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Author: Matthew Eigbe

Article: <B>Search Engines and Links</B>

Search engine optimization with the correct use of keywords is just one part of the battle plan to drive visitors to your website, something you have to do if you want to be successful in your at-home online business.

Search engines, their computers unable yet to read like humans, now look for links from other sites. The logic is that if the webmaster of another site thinks yours is worth linking to it must contain good information worthy of a higher ranking in the search engines.

In the constant battle for position, this led to things like link farms and mass link swapping. This defeats what the search engines try to do: present their advertisers with the best relevant content, and so they now penalize sites that use these tactics. They look for links that are on topic and offer value to the visitors to your page. They also give more weight to incoming links than they do to links that are exchanged. And the more highly ranked a site is by Google, the more value is given to that link.

<B>How to get links</B>

So how do you get these links? Some will come by themselves, if your site is good enough, but they will probably not come to an affiliate site and certainly not to one provided for you in cookie-cutter fashion by a company for which you are selling. But if your relied on these chance links, you'd die of old age before achieving your objectives.

You could write the appropriate webmasters and ask if they are interested in exchanging links with you, and some of that may be appropriate. But for the most part, it is both time consuming and frustrating. You will write a lot of e-mails that are not even acknowledged.

One of the best ways - and a quick way - to achieve good inbound links is to write articles - information articles - in some way connected with what your business is about. Make sure they are not sales articles, or full of hype. Make them of solid value to the people who will receive them. Don't even mention your business in the body of the article. There is room for that in a comment box at the end of the article.

<B>Getting published</B>

Getting them onto other websites with a link back to your site is easy. Just sign up at EzineArticles.com, follow the guidelines, and submit your articles to them. This article database is used by thousands of ezine editors. If your article is picked up, you can be sure that the relevant type of website is using it. And most sites will have good Google scores.

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, you need to give as much as you can to your visitors and to others. Be open and honest. If you constantly try to help, it shows and is ultimately rewarded tenfold.

<B>No tricks</B>

The search engines are a key ally in your struggle to gain more visitors and more recognition for what you are doing. Work with them, not against them. Try to understand what the search engines are attempting to do, and why, to look after their real audience: advertisers.

Recognize, too, that they have thousands of highly qualified and smart people on the payroll just looking for webmasters who try to use tricks to get higher positions in the listings. Use tricks and they will catch you and penalize you heavily. Your site quite likely will get banned.

Play the game honestly, work to provide your visitors with as much good content as you can, keep providing more and more useful information, and you will work your way higher in the search engine rankings.

There are other sources of traffic and these include placement of advertisements in ezines, classified pages and the use of pay-per-click (PPC). It's hardly possible to employ all traffic generation methods because of time and monetary constraints, just as it is difficult to employ all media vehicles in offline advertising. What's important is having a balanced mix and working it efficiently.

About the author: Matthew Eigbe has over 25 years experience in consumer marketing and now focuses on network marketing using the internet. He is webmaster at http://www.mattlinks.ws, a site that explains how you can gain Financial Freedom by inviting people to have their own domain name.

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8 Steps To Irresistible Email Copy Every Time

Author: Uli Mewes


Before you sit down to write your email sales letter, you`ve got to determine exactly who your audience is. This is a master key to getting results from email marketing.

Ask yourself these questions:

- What do your prospects/customers want? - What frustrates your prospects/customers most? - Who else is selling something similar to you? - Why should your prospects/customers believe you? - Why should prospects/customers respond to you instead of someone else? - What kind of appeals will your target market respond to?


Before an email can generate results, recipients need to open it. But what can you do to spark their interest and get their interest ""motor"" revved up?

Your SUBJECT LINE is the key.

There are four types of email formulas you can use as a guide in crafting your email. Each has a different PSYCHOLOGICAL APPEAL that works like magic on consumers. Here are some examples:

- State a powerful benefit - ""Empowerism Satisfies Your Need for Leads""

- Pique curiosity - ""Empowerism Has Uncovered the Secrets of Success""

- Write your subject line with a news angle - ""Empowerism Launches RSVP For Those Who Want to Double Their Money Fast!""

- Offer Immediate Gratification - ""With Empowerism RSVP, you can start the money wheels turning before the sun goes down tonight""

Here`s an important ""homework assignment"": Write at least 25 SUBJECT LINES before you decide on which one to use. Take the best two and test them against each other in your marketing campaign. (Save the ""losers"" to use for other purposes or spruce up later.)

=> Step #3 - WHAT`S IN IT FOR THEM?

Sit down and write every conceivable benefit your product has. Don`t know the difference between features and benefits? Features describe the product; benefits describe the results of using the product. Features appeal to logic...logic justifies emotion...emotion drives sales (see below).

Here`s a rule of thumb for benefits: ask yourself ""What can my product or service do for my customer?"" Then begin to write your letter telling your reader WHAT`S IN IT FOR THEM. Tell them how much better life will be for them after they buy from you. Tell them how much better they`ll feel. Tell them how their peers will respect them more.


When promoting anything to anybody, you must remember that buying decisions are based upon emotion and later backed up by logic. Before you write a single word, determine what emotional hot buttons you need to push to ""jumpstart"" your prospect.

Selling health supplements? Go for the ""fear of illness"" button with ""A Natural Way to Save Your Eyesight."" Selling political bumper stickers? Hit the ""anger"" button with: ""Let the President Know What You Think of His Policies."" Other buttons include: curiosity, greed, ego, vanity, hope, and/or fear of scarcity or security.


To convince people to buy your product or service, you must make them believe that your offer is credible and that you (or your product) will deliver as promised.

How do you do that? Here are three ways you can build credibility with the readers of your sales letter:

- Provide testimonials. - Include endorsement letters from authority figures in your industry - Make your offer and promises sincere and believable.

=> Step #6 - A GUARANTEE

Nowadays, trying to sell without some type of guarantee is a losing proposition. You`ve got to have one. And the stronger your guarantee, the better your response will be. And, believe it or not, although most people will NOT ask for a refund, they`ll trust your offer knowing that you stand behind it.

You can offer a 24-hour, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, or even a full-year. And here`s an interesting fact: The longer the time period, the fewer returns you`ll have! It`s human nature to procrastinate, so the more time someone thinks they have to get a refund, the more they`ll put it off or forget about the refund altogether.

=> Step #7 - DON`T FORGET TO ASK

It happens all the time. Someone makes a fantastic sales presentation, and then doesn`t close the deal because he/she didn`t clearly ask for the order or made the process confusing rather than simple.

- From the Research Department: Statistics show that you need to ask for the order at least three times to close substantial sales. (Some studies put the number at 7!)

If you can, offer several ways for your prospects to order -- consumers love choice. It tells them, ""You`re talking directly to me and meeting my unique needs."" If you only offer one way to order, make it crystal clear how AND how easy it is. Describe it in detail and ask for the order. Then ask again.

=> Step #8 - THE EYES HAVE IT

It`s a well-known fact: Large blocks of copy are intimidating and will often send people running for the hills or at least the Delete button.

The solution? Break up paragraphs into two to four sentences. Use several subheadings throughout the email letter. And use asterisks, dashes, and ellipses (...) to give your copy more rhythm. Bullet points are excellent eye-catchers - use them whenever appropriate.

About the author: Uli Mewes - Internet & Information Resource Center. For more information about this topic or/and other topics, please visit http://www.article-traffic.com

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How To Use Content To Drive 30,000 Eager Buyers To Your Site For Free

Author: Andrew Heuw

Article: Writing article is one of the proven ways to promote your business and expertise. Whether you're just getting started or have long time experiences online it's something you must use.

Here's why, the main reason people come to internet is looking for information, if that what they want then simply give it to them.

The Main Benefit of Writing and Publishing Your Own Article

The main benefit of writing and publishing your own article is you can lift up your status as an expert in relatively small amount of times. And it's more likely for your prospect customers to buy your product since you've shown your expertise.

Not forget to mention of incoming links that will help boost your ranking up on search engine. If you do your job well, take confidence that there'll be 4 to 7 PR sites that will put your article on their site and thus drive more traffic to your actual site which means more money for you.

