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Perform Conference Calls Without Having Prior Reservations

Author: Amporn Saechin

Other teleconferencing services allow subscribers to perform conference calls without having prior reservations. If you're looking for conference bridgeline services or conference recording services, I highly recommend e-Teleconferencing. Unlike other automated teleconferencing services, ReadyConference gives you a permanent dial-in number and passcode you can use any time, from anywhere - 24/7. Don't be embarrassed anymore when you need to conference or, or worse yet, waste valuable time by avoiding the use of teleconferencing services altogether. Unlike other audio teleconferencing services, ReadyConference gives you a permanent dial-in number and passcode you can use any time, from anywhere - 24/7.

Both standard reservationless and full-service operator-assisted teleconferencing services are available with no contracts or extra fees.Bow Communications Your complete conference call resource center. In general, the OIT does not charge for teleconferencing services, but specific charges may apply, depending upon the configuration of your conference. With these teleconferencing services you will have the same operator for the entire conference. Some teleconferencing services have the added feature of including video to your conference. Other organizations rely on commercial bridging services for their audio teleconferencing requirements where they ""buy"" time for specific conferences and applications.

Developments that have affected voice communications and audio teleconferencing include the following: Commercial bridging services that interconnect multiple locations for audio conferences. of teleconferencing services, including toll-free dial-in, toll dial-in, operator assisted conference calls, queues for Q&A, transcription, tape recordings and ... Our teleconferencing services include everything from 800 conference calls and the flat rate conference call to web conferencing and video conferencing. WebConferenceCall's teleconferencing services are great for any domestic or international conferencing use, and can be used for small and medium sized groups.

e-Teleconferencing flat rate conferencing is a full featured, reservationless, automated conference service with the highest of audio quality available for your conferencing needs. Web conferences for video conferencing and audio teleconferencing. Enhanced teleconferencing functionality is available both as an integrated feature of a web meeting or as a standalone audio conference. video or audio conferences conducted over telecommunications channels such as telephone lines, local area networks, and the Internet is also defined as teleconferencing.

Bow Communications is a teleconferencing company that specializes in reservationless, unattended conference calling for commercial and non-profit organizations. Web teleconferencing, conference calling all low cost conferencing at calling teleconference, tleeconferance, teleconferencing, taleconferensint. Remember, teleconferencing and conference calling are great but now you have more options. We specialize in promotional discounted teleconferencing and flatrate conference calling at its best.

About the author: Amporn Saechin is the webmaster of the Perform Conference Calls Without Having Prior Reservations

Friday, June 29, 2007

What they don't tell you about conference calls

Author: Markus Wahlgren

The multitude of users of conference calling services makes it apparent that it is one of the favored means of communication in the business world to date. Companies consider it more cost-efficient, less taxing on the company's time and personnel, and more effective in fostering business relations in the international scene.

Like all good things, however, conference calling has several limitations. While the numerous positive aspects of conference calling are highly publicized, the limitations are hardly visible.

The most obvious limitation of conference calling is the speed with which it is developed in some countries and the delay in others. Conference calling now largely involves video and data as well as audio conferencing and makes use of highly advanced equipment to deliver these new and improved services to subscribers. The problem with this lies in the availability of these equipments for the world's majority. Attendance and participation in conferences may now be limited by the fact that potential delegates in areas where the necessary equipment and technological advancement has not yet arrived may not be able to participate at all.

Another limitation is the lack of any set standard for conference calling protocols. Certain measures for order and smooth progress have been set for face-to-face conferences and meetings. For conference calls, no such measures exist. The normal etiquette and standard of behavior necessary is necessary even in these types of conferences to make sure that it would not totally remove the aspect of interpersonal relations in business dealings.

Last, but definitely no less important, is the instances of low security and lack of proper billing standard provided to the clients availing of conference calling services. These conferences are recorded, and the clients should have control over the contents of their conferences. Likewise, they should be properly informed of the breakdown of the costs they have to pay for these services.

From this it is apparent that there is a negative side to conference calling. It is up to a potential user, therefore, to weigh the pros and cons of using conference calls before availing of a particular service.

About the author: Markus Wahlgren runs the popular site www.SaveOnConfe where conference calling services are reviewed and unbiased articles are published to make the decision about conference calling easier.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Free Trial Conference Calls - Try Before Buying

Author: Richard R. Rojas

There are many consumer products that we are allowed to try out before purchasing. We test drive cars, we try on clothing and footwear, and we can even taste small samples of food at the grocery store. So why not do the same for conference calling solutions?

Fortunately, most conference call services provide a free trial for their services. Many others provide demos. However, there's really no substitute for using a service as you would in an actual business setting.

One thing to be aware of is that many of the free trial conference calls require that you provide your credit card information when signing up for the free trial. They will not charge your card during the free conference call trial period. However, you then will need to cancel your subscription before the trial period expires or your card will be charged for the next billing cycle of the conference call service. This usually isn't a problem provided you remember to cancel the service if you don't wish to become a long-term subscriber.

Once subscribed to the free trial conference call service, you should take advantage of the opportunity. Put the conference calling service through its paces. Spend some time on the vendor's Website learning about the features of the service. Then recruit some participants from your organization to help evaluate the service by taking part in a conference call.

It helps to have a checklist of the features you want to test out. If the service allows you to share applications over the Web, then make sure that the participants are set up for this. Make note of how intuitive the user interface and instructions for using the service are.

Also observe how responsive the data stream is, especially if using video as part of the conferencing service. Of course a great deal depends on the bandwidth of your connection to the Internet, but the load on the conferencing service's servers will also influence responsiveness. Time of day and demand will also impact throughput.

In order to keep things manageable you should probably take on one free trial conference call evaluation at a time. It may prove helpful to setup several conference call sessions with each service to get used to the service and try out all of its features. Of course, if after the first session you realize that the service just won't work for you, then by all means, cancel your free trial and move on to the next free trial conference call evaluation.

As more businesses look to increase opportunities for collaboration with employees and partners and to better connect with prospects and customers, they will be turning to conferencing solutions. It pays to make the investment in time and effort to evaluate potential conferencing solutions. The service provider offers the free trial conference call, but it's up to you to take advantage of it.

About the author: Richard R. Rojas covers the telecommunications industy and writes about bsuiness conference calls technology trends and services.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How Conference Calls Save You Money and Time

Author: Mark Kessler

Conference calls have become the new way to have conversations with more than one person at a time when needed. Conference calls pricing, however, can range from a small amount for three-way calling to a large amount for adding in phone lines that can be connected to each other for conference calls.

Many businesses require conference calls to make sure that things are running smoothly, while some people would simply like them so they can talk to their loved ones at the same time. Certain companies now contain conference call plans in their standard offers.

The top three affordable conference calls companies in conference call plans today are TeleCHOICE, Global Conference and conference bridges. These three companies offer competitive prices for people who need to add the ability to add a conference call to their current plans.

Typically, phone companies offer three-way calling with a connection fee of seventy-five cents to connect the third person to the initial conversation. While this doesn't sound that expensive, if either of the parties you call are long distance, this can add quite a bit to your bill.

TeleCHOICE offers affordable conference calls for six cents a minute, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This can greatly lessen the costs of adding another person to your conversations, and adds the fun of being able to talk about things together in a group. Global Conference and conference bridges offer the ease of conference calling with a promise that your contract with them is not a binding one and you will be able to cancel your plan at any time.

Instead of having to call one person to talk, then another, and another, using a conference call will help cut down on the amount of time that you're on the telephone. Using a conference call will also cost less in the end, especially if the people you want to call are all long distance or internationally located.

If you have loved ones overseas due to the military or a job and you have family who are local that would like to speak with them as well, a conference call can make everything easier. You or your loved one can make the initial call and then you can connect everyone else via a conference call. It will make things more time and cost efficient in the end.

