Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Postcard Printing Services for the Holiday Season

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Feel the cold breeze. Smell the fresh scent of pines. Stare at the snow falling from the sky. Most of all see the warm and smiling faces of people. One thing is for sure - Christmas spirit is all over.

Even when there is no Santa around or a cold Mr. Frosty, Christmas can still be felt - even with just postcards. Yeah, postcards! Personalized postcards are as warm as the fireplace. They can melt frozen hearts and shun grudges among foes.

Full color postcard services can capture your emotions to seize the holiday season. The ask is how can you make an effective, easy to create and affordable full color postcards?

I have noted a few guidelines on how to carry it out. Here they are... 1. Make a List. List down the special persons in your life - those that are precious enough to share fond memories via postcards. Make sure you have not overlooked a single soul.

2. Make your postcard catchy and bright. An eye-catching postcard gets the right attention. They elicit positive reaction. They invite you to come closer, read and be persuaded. They dominate your senses and they seize that opportunity to give more.

3. Make it Memorable. Use your own pictures and images to accentuate the postcards that way you give personal connection to your readers. Choose pictures that are happy and momentous. They will surely love to know more about you and your escapades these past 12 months. Go on, create your own artsy way to captivate their attention and care.

4. Make it fun. Choose bright, flashy and happy colors like red and yellow to emphasize the happy season. You can also use unusual postcard designs and shapes. Keep your creativity coming. Dwell in it and be amazed!

5. Make the Holiday Season embrace the limelight. Write the most heartfelt message for the persons in your list. Personalize your postcards so make your message wacky or cheery. You can add in cookies, fruits, breads and cheeses to make it more personal!

6. Don't forget your details. If you are communicating with friends across the mile, do not forget to your return address and other important details about you.

7. Choose an excellent printer. Be sure that your postcard printing company can accommodate your entire postcard printing services needs. The size, paper and the colors to be used in your postcards must be answered. That way you can focus on the holiday spirit. No worries!

About the author: Please visit Postcard Printing Company site at http://www.rushpostcardprinting.com/postcard-printing-services.ht ml for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Marketing Can't Do For You

Author: Michele Pariza Wacek

Article: I thought I would clear up some misconceptions about marketing in this two-part series: What Marketing Can Do For You and What Marketing Can't Do For You. This issue is about what marketing can't do.

While there's no question a solid marketing program can increase your business, it can't fix everything. Below are 5 things marketing can't do for you:

1. Marketing can't make you an overnight success. Just because you start a marketing program doesn't mean you're immediately going to see your business explode. Marketing is about getting your name in front of your target market on a regular basis until they finally decide to give you a try.

On that note, if you're in trouble right now - sales are down, a new business isn't getting off the ground like you planned -- depending on how bad the trouble is a marketing program may not be enough to save you. A successful marketing program needs time to work and more likely than not, a little money as well. If you're panicked about one (or more likely both) you may need to start looking at other options.

2. Marketing is not about doing something once and forgetting about it. The very best marketers test. And test. And test.

For instance, maybe your Web site isn't converting visitors to customers as well as it should be. You could hire a copywriter to tweak it for you. You could test the different elements to see what raises your conversion level. That's one way to use testing. You can also test different headlines, different offers, etc.

3. Marketing can't fix a bad experience. This is a big one. If your customers have a lousy experience with your products or services or with your customer service reps or sales people, etc., that's it. Worse yet, not only have you lost a customer for good, that customer will probably tell others about their bad experience. So now you've lost more potential customers as well.

Marketing can get people in the door, but it can't ensure they'll have an experience they'll want to repeat. Before assuming more marketing is what you need, take a moment and make sure your current customers are truly satisfied with your business.

4. Marketing can't fix a flawed business. Much like tip number 3, marketing can't fix cash flow issues or staff problems.

Okay, I can hear all of you saying ""Of course, marketing can't fix cash flow problems. Do you think we're stupid?"" My answer is no, I don't think you're stupid at all. I think what happens is sometimes you get so caught up in the day-to-day challenges of running a business you can't see the forest for the trees.

Let me explain. Let's say you have a business that's struggling with cash flow. The first thing that springs to mind may be revving up marketing. After all, the idea behind marketing is to increase revenue. On the surface that makes sense. However, if you look a little closer, what you might find are expenses that are out of whack or not getting invoices out in a timely manner. So what you should be fixing is your accounting problems rather than changing your marketing.

5. Marketing can't make people buy things they either don't want or can't afford. It doesn't matter how great your product or service is, if you're selling to people who either don't have the interest or the means to buy it, then your marketing is going to fail no matter how brilliant it may be.