7 PR is the term that derives from google to measure the importance of ones website, there's evidence that your site will be indexed around 72 hours when you get a link from relevant web site which have 6 to 7 PR. You can use google's toolbar which can be downloaded freely from google's main site to check the PR of certain web site.

The thing to remember here is make sure you write something that valuable and not just put blatant advertisement.

Where To Find Your Article Ideas

If you don't know what to write for, you can do some research through your favorite search engine just type in an appropriate terms.

Another way is you can do some research through many of ""article directories"" for your writing sources and write in your own words.

Or you can type in ""ebook directories"" and search for a topic that cater your industry. There're a lot of good stuff there.

And in recent there's a new trend called public domain name where you can use old material that has been ended the copyright. You can use it as a source for your article. Just type in ""public domain"" at your favorite search engine.

Paying for premium content or private label article can be the fastest solution to start your article marketing campaign. Private label article is a right to publish certain article with your name embedded as the author of the article. If you take this route just be sure to re-write the article in your own words. It'll not make sense if 1000 people publish the exactly same article with you.

The Secret to Write Your Own Article

The secret to write your own article is write in the same manner as you would talk with your best friend. Just visualize that your best friend is in front of you and she's asking you to explain some subject in your area of expertise.

What If I Don't Like To Write

Perhaps some of you just not feel comfortable writing, for that reason you can go to a place like <A HREF=http://elance.com>http://elance.com</A> and hire a ghostwriter to write for you.

Be careful when selected to whom you want to give this task. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars just for knowing that you don't like the writer's works.

Ask them for their previous works and see whether you like their style or not. You can also ask for opinion of several people that have worked with them.

How To Expose Your Article In Front Of Thousands of People Overnight

Later after you've finished write, you can submit your article to ""article directories"" and ""article announcement lists"". This is 2 places where your article can get instant exposure to thousands of eager content searchers. Just do some research through search engine using 2 keywords above for some places you want to submit your article to.

Content searchers is the group of people that looking for useful content they can use at their website, ezine, or blog. Many of them do it in purpose of:

-getting income from google ad sense -getting high rank in search engine -for their newsletter's content -develop ongoing relationship through their blog And more...

If you have some budget, to faster and exempt yourself from time-consuming tedious tasks you can use software or article submission service. Especially, because article submission service often have extended network of content publishers. Thus, assuming you use right service, you can expect to see some results in 1 week.

How To Tell People About Yourself and Your Business

Don't forget to write your signature column describing about you and your business. Signature column is column in the end of the article that the author of the article can write freely.

However from my personal experience submit article to content syndication website (""article directories"", and ""article announcement lists"") work only for certain topic that cater a lot of audiences, such as investment or fitness.

For more specialized topic you can search related website and newsgroups and put the article directly to them, and use syndicated website as an extra traffic to your site.

About the author: This article is authored by Andrew Heuw C.C.N (Certified Crazy Netrepreneur) If you want to learn more about basic to advanced internet marketing techniques that have been helped many people to become Internet Millionaire. Visit =>> http://www.emillionairesecretsexposed.com for more details

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Author: Matthew Eigbe

Article: There are a number of ways to drive traffic to your website, and you need to use as many of them as you can as often as you can. You will not succeed in any business online unless people find you, and you have something to offer that is of value to them.

Here is a list of actions that will help: 1. Provide worthwhile information 2. Make sure you please the search engines as well as your visitors 3. Give as much as you can; it will come back to you tenfold It's a short list and may not be exclusive, but under each category are several subcategories.

Let's deal with information first. The Internet is the largest storehouse of information that has ever existed, and it grows massively every minute of every day. Users go online most often to seek information.

<B>What do you do?</B>

Think about your own actions. How do you find the information you want in this mountain of data? The same way as almost everyone else: search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Jeeves or MSN, right? How far down the list of sites presented to you do you look. As far as Page 21? Not likely. Most searches are restricted to the first or second pages. If your listing is on Page 21, it might as well not be there at all.

Search engines are computerized indexes. They make their money from advertisers. They satisfy their paying clients, their advertisers, by bringing only the right types of eyeballs to the specific pages on which each advertiser presents his message. The computers try to determine what content specific types of humans will want to search. They are not yet perfect at what they do, but they employ hundreds of brainy people whose job is to make them a little better each day.


What do you want when you search for something, anything? Plenty of relevant information. That is what the search engines want, too. They are a little clumsy in their selections so far. That's why they have to be fed keywords to get their attention and to make them 'understand' the purpose of your page. This is called search engine optimization, or SEO.

An example: let's assume we have a page that talks about search engine optimization. Look on the Web under that phrase, as you will see something you might not have noticed before.

Yahoo will offer 27,100,000 pages. In the top spot when I looked (an incredible feat when you think about it) is one of several listings that start with the words ""search engine optimization"". The first words in the description below the title are ""search engine optimization...."" Go to the page, and the headline is ""Search engine optimization"". The copy beneath that reads: "" Search Engine Optimization and as placement strategies are being applied by more and more webmasters, it is becoming more of a need than a luxury for competitive website owners to use effective search engine optimization, placement and ranking to remain competitive. Search engines couple with good optimization practices can provide your website with vast amounts of targeted traffic.""

Even a machine should be able to recognize that the page is about search engine optimization. It will check to make sure the same phrase repeats an appropriate number of times, according to the length of the article, typically about once for every 100 words, or thereabouts. A page will lose points for too many or too few mentions of the keyword or phrase.

<B>Keyword placement</B>

The keyword should be in the page title (what you see in the search engine listing), its description (also seen in the search engine listing), its page heading and in the first 90 characters of the article. The closer it is to the beginning of each of these elements, the better it is from a search engine point of view.

Can't write, you say? Tell someone what it is you want to say. Give them a note to work from (you may find you have written your page right there, and all it that needs is a little editing). But if you truly can't write, get someone else to write your message for you. Alternatively, find a company to work with that will build a free website for you.

About the author: Matthew Eigbe has over 25 years experience in consumer marketing and now focuses on network marketing using the internet. He is webmaster at http://www.mattlinks.ws, a site that explains how you can gain Financial Freedom by inviting people to have their own domain name.

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How To Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic To Your Site?

Author: Neol David

Article: I have noticed in Many marketing forums How newbies give up in search of building traffic in less than 6 months. Building Long term targeted traffic takes time and dedication towards your website. You need to work towards getting Web site traffic and optimize accordingly.

Before You read anything about SEO or traffic building, You need to remember it takes time to get free and targeted traffic to your website. You might have heard some X guy getting 1000's of visitors in its first month. But Do not hasten the process of organic traffic.

In this article We'll discuss long term SEO building tips that'll help you build a profitable website.

Any website that wants to make money needs to get optimized, and stay that way. Running and SEO campaign once or twice isn't enough in this market: you need to consider long-term maintenance of your SEO.

For Long term planning You do not need to chase search engine algorithms on daily basis. As Search engines improves their algorithms quite often. It'd be waste of time and effort to chase them. Better You can do is understand basic SEO techniques and keep building a powerful resource in your niche.

Some tips for long term SEO. 1. Check on your pages regularly and make sure they're still listed. Your listings are the most important part of your SEO work. Whether the page is listed or not is vastly more important than what key words you have etc. After all, if you aren't listed at all what good is it to optimize?

2. Watch for bad links or broken links in your site. Fix it as soon as possible. Any missing pages should be checked out thoroughly. Chances are that the system has run into a problem, but if you don't check it out you may very easily be wrong. I had one of my blogs PR dropped in matter of 24 hrs when I wasn't checking it. Somehow I recognize my mistake and worked towards building it again. Now My blog got back its PR and traffic.

3. Resubmit your sitemap if you make major changes, but not for anything smaller. It's better to have a blog giving latest details on minor changes.

4. Create monthly ranking reports on your site, to see if any changes need to be made.

5. Keep submitting your site to the big directories, as spiders use these as a starting point. This point is not stressed more often. If you need traffic from MSN and Yahoo, You need to do this. Some directories will provide you low cost listing for a year (sometimes lifetime). Normally they have High PR pages. So it'll help you a lot.