About the author: Mark Kessler - his website Conference Calls 411 provides a comprehensive resource for conference calling and web conferencing solutions from audio, web, phone, online meetings, teleconference & teleconferencing services. Conference calls links provided

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Conference calls and Corporates

Author: Meher SenZ

Conference calls are used by almost all United States public corporations to report their quarterly results, usually also allowing questions from stock analysts. The format of the call begins with a disclaimer stating that anything said on the call may be a forward looking statement, and results may vary significantly. The CEO or CFO, or the Investor Relations officer then will read a report on how the company did that quarter. Finally the call will be usually opened up for questions from analysts. Calls frequently reference the concept called an accounting charge, where actual and predicted expenses from a certain event will be announced as one sum total, and subtracted from the bottom line, instead of continuously announcing future expenses from that same issue in later reports and calls. CEOs frequently use this as an excuse for alleged poor performance during a quarter, with a phrase like ""Excluding the charge for Enron, we would have made $2.00 a share"".

As anyone who's ever held an office job before knows, communication is of the utmost importance. Today's jobs revolve around the art of delegation, to which the sharing and distribution of information is key. This is true of large and small businesses alike, and those whose employees span any significant distance may benefit greatly from a regular conference calls .

Allow me to demonstrate with an example: some years ago, I worked for a webhosting firm. We were an Internet company through and through; most of the employees knew each other through the Internet alone, and I myself never even met my boss, or co-workers! The Internet, however, just didn't provide the kind of clarity and organization that the company needed. The decision was made to organize a recurring company conference call.

The call took place once a week, and throughout it each employee would be called upon and asked about various projects they'd been working on. These status reports were useful for a number of reasons. First, they were useful because everyone in the company now knew what everyone else was doing. This was highly beneficial in many ways. For example: if one of the programmers was nearing the completion of a new feature, the promotional team could prepare an announcement to send to our clients. Or the support team could relay to the programmers which features and changes had been most often requested or suggested. The call always made sure that the right hand knew what the left hand was doing.

Second, the calls were useful because they increased accountability. While I cannot speak for the other employees, I know that my work definitely improved simply because I knew I would have to present it to everyone else on a weekly basis.

Third, the calls allowed those in charge to make their wishes absolutely clear. If there was a misunderstanding about a project or undertaking, it did not generally last very long.

Other potential uses include keeping in touch with clients who are located too far away to travel to, but still need ample amounts of personal attention. Or, more common, holding regular staff meetings when one or more of the employees is out of the office.

About the author: Meher Sen is a communications manager at Woodbells Inc and a networking associate lecturer at Cardins Institute of Technology. He specialises the field of communication mainly in Free conference calls

Monday, June 25, 2007

Toll Free Conference Calls

Author: Will Hanke

Conference calls are a convenient method of communicating with a lot of people all at once. Technologies today allow many different types of conference calling.

For a small business, simple 3-way calling may suffice. This feature is available through your telephone company and whatever long-distance rates you have on the phone that originates the call will apply.

When several people located in many different places need to access conference calls, a conference call company can provide this service.

A basic conference call service offers audio conference calls (also called teleconferencing) over the telephone. Usually, you have the option of toll-free calls or flat-rate calls.

""Toll-free"" is sort of a misnomer because ""toll-free"" does not mean it's entirely a free call because the person or business that hires the conference call company pays for the service.

Toll-free conference calls are free for the participants. With toll-free packages, participants use a toll-free number to dial into the call via the conference call company.

The charges for the calls are usually by the minute for the length of the call. In many cases, the more minutes used, the less money per minute it costs. For instance, one package may offer 1,000 toll-free minutes for $70 or 7 cents a minute. If you go over 1,000 minutes, each additional minute would cost 7 cents. Another package may offer 10,000 minutes for $400 or 4 cents a minute and 4 cents for each minute over 10,000 minutes. You can see the cost goes down with the larger packages.

A flat-rate conference call package requires the participants to pay their own long-distance charges. They dial a regular phone number to access the call via the conference call company. The company who hires the conference call company also pays a flat fee to set up the service.

The conference call companies always offer features that augment their basic service. For example, you can have the conference call company record your conference calls and then provide a playback. The playbacks can even be on-demand so people can hear them at any time 24/7.

As you might imagine, conducting a live conference call with dozens of people on the line at once could get a bit out of hand with everyone talking at once and noise in the background as well. Technology comes to the rescue with mute buttons that allow the moderator and/or operator to control what is broadcast on the call.

The operators at the teleconferencing companies can assist you in many ways. In addition to connecting participants as they call in to access your conference, operators can even call participants and then connect them to your call. Operators can attend the entire conference call, providing opening announcements, introductions for host and speakers, moderating question and answer sessions and making closing comments at the end of the call.

Audio conference calls are not the only options available to you. Web conferencing is another type of conference call that utilizes access through participants' computers. Participants are able to view PowerPoint and whiteboard presentations and to share documents. Communication among participants can be audio or via chat formats. Upgrades of web conferencing services include application and desktop sharing, remote control and video conferencing.

As you can see, there are many ways that businesses today can communicate effectively via conference calling. There are lots of conference-calling companies to choose from and the competition among them drives good bargains for business owners who will take the time to do a little research to find the best bargains.

About the author: The Toll Free Conference Call website provides information on conference calling methods, equipment and prices. Before you make your next call, see if you can do it toll-free!

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Cheap conference calls - all about flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates and more

Author: Oliver Turner

Cheap conference calls - as the first term suggests - is the relatively cheaper version of conference call services. For all those who want to perform an audio or web conference at a short notice, and that within a limited budget, this is the right choice. It does the balancing act between reliable service and cost per minute. In the following paragraphs, we'll see the advantages and pricing of flat rate conference call services, discounted conference calling rates, and how the company manages to offer such a concession in a realistic domain.

The biggest advantage with cheap conference calls is that the clients do not have to make advanced reservations. Instead, he/she can avail the service by calling a toll-free number and other participants can join the conversation using a secret entry code, which the organizer of the conference provides to the participants. Further, in order to make use of discounted conference calling rates, one need not have to own any costly infrastructure. But one can manage the entire session with a normal telephone with conference features, whatever is the strength of the conference. Then there is added advantage if the customer buys bulk minutes; the service provider charges only lesser cents per minute if the customer buys more minutes.

Flat rate conference calls, on the other hand, charges a flat rate per month irrespective of the number of minutes of used. Such a scheme is suitable for those customers who consistently spend over $155 (say) a month on conference calls. The more calls they make, more they save.

You may wonder how the vendors are able to offer conference facilities at such cheaper rates. But the thing is that not all vendors are offering such services. Only those who have their own conference call bridges and phone infrastructure provides discounted conference calling rates and flat rate conference calls, and they could manage it as they do not have to pay for any over head, which is generally charged over the customer bill by most non-discount players.

Cheap conference calls are comparatively cheaper. But it is advisable to check the exact rates and conditions with the service provider before start availing the facility. The rates may vary from one vendor to another.

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Why Conference Calls Are Ideal For Business

Author: Earl Bestman

Conference calls come in handy for most businesses and in this day and age they are not overly expensive either! So could conference calling be for you?

The Benefits of a Conference Call

The main benefit of a conference call is that you can talk to colleagues no matter how far away you are. This comes in ideal if you regularly go away on business meetings as you can keep in touch with what is going on and any important developments which may have occurred in your absence. There are three main types of conference calls including:

* Audio * Video * Web

Web conference calling is most popular as it is more convenient and you can often get free conference web calling too so you are saving money. However, not everybody actually has access to a computer, so sometimes Audio calling is preferred.

Audio calling mainly has three different phone lines which are bridged together, and often a speaker phone is utilized in order to let a various number of people around a table, listen into the call. This really helps to cut costs and is a great communication tool for your business.

Video conferencing usually helps to add a little extra touch of professionalism to the call. Various different people are abridged through phone lines which provide both audio and image. Video conferring can be a nightmare, as it does require that both you and the people you are calling have special support and specialized systems.