So basically it all boils down to this, before you decide you need more marketing, take a few moments and make sure marketing is really the right solution for your business.

Creativity Exercise -- Reality Check

Before you launch into a new marketing program, take some time to analyze what's really happening in your business. Do you really need a marketing program or is your problem:

* You aren't able to close the leads you have * You aren't invoicing in a timely manner or following up with unpaid accounts * Your customers aren't happy with the product or service * Your customers are having a bad experience with technical support or something else in the process isn't working * Your target market isn't right * You aren't passionate about what you're doing anymore * Your business has way too many expenses

And so on. Basically I just want you to make sure marketing really is your problem before you start fiddling with it.

If you want to grow your business, then you should be consistently marketing your business. But if you're using marketing as a bandaid for some other problem, then you could be headed for trouble.

About the author: Michele Pariza Wacek is the author of ""Got Ideas? Unleash Your Creativity and Make More Money."" She offers two free e-zines that help subscribers combine their creativity with hard-hitting marketing and copywriting principles to become more successful at attracting new clients, selling products and services and boosting business. She can be reached at http://www.TheArtistSoul.com. Copyright 2005 Michele Pariza Wacek

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

What to Consider When Availing of POD Publishing

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Until recently, printing a single copy of book was unlikely. Publishers, in the past, have to publish their books in hundreds or even thousands of copies to avail of the best price possible. After printing the books are then sent to bookstores. Those books that were not sold are stocked in warehouses perhaps waiting to be shipped when orders come in. But if no orders come, this can be a big loss to the publisher as these unsold books are part of their investment. This is probably why many publishers are careful in admitting new authors and experimenting with their formats. They would always want to be sure to get the value of their investment and not waste it.

Print on demand, on the other hand, uses a different process. As the name implies publishers have to print only a single copy of book when the order arises rather than produce it in mass copies. Authors have to understand though that when they choose POD publishing their books would never be available in bookstores. Additionally, authors have to do the marketing themselves and can expect that some book critics would never consider their books as true publishing credits.

However, regardless of the downsides of POD publishing there are still individuals who think that POD is right for them. If you would avail of this publishing technique there are several factors you need to consider such as the cover cost, set up cost, royalty payments, distribution and control among others. Keep in mind that since POD publishing involves printing one copy of book at a time naturally printing cost would cost more than mass printing. There are POD companies, however, that can allow you to have lower cover price. But this could also mean lower book royalty so be wary when making arrangement with a POD company.

Additionally, most companies also have set up fees to publish your book. If you opt for a lower set up cost, understand carefully the arrangement as lower set up cost means higher cover prices and lower royalties on average. So before you sign a contract with the POD company see to it that the publisher explains to you thoroughly how much it cost to print a copy of your book and how much you will receive per sale of the book. Also, thoroughly read the website of the publisher that you are considering and ask them to send you a copy of the contract before getting that print job started. When you have taken note of this few considerations its time to start hunting for the right POD publisher and getting your book distributed as soon as possible.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href=""http://www.shortrunondemandprinting.com"">On Demand Printing Online </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

What is Offset Postcard Printing?

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Commercial printing companies have developed several techniques in printing. There are breakthroughs, state-of-the-art printers and other printing craze have emerged in the printing interface. These are due to the development in today's technology. Printers can now print lively, brilliant and clear images at the same time crisp texts in just a matter of minutes. These latest printing styles have tickled the fancies of the printing customers however, the traditional way of printing cannot be overshadowed by this new events.

Offset postcard printing services is the traditional way of printing postcards. It is still widely used nowadays. In fact, it has also caught up with technology so as to accommodate the changes in time and the needs of the customers. Offset postcard printing services now use computers as aid in postcard printing.

Basically, offset postcard printing services uses four color process called CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). These colors are used in creating a wide selection of colors to give life to color postcards. Full color postcard printing brings out vivacious colors and shades to complement to the images and texts. In using RGB (red, green and blue) or full color display in computer monitor, it must be realized that the colors on the monitor may not look exactly the same as in the printed materials. This is because some colors created by an RGB monitor cannot be reproduced by CMYK printing. Spot colors, on the other hand, are most frequently used for one and two color jobs and when there is a need to produce the exact colors. Pantone PMS color choice delivers the exact color you need for your distinctive printing job. PMS is good for spot colors but not for process colors which are generally specified using the CMYK colors.