Besides from Basic SEO techniques You need not to worry a lot about regular fluctuations in your rankings. Though you need to keep an eye on your rankings and try to notice which factors are giving your results.

6. While we are on building links, You need to work on getting lots of link backs regularly. Be it Link exchange or one way links through submitting articles. Do it regularly.

7. Watch your competitors and the methods they use. You'll learn a lot by watching and understanding what your competitors does.

8. Keep updated yourself on your niche. Issue press releases Often if possible. Press releases are not like articles. Make them ""news"". This will bring targeted traffic to your site. For more info check <A HREF=http://www.website-marketing-strategy.my-infoworld.com/press >http://www.website-marketing-strategy.my-infoworld.com/press</A>

9. Update Your articles on regular basis. Most Experts suggest Updating it at least once a week. Write a 500-750 word article and publish it on your site. Go for low traffic keywords which are searched less than 400-500 times a month. If you are interested then read this page on writing articles that bring traffic <A HREF=http://www.website-marketing-strategy.my-infoworld.com/artic les.html>http://www.website-marketing-strategy.my-infoworld.com/a rticles.html</A>. With these tips alone You should be able to bring lots of free organic traffic to your site.

10. You need to know how to analyze your own website. Though You'll find lots of articles on Website Optimization but before you go Let me give you a link to one of the software which I use For obtaining High Rankings for my sites. With this Software You'll be able to spy on your competitors site and If need you can copy his exact methods which helped him gain into top rankings.

This might seem like a lot of work for a small website or company, but you need to do it to help your website grow. If you don't have growth, you have nothing. No business wants to stay where it is forever, and SEO is a good way to get more business and stay in the race.

About the author: Read <a href=""http://website-marketing-strategy.my-infoworld.com/web-site -optimization.html"">Web Site Optimization</a>,<a href=""http://website-marketing-strategy.my-infoworld.com/seo-trai ning.html"">SEO training</a> Tips at http://website-marketing-strategy.my-infoworld.com/

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Monday, October 30, 2006

To Use or Not To Use Posters

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Posters have been used since the 19th century to advertise new products. Since then the use of posters as promotional materials for opera shows and any major events have been widespread. Today, aside from being great advertising materials they are also used to communicate messages or announce any upcoming events.

For any business enterprise, posters are a great help in marketing a product or service. Aside from offering large visual image, posters are also an excellent means of information that is apt for introducing your products and services. The different formats available in poster printing allow them to be used in large or small scale and for indoor or outdoor campaigns.

But increasing profit means increasing sales through less spending. But you are probably wondering, doesn't poster printing cost much? They used to. But with the combination of hardware and software automation, the previously time consuming and costly method of printing has made it possible to get quality prints completed in less time and for less money. These days modern printing technologies allows you to get even more information onto your document making it an especially good choice for important presentations. Additionally, with these advancements and the introduction of the digital printing process, there are endless possibilities when it comes to what you could put on your posters. Printers can now reproduce digital pictures and print them in large format without having to sacrifice original quality.

Nevertheless, technology is not the only thing important in creating a captivating poster. You have to make sure that the design is distinct and striking to make it stand among the rest. A good thing to do to make it more unique and charming is to include your photo in it. You can flaunt your friendly, warm and professionally taken photos in your posters because they can help build trust with those less than familiar with you and your products or services. Your photos can also help in name recognition. Isn't it a great feeling when the people you meet in the street come to you and tell you they recognize you and have tried your products or services? Well, this sure is a hint that your marketing strategy works. And when strategies work this means bigger sale and profits for you.

So the question now is, will you or will you not use posters? The answer is up to you. Choose wisely!

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href=""http://www.digitalroom.com/Poster-Printing.html"">Poster Printing Digital Color </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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The importance of Internet Marketing

Author: Sam

Article: (Written By Sam - <a href=""http://www.edux.com.sg"">EduX Services</a>)

Dear valued readers.... This Sam again. In my previous article, i have writen an article on Spyware Nuker. Just for anyone who might have missed my previous article. I realised that there are many websites online that promote the use of Syware Nuker as a spyware scanner and killer.

Please do not believe them. Spyware Nuker is a malware itself and you can verify it by going to symantec website and type Spyware Nuker in the search bar.

Ok... Its time to write something related to the title of this article.

Yes... This time i am going to mention the importance of Internet Marketing.

Before i start this topic, i would like to ask you. Do you own a website?

I am pretty sure that the answer would be a YES. Without a website, you will lose out to your competitors who are maximising the used of their website. I would not want to elaborate on the importance of having a website as i have already written on this before and beside, i am sure you know the importance.

Next question ok... Do you know that there are billions of websites on the World Wide Web? That means a lot of competition. People might not even know that your website existed in the first place.

That is where Internet Marketing comes in. What is Internet Marketing? Internet Marketing covers a lot of areas. 1) Search Engine Optimization(Allow people to find your website through search engines such as Google and Yahoo...etc) is a part of Internet Marketing. 2) E-mail marketing is also part of Internet Marketing. 3) Driving Traffic to your website is Internet Marketing 4) Attracting visitors and make them stay on your website is Internet Marketing 5) ...etc

Why do you need Internet Marketing? Answers are pretty simple. 1) More enquiries and lead to more sales 2) Maximise the potential of your website 3) Cut Operational and marketing cost in other areas such as phone call enquiries...etc 4) Expanding your business to the world and this means a larger market 5) Possibilities of other business opportunities such as Internet Business 6)...etc because i might make the whole article very long and wordy if i continue.

I am sure that you will be able to explore the benefits further.

So, to conclude, Internet marketing is very important to business nowadays. You will lose a lot of business opportunities and profits if this core area of marketing is not exploited.

Sam Lim is a Technical officer and writer of EduX Services. He is committed to educate the readers on some Internet Marketing strategies as well as computer protection knowledge. EduX Services is a Web solution company in Singapore which provides, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce setup, Web Design, Web Hosting and Search Engine Optimization.

Article here:<a href=""http://www.edux.com.sg/newsletter/newsletter11_1.html"">http ://www.edux.com.sg/newsletter/newsletter11_1.html</a>

About the author: Sam Lim is a Technical officer and writer of EduX Services. He is committed to educate the readers on some Internet Marketing strategies as well as computer protection knowledge. EduX Services is a Web solution company in Singapore which provides, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce setup, Web Design, Web Hosting and Search Engine Optimization.

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The Catalog Printing Process

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: To keep a company growing it needs effective promotional tactics. Competition is stiff today that is why a good marketing strategy is a must for many businesses. For a growing business, you may want to look at the benefits of catalog printing in promoting your products and guiding customers in purchasing products. Catalogs generally list the options of items that you can purchase in a particular store and their prices. But before you go ahead with your catalog printing project ask yourself what the objective is, who the target audience are, who will design the catalog and how much budget do you have.

After answering these questions you are now ready to start producing your catalogs. The first thing you should do is of course to gather the list of the products that you will include in the catalog. You can sort out this list into categories to make it easier for your customers to browse through the catalog. After sorting you can now write the product name and their description. Remember that the description should be brief as possible but is able to communicate to the buyer the information that they need to make a purchasing decision. Only when you have completed these things will you be able to plan the overall design of the catalog. Considerations in the layout design will include the design theme, page elements, grids and type specifications. You can use different fonts and colors in your catalog depending on your products. You can also use different images to show examples of the products. After the overall look and feel has been decided and the products and their description and prices are arranged, all elements can now be put all together on the page. This is often the most exciting part of designing a catalog. Keep in mind though that the style of the catalog should reflect the look and feel your products and the company.

A carefully produced catalog can speak volumes for your business. It can lure in new customers and keep old ones. Understand that customers are fussier these days. They want to make sure that they get quality products most of the time. For this reason, it is essential that you project an image that your target customers can trust. Finding a way to keep the catalogs in the hands of the customers is also essential. As customers are more likely to keep good-looking catalogs in their coffee table, hence, producing efficient, attractive and interesting catalogs are a must for businesses.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href=""http://www.digitalroom.com/Print-Catalog.html"">Catalog Printing </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Is Internet Marketing for Everybody ?