Overall web conference calls are the best ones to go for in this day and age. Not only can conference calling give you better communication with your colleagues at different locations, but it can also help you keep in touch with business clients. It is an essential service which you should consider using, and it can only benefit your business in the long run.

About the author: is a website packed with information on web based conferencing and audio conferencing software

Friday, June 22, 2007

Conference call decision - web conference calling Vs offline conference calls

Author: Oliver Turner

Conference calls have totally revolutionized the concept of communication. Web conference has taken the concept to the next level and challenges the worthiness of existing offline conference calls.

Web conference call is in its infancy and many people are not aware of its multifarious application. Initially, web conference call was used as an audio conference call and was limited to presentation calls. Live video conferencing became possible with the arrival of broadband. The right amalgamation of several features of Internet, computers and software has transformed web conference call to the level of face-to-face meeting.

The greatest advantage that web conference calling has over offline conference calls is that it gives real time interaction with several people. When implemented properly it is just like having a discussion in your conference hall. Unlike most offline conference calls, in web conference call the people engaged in conversation can share and exchange ideas by illustrating it on the whiteboard. This becomes very handy in cases where only drawings can clearly explain the idea. Since this is done in real time with the support of audio, the effect it has is far reaching and cannot be matched by offline conference calls.

Web conference calling is an ideal conference call service for business as it gives the opportunity to discuss issues and put them to vote and fix the issue on hand. This means that by sitting in your office in Manhattan through the conference call you can talk with your subordinates in any part of the world and discuss the business plans. There is no limit to the number of people who can take part in the digital web conference. Offline conference call has the limitation of number and when there are more than three locations it throws up several difficulties. The number of location is never a problem in web conference calling.

Conference call through web has certain limitations like web cam positioning. It also requires high amount of concentration from the participants. Most of the limitations associated with web conference call can be easily solved. Several business establishments now prefer web conference call over offline conference call as it saves money, time and energy.

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Are Free Conference Calls Right for Your Business?

Author: Max Stephen

Free conference calling is quite confusing in it's name, as in today's business there is hardly anything that comes for free. However, there are certain technologies that make the service providing companies make to offer free conference calling facilities to its users and subscribers. However, it should be noticed that all the features of conference calling might not be offered for free, and companies often have to pay a fee to opt for other features, which are almost necessary for any business, and also to automate the process of communication. Most often, audio conference calling facilities are provided for free and also for limited use; however, other facilities like web conferencing, video teleconferencing, recording facilities, presentation facilities are provided only with a fee.

Different providers use different networks and technologies for offering free conference calls to their customers, including Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and dialing toll numbers. In most of the cases, users have to create a free conference call account and to make a conference call every time, one need to enter the details to log in. These calls can be made anytime and do not require any prior reservations. To connect one has to dial a toll number, and can continue the conference for as much time-period as one needs, i.e., it could be for many hours a day.

With the help of free conference calls, the host is capable of connecting maximum of around 200 to 250 people at the same time; however, there may be some provider offering more capacities also. Only one thing has to be taken into account: distance. These services are limited for short distance conference calls only, and you will have to pay some charges for making long distance calls. So, you must take care while you choose to use some free calls that your participants are located within the prescribed limit of distance; otherwise, these calls are no-more-free for you!

There is no need for a special equipment to be installed, as free conference calls works perfectly through the ordinary phone lines. One can also record the conference--either from the starting or anytime during the call.

It can be well estimated that free conference calls are pretty much beneficial for business purposes, family, relatives, or anyone else for virtual meetings. Also there is no fear or chance of passing on the information related to the users, as it is the responsibility of the service providers to ensure the secrecy and the privacy of the information. So, if you have some need that is limited to some small region and does not require ultra-modern facilities of conference calling, you can certainly go for free conference calls.

For more information about Free Conference Calling , please visit

About the author: Max Stephen is the author of this article and the webmaster of

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Conference Calls - Stay Connected!

Author: Paul MacIver

Did you ever imagine that you could actually talk to more than one person using your phone? Well, conference calls allow you to. This means you and your friends can communicate from different places at the same time, and even listen to each others voice without having to put one on hold. Now with the invention of video conference you can even look at each other while talking.

Telephone conference:

A conference call is a telephone call where you can have more than one person listen in to the audio portion of the call. This is so designed that you can also talk during the call, or the call can be set up so that the person you called merely listens in to the call but cannot speak.

Conference calling can be very useful for remote business meetings. To use conference calling, your network needs to be able to provide this service, and your phone should be able to support it. You may also have to add this service to your subscription. In conference calls you can call the people you want to talk to and add them to the call. In some cases the participants call in to the conference calls either by dialing a conference bridge, which is a special kind of telephone that can take multiple calls, or you can do so by using a special telephone number set up for this purpose. This is a very good way of socializing, as you get to meet a lot of new people. Conference calls are mainly used by businesses. By paying some extra charges, you can avail a three-way calling service where you can add a second outgoing call to a call already connected at the same number.

Video conference:

Video conference is one of the greatest achievements of telecommunication technology. This allows two or more locations to communicate via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. It is called visual collaboration and is a special type of groupware.

The technology behind this is digital compression of audio and video streams in real time. Codec which is coder/decoder performs the compression. Up to 1:500 compression rates can be achieved. The resulting digital form of 1's and 0's is then further subdivided, and then transmitted through some network like ISDN or IP. Audio modems are used in the transmission line that uses POTS or the plain telephony network in video telephony, as it converts the digital pulses to or from analog waves in the audio spectrum range.

The other components which are needed for video conference are:

Video input - allowing you to take pictures or videos of the person like video camera or web cam Video output - where the image can be seen, such as a computer monitor or television Audio input - microphones Audio output - where the final voice can be reached, usually loudspeakers associated with the display device or telephone Data transfer - analog or digital telephone network, LAN or Internet

Online conference:

A web conference or online conference, unlike a phone conference, has visuals. Web conferencing can be a useful tool in your own work. You can conduct meetings at any time where everyone can participate equally just like in a conference room meeting. You can exchange architect's sketches, storyboards for a new advertising campaign, a graph of sales figures, and even medical x-rays, with everyone viewing the same thing at the same time. In a web conference, every participant would be able to see what you are showing at that moment. Another benefit is that you can pull and share any document on your computer into the conference anytime you want to. You can easily demonstrate a website or any software, or show slides through a PowerPoint presentation, as if your colleagues were sitting in your office. And while doing this, you and the other participants can simply talk with each other as you would in an ordinary phone conference.

Communication made easy!

Everybody wants to keep in touch with people they associate with, anywhere in the world. Phone conferencing, video conferencing and web conferencing have made this possible and have made the world smaller, thus reducing the gaps between people. Thanks to these technologies, communicating with anyone anywhere in the world has become so much easier!

About the author: Paul MacIver is a contributing author for Information Spring and writes articles on a range of topics. Visit the Conference Calls website to read more about Conference Calls, Web Conferencing and

Video Conferencing .

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheap Conference Calls for Beginners

Author: Oliver Turner

Conference calls have become one of the easiest ways to communicate with your business clients or partners. Nowadays there are several companies offering conference call facilities to all those who need to perform an audio or video conferencing at a short notice. Though conference call services are considered as an efficient and money saving option when compared with business travel and hotel accommodations, small business will find conference calls as a costly option. This is where cheap conference call services lend a helping hand. Majority of the companies offering cheap conference calls for beginners do not need reservations. Let us look of how cheap conference calls work.

Most of the conference calling is done in a fully automated fashion. The customer will be provided with a toll free call-in number which the customer can give to their clients of participants. What the customer need is to pay for the minutes he had used the facility. All the transactions will be provided in detail in an easy to read bill at the end of each month. There are certain cheap conference call providers who even waive the setup fees and also don't ask for any minimum usage fee.