After printing postcards, printing companies utilize techniques to protect them. Postcards are then coated. The most popular finishes are the aqueous coating, UV coating and film lamination. Aqueous coating is a fast-drying, water-based and the cheapest protective coating that is applied while the paper stock is still on the press. UV coating, on the other hand, is a liquid gloss plastic coating which is applied after the printing process. Finally, we have film lamination. In this finish, a plastic film is applied on postcards after printing.

Postcard printing services through offset printing is one of the fastest, easiest and inexpensive way to keep your business in its outstanding shape.

About the author: Please visit Postcard Printing Company site at http://www.rushpostcardprinting.com/postcard-printing-services.ht ml for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Interactive Press Releases Affect Year-End Projections

Author: Daniel Dessinger

Article: It's that time of year again. Millions of people are wrapping up their Christmas shopping and stores are gearing up for post-Christmas markdowns. Last season's inventory has to be moved out quickly as the new floods in. Sales teams everywhere are hustling to meet year-end projections.

Enter the online press release: Written to proclaim your business to the world; Optimized to be found in keyword searches relevant to your business; Distributed to thousands of web resources for maximum exposure; Linking back to your website to increase traffic and search engine rankings.

It's no joke. Interactive press releases are a vital part of the future of online SEO, marketing, and public relations. Press release distribution should be channeled toward relevant markets to maximize effectiveness. Statistics show that every press release I've written for a client has been viewed online at least 40,000 times. That's no joke for such an affordable service.

The end of the year doesn't have to be a drag. Take action. Spend less and get more. The company budget says this is the perfect end of year campaign. Results will last into the new year, providing a springboard for search engine optimization and online marketing campaigns.

Don't have time for a full-fledged SEO campaign? With interactive press releases you can see results before year's end.

About the author: Daniel Dessinger provides writing services including: SEO, interactive press releases, website copy, articles, creative ads, copy editing, and consulting. Visit him on the web at http://www.culturefeast.com.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ways to Master Postcard Marketing

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Postcard marketing through invincible postcard printing services is an essential part of a valuable modern-day business endeavor. Aside from the fact that it generates traffic to the company's website, it also leads to high sales.

If postcard marketing is that essential then we must master its concealed art - but how?

There are various ways to master the craft of postcard marketing and here they are...

1. Focus. Create a target market and focus on them. Be sure that these postcards reach them quickly and effectively.

2. Have a friendly tone. The message must be encouraging, positive and may boosts emotional reaction and persuasion. That way, readers are motivated to do the call of action you desire. If you use a friendly tone you get a certain connection - a bond that makes you closer to your target market. They develop confidences that can go a long way.

3. Puffing is no good. Do not use sales pitch in your postcards. It will definitely annoy your readers. Thus, use only postcards to generate sales inquiries. State the benefits that customers are getting then add up other worthy information like phone numbers or address of your business but avoid puffing.

4. Stop beating around the bush. Get right to the point - that is! Postcards have limited space thus, it must convey the entire message in a few delightful words that can capture the attention of the readers instantly. Be brief but substantial.

5. Timing. An author once said, if you want success the thing to master is proper timing. There is time for everything and that time should not be sacrificed or wasted. With regards to postcards delivery make sure they arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday so as not to compete with other mails.

6. Go First Class. First class mail only costs 23 cents in the US if they are at least 3 ½ by 5 inches but not exceeding 4 ¼ by 6 inches.

7. Cut down on designing and printing. Invest in these things when they are related to your services. However, if it is on the contrary, don't mind having them made expensively - it's not that rewarding on your part.

The next time you need traffic in your web site or boost your sales percentage, consider having an efficient postcard printing services. They will enormously alleviate your sales like a rocket at a very low price!

About the author: Please visit Postcard Printing Company site at http://www.rushpostcardprinting.com/postcard-printing-services.ht ml for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Success, in who's eyes?

Author: Shane Wilson

Article: What drives us to succeed? Is it the money, fame, or is it something deeper than this? And who deems us a success? Is it our friends, family or is it the intimate world we have created for ourselves? The answers to these questions can often be hard to find yet they are usually staring us right in the face.

Many things drive different individuals to succeed in many diverse areas. Let's take an Internet marketer for example. Most people would look at an Internet marketer and view them as just being in it for the money. While this may appear to be true on the surface, often looks can be deceiving.

There are a choice few who actually just want to help others succeed in this area. Yes their services may come at a small fee, but this is not why they do it. You do not do what you do for free right? And just because you earn an income at what you do does this mean you are just in it for the money? Of course not, don't be ridiculous, right!