Author: Razvan Rovinaru

Article: Everyone wants to have an easy life, with no worries, time to spend with their family and friends, only working a few hours per week. Right? Well, there are a lot of people out there who have achieved this dream, through Internet Marketing and are now trying to pass on their knowledge to other hopefuls.

People everyday search for ways to make their lives easier: they read newspapers looking for opportunities, buy business magazines to get new ideas, or search the internet for information on how to make an easy living.

You may have noticed that many sites out there, belonging to people who are successful on the internet claim that they can teach anybody who wants to learn how to make easy money with their programs. They even guarantee that by following their instructions step by step you too will earn lots of money, working very little.

But if making money on the internet is so easy, then why 90% of the people who buy these programs fail? Well, some will say that a lot of programs out there are scams and that is the reason of their failure. This is one of the reasons, yes, but not the main one.

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there but at the same time there are many legitimate programs which people buy and still fail. The reason is very simple: making money on the internet can technically be achieved by anybody, but practically things stand a little different. When one buys a get rich quick program he has this idea that by reading that book he will find out a magic formula which will enable him to earn lots of money with very little work.

But by the time he finishes reading he realizes that he doesn't understand half of what the book is about and throws it away without trying to understand or apply the techniques mentioned in it. He will then start from scratch by looking for other money making programs. See the flaw here?

This person will buy lots of programs until he will finally give up on trying to make money on the internet thus never achieving his dream-financial freedom.

It's true, a lot of money can be made on the internet but only if you have the right mentality. You can't make money easy, without working, without investing, without giving all you can to make your business work.

If you really want to make good money on the internet, then you should know that your path to financial freedom will not be a walk in the park.

My advice to you if you choose to be an internet marketer, is never give up if things seem complicated, don't panic if you see that at the beginning you have no sales, don't invest too much from the start- make every step slowly but surely ! Read as much as you can, try to learn from others experience, don't jump into this business not knowing how to handle it. Think about it...

To your Success, Razvan Ionut Rovinaru

About the author: About the author:


To find the best home based business ideas and opportunities so you can work at home visit: http://www.Make-Money-With-Johnny.com


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American Machinist to Address Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing

Author: Thomas Cutler

Article: According to Penton, Group Managing Editor Gina M. Tabasso, Jim Benes, is authoring a manuscript that appears in the January issue of American Machinist magazine. Benes quotes spokesperson of the ETO Institute, (www.etoinstitute.org) Thomas R. Cutler in the feature article (www.americanmachinist.com.)

Cutler is widely respected as the leading journalist expert in the Engineer-to-Order (ETO) environment having authored hundreds of feature articles on the subject. ""It's a fascinating sector of manufacturing and quite different that repetitive manufacturing that has a totally different series of considerations. These are unique one-of-a-kind products that are changed and re-engineered throughout the manufacturing process. Correct technologies are required to work in this special environment,"" according to Cutler.

Thomas R. Cutler, who founded the Manufacturing Media Consortium in 1999, has grown the participation from 300 journalists to more than two thousands key clients, journalists, editors, trendsetters, and key business leaders worldwide. Cutler has authored more than 1000 articles for a wide range of manufacturing periodicals, industrial publications, and business journals including most of the leading monthly trade publications. Cutler is the author of The Manufacturers' Public Relations and Media Guide. Cutler was voted #1 Manufacturing Journalist for the third year in a row. The firm has forty-two employees worldwide. TR Cutler, Inc., (www.trcutlerinc.com), is the nation's largest manufacturing marketing and public relations firm, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

TR Cutler, Inc. www.trcutlerinc.com Thomas Cutler 954-486-7562

About the author: Professional Marketing Firm

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

How To Keep Your Target Customers Interested

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Modern life has made all people almost busy all the time. If they are not at work or at school, you will find them at parties, concerts or any events that includes music, food and drinking. That's just about the life of every American today. So amidst this busy lifestyle, if you are a business owner who has new products or services to offer or a businessman trying to lure in new customers you would have to use a variety of effective marketing strategies that would do the job for you.

Posters can be one of these promotional materials that you can use to let the people know of what you have to offer. But to make people read your posters you have to make it stand out among your competitors. But you have already used the right colors, images and design to your poster to make it captivating and interesting. What else could you possible do to make it more striking than the rest? Well, have you ever given special consideration to the poster's content? Is your headline really eye catching? Do you think you were able to clearly get your message to your target customers? If you are not able to answer these questions right away with a big, fat Yes, then you should seriously consider taking a closer look to what your poster headline says.

So what makes a good headline? Here are a few tips you could consider to make your poster grab customers for you. First off, you have to create a headline that is short, clear, and straight to the point. You only have a few seconds to catch a reader's attention so you must get to the point quickly. Use attention grabbing words to keep your readers reading through the entire poster. Second, when creating the headline keep your potential audience in mind. Keep in mind what they need, their likes and dislikes, what problems they usually have and what solutions they need. And when explaining the benefits of your products or services put it in simple words and in a way that appeals to your target audience.

Once you are able to get the attention of the reader, make sure that the rest of the poster effectively explains what they have to know about you and your business. Again, make it simple as much as possible and direct to the point. Remember, it takes only a millisecond for a reader to know if the material is worth their time or not. And if the rest of the poster is not as effective as the headline, no one would waste their time trying to figure out what you are trying to tell them. And you won't even have a chance for a sale when your audience won't read what you write.

So be it the headline or the content, create posters that talks to your customers. Let it do the talking for you. After all, if people think the poster is interesting they would keep on reading so they won't miss a thing. And this means a sale for you.

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun. For comments and suggestions kindly visit http://www.digitalroom.com/Poster-Printing.html

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Beef Up Profits with Brochures

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Letter bi-fold, folder with flap and inserts, letter tri-fold and double letter bi-fold. These all refers to brochures. Just like posters, flyers, newsletters and catalogs, brochures are also excellent tools for either promotional or informative tasks. But as part of the tools that creates and markets your business identity, the design process of your brochure printing must be carried out with utmost care. The paper stock used, format, color choice, purpose and copies to be printed are things that must be taken into consideration.

So let's say you have carefully taken these considerations and was able to produce an effectively and creatively designed brochure. What next? Of course, you can send it out to customers who ask for it or put in your lobby or in front of your store and let anyone who comes in take one. You could also put them in your booth during trade shows. This way, more people can take a look at your products and services.

Let's assume again that you have done all this. Easy job right? But after a couple of weeks you noticed your brochure sitting lonesome in your store gathering dust and dirt. Then you ask yourself what you could possibly do to get these brochures work greater profits for you. This is where you can consider these strategies. First, get your dusty address book out of its den and pick out names of people you have long talked to and send them the brochure with a personal note about the particular product you offer. Who knows, with the couple of brochures you send out some of the recipients would actually get back to you. And if you have recently attended a seminar or convention, you can also send your brochure to someone you met there and suggest that you meet or talk to see how the two of you can help each other's business.

Second, when sending out your brochures include special offer coupons in it. This way the recipient would be encouraged to try out your products. Also, when you get referrals to a potential customer include in the brochure a note mentioning who referred them to you. You can also tell them that you would call in a week to find out how you may be of service to them.

And finally, you can create a downloadable version of your brochure and offer it online. With the benefits that online marketing offers to business today, you can encourage a lot of prospects to purchase your products or avail of your services through this virtual market. So if you want to boost up your profits then consider the tips mentioned to reach even more prospects.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href=""http://www.mypostcardprinting.com/brochure-printing-service s.html"">Brochure Printing Digital Full Color </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Ideas for Boosting Sales

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Every business owner's goal is to have a lot of profit as much as possible. But earning a lot of money is not easy. It needs a lot of hard work, determination and a good marketing strategy.

So if a business owner wants to increase his sales would a brochure do?

Typically brochures are not used as a final sales tool. But because it serves as an introduction to potential customers, it is important that your brochures are interesting and attractive as possible. And how could you possibly do that? As always, you have to have a good design, great color choices and good content. You can also add some gimmicks to make it more interesting. Getting testimonials from current customers can also add spice to your brochure. Testimonials helps build trust with target customers and it gives a clearer picture to your potential customers of how your products and services can help them.