With the advent of cheap conference calls, a customer can also take the advantage of buying minutes in bulk. Most cheap conference call providers also provide large volume discounts. That is, if the customer purchases more monthly minutes, then the service will be provided with a cheaper or discounted per minute rate. For cheap conference calling the customers need not have to purchase any additional equipment other than a telephone system. With cheap conference calling, a customer can arrange conferences for two to 200 people. Cheap conference calling does not mean that it lacks many options of the ordinary conference calling. Cheap conference calling come with call management over the web, always on conferencing, and free instant activation.

Majority of the companies maintain their own conference call bridges and other telephone infrastructure. This helps them to provide cheap conference calls to their subscribers without having to increase the markup prices to cover overheads.

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Long Distance Conference Calls Can Be A Turn Off

Author: Leanna Adams

The ubiquity of technology has caused many of our business manners to fall by the wayside. For instance, have you noticed how most conference calls you are asked to dial into these days use a long distance number? Gone are the days of endless 800 number conferencing calls where the company footed the bill. In those days companies were really trying to roll out the red carpet for their customers or prospects, or make sure that their employees could call in from anywhere.

In an economy of layoffs and cost cuts, many companies have switched to conferencing services that require the caller to pay long distance charges as the calls are routed through low cost, less populated cities. Using these numbers the company selling the conference call time reduces their costs but the people calling into the number all have to pay long distance fees. This doesn't exactly promote a customer friendly image for the company.

Company image is a combination of a few big things and a lot of little things. Sometime it is the small touches that make a big difference. Sanders McConnell, President of Simple2 communicate, an Atlanta-area conferencing company, says that many small businesses don't even realize the message they are sending to their customers or prospective base by forcing them to dial into a long distance number. Many of their customers have started using local numbers for their conference calls and have reported enthusiastic reviews. ""You would be surprised at how many of the people that call into these lines have remarked that they like that they're dialing a local number rather than long distance,"" said McConnell. While many people have free long distance on their cell phone, more people are trying to limit their cell phone usage due to hidden charges and possible health risks associated with excessive use of a cell.

To increase business etiquette, companies should consider the benefits of providing teleconferencing to clients for free by purchasing a local number to moderate the calls through and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the calls while promoting a positive company image. For more information about how your business can benefit by using a 404 conference line, visit or call 770-635-3540.

About the author: Leanna Adams provides account support and services to a number of clients. Her background includes emphasis in writing, media relations, community relations and special events. Adams graduated from Emory University with a B.A. in political science.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

How Teleconferencing Equipment Can Make Effective Conference Calls

Author: Jason Payne

The basics of teleconferencing equipment

Today's teleconferencing equipment looks like little alien spaceships that you place on top of the conference table. In fact, to be quite frank, they are quite sharp looking units with an appearance of ""importance."" They come equipped with up to date microphones and speakers. The majority of them have a three sided shape to them to better distribute the incoming and outgoing conversation. The different quality is noticeable in the speakers, the microphones, and the price of the unit. As an add-on feature, these units also have the option of a wireless microphone so that it is now feasible to walk on around the room and still be part of the conference.

The sound quality is a very important issue when dealing with different units. Here's why, there is something called ""half duplex."" What that means is that when ever the microphone is activated the speaker will automatically shut off. All this allows for is a one-sided conversation that ends up being choppy at best. Let's say that you are having a conference regarding the new marketing strategy for your company. If anybody in the room makes a sound such as dropping a pen or even sneezing, the speaker will shut off and you will not hear what the other end is saying. You only hear bits and pieces like a poor quality child's toy. Most of today's tabletop teleconferencing units come as a standard full-duplex. But it does not hurt to be sure about that. With full duplex, it allows for a more natural face to face flow of conversation. Most units also come with built-in technology that prevents echoes with in the equipment.

Although you think that the compatibility is common sense when it comes to just an analogue built in wall jack. 80% of the time, that is the case. The other 20% you will get units that have digital technology that does not come with that feature, but only as an add-on. You have to buy an adapter to plug into the regular phone lines. After you purchase the equipment, please do not overestimate testing the performance. Do this by having two or more people on either end of the conference call and have them share a natural conversation. Make sure each party speaks at the same time to simulate a live in person business meeting.

Pricing for some small office units would range anywhere from $400-$600. For little more power and reach ability, you're looking at about $1000. For the fully automated high end top-of-the-line unit, expect to pay anywhere from $2000 plus adapters for the digital jack to the analog jack are anywhere from $100-$200.

These units are perfect for two-way communication between two groups of people. They're also great for two-way communication between managers, directors, and higher ups to their subordinates. Unlike Web conferencing, you will not be able to share files or do online presentations. However, anything that you could talk about face-to-face in a conference room or over a cup of coffee, can be accomplished through teleconferencing equipment.

About the author: Jason is the owner of

Effective Conference Calls , the website that makes conferencing a sinch.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cheap Conference Calls & Toll Free Numbers

Author: Max Stephen

Many service providers in the market introduced cheap conference calls for the users, so as to maximize the customer-base by encouraging more and more people to opt for their services. The reason behind offering cheap conference calls is that in most cases, the service providers are having their own networks for conference calling. That means the overheads or additional costs are not there, which otherwise are added in fees charged from the customers. Overall, it is a very good option for organization to use and gauge the performance of service providers, before the make final decision to choose the best fitting service provider.

The service of cheap conference calls is provided to the customers by giving a toll free number along with a dial-in number for the participants. The host is simply required to call on that toll-free number and can conduct the conference thereafter. Usually cheap conference calls are reservation-less type of conference calling, which means that there is no requirement of a reservation for the conference call and one can make a conference call anytime.

Cheap conference calls do not mean that the service providers will provide limited services to its users. There is nothing like this and service providers provide conference call management systems to ensure higher performance. However, such conference calls have an automated system, because it needs minimization of the cost factor; yet one can ask for operator assistance, if the requirement arises.

A cheap conference call can be the best option for business purposes, training institutions, and anyone interested in making a conference call. With such a conference call, one can be connected with two, three, or up to two hundred people, in general, at the same time for conversation. Also there is no need of any extra equipment to be installed except the telephone system, which is sufficient to enable the host to make a conference call.

Small businesses and other types of organizations who have just started their ventures look to cheap conference calls as beneficial, for, their budget arrangements and costs are not as big as for settled companies. To automate the system of communication, and still to avoid the cost of heavy equipments, travel, and space, conference calling facilities are best options. So, we can say that overall, cheap conference calls are beneficial, as they are nothing short in the technical aspects, but at the same time provide economical options for the users.

For more information about Cheap Conference Calling , please visit

About the author: Max Stephen is the author of this article and the webmaster of

Friday, June 15, 2007

Making Effective Conference Calls

Author: Sandra Montano

Many executives and workers alike secretly believe that all meetings are actually a waste of time. Interestingly enough, several independent surveys in business periodicals have confirmed that, in fact, meetings are the single largest time waster at large firms--or at least at firms that regularly conduct meetings. This is due in part to the use of conference calls.

Since many business transactions are accomplished through various forms of conference calls it necessary for your business to conduct a professional conference call each and every time one is required. Now, more than ever, technology is available that can make a professional conference call the industry standard. Due to a glut of telecommunications companies offering teleconferencing services, there are many companies that provide a professional conference call at an affordable price.

Now that businesses of all sizes can purchase a conference call services for a relatively inexpensive price, nearly anyone can communicate with clients and employees via the medium of a conference call meeting. This means that it is easier to communicate, but is it always good to communicate when there is very little to communicate? Here's where the need for effective conference calls comes in: if you can effectively use conference calls, then you absolutely should use conferencing technology.

To begin with, you will want to ask yourself whether or not ""effective conference calls"" can possibly be a reality at your firm. For instance, do you have a lot of employees who are out of the building, but are able to access a computer? If not, can you make effective conference calls to employees in their cubicles while they work? If so, you may want to consider doing this. Employees may become slightly less productive while conferencing, but at least they will be able to work while at a meeting.

