because she finally got the Barbie doll she likes. Happy Holidays everyone!

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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The Print Industry: Is It Doomed?

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: The print industry has been going through remarkable change in the past decade and up until now it has experienced a decline in sale. The industry has given way to other means of communication - the Web for instance. Many people and businesses now conduct their work or buy their needs through the Internet. Manuals and contracts that used to be printed traditionally can now be produced online. But even though people will continue to be attached to their computer screens for the next decade, the print industry is here to stay for a number of practical reasons.

The movie industry has somehow helped boost the declining printing business. You are perhaps familiar with the movies War of the Worlds, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the Harry Potter series and A Walk to Remember to name a few. All these blockbuster movies were based on a novel written by celebrated writers who have helped changed the way the print industry is seen today. For a number of reasons, sale of this books in hard or paperback copies have rose to an astonishing level. In fact, publishers of the Harry Potter series have to make another re-run just to meet the increasing demand for the book all over the world.

Additionally, although children now are more exposed to computers and the virtual world, they still learn to read and write through books and printed materials. Not until the computer becomes a better way to teach children will printed materials became less useful. This goes to show that printed materials are not going away anytime soon. This is simply for practical reasons: they are handier, they are simpler to use and they offer the best user edge.

Although the idea of having everything done digitally is very promising and encouraging, at the end of the day it all comes back to practically. Consider the packing industry. This is one major part of the printing industry. Can you ever imagine a box of chocolate being packed in a computer screen? Certainly not! Hence, as long as there is no other way to do this digitally, printing will continue to exist. As long as there are people and businesses that sees printing as a better option to Web-based technology, print will continue to be alive and kicking. And as long as people consider print as a better and simpler way of having their information accessible anytime they want it, the print industry is far from dead.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Facts of a Direct Mailing List

Author: Chris Burns

Article: It is a well-known fact that businesses cannot exist without advertising. In fact, it is considered as the lifeblood of every business. It is so important that businesses everywhere are more than willing to spend thousands of dollars just to get the services of an advertising agency.

But a lot of you might wonder why businessmen would opt for these kinds of promotions wherein they can simply sell the product. The answer lies on the marketing strategy of every advertisement. This is because even advertisement would not be effective if not for the marketing tool that goes with it (direct mailing lists).

Today, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for ways on how to proliferate their services. They know that the basic thing when dealing with business is to get a big part on the market share at once. That is why they have come up with an idea that could reach the target niche market--the use of targeted mailing lists.

Since its inception, targeted mailing lists had served its purpose. It is with this kind of marketing strategy that businesses were able to get hold of the market share without having to rummage the different telephone directories just to get a contact.

Mailing lists are, in reality, a database system of millions of consumers or businesses worldwide, depending on where it will be used. Most mailing list providers give their client a list that ranges from telemarketing, business, ethnic, mortgage, consumer, and even a generic direct mailing list. In fact, the list may go on and on as long as there is a business and there are people who patronize the industry.

The Direct Mailing List

Without having to go all of the different mailing list categories, let us talk about the direct mailing list in particular. Basically, it is because the direct mailing list is commercially inclined to the basic concept of direct marketing.

We all know for a fact that direct marketing is very powerful for businesses nowadays. Many successful businesses everywhere opt for direct marketing because it has a diversity of targeted prospects.

For so many years now, direct marketing has continuously dominated the business world. But thanks to the use of the direct mailing list, businesses have increased their market share. The accomplishments of most direct marketing promotions have been dependent on direct mailing lists, for sure.

With a direct marketing list, the direct marketing company will have the edge on choosing the well pursued and highly appropriate direct mailing list. Plus, a properly targeted direct mailing list ensures that you have reached the right group of people who would most likely respond to your campaign.

Moreover, direct mailing lists do not only provide you with a number of people who are probably responsive to direct marketing but also reaches out to people who would order for your product as long as they are interested in what you offer them.

A direct mailing list will also have the listings of ordinary people whose life depends on the basic necessities of life, and that is where direct marketing is so well known for.