Consider these factors when getting started with your own brochure: collect several brochures from hotel lobbies or offices. Then decide which brochures catch your eye and which one you want to pick up. And ask these questions: what made you pick them up? Was it the headline? Was it because of the ink, color, typeface or visual design? Did you find something interesting in it that caught your eye? After you have answered these questions, it's your turn to decide what will make your own brochure striking and interesting.

Then again let's say you are deciding whether to present your brochure in a logical or emotional manner. Consider this situation; you bought a shirt just because of the color and design of it. It doesn't matter if it's a bit large for your size you'll grow into it anyway. What's important is you like the color and the design is too cute to pass for. In advertising, logic and emotion often come in conflict. So if you create a brochure for a particular product based on logic and your competitor present the same product based on emotion, you might want to hold on to your seat because more or less your competitor will be able to entice more customers than you. Remember that in situations like this emotion is more likely to win.

Keep in mind that your brochure represents who you really are. It will tell customers whether you offer good service or if you take your customers for granted. It will present your image when you are not there. So show your customers who you really are and make those brochures beef up profits for you.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href=""http://www.mypostcardprinting.com/brochure-printing-service s.html"">Brochure Printing Digital Full Color </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Postcard Marketing Ideas for Landscaping Companies

Author: Brandon Cornett

Article: Direct mail postcards allow marketers to pinpoint specific neighborhoods with their message. And many landscapers focus heavily on neighborhoods in their marketing efforts. This makes postcard marketing the perfect promotional tool for landscaping companies.

Better still, the number of ways landscapers can use postcards is limited only by their imagination. Here are but a few of those ideas:

<b>1. Seasonal Reminders </b>

Many homeowners know very little about the seasonality of lawn maintenance, planting and such. So why not tell them. Try sending regular reminders, such as: ""Planting season is right around the corner! Do you have ideas for your backyard? Call us for a free on-the-lawn consultation.""

<b>2. Customer Follow-up</b>

You're probably familiar with the 80/20 rule -- you get 80% of your business from 20% of your customers. You've probably also heard how much more expensive it is to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one.

With this in mind, why not send your best customers thank-you cards, holiday greetings or special offers? It's a great way to stay in touch with the 20% who mean the most to your business.

<b>3. Neighborhood Prospecting Around a ""Prize Lawn""</b>

You've worked hard to maintain the lawn at 245 Maple Drive. And it looks fantastic! So don't be shy -- tell the rest of the neighborhood who's behind the beauty. With postcard marketing, you can target the exact streets and subdivisions you want. This lets you draw attention to projects the recipient has probably already seen! Can you see the possibilities of such an approach?

<b>4. Tip-of-the-Month Series</b>

Want an easy way to stay ""top of mind"" with your prospecting area? Want to build value into your postcards to keep them out of the trashcan? Try a tip-of-the-month series. The concept is simple: take your sales message, and wrap it inside a helpful hint so the homeowner has an extra reason to keep it.

The goal here is not to give away your trade secrets -- but to make your audience aware of your services, while also increasing the shelf-life of your postcards. Try to envision the kinds of postcards people might put up on their refrigerators or bulleting boards. That's your goal!

<b>5. Special Offers</b>

Postcards with strong offers outperform the more ""informational"" pieces. So if you're offering some kind of discount or special, send it straight to your audience's mailboxes. With a newspaper or magazine ad, you're limited as to how specific you can make your offer. But with postcards, you can speak more directly to the various segments of your audience. That's the winning formula of direct mail -- a strong offer with relevant information, sent to a precisely targeted audience.

For instance, maybe you send a postcard to a new subdivision with a headline that reads: ""Landscaping Special for the Residents of Maplewood Park."" This kind of relevance and specific targeting can dramatically increase response rates.

<b>6. Website Tie-in</b>

Have a website? If so, you have a perfect marketing partner to complement your postcards. The reasons are somewhat psychological:

The goal of any marketing program is to gain new business, but sometimes you have to offer indirect paths as well as the direct ones. Direct paths are for direct people. A direct path on a postcard would be a phone number. Some interested prospects will choose the direct route and call you straightaway.

But those who are less direct would rather learn more about you first. They need to get comfortable before they ""raise their hands.""

So why not build an informational resource section of your website and point to it with your postcards? Maybe you'll offer tips on how to care for local plants and grasses. Maybe you'll post a photo gallery showing some of your past projects and clients. Or both!

The point is to offer different response channels for the different personality types. A direct phone number for the direct people, and an indirect website path for the more timid souls. Then mention both paths on your postcards, and you've increased your chance for response -- be it direct or indirect.

** You may republish this article on your website as long as the byline, author's note and hyperlink are left intact. Please include the article in its entirety.

About the author: Brandon Cornett is the editor of PostcardSmart.com, the Internet's largest website dedicated entirely to direct mail marketing with postcards. For more expert articles on postcard marketing, visit <a href=""http://www.PostcardSmart.com"">http://www.PostcardSmart.com< /a>.

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Producing Good Catalog Photos

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Every customer who gets hold of your catalog would want to know everything. From product specifications to prices, they would cram for information. This is why your catalog should be complete with the information your target customers would want to know. But information alone is not enough, there should be images included to give the customer an idea of what the products look like. To get quality product photos you have to consider several factors such as the camera that you will use, the use of lights and the printing process. Digital cameras are always a good choice. Aside from convenience and control in use, it also has long term cost savings. Digital cameras are also more flexible with lighting. When you are able to get hold of a good digital camera you will get excellent and professional photos that will look great in your catalog.

When taking the picture always make the product as the focal point. As much as possible avoid taking group pictures because they are less favorable and saleable than products pictured individually. When you are soliciting the help of a professional photographer, aside from taking the photos make sure also that they will do the image processing for you. And if your design will require group shots, outdoor shots or special backgrounds, it is better to sketch the shots first in a paper and give them to the photographer beforehand to make sure that the photographer understands what you want for the shots.

Although some companies attempt to save money by doing the photography themselves and trying to group together products, such strategy often results in poor sales. Understand that your goal is to sell so it is essential that the images are effective and interesting as much as possible. But don't expect the catalog alone to do the sale for you. Remember that the purpose of a catalog is the provide information and to encourage the customer to contact you. The catalog can get you the customer you need but you must make the sale.

Nonetheless, it never hurts to bend some rules and experiment a little with your photos. Just make sure that you know what you are doing and why you are doing it. By getting creative yourself you will be surprised with the boost in sales and profits.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href=""http://www.digitalroom.com/Print-Catalog.html"">Catalog Printing </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Can Harley Davidson's Secret Weapon Revitalise Your Marketing?

Author: Sean D'Souza

Article: Imagine yourself in a helicopter over Milwaukee, USA, on the shiny morning of June 13, 1998.

You look down casually on the criscrossing tangle of roads on Interstate 94, and then do a doubletake. You can't believe your eyes.

It seems like there are hundreds of moving objects on the highway below. Maybe even thousands. You watch in horror as a veritable sea of black advances like warrior ants into downtown Milwaukee.

You hastily reach for your binoculars and your heart goes thump, thump, thump. Thousands upon thousands of Harley bikers, swathed in trademark leather and shining chrome bikes seem to be almost invading the city.

What should you do? Maybe you should call the newspaper. The police perhaps. Surely Milwaukee needs some sort of warning.

But it's too late. The bikers are already in the city.

<b>Then you see the fluttering flags</b>

The roads of Milwaukee seem to be lined with cheering people. Flags flutter in the sunshine. The roar of the crowd seems to drown the chucka, chucka, chucka sound of the helicopter you're in.

Down at street level, 50,000 proud Harleys roar through the city. You don't know it yet, but among those riders are senior executives, CEOs, employees and long-time owners of Harleys. It's a heck of a parade and over 125,000 owners turn up for Harley's big 95th Come Home' birthday.

Wouldn't it surprise you, even appall you, to know that in the spring of 1984, just 14 years earlier, only twenty eight bikers showed up?

28 to 365,000 members: What changed in 14 years?

It's called HOG. Short for Harley Owners Group.

Harley had dug a deep financial hole for themselves in 1983. Money for advertising was kinda non-existent. Saddled with this Catch 22 situation, Harley Davidson set about creating the first HOG chapter.