I believe that ""money"" has given the Internet marketer a bad wrap. There are some of us out there who are just trying to help others out and show them the ropes. We need to make a living so in-turn we charge for our services.

So who deems someone a success? Well there can be an array of individuals. Often, we look to our peers and family as a gauge for our success. This is a shame. The only place we need to look is in the mirror! If you truly find purpose in what you do and love it, you will know that you are a success without others having to tell you so. You will feel it and this feeling will exude through every tiny little pore. This emanation will be plainly visible to others and therefore pronounce your success without uttering a word.

Success does not come from a book you read, a seminar you attend or from your peers. It comes from within. Certainly books, seminars and peers can help drive you to succeed, but ultimately it is you who make the decisions that set you apart from the rest. It is these decisions from deep down, ones from the heart that truly count.

If you study success stories like Warren Buffett or Michael Jordan, they are different because the looked within themselves and not to the outside world for their success. They trusted in their own desires and worked hard to make them happen. This inner drive is what set them apart and the many other success stories in the annals of time.

In closing, do not look to others for their perception of your success. Look within yourself and do what you love. Whether it is Internet marketing, stock investing or basketball, it does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you love what you do! If you love what you do, you will not have to search for success; it will search for and find you!

By: Shane Wilson

About the author: My name is Shane Wilson. If you liked this article, then sign up for my free newsletter and receive one like it on a weekly basis. Sign up at: http://www.platinumaffiliatemarketing.com/Newsletter.htm

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Effective Postcard can Drag you to Success

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Postcard promotion is one of the rising trends to discover the edge of every business and consequently live the limelight of success.

You probably wanna ask how simple postcards can make your business endeavor spicy and full of zest. Well, you may not be aware of it but postcards nowadays are among the most proficient and easy to use marketing tools. Aside from the fact that they catch instant attention because they are impossible to ignore, postcards also save money. They cost less than other marketing tools however, they can generate immediate sales. This is the reason why we should never forget the call to action in order to result to sales.

Postcards are perfect for both small and huge mailings. You can use postcards for your whole mailing list or to only a few or specific products and services. Postcards printing and mailing come in a wide variety of options. With regards to printing, there are different designs and sizes available. They are now allowing personalization or customization to give their customers a chance to create their own design and to enliven their very concepts in their choice of postcards. In fact, they are also preparing it in a quick yet efficient manner. In mailing, printing companies are assuring a fast turnaround to keep the confidence of customers.

To give you a hint on how to make postcards customizations, here are some valuable tips and tricks:

1. Plan ahead of time. The key to a successful marketing endeavor is a good planning strategy. Thus, prior to your postcard design, be sure that you have conceptualized and planned on every detail even the minutest of the details.

2. A bang on the design. Your design must have impact to catch everyone's attention. To boot, you can use Publisher New Publication Wizards to have a stunning design that will surely capture the interest of its readers.

3. Edit to the bone. Postcards can only accommodate few words. Therefore, you must remove unnecessary words for easy reading and for the words to fit the space intended for the texts. Focus on large graphics or pictures instead of texts to catch reader's attention in a spur of the moment.

4. Be consistent with your primary goal. The message, color, typeface and graphics must reflect the primary goal of your business. All these stuffs must go hand in hand in order to achieve the common end.

5. Be wise in choosing your print and mailing options. There are a lot of printing options. You can use two-color printing if you want a budget-friendly design. You can also opt for full color postcard printing, if you want a more colorful and vibrant postcards. Further, to explore more colors, you can use six-color printing and other printing options available for your printing needs. Mailing is also flexible nowadays. Your postcards can now be delivered at your choice depending on its quantity and printing technique used.

About the author: Please visit Postcard Printing Company site at http://www.rushpostcardprinting.com/post-card-printing-and-mailin g.html for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

7 Secrets to a Successful Business Blog: How to Blog Smart

Author: Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D. and Denise Wakeman

Article: Today's software makes it so easy to set up a blog that it seems like everybody and their neighbor has a blog. Yes, they are a fad right now. And yes, they are a great business tool for any business, large or small - and they're here to stay.

Especially for the independent professional, a blog is an easy communication tool to build credibility and trust. Most importantly, blogs make it easy for people to find you on the Web.

But 9 out of 10 blogs created will be abandoned because they can take up a lot of time in a busy professional's life, and results may not be evident right away.

There are several keys to making your blog work for you, instead of the other way around. Once you learn and integrate these steps, it should take you only 10-20 minutes per post. It's recommended that an additional 20 minutes a couple of times per week should be spent reading and commenting on other blogs and sites on the Web so you can bring valuable information to your readers.