The next question you will want to ask is exactly what you need to communicate in the conference call. If your conference call is a set of detailed instructions, rather than an open discussion, why not simply send an email, rather than telling them via conference? Using a conferencing will only dampen productivity, distract them while they work, and leave them half-confused about what you want.

Conversely, if you must discuss a given topic with your employees, you should setup an outline, so that you can make clear and effective conference calls. For instance, you can start by determining the topic of the conference calls--and can then develop it into a list of tasks that must be done or delegated. Or you could separate your outline into tasks that must be delegated and topics that must be discussed. This will make for much more effective conference calls.

About the author: Click here => About Conference Calls for a complete information

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Improving Conference Calls

Author: John Mehrmann

Do you find yourself frustrated by long and unproductive conference calls? What reputation do you have for managing conference calls? Establish expectations and a reputation for short and effective conference calls. Get your time back for other activities.


If you are the moderator scheduling the conference call, send out a list in advance with pertinent information. This information should contain the Purpose of the call, dial number with PIN code if necessary, the moderator, the start time, the end time, list of participants and specific agenda items. Attached relevant documents to email invitations for the conference call so the participants can prepare in advance. If documents are required from other participants to review on the call, make sure that these are coordinated and completed in advance. The more prepared you are for the call, the productive the time can be and the better able that you will be to stay on schedule.


List the purpose or topic of the call clearly and succinctly. This should be the goal or objective of the call. Typically a conference call should be limited to one or two specific goals. This enables you to keep the conference call focused and succinct.

In some cases it may be more difficult to keep a conference call focused on a specific topic. For example, when reviewing the schedule for a large project there may be multiple topics that are relevant to time milestones in the project. If this is the case, keep the call focused on specific milestones that are due or relative to the point in the schedule.

Sometimes conference calls are used to gather information from many people in the field. These group calls can be effective if the purpose is for a moderator or manager to disperse information to several people simultaneously. However, if the call is used to gather information from several different individuals as a weekly update to management, is it really an effective use of time for anyone other than the manager? Is it really a good use of time to interrupt the schedules of many people to conduct a social town hall discussion in which each person waits in silent anticipation for peers to give a weekly update? Consider how much more effective it would be to obtain a written weekly report in lieu of a conference call. A written report can be read at convenience, creates a reference document for discussion if necessary, and enables the manager to work with priority or confidential communications in an appropriate manner. If you are already using both weekly reports and conference calls, then it is time to do some soul searching to determine if any of the communication is being treated with value or if it has just become a meaningless routine.


Always include the conference call Dial In Number and PIN Number on the invitation and any scheduled reminders. Make it easy to find the number. It can be a distraction to have people dial into the conference call late because they could not find the phone number.


Every conference call should have one identified and assigned moderator. If there is a group of peers, it may be appropriate to rotate the role of moderator from time to time with repeating calls, Typically, the individual creating the invitation is the moderator. The moderator is responsible for making sure that the call starts and stops on time. The moderator is responsible for keeping the call on track and gently guiding individuals back on track in the event that conversation begins to run away on a tangent. The moderator may also be responsible for controlling emotional responses or maintaining a professional level of courteous communications. It may be necessary to encourage some individuals to participate, or discourage some individuals who may have a tendency to filibuster. It is the responsibility of the moderator to keep the call on schedule and focused on the purpose of the call.

It is the role of the moderator to reduce or eliminate distractions or interruptions. It is the role of the participants to remain quiet and respectful unless there is something useful and relevant to add to the conversation. Distractions may sometimes appear as opinions, jokes, anecdotes or personal stories that contribute very little to the progress of the conversation. It is the responsibility of the moderator to control the call and keep it focused.


Schedule the call to start five minutes past the hour. Most calls are scheduled to start precisely on the hour and the first five minutes of the call are wasted while waiting for some individuals to dial into the call. Sometimes it is difficult to start on the hour because a previous call or meeting may be ending precisely on the hour. Schedule your call to start five minutes past the hour and start precisely at the scheduled time. If you always start at the scheduled time, you will develop a reputation for being precise and the participants will plan accordingly. If you always start late or consistently spend the first five minutes waiting for participants to join the call, then the other participants will become accustomed to this delay. Schedule the call to start five minutes past the hour and start the call on time every time.

Schedule a precise End Time for the call and stick to it. Develop a reputation for ending your calls on time. It will create a sense of urgency and a rhythm for the conference calls as people realize that the purpose of the call must be met in a designated amount of time. It will enable the participants to schedule other activities after the call with confidence. It will keep the call focused. Complete the call with a summary of highlights and action items. If there are follow-up items, or if additional time is required, schedule the next phone call and use the summary highlights and action items as the agenda for the next conference call. Every action item should have name or names of associated owners to complete, or there is no purpose for the list of action items.


Conduct a time check near the end of the call and reserve the last few minutes for summary wrap-up and roll call. What, roll call at the end of the call? Yes, do your roll call at the end of the call, not at the beginning. It is inevitable that some individuals may join the call late. Avoid the temptation to wait for participants to join or to introduce distractions and interruptions by late arrivals. Start the call on time and get right to the purpose of the call. Conduct your roll call at the end when everyone has had a chance to join.


Example: Schedule a conference call to start five minutes past the hour and start precisely on time. Schedule the call for 40 minutes, unlike most calls that are scheduled for one hour. The shorter period of time and specific start and stop times will get the attention of the participants. There will be a sense of urgency since the call will not consume an entire hour, regardless of the topic. Do a time check at 30 minutes into the call, reminding participants that the call will have a hard stop at 40 minutes. At 35 minutes begin the wrap-up of the call, restate the highlights or commitments and use this to establish the agenda for the next call. Finish your call with a roll call of attendees and terminate the call at 40 minutes as planned. If you this consistently, the other participants will prepare appropriately in advance of the call for the fast paced rhythm of the call and focus on purpose. Side conversations and distractions will diminish, participants will be timely, and everyone will benefit from better use of time.


The following is an example of a format that can be used for conference call invitations. It is designed to establish the expectations and character of the conference call. Apply structure to your conference calls and earn a reputation for consistent focused punctuality. That is a good reputation to have if you want to have more productive conference calls and more time back to yourself.

Conference Call Purpose: ______________________________

Dial In Number: ____________________ PIN: ____________________

Moderator: ______________________________

Start Time: __(Example: 10:05 AM)__________ End Time: __(Example: 10:45 AM)__________

Participants: ___(Name)___________________________



Agenda Topics: ___(First Priority)___________________________

___(Second Priority)_________________________

___(Third Priority)___________________________

* This call will start precisely at the Start Time and end at the designated time. Please be on time. There will be a roll call at the end of the conference call, so it will not be necessary to announce yourself if you dial in late. The last five minutes of the call will be reserved for summary wrap-up and assignment of action items for the next scheduled call if necessary. Please prepare or review any relevant materials prior to the call. In the event that the agenda items are not fully covered in the allotted time for this conference call, another call will be scheduled. Thank you for your cooperation. Let's get ready for productive and focused communication.


Words of Wisdom

""A conference is a gathering of important people who singly can do nothing, but together can decide that nothing can be done."" - Fred Allen

""The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence."" - Robert J. Shiller

""Energy is the essence of life. Every day you decide how you're going to use it by knowing what you want and what it takes to reach that goal, and by maintaining focus."" - Oprah Winfrey


About the Author: John Mehrmann is a freelance writer and President of Executive Blueprints Inc., an organization devoted to improving business practices and developing human capital

About the author: John Mehrmann is a freelance author, industry expert and President of Executive Blueprints Inc, an organization dedicated to developing human capital and personal growth.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How Conference Calls Can Help You Save Time And Money

Author: Tomaz Mencinger

Most businesses need to meet with clients, business partners or colleagues usually at least a few times a year, perhaps more often. This can be an essential component to running your business properly.

However, it can be a bit of a struggle to try to get everyone together in the same place at the same time. Some people simply don't like to travel. It's also highly likely that at least one important person would miss physically attending a meeting for some reason. If this is a common problem for you, then conference calling may be for you.