Using newsletters and club magazines they built their susbcriber base one member at a time. From one solitary chapter, the HOG has mushroomed to an astounding 940 chapters around the world.

<b>Working on an advertising budget of 10 cents or less</b>

In 1997, Harley Davidson spent just $1 million on advertising. Before you say ""Oh, I don't have a million,"" -- look at Harley's advertising budget for 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992...all the way to 1984.


A big fat zero.

All their money, squillions of dollars, went into creating an absolutely top-notch product. And then creating a community that would buy into the brand.

<b>You were expecting some big secret, weren't you?</b>

It's called community. Yeah, that's the big secret. Creating community among your clients. Harley does it. Sting does it. Apple does it. So why don't you do it?

It's way too much trouble, huh?

Well let's jump back to Harley Davidson's profit line. Think jackets, boots, gloves, t-shirts, bike accessories, baseball caps. Then do the math. Don't you think each HOG member is going to spend at least $10 to keep up his/her Harley image?

What's $10 profit x 350,000 members? You got it. $3.5 million.

Now let's look at actual figures In 1996, Harley took home $100 million. Up from $20 million, just eight years before in 1988. Mind boggling, huh?

And we're not even counting the profits from the sales of the Harley bikes!

So how can you do a Harley?

<b>Let's face it. You work too damn hard in your business</b>

Yes, you know you've got to sell time and again to a customer. And yes you know the real profit lies in your existing customer coming back time and again. And that customers talk to customers and it helps to build sales.

But where the heck are you going to get the time to do all of this community business?

<b>If Katrina can do it, you can</b>

Katrina runs a little dress store in a town that boasts of less than 15,000 residents. Business can be cut-throat, specially with the big megastores within 'small business gobbling distance.'

Yet Katrina's done a 'Harley.'

Every month, Katrina heads out for coffee. And she's not alone. In the quaint little cafe down the road, there's a hubbub of excitement. Katrina's customers are having a whale of a time. They're laughing, chatting and tucking into cheesecake -- while Katrina picks up the tab month after month.

Do you see the word advertising anywhere?

Printing of glossy brochures? Hundreds of dollars of publicity?

All it costs is $2.50 for a coffee. Per customer. Per month.

That's all it takes. And Katrina's community builds one customer at a time. Customers bring friends, friends bring friends and the dresses fly out of Katrina's dress store.

<b>Why community is the most powerful secret of all</b>

1) The competition doesn't have a clue While conventional advertising and publicity is great, it costs serious moolah. And everyone, including competitors, can see exactly what you're doing. Once they get their grubby hands on your plans, they can outspend you, outsmart you and send your business into outer Mongolia.

With community, you can see who's coming through the door. And you're the doorkeeper. It gives you the chance to create Super Glue loyalty, long before your competition wises up.

2) Communities give specific and vital feedback Ja, ja. They may complain good-naturedly at times. But mostly they'll be giving you valuable feedback. They'll tell you what they want and what is passe. They'll bond with you. Trust you and your judgement with each meeting.

You will no longer have to guess what your customers want. They'll tell you even without your asking. What more could you ask for?

3) No man is an island You've heard that phrase before. No man or woman likes to be an isolated case. Psychologically, we all like to be part of a group, a society, a country or a community of some sort. Give your clients something to cling to and watch how leaders and volunteers form within the community, dramatically lessening your workload.

<b>Bankers call it compound interest</b>

Invest in an account now and put away a little bit every day Suddenly before you know it, you've got gazillions in the bank. Building community is no different. You'll have to put the pieces together, one evangelist at a time.

Ladies and gentlemen, rev up your engines. Hit the road and start building your community. And you'll find as Harley has found with HOG.

That yes, communities do bring home the 'bacon.' ;)

About the author: ©Psychotactics Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Wouldn't you love to stumble upon a secret library of small business ideas? Find simple, yet electrifying ideas, on copywriting, public speaking, sales conversion, marketing strategy,psychological tactics and branding. Head down to http://www.psychotactics.com today and judge for yourself.

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Should you hire a Marketing Coach or Marketing Consultant?

Author: Jennifer Woodard

Article: You know you need marketing help. But you are unsure if you need to hire a marketing coach or a marketing consultant. This article is a brief description of what marketing coaches and consultants do and how they help their clients. After reading this article you should be able to decide if coaching or consulting is right for you.

What's the difference between a Marketing Coach and Marketing Consultant?

A marketing coach will work with you to develop your marketing skills and create a marketing plan. The coach will ask you questions to help you develop a plan for your marketing activities. You will be left to handle the actual marketing activities for yourself.

A marketing consultant will help you determine what marketing activities are best suited for your type of business. They will help you develop and implement a marketing plan. The consultant will handle all or some of your marketing activities for you.

How do coaches and consultants go about helping their clients?

Coaches will hold sessions with you where you will determine the skills that you currently have or need to develop to execute a successful marketing campaign. The coach will work with you almost like a therapist to help you dig deep to determine what your business is all about. They will help you focus core business values and market. Many will help you to create a marketing plan.

Coaches are great at helping to develop a marketing plan you can implement on your own. You can continue to work with a coach to help you meet your goals and get back on track when you fall off.

Consultants will meet with you to discuss your business and marketing needs. They will help you determine the best marketing activities for you and your business and the best ways to implement the activities. Consultants can also implement the plan that you have created and allow you to spend time focusing on your new and current customers. You can hire a consultant who will create a plan for you, implement the plan and anywhere in-between.

Consultants will also help you to develop a marketing budget. Find ways to penetrate new markets and help you create marketing materials. A consultant can keep track of your activities and determine what is working and what is not. They can also help to redirect your campaign if things are not working as expected.

How do you know if you need a coach or a consultant?

There are some basic questions that you can ask yourself to help determine if you need a coach or consultant.

1. Do you need help creating a marketing plan that you can implement yourself? If yes, then consider hiring a coach. 2. Do you want someone to help you create a marketing plan and then implement the activities for you? If yes, then consider hiring a consultant. 3. Would you like someone who will help you develop a marketing plan and them implement the areas you do not feel comfortable with handling? If yes, then consider hiring a consultant. 4. Do you want someone who will monitor your activities and consult with you when you are off track and need encouragement? If yes, then consider hiring a coach.

Once you have determined whether you want to hire a marketing coach or marketing consultant. Create a list of potential coaches or consultants and give them a call. Ask them how they work, how they will help you and what you should be able to expect.

Happy marketing.

About the author: Jennifer Woodard is a freelance Marketing and Sales Copywriter/Marketing Communications Consultant. If you would like more information, she can be reached at msjenniferwoodard@yahoo.com You can also join her monthly newsletter for Financial Services Professionals at Financial_Service_Pros_Newsletter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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Successful Tips For Online Sales

Author: Andrew James

Article: Selling is the number one skill you MUST learn if you are going to be in business whether online or offline. If you do not know how to sell, you and your business will struggle financially and success will take much longer to realise.

This truth is very simple and hard to deny: if you do not know how to sell or HATE selling, you cannot make money. Period.

On the other hand, the Internet marketplace is jam-packed with plenty of fantastic opportunities and wonderful products. I you want to learn how to sell chances are that you have:

A great idea that you think you can make money from, A product that solves a specific problem, and/or An income opportunity to provide to people online.

But the fact is this: if you do not know how to sell, you cannot turn your idea or product into a money-producing asset, no matter how great or high in quality they actually are.

What You Need

You have probably already got a great idea or a product, now you will need to have the following in order to churn out a sales letter that kills:

1. Good writing skills.

Since you will probably write your own sales copy, you will need to have good writing skills and a good command of English, at least. There are plenty of online copywriting courses and membership sites where you can learn from more experienced writers.

2. Personality.

Yes, you must need personality. You will be writing somewhat a personal letter from you to your prospects so be friendly and approachable in your letter. Don't write a stiff letter, because not only is it boring to read, you turn people away from your web page faster than Speedy Gonzalez!

Mix your writing skills with personality, and you will make most of a perfect sales letter that kills!

And last but not least, you need...