<b>7 Secrets to a Successful Business Blog</b>

1. <b>Write valuable content</b> and share stories to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Don't forget to explain how you work with clients and let readers know how to contact you, hire you, buy a product or register for your services.

2. <b>Write 2-3 times a week</b>, short articles of 250-350 words each time. Occasionally, a longer article can be shared, using the extended post feature.

3. <b>Link profusely</b> to other resources on the web. This is essential for building traffic and enlarging your reading audience. Spend some time, 2-3 times a week researching your area of expertise on the Web. Leave comments on other blogs.

4. <b>Submit to blog directories</b> and <b>ping</b> each time you post. If you don't know how to do this, get a blog coach or buy and read an instructional manual, such as the ebook at www.BuildaBetterBlogSystem.com.

5. <b>Track and monitor your visitor stats.</b> Install a counter on your blog so you know what's happening. For example, a free counter can be found at www.SiteMeter.com.

6. <b>List all your products</b> and affiliate products and make sure you have the landing pages properly linked. Use your affiliate links and ad-tracking features if you have a shopping cart.

7. Don't forget to <b>link to your own website</b> and vice versa! This is one reason we prefer to have the blog separate from your website, rather than installing blog software incorporated into your website. It's like having two fishing poles in the pond.

Like any marketing effort, persistence pays off. In six months of regular blogging, assuming you are providing valuable content, you should see a significant increase in your web site traffic, the client leads, and overall total revenue for your business.

If not, you're not <i>blogging smart!</i>

About the author: Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman work with professionals to maximize their marketing strategies by implementing blogs, ezines and ecommerce tactics. They have co-authored ""Build a Better Blog"", ""Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger"" and ""Secrets of Successful Ezines"" Get The Blog Squad's free report on the ""Top 10 Reasons to do an Ezine and A Blog"" <a href=""http://snipurl.com/Ezine_Blog"">Snipurl.com</a>

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Forget the Press Tour, Have a Teleseminar Tour

Author: Daniel Janal

Article: Businesses of all sizes, including start up and Fortune 500 companies try to receive as much promotion and publicity for their product and services as they can. Quite often their marketing tactics require huge amounts of investment in time, energy and expense. Why not have a teleseminar tour and increase your visibility from the comfort of your own home or office, without paying a single penny?

Teleseminars are increasing in popularity, as they are a proven, cost-effective means of communicating valuable information to potentially large audiences <b><(up to thousands></b> all at one time. It's truly amazing how many teleseminars there are today.

Now, authors, entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing and public relations executives, speakers, coaches, and consultants can produce their own teleseminars through companies like Great Teleseminars Audio Production Studios, <a href=""http://www.greatteleseminars.com/"">http://www.greattelesemi nars.com.</a> They can increase exposure and publicity by reaching out to other professionals in their related industry that are hosting them as well.

By engaging in teleseminar tours you are allowing yourself to step beyond any limits and ""reach out and touch"" prospects and customers of almost any type of business. Making these calls allow you to prospect for new clients as you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, increase your bottom line revenues, and maintain a presence that is always fresh and meaningful.

For those of you who are the ""Do-It-Yourself"" type, here is the step-by-step process on how to effectively manage a teleseminar tour campaign.

<b> 1. Perform a search using Google to see what companies and professionals within your specialty host teleseminars. </b>

You must type in your specialty and then the word ""teleseminar"", if you do not you'll see the Great Teleseminars site and others like it, that are not specific to your industry. For example, type in ""health teleseminars"", ""sales teleseminars"", ""dieting teleseminars"", or ""parenting teleseminars"" and you will quickly realize that many professionals in these areas are hosting teleseminars.

<b> 2. Do your homework.</b>

Visit each individual website to ensure a good fit by reviewing their audience, the topics they have done in the past, and their price points. Do not overlook your competitors, as they may be willing to work with you. For example, in order to educate my clients and publicize my business, PR Leads, <a href=""http://www.prleads.com/"">http://www.prleads.com I host public relations and marketing teleseminars every Thursday afternoon. Although you might think I'd never want to invite a competitor on my show, the truth is we compete on different services, price points and markets, so we really don't compete at all. We welcome the opportunity to appear on each other's teleseminars. My teleseminars have featured PR gurus like TJ Walker, Joan Stewart, George McKenzie, Rick Frishman, Jill Lublin, B.L. Ochman, Alex Carroll and others - and I've appeared on many of their events as well!