Conferencing is a tool that many businesses use to conduct meetings and relay important news. It is a tool designed to help you communicate with business partners and colleagues from anywhere in the world. You can still conduct many necessary communications no matter where participants happen to be.

Whether you need to conduct a small meeting or one with thousands of participants, conference calling can do the job efficiently and as inexpensively as possible. Many businesses unnecessarily send a lot of money trying to conduct meetings by bringing participants physically together in the same space. However, the conference tool is cheaper and saves time as well. So, whether you have a colleague off sick or a partner on the other side of the world, you can now talk to them in seconds, and it will cost almost nothing!

There are different types of conference call services, so it should be easy to find one that suits your business needs. The only problem you should have is to decide which one!

The Choices Available To You and the Differences between Them

With all the different conference calling choices out there, it is important to choose a provider that is right for your business. While there are plenty that may suit your business needs and lower your costs overall, some may simply not be right for you; they could even actually waste your money if you choose the wrong one!

Things to consider include:

Do you want to be able to call instantly or would you like an operator? Would you prefer Web conferencing? Would you like to take roll-calls? Do you need a conference calling tool that allows you to show slides and presentations? Do you want to be able to record the call? Have you checked to make sure that you are getting the best price for your needs?

You need to run the many options available through your mind before you choose the right conference-calling tool for you.

When you think about whether to have an operator or not, are your meetings usually formal or are they are a little more laid back? Formal meetings are generally better with an operator. If you are busy, you will not be interrupted unless it is an emergency. However, if your business is more a relaxed and laid back so that you wouldn't mind being interrupted, you don't really need an operator.

What about Web conferencing? You will need certain software, as will the other participants on the call. You also need to be networked. But its advantages are that you can see images of the people participating, which isn't possible with simple telephone conferencing. It is also sometimes much cheaper than telephone conferencing is.

It is essential that you have the best conference calling setup for your business needs. You can save a lot of time and money with the right software, and it could make your business life that much easier!

About the author: More detailed information about

Conference Call , Audio, Video and Web Conferencing services can be found at a complete resource for All Conference Services .com.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cheap Conference Calls, Are They Any Good?

Author: Max Stephen

Conference calls have been an alternative way of gathering people together in a business seminars or meetings. It can save everyone the hassle of traveling from one place to another just to attend a business gathering. Not only that, it can also relatively lower down company expenses because all you really need is a telephone system and you are good to go. Technology has really gone a long way and has helped the business sector in making cost-effective solutions that fits their needs.

You may think that setting up a call conference may be costly. Actually it need not be. There are a number of conference call service providers in the market that are offering affordable call conferencing packages which are available for everyone.

How come some cheap conference call providers can reduce their rates that low?

Firstly, offering cheap rates is their marketing strategy to get more people to commission their service. Second, cheap conference calls are often service providers themselves and have their very own network that they use during conference calls. This way, there are actually no or at least very minimal overhead cost. Without these additional costs, they can easily lower down their rates.

How do cheap conference calls work? Providers usually would give their costumer a unique toll free number. The participants of the conference call will then dial-in the given number. The host would simply call the toll number and can easily conduct the conference right there and then.

Advantages of cheap conference calls

Reservation-less conferencing Cheap conference call does not need reservations for a person to join the conference. A client can call a conference anytime he needs one without making prior reservations.

Call management system Cheap conference calls also provide their own call management system. Just be sure to check with your provider other services and additional features that come with the package you paid for. Call management system would ensure that you have a smooth-flowing conference at all times.

Operator assisted Cheap conference calls also provide live operators upon request but you would usually be required to pay additional cost for this. Since cheap conference calls are committed to provide the most cost-effective solution possible for their costumers they usually use automated system instead of live operators to cut down the cost of the service you have to pay for.

Easy setup You might think that you need extra tools to set up conferencing, but this is actually not the case. There are no additional equipments that you need to have to make a conference call. All you need to have is a simple telephone system that you would use during the conference.

Get in touch with hundreds of people The primary use of a conference call is to get two or more people together. But with a cheap call conference, it gets even better. You can converse and connect to one person or to one hundred people all at the same time.

Who would benefit from cheap call conferences? Call conferencing is not exclusive for business use. It could also be used for medical consultations and for small organization's staff meetings.

Start-up companies would greatly benefit from cheap call conferencing. They would give your company the professionalism it needs without you shelling out a big fortune. Cheap call conferencing would perfectly fit your budget.

Small organizations and charity institutions can also use cheap conference calls. This way, they can get in touch with their staff wherever they are in the world. You do not need to pay for high cellphone bills anymore or to travel far just to talk to your staff. Cheap conference makes it easier for you.

Cheap conference calls, are they any good? In conclusion, they are! They offer cost-effective solutions to suits your needs without paying for high fees. They are very economical compared to traveling to different places just to meet with certain people whether it is for your business or for your organization.

Apart from being affordable, cheap conference calls are not short when in comes to technical advantage. They can offer the same service most high-priced providers offer. What you really have to do is to evaluate your provider's services and ask them about what they can offer you. It would be a good idea to compare providers and choose what you think is best suited for your cause.

Communication is very vital in a thriving company. With cheap conference calls, you can create seamless communication with your people and still save up a little of your budget.

About the author: Max Stephen is the author of this

cheap conference call article. Visit for further information and in depth articles.

Monday, June 11, 2007

About Audio Conference Calls

Author: John Furnem

The world is getting smaller by the minute. How so? With the advancements in technology and communication, even people from opposite ends of the earth are able to transact business and talk in real time, without having to go face to face and meet personally.

Because of these developments, businessmen worldwide no longer find the need to travel from country to country just to meet a particular offshore site manager for a weekly status report. All they need to do is connect to the Internet and, presto, the job is done.

There are many kinds of communication tools we can use to talk with other people in different locations. Some communication devices allow for audio conferencing, for instance, while others support video streaming in real time, to allow participants to view each other during an online transaction.

They can have as few as two to as many as a dozen participants. And because technology is advancing every minute, before we know it, they might soon be able to accommodate hundreds of people all at once, as in a plenary. Congressmen might soon find it useless and tedious to meet in one session hall to make legislative decisions (though it is hoped that this does not happen, because they hold the future of the country in their hands and would more likely make better decisions if they are face to face).

Some audio conference call features only allow some people to listen in to a particular conversation. This usually happens during status checks or monthly reports, which do not really require much participation from everyone. This kind of audio conference call enables a person to listen, but does not allow him or her to talk.

Meanwhile, there are audio conference calls that allow all participants not just to listen in but to join in on the conversation, as well. This usually happens in board meetings where not all directors are in the same room. Directors are able to give their inputs about a certain issue even if they're thousands of miles away from the actual meeting itself.

Families can set up virtual reunions using audio and video conference calls at a much lower cost, compared to traveling from one place to another, which can be both physically taxing and heavy on the pocket. Audio and video conferencing are practical and cheap alternatives to face to face meetings and deals.

The huge advancements in the telecommunications in the last decade has improved the quality of local, as well as, global communication for all of us, from cell phones to global video teleconferencing we all have learn to expect only smooth operations and fast solutions from the communication leaders in the market of conference calls.

About the author: Conference calls are the new meeting rooms, they are the modern replacement of huge corporations offices, learn about the amazing achievements and developments in

Audio Conference Calls and ways to communicate better faster.

Internet Conference Calls Will Stretch Your Dollar Further

Author: Peter Watson

In today's busy world the internet is a major necessity when it comes to doing business. Especially for large corporations.

Many times, most corporations have affiliate business partners over seas and have to hold conferences, board meetings, etc. in order to make or close deals. Many times the meeting needs to be held in a timespan that is not conducive to traveling half way around the globe. That's where a web conferencing call, or an internet conference call would be a major time saving asset, as well as being less expensive, and as they say, ""Time is money"".

Let's look at how internet conference calling can save you money.