3. To take action!

There is wealth of information on how you can write your own successful sales copy staring at you online - don't waste them by not doing anything with the information! The next step after developing your sales copy skills will be to setup a web page to sell your products online. The WebmasterFX.com website provides a range of internet marketing tools to help you build a successful sales pulling, profit producing website.

Finally, go and read point number 3 again...

Take Action! Take that great idea that you think you can make money from and start learning to write successful sales copy today!

About the author: Visit our website to see our latest range of <a href=""http://www.webmasterfx.com"">Internet Marketing Tools</a> Copyright 2006 WebmasterFX

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Mortgage Marketing 101: A Crash Course In Mortgage Loan Marketing

Author: Ameen Kamadia

Article: There are a zillion ways to do mortgage marketing. Obviously we cannot cover even a small percentage of them here. But what we will cover is a few basic mortgage marketing advertising tips that can help you succeed in your mortgage marketing.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #1

All your marketing should be held accountable for itself. This means that all your mortgage marketing advertising should be bringing in more money than it is costing you. And you find this out by tracking all your advertising. The easiest way to track is to ask people when they call or come in. ""Where did you hear about us?""

If you do a lot of different mortgage marketing advertising, then you need to add tracking numbers to your ads. For example, add coupons to your ads that people can tear out and bring in for a free gift. The coupon should have a tracking number on it so you can tell where the customer got the coupon.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #2

You should focus on getting the prospect's contact information in all your advertising. Get them to give you their name, address, phone, and email. This will allow you to follow up with them. Build up your database as fast as possible. Your database is your greatest and most valuable business asset if used properly.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #3

Stay in constant communication with your database. At least once a month, they should hear from you, about you, or read about you. The best way to do this is newsletter mortgage marketing. By using this great tool, you can have something in their hands every month. Newsletter mortgage marketing is a must for every loan officer. If you do no other mortgage loan marketing, you must do this. And you must do it every month.

The trick is to outsource the newsletter to a newsletter mortgage marketing company. These companies will write, design, print, and mail your newsletter for you to whomever you want. All you have to do is give them a photo of yourself and pay them every month. They do the rest.

To get the names of some great newsletter mortgage-marketing companies, visit: http://www.mortgagebrokertraining.com/Links/a+-recommended-vendor s.html

By just using newsletter mortgage marketing I have seen some of our coaching clients go from zero referrals a month to 2-3 referrals a month. Just by using a simple newsletter.

Mortgage Marketing - Lesson #4

Ask everyone you know for referrals. Contact all your friends, relatives, past customers, and keep asking for referrals. You won't get unless you ask. We have a great program that can help you generate more referrals than you can handle. It's called Referrals on Demand and you can get more info at http://www.mortgagebrokertraining.com/referrals.html

Referrals are the easiest loans to get, and close. You also make more money on a referral loan than a regular loan. And they treat you with more respect. Once you build up your database to a few hundred, you should focus more on them, and on generating referrals. It is the cheapest form of mortgage loan marketing out there today.

About the author: Ameen Kamadia, ""The Millionaire Loan Officer"" has taught over 4,583 loan officers to get more loans and make more money. For 100's more FREE tips and strategies that will skyrocket your business, visit http://www.mortgagebrokertraining.com

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Friday, October 27, 2006

3 Internet Marketing Secrets You Can Learn From a Man Who Made $800,000 in 11 Months

Author: Muhammad Shariq

Article: The guy I'm talking about is.. <b>Mike Filsaime.</b>

You've probably heard of him. But did you ever stop to think what made this guy a success?? I did - and I found 3 powerful secrets of his success that I reveal below. Don't just take it them as Mike Filsaime's secrets. Make them YOURS & go on to even greater success.

The first one is..

==> <b>1- Mike invests a lot - in himself. </b>

There's a saying by Abraham Lincoln that goes.. 'The best investment you make is in yourself'.

I think Mike read that too!

A while ago I read a forum post by him, in reply to a person who asked if high-priced home-study course are any good. In that post Mike listed a DOZEN of high-priced courses + seminars he invested in.

Mike & other TOP marketers think like this: If I can get just ONE profitable technique out of this course, the cost of the course would pay off many times over.

Secondly, Top internet marketers reveal their best-kept money-making secrets in those courses. So they learn how the other top guys make money& then they go do it themselves!

Makes sense, doesn't it?

And it's not that Mike earns big so he's able to invest in high-priced courses. Actually it's the OTHER way round. Mike invests in himself & that's why he earns big.

And here's PROOF. Mike had been struggling hard when Mark Joyner's 'Farewell Package' came out. (In case you don't know Mark Joyner, he's Internet Marketing's Legendary Multi-millionaire who has retired now.)

Mike's budget was extremely tight & it was real hard to come up with the money to invest in this high-priced course. And yeah the course was selling for $997!

But that didn't let Mike stop. He bought that package paying for it by *3* credit cards!! And it was because of that package that Mike got his first Big break online!

So don't be afraid to invest in high-priced courses. Most such courses give you a whole SYSTEM to make money. Which is half the battle won & makes it a LOT easier to get your BIG break online.

Mike Filsaime is a living proof of this.

==> <b>2- Mike has the balls. </b>

Mike had to experience a time when his life was really low. He was in debt & lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a real estate investment firm. He also suffered foreclosures of homes and repossession of vehicles just to name a few things.

But he got back - stronger than ever. Because he had a dream of a better life & he didn't let go of it. Billions of people, I repeat,.. BILLIONS of people on this earth let go of their dreams. But Mike had the balls to go for it.

From selling $47 stuff to $197 to stuff in the $500 range to even higher prices, Mike kept growing bigger & bigger.

He was bold enough to buy a viral website (InstantBuzz.com) for a HUGE sum. And today he's enjoying a passive income from it.

It takes 5-10 years before most internet marketers become big enough to organize their own seminars. But Mike organized the successful seminar ""Internet Marketing Main Event"" after being online for just 2 years.

Mike dreams BIG. And if YOU want to make it BIG in life, you better start dreaming BIG too. The reality is,.. just like Mike - you already have big dreams! It's just a matter of accepting them & going after them.

I say - Go for it!

==> <b>3- Mike DID it!</b>

After being a great person, a generous soul, a person who invested in himself & dreamt big,.. Mike also DID it.

He did what it takes to make it BIG. He didn't just sit yoga-style & practice some wishful-thinking. He learned what he had to & then went ahead to do it.

Even Mark Joyner, that Internet Marketing millionaire I told you about, said that he meant no offense to any of the 'Farewell Package' owners but Mike was one of the few who actually put the stuff into great use.

There are a lot of 'gurus' out there, 'teaching' Viral marketing & stuff; but they don't have any big success. No offense to them but this guy didn't 'talk' about it - he went out there & won the game - BIG time!

People were stunned when in a seminar, Mike stood up and explained how he had implemented a concept that was being explained in the previous lecture - and already had some results to share! Talk about being ACTION-oriented!

Today Mike has got more than a dozen profitable moneymaking websites. From InstantBuzz.com to Listdotcom.com to FiresaleSecrets.com & more.

He built a 300,000+ member opt-in list & made over $635,000 this year plus $350,000 by selling affiliate products & some more from the speaking gigs and his own internet marketing seminar.

While launching his course ""Butterfly Marketing"" he even made a VIDEO of his Paypal & Stormpay accounts, to put the 'nay-sayers' to rest.

(BTW, that had NEVER been done in the internet marketing industry before. It shocked a lot of people as Mike showed them both - the good & the BAD months!)

Mike went from making 17 cents online in January 2004 to making more than $82,385.19 just last month,.. in December 2005.

That's the kind of success this guy has achieved. And it happened because Mike gave it all he had & did whatever it took to make it Big. I truly believe it's DEFINITELY possible for many others, including YOU!

So if you haven't geared up yet for your BIG break online,.. NOW is the BEST time to do it.

<b>You CAN make it Big! </b>

About the author: Muhammad Shariq is the President of L.N.I. & helps people make it BIG in life.