Also, a direct mailing list can provide the business with a highly responsive target market. What's more is that you can get it first before your competitor does.

The criteria of a direct mailing list can include the basic demographic profile of consumers, people who have new business, years in business, an array of specific job titles and contact names, home-based businesses, city directory files, hospital directories, survey lists, and even the yellow page directories.

So, now you can see why acquiring a targeted direct mailing list is the most effective ingredient of a marketing campaign one could ever use. Direct mailing lists include almost everybody in the census database.

The Advantage

Even if a direct mailing list seems to be perfect and very feasible, there are still people who just don't believe on the benefits it can bring to one's business.

We don't have to go on and on just to give the long list of advantages of using a good, targeted direct mailing list. The main advantage is that the direct mailing list is always available and updated. This means that your business can always acquire people in the area, new consumers and businesses, and new assets for the business.

As they say, there's nothing that can best describe the effects of good, targeted direct mailing list. It is simply a necessity to increase one's market share.

About the author: Chris Burns - American Profiles is a full service mailing & telemarketing list company with over 40,000 lists available. <a href></a>

Online counts and orders 24/7 <a href></a>

Providing direct mailing lists since 1996.

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How To Create And Deliver Truly Effective Customer Presentations!

Author: Peter Lawlesss

Article: What is a truly effective sales presentation? I would define it as one that generates a call to action that eventually leads to a sale. Is there an underlying theme, across all products and their respective target audiences, on how to deliver this presentation? The answer is a definitive yes. This article tells you how.

Let me bring you back in time to a famous Greek philosopher called Socrates (469-399BC). Socrates despite his foundational place in the history of ideas actually wrote nothing. Socrates himself radically and skeptically claimed to know nothing at all except that he knew nothing!

So what is the relevance of this in creating and delivering truly effective customer presentations? Knowing that he knew nothing, Socrates spent his life asking questions?

Say for example he was meeting a prospect, who did not actually understand why they might need a product or service that he was selling. He would ask them questions about what they did, how they did it, and what their needs and desires were. Through the answers, they gave; he would lead them to an understanding of why they would need what he had to offer.

The key here was that he did not at any stage tell them what he had, what he could do. The reason being, to use his original assertion, was that he did not actually know if the customer needed or wanted what it was that he had.

Know what your customer wants So not knowing what customers really want, why do scores of sales people and business owners, deliver presentations about their abilities every day?

Even scarier, is the fact that these people probably spent days, weeks or even months, preparing what they believed to be truly effective presentations.

So what is the secret of creating this presentation then? The key is to be unique in what you present. To be unique, you must be completely relevant to the person, to whom the presentation is being made. You must address their issues, concerns and desires, as they see them.

Your presentation is in effect the presentation of a business case. This can only be prepared when you have all of the relevant answers to your questions. I recommend that you create a questionnaire that allows you to reiterate back to the prospect, in their words, their answers to the following questions.

What is their key problem or burning desire (obviously this needs to be something you can help with) If this problem was solved, or their desire fulfilled - what would they now be enabled to do (Ensure they do not limit themselves in what they can do - keeping pushing and questioning until you get their ultimate goal.

How do they put a value on this new capability? What happens if they don't do it? When do they need to do this by - when will they have ownership? Why have they not been able to do this themselves, or with someone else's help in the past? Only when all of their answers to these questions have been presented, do you then go on to explain why you are best suited to help them with your product or service.

You will then outline an implementation plan, or set of actions that need to be completed, with a time frame, to get them to their ultimate goal.

Earn the right to present your offering Remember, most business owners or senior managers know their own business better than you, so earn the right to propose your offerings, by finding out if there is something that you can truly do to help them, obtain their business imperatives.

That will be a truly effective presentation.

About the author: Need sales and marketing help? Contact Peter Lawless, of <a href="""">3R Sales and Marketing</a>. For more articles like this, visit <a href=""""> 3R's InfoCentre</a>. Subscribe to <a href=""""> Success, our free newsletter </a>

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