By using a web conference call service you save big bucks on the cost of air travel. With air travel you have the cost of tickets, hotel or motel accomodations, transport to and from the conference site, and to and from the airport. Then there is the extraneous expenses that your company spokes man, or entourage may add to the expense account; such as food, room service, rental car, etc. The cost can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Then there are always the unexpected problems cropping up causing long lay overs at the airport which can cost you a business contract if you, or your spokes-person do not show up at the time specified.

Then there are the long, drawn out, 12 hour road trips to get to a 1 hour conference in another state. With the rising gas prices this option, while less expensive than air travel, is still much more costly than conducting a web conference call. You still have the expenses of at least one night of hotel, or motel accomodations, food, car rental, etc. The cost can still easily run into hundreds of dollars, possibly more.

The cost involved with an internet conference call depends on the company you choose to use, but to give you an idea on price it can average anywhere from $25 to $5000 for long term rentals. When comparing these prices to the yearly travel expenses, one can easily determine that the savings you and your company would receive when opting for a web conference call is substancially lower. That means hundreds of thousands of dollars saved every year, perhaps even millions.

There are many companies out there that offer Web Conference calling services and in the fast paced world of commerce every edge you can get for your company is a bonus. Next time you have to set up a meeting, or in the event of an unplanned meeting that has to be done on the spot, a Web Conference call is the smartest option, time wise and financially.

Whether your office is in your home, or in a warehouse, all you need is internet access and the requirements for the web conference call program, and the program itself. Internet Conference calling is the new way to do business in the high tech world of today.

Now, we'll take a look at the different ways to conduct a web conference call.

Video Web Conferencing: This option allows you and your clients to see each other while you speak. By using this method one can interact with over a hundred people at a time, provided they have the video apparatus for their computer systems.

Audio Conferencing: When participating in an audio internet conference call one can speak directly to the client, in their board room, or office, without the clients needing to see each other. Audio conferencing can be done directly, or with the assistance of an operator for the really large multi-way audio conferences. The cost for the audio conference call varies depending on the amount of people involved.

In the high tech, e-business world of today web conferencing is the way to go, whatever option you choose. Whether it's just one on one, or a 12 hour seminar consisting of multiple people, web conferencing is inexpensive, time saving, and reliable.

The possibilities are endless.

About the author: This

Internet conference call article was produced for

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Are Cheap Conference Calls Beneficial?

Author: Max Stephen

Many service providers in the market introduced cheap conference calls for the users, so as to maximize the customer-base by encouraging more and more people to opt for their services. The reason behind offering cheap conference calls is that in most cases, the service providers are having their own networks for conference calling. That means the overheads or additional costs are not there, which otherwise are added in fees charged from the customers. Overall, it is a very good option for organization to use and gauge the performance of service providers, before the make final decision to choose the best fitting service provider.

The service of cheap conference calls is provided to the customers by giving a toll free number along with a dial-in number for the participants. The host is simply required to call on that toll-free number and can conduct the conference thereafter. Usually cheap conference calls are reservation-less type of conference calling, which means that there is no requirement of a reservation for the conference call and one can make a conference call anytime.

Cheap conference calls do not mean that the service providers will provide limited services to its users. There is nothing like this and service providers provide conference call management systems to ensure higher performance. However, such conference calls have an automated system, because it needs minimization of the cost factor; yet one can ask for operator assistance, if the requirement arises.

A cheap conference call can be the best option for business purposes, training institutions, and anyone interested in making a conference call. With such a conference call, one can be connected with two, three, or up to two hundred people, in general, at the same time for conversation. Also there is no need of any extra equipment to be installed except the telephone system, which is sufficient to enable the host to make a conference call.

Small businesses and other types of organizations who have just started their ventures look to cheap conference calls as beneficial, for, their budget arrangements and costs are not as big as for settled companies. To automate the system of communication, and still to avoid the cost of heavy equipments, travel, and space, conference calling facilities are best options. So, we can say that overall, cheap conference calls are beneficial, as they are nothing short in the technical aspects, but at the same time provide economical options for the users.

About the author: For more information on Cheap Conference Calling , please visit .

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Eye Catching Poster Printing

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Whether you are advertising a small theater production in your town or promoting a multi million product, there is nothing quite like a big glitzy poster to deliver what you want to say. Poster printing can be done in a number of ways and variables. These include the size of the poster, the design, the color to be used and your budget. Today, poster printing uses different printing technology - from traditional spot color methods to sophisticated digital on demand printing.

There are several printing technologies you can choose from. If you need to print large posters in small quantities, you can use a large format inkjet printer. Although this printer is slow, they are good for small print jobs. After printing, you may want to laminate the poster to protect them from wear and tear and other elements that may destroy the poster. Lamination can also enhance the color so make it a point to include lamination in your printing job. If, however, you need to print a few hundred posters, you have to look for digital color printers that can do the job for you. But if what you need to get printed are thousands of copies of posters, perhaps it is a good idea to look for commercial printing shops. When you do your print job with professionals, you can choose with several colors, fonts, sizes and design from their choices. There are also hundred of printing presses available both offline and online, so it's not a bad idea to check out first all the printing shops to find the right printer for you.

Needless to say, you can always use your desktop printer for your short print runs, but the size limitation is always a disadvantage. Hence, if you want crisp and quality posters you have to consider professional printing companies as a better option to self printing. If you do decide to avail of professional printing services, make it a point to leave plenty of time to get your posters printed. Find out how long the print job will take to help you decide when to get the printing started. Additionally, if you haven't tried professional services before; it may be in your best interest to try getting some quotes first. This way you can be sure to get quality print jobs at competitive prices. Nonetheless, do not always look after the cost but look at the quality. After all, quality will be remembered better than the price. Remember to make service and quality a priority over price and if you do this you will emerge ahead of the game. So factor these things carefully.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Poster Printing Company </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

White Space in Your Design

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: White can be a soothing and relaxing color to see. For some people white is simply a refreshing color while for others it is a dull, common color. If you have been in the web business for quite a while you would often hear the word white space. What does this term mean? Simply put, white space is a term used to denote open space between designs. It is like creating a site that is neat to look at with lots of room or space. Most graphic designers often opt for having white space in their design because having a simply uncluttered site makes visitors and net surfers feel comfortable.

You have probably seen in the television people asking for help to renovate their house because they feel that it is too untidy and unpleasant to live with. Perhaps they want to change their furniture, change their wall paint or move a few things to make everything in order. After living years in complete mess and untidy house and after hearing thousands of comments from friends and relatives about their uninhabitable house they finally want to have a house that is neat, clean and simple for a change. After the renovation and remodeling you finally came home and were surprised with your new house. Isn't it a great feeling to come in a house that is tidy and roomy? Doesn't it make you feel you want to stay for a long time there?

Well, this is also what people who visit your site will feel when they see that your space is comfortable to read and visit. They will be encouraged to stay for a while and read through the whole site. It is, thus, important to provide enough spaces between visuals and text in your page as it can help guide your reader's eye from one point to another. Oftentimes, designers tend to overlook these white spaces in their clamor to create an attractive and stylish design. Nonetheless, white spaces must never be taken for granted. Designers have to keep in mind that if they want the design to be appealing they must also be easy on the eyes. Remember that if there is not enough white space in the page, texts can be unreadable, images can be blurred and there would be no balance in the elements on the page.

So make your web site as user friendly as much as it can be. Consider white space as more than a plain background. Think of it as an important part of the design. You will find it more appealing and comfortable to look at your site, thus, allowing you to effectively deliver your message to the readers and site visitors.

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About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

How To Increase Revenue In 24 Hours

Author: Kim Duke

Article: What's Black, Green and Purple?

As many of you know - I love reading and for some strange reason have a memory for quotes. One I love is ""The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions."" I know you have been working hard this year. I know you have been working smarter this year as well. I also know - you feel like you are banging your head against a wall at times. You're getting some bruises and you're frustrated. Here's a piece of Diva advice...SNAP OUT OF IT!