To watch the video of Mike Filaime's income, register for the history-making call, learn about & have a chance to win a FREE copy of 'Butterfly Marketing' course on the 30th January, visit:

<b><a href=""http://www.secretsofthemilliondollarman.com/butterflymarket ing"">==> Butterfly Marketing Course</a></b>

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Promoting Your Website Even More

Author: Tim Priebe

Article: There are tons of ways to promote your website. In another article, I mentioned a few, including having your website on your business cards, in your email signatures and in any way that is specific to your business. Here's a few more ways to promote your website.

- Start a paper newsletter. Although there are printing costs and postage costs involved with a hard copy newsletter, it will spread the word about your website to people who are not otherwise online on a regular basis. At T&S Web Design, we are in the process of starting a simple, one page newsletter that will be mailed out monthly to clients and potential clients.

- Start an email newsletter. Have a place on your website where people can sign up for the latest updates on your business. Just make sure that you include unsubscribe information as well.

- Write articles in your field of expertise, and include a link to your website.

- Exchange links with related websites. Make sure that they are not directly competing with you but have the same target audience that you do. You can exchange text links or banner ads.

- Submit your link to directories. If you have a vacation home in New Mexico, search the web for ""vacation home New Mexico."" Look through the first two pages of results and contact all the website owners that have sites listing multiple vacation homes in New Mexico. Give them the info about your vacation home and about your site, and see if they'll list it. Chances are, many of them will he happy to list it for free, because the more that they have listed, the more people will visit their site, too.

Remember, promote, promote, promote! The more links to your website that are out there, the more business you can get. Try to spend at least two hours a week promoting your website.

About the author: Tim is the owner and senior web designer at <a href=""http://www.tandswebdesign.com"">T&S Web Design</a>. His company has developed and maintained website for dozens of small businesses and organizations. Tim also maintains a blog with free website advice for small business owners, <a href=""http://www.getasiteonline.com"">GetASiteOnline.com</a>.

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How to Promote Your Website

Author: Tim Priebe

Article: Let's face it. There's no magic pill that will instantly put your business into overdrive. Not even a website. It takes a lot of hard work and an attack with several different marketing strategies at the same time.

When promoted properly as a part of a marketing campaign, a website can be of great help. Naturally you can put more information on a website than you can in, say, an ad in the newspaper. But guess what? There are some people that will read the newspaper first and go to the Internet second. So use the newspaper ad to direct people to your website.

You should always carry a business card with you. Just this morning, I read online an article titled Avoid The Nine Most Common Business Card Blunders. It was a great article, but I would add #10: Not having your website address on your card. Just like in your ad, there's much more room on your website for information than there is on your business card. And if you have pictures of yourself on the website, people who have forgotten exactly who you were will have their memory jogged.

In your emails, develop a little mini-signature. I have the following on the bottom of my emails:


Senior Web Designer

T&S Web Design




I use a similar, but shortened, version of that signature on online forums I frequent. Anyone who has any online correspondence with me should have no trouble finding my website.

You can also find unusual ways to promote your website that are specific to your business. An arcade we do the website for prints their website address on their redemption tickets. Another includes it in their monthly publication. Yet another has an upcoming infomercial. The sky's the limit!

About the author: Tim is the owner and senior web designer at <a href=""http://www.tandswebdesign.com"">T&S Web Design</a>. His company has developed and maintained website for dozens of small businesses and organizations. Tim also maintains a blog with free website advice for small business owners, <a href=""http://www.getasiteonline.com"">GetASiteOnline.com</a>.

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The Danger of Multiple Websites

Author: Tim Priebe

Article: Many network marketers are able to sign up for an affiliate website with the company they distribute for. This means that while the main company website might be www . companyx . com, Joe Blow can pay $20 a month and get the site joeblow . companyx . com. Then his Contact page and other similar pages would be customized with his information, while pages like the product information section would have the same information that everyone else's site.

Many of those same entrepreneurs are affiliated with multiple distributors. So they often times end up with other sites as well, like joeblow . anothercompany . com, www . yetanothercompany . net / joeblow and so on. Some people may have as many as ten websites, paying anywhere from $10 - $30 a month. Then, as anyone would, they list their websites on their business card. But with so many websites, their card can be cluttered.

Maybe you're one of the people in that second category. Unfortunately, when you give people that cluttered card, you convey unprofessionalism. There's nothing to differentiate you from someone who signs up as an affiliate one day, and is gone with the money the next. Instead, consider getting your own domain and setting up a gateway page.

A gateway page is a simple, one-page site that links to all of the other sites. So instead of having a cluttered business card with all of your websites on it, you'll have one simple, easy to remember domain name on there. Not only that, but you can also set up an email address with your domain, lending yourself even more credibility.

Perhaps best of all, you can then drop all your other affiliate sites. Unless their accounts also have tools like a calendar and auto-responders, there's no real need to keep your account with them. This could potentially save hundreds of dollars per month.

So do yourself a favor. Set up a gateway site. Become more professional and save yourself some money doing so.

About the author: Tim is the owner and senior web designer at <a href=""http://www.tandswebdesign.com"">T&S Web Design</a>. His company has developed and maintained website for dozens of small businesses and organizations. Tim also maintains a blog with free website advice for small business owners, <a href=""http://www.getasiteonline.com"">GetASiteOnline.com</a>.

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Viral Marketing Scripts

Author: Duncan Judson

Article: A viral marketing virus acts similar to a biological virus. But, the big difference between a viral marketing virus and a cold or flu virus is that people willingly pass the marketing message on. The biological virus attaches itself to everything it comes in contact with, spreading from person to person either by touch, or air.

A Viral marketing strategy is typically low cost or even free to implement it. Most people are amazed at the effectiveness of viral marketing due to its exponential growth. One sure form of viral marketing is referral marketing. Referral marketing happens when one person refers or tells another person about your product or service. As easy as asking your friend who is a good Doctor, and your friend refers you to a physician. How does someone refer their friends to a website?

Introducing - A Free Script Called A Tell - A - Friend Script

A Tell A Friend Script is an easy to install script, it's just a cut and past into your web page? Your website visitors than can easily send email message to their friends, sharing with them great information and tools they have found.

A tell a friend script offers basic features that makes it easy for your visitors to insert their name, their email address and their friends', email address, and name. Enabling your website visitors friends to send email from your website is not considered spam, because the email came from a friend they know and trust. An added attraction to Tell A Friend Script email Spam filters do not consider the email from the friend to be Spam, and is therefore not filtered.

Where and When to Use Tell A Friend Scripts

Viral Marketing is used by all of the largest companies on the Internet. If Viral Marketing specifically Tell A Friend scripts were not successful they would not be seen on the majority of the largest websites. You ask, where do you put these scripts. Refer a friend, or tell a friend scripts must be put on every page on your website. With the exception of secured Web pages such as download pages, and interior pages of membership sites.

You can also put Tell A Friend scripts on your bloggs, and html newsletters, or ezines. You can also make you text email ads, and newsletters Viral by placing a text message in your emails and articles encouraging the readers to send this message to their friends if they like it. Hotmail did this for years on the Bottom of their email, encouraging people to sign up for free email service.

""If you enjoy our newsletter do you think a friend might also benefit from it, please send this to a friend.""


""Please help us share our message with others by telling a friend. It's easy, just click here.""

That's why it is absolutely critical to include a ""Tell-A- Friend"" form on your site. If someone likes your site, you want to be sure that you've made it easy and convenient for them to tell their friends.

Functionality and Visibility

Ideally, you should make your Tell A Friend as Visible as possible, and as easy to use. Visibility is necessary put your Tell A Friend on the top and bottom of your pages, in your navigation of your pages, on your Confidentiality pages.

Basic Do's and Don'ts

Do's Do make it easy to find. Do make it easy to use. Do make it convenient.

Don'ts Don't consider the sender an enrollee to your opt in list. Don't consider the receiver an enrollee to your op tin list. Don't hide your Tell A Friend.


Viral Marketing can bring a tremendous amount of traffic to your website. It only takes a little effort on your part to benefit tremendously from a Tell - A - Friend Script.

About the author: Duncan Judson is owner and webmaster of The Viral Source ""http://www.theviralsource.com."" Join The Viral Source Page Update and Notification and Goodies Super List at http://www.theviralsource.com/jvsignupform.html ! Duncan believes in helping others to be successful, and building solid multiple streams of income using viral techniques.

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