Don't Look Out - Look In

I want you to take a mirror and reflect it directly on your business. Do you want to increase your bottom line? Then have a look at these areas:

1) Increase Your Rates. Are you charging enough? If you think you are - I have a quote directly from my 6 year old niece Megan - "" WHO SAYS?"" When and how did you develop your pricing? Where do you sit within the market? Are you giving away too much without enough return?

2) Who Has Purchased From You In The Past? One of the best places to look for new business is - you guessed it - from previous and current customers. On average a new customer costs 6-20x more than growing an existing one. Review the past 2 years of sales. Who were your bread and butter customers? Who were the heavy hitters? Who did you love working with? Who can you ask for referrals?

3) Expenses. You need to look at expenses very seriously. What is providing a solid return on investment and what is wishful thinking? Are you with the best supplier? Cheapest does not mean better by the way. Review your suppliers and see who is really working for you and interested in helping you grow. Do the Diva cut to everyone else.

4) Eliminate/reduce the problem clients. I will let you in on a Diva Secret ""I Don't Work For Jerks or MicroManagers."" Too often these people can suck the living life out of you and they have a tendency to not value your product or service. Have any of these customers found their way into your business?

Wallowing In The Mud Is Only Good For Mud-Packs

First of all - you can do it! Feeling blue, angry and frustrated...really just leaves you feeling blue, angry and frustrated! Life is too short for tight shoes - so kick yours off and investigate the 3 areas where growth can happen immediately. Why 24 hours? Because I want you to take action TODAY. Remember - 20% of the people you deal with are generating 80% of your revenues. By adjusting your rates higher even by 10-20%, contacting old and current customers and watching your bottom line - you can create positive momentum very quickly.

Talk To The Wall Instead

One of my favorite movies of all time is Shirley Valentine. If you haven't seen it - rent it tonight. There are a few scenes where Shirley talks to the walls - she actually even asks for their advice! I laughed when I saw the film, as I am a HUGE wall talker. You can laugh out loud, bounce out ideas, sing, swear (oh no - not me!) and brainstorm to your heart's delight. I guarantee you it is a better alternative than banging your head against it.

Go Have Coffee/Tea With Someone

Walls are great but I find a greasy breakfast with a strong cup of coffee really gets my imagination going! Go have breakfast or coffee with someone in an unusual spot and brainstorm about your business. Identify all the areas of revenue. Are you still in love with them? What needs to be added? What needs to be let go?

24 Hours

The clock is ticking. What are you going to do with your business in the next 24 hours?

Copyright© 2005

About the author: Kim Duke, The Sales Diva, provides savvy, sassy sales training for women small biz owners and entrepreneurs. Kim works with clients internationally, showing them The Sales Diva secrets to success! Sign up for her saucy and smart FREE e-zine and receive her FREE Bonus Report ""The 5 Biggest Sales Mistakes Women Make"" at

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The Print Industry: Is It Doomed?

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: The print industry has been going through remarkable change in the past decade and up until now it has experienced a decline in sale. The industry has given way to other means of communication - the Web for instance. Many people and businesses now conduct their work or buy their needs through the Internet. Manuals and contracts that used to be printed traditionally can now be produced online. But even though people will continue to be attached to their computer screens for the next decade, the print industry is here to stay for a number of practical reasons.

The movie industry has somehow helped boost the declining printing business. You are perhaps familiar with the movies War of the Worlds, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the Harry Potter series and A Walk to Remember to name a few. All these blockbuster movies were based on a novel written by celebrated writers who have helped changed the way the print industry is seen today. For a number of reasons, sale of this books in hard or paperback copies have rose to an astonishing level. In fact, publishers of the Harry Potter series have to make another re-run just to meet the increasing demand for the book all over the world.

Additionally, although children now are more exposed to computers and the virtual world, they still learn to read and write through books and printed materials. Not until the computer becomes a better way to teach children will printed materials became less useful. This goes to show that printed materials are not going away anytime soon. This is simply for practical reasons: they are handier, they are simpler to use and they offer the best user edge.

Although the idea of having everything done digitally is very promising and encouraging, at the end of the day it all comes back to practically. Consider the packing industry. This is one major part of the printing industry. Can you ever imagine a box of chocolate being packed in a computer screen? Certainly not! Hence, as long as there is no other way to do this digitally, printing will continue to exist. As long as there are people and businesses that sees printing as a better option to Web-based technology, print will continue to be alive and kicking. And as long as people consider print as a better and simpler way of having their information accessible anytime they want it, the print industry is far from dead.

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About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Poster Printing: Doing It The Right Way

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Poster printing has certainly come along way since they were first used. Nobody can really say exactly how the print market will look in a few years time. But a few trends are clear; the surge in digital printing will carry on. Digital printing has really taken off in the last few years with more and more companies offering digital printing services.

More and more people and businesses are now moving to digital poster printing. Most of the publications, print shops and businesses today utilize digital poster printing technology because they are aware of its unique benefits in terms of speed and efficiency. When businesses need a lot of posters for their tradeshows or presentations, they can benefit from the advantages of digital printing. For one, going digital can help you easily correct flaws, alter contrast and brightness or even change the actual content of the graphics. It also enables you to reproduce your digital images considerably without losing any of its color or detail.

As digital also means that your computer based files can be produced at an incredibly high resolution output, you can produce as many as thousands for the same or lower cost per page. You can save time and money by sending your files directly to press and avoid the conventional steps of film separations, film stripping and so on.

But of course, as a business owner you have to take your time in deciding how much poster you plan on doing. If you need a lot of them, then you may want to consider buying them in bulk. Additionally, the design of the poster will depend on the audience that you want to attract. Most poster printing company today offer more than just quality color poster printing at very competitive prices. They make sure that they are able to deliver your project on time and within the possible budget.

Utilizing the services of a knowledgeable and experienced printing company can be beneficial to small and large businesses. Of course, you can have your posters printed at local printing places but purchasing them from on online printing company can be a lot less expensive and more efficient. Hence, before you get your posters printed decide first which printing service is best for you. Is it better to print it from your local print shop or from an online shop? You decide.

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About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What Makes a Winning Brochure?

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Say two women are walking down the street and suddenly they see Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes walking towards them. Chances are good that the two women would likely look at the couple longer than they would look at any other person in the area not just because they are famous but also because they are attractive.

It is normal for a person to look at and focus his or her attention to attractive things. It is easier for the eye to look at things that are pleasant and eye-catching. This is why attractive females, gorgeous couples and striking personalities get the limelight faster than other people. In the business industry, the same idea is true. The more attractive and striking your promotional materials are, the more customers you attract. Thus, as much as possible it is essential for business owners to create marketing materials that conveys services and provides over-all impression of products and services and its benefits efficiently and appealingly.

Let's say you need to print brochures for your business. You have to take into consideration the design, content and graphics that you will use. Likewise, you have to consider the typeface and colors that you will utilize. But what really makes a successful brochure? Essentially, it should be well written, visually appealing, and effective in sending out your message and thoroughly designed to meet your prospects need and at the same time it is within your budget.

When designing the brochure, make sure that it appeals to the two types of customers - those who like to read and scrutinize and those that prefer to look at photos, images and illustrations. The analytic and creative type, in other words. Be careful also with your choice of colors. Make sure that the colors send off the right feeling you wish to convey. Hence, when you are able to keep the balance between the information and the illustrations, you can reach a greater number of customers. Likewise, a well written and designed brochure interests a reader to read all the way through. When the headline and sentences are crisp and clear, a reader will immediately understand why he needs to spend a few minutes looking through the brochure.

And after having been able to produce a winning brochure, it is time to get it out to the public. Share it to anyone you come across with whether it is through a seminar, meeting or tradeshow. Keep some in your office so that your current customers can take one and share it with their friends and relatives. So don't underestimate the marketing ability of brochures. They are intended to inform and so far, they have been effective in doing so.

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About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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