<b> 3. Prepare your pitch </b>

Lets say you find 10 good teleseminars to become a guest speaker on, now what? Before calling or emailing hosts, you must prepare your biography, product and/or service fact sheets, and 10 questions you would like to be asked if a teleseminar is to be arranged. You must also develop your hook--meaning why they should be interested in you and your topic, and how their audience can benefit from having you as a speaker. You'll need this material to help promote yourself. You don't want the host to write the copy for you. You want to be in control of the message, and let them fine-tune it to fit their needs. Your host will send some of this information to their mailing lists as the invitation, or post other parts of it to the website, and use the 10 questions as the script to interview you.

Teleseminar tours are a win-win situation for everyone. Teleseminar hosts reach the end of their expertise, so they are always looking for new guests that can tell a new story and lend a new way of looking at the world or exploring new subjects that the host wouldn't know anything about.

In return for your expertise, the teleseminar hosts will promote your material, your name, and your product or services to their lists. Best yet, it doesn't cost you a single penny for the added exposure. All you have to do is all the legwork online by using Google, preparing the hook, sending out some emails, and maybe making a few phone calls.

For those of you who do not have the time and would like the convenience of a virtual assistant, Great Teleseminars now offers a new service called Teleseminar Tours. We will complete prospect research, create the pitch and any required materials, make introductory and follow phone calls and emails, and arrange teleconferences around your schedule. For more information you may visit <a href=""http://www.greatteleseminars.com/campaign.htm/"">http://www. greatteleseminars.com/campaign.htm/ or contact Daniel Janal, Founder and President of PR LEADS and Great Teleseminars via email: <a href=""info@greatteleseminars.com"">info@greatteleseminars.com</a>

[ Submitted by PR LEADS - http://www.prleads.com ]

About the author: Daniel Janal, President of <a href=""http://www.greatteleseminars.com/"">Great Teleseminars</a> and <a href=""http://www.prleads.com/"">PR LEADS</a> has helped over a 1000 authors, experts,consultants, doctors, and small businesses get the publicity they need in order to flourish. Check out <a href=""http://www.greatteleseminars.com/>http://www.greattelesemin ars.com</a> to receive a <b>FREE E-BOOK </b>

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Friday, July 20, 2007

What You Should Know About Postcards

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Some obvious things have to be made more obvious to be appreciated. They are the things that we know but we take for granted. We have to reiterate them sometimes not only once but several time to reverberate in our consciousness.

Here are some of the salient facts about postcard printing and mailing:

1. Repeat postcard mailing is not throwing cash. One big shot is not enough. It needs continuous boost, continuous mailings. The reason is - one big launch cannot make your business neither can it change it.

2. The best price may not be the best catch. The old maxim - 'you get what you pay for' is not always applicable. The cheapest may not be the best choice and the most expensive may not be the most in quality. Ask around and determine which postcard printing and mailing services are the best. After that you will have a good view of what printing company to choose if ever you need quality results.

3. Postcard is better than those enclosed in an envelope. You may be asking why. Well, this is because the customers can readily see your message. Thus, it can work quickly compared to other marketing materials. And even if the customers throw it away after one reading, the truth remains that the message has circulated. Isn't it a darn fast way to market products and services?

4. Promote singly. There are a lot of companies that overdue the marketing edge of postcards. They tend to sell different products and offer several services in one postcard design. They seem to juggle them all that the customers will eventually lose focus. I you want quality maketing and worthy retention, market one item or service at a time.

5. Effective postcard printing and mailing can be the be-all and end-all marketing tool. Great amount of bucks is spent on marketing and advertising, but mind you, inexpensive postcards which are product of efficient and well-planned strategy can glow a company. And I mean no other marketing media involve.

Wow your potential customers and wow your business as well. The next time you want to earn traffic to your websites or generate more sales, try the enigmatic charm of postcards. you will not regret the moving change...

About the author: Please visit Postcard Printing Company site at http://www.rushpostcardprinting.com/post-card-printing-and-mailin g.html for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tips to find reliable * Tiffany jewelry * bulk wholesale supplier

Author: Jennifer Fang

Article: &#12288;

Tips to find reliable * Tiffany jewelry * bulk wholesale supplier

&#12288; To Succeed in your ebay business or Home-based Internet Business, you need to find Wholesale Suppliers of Products you can sell, and work with them directly. Cndepot.com is well known as world wholesale suppliers.

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Tiffany jewelry Description: They are 100% authentic products. 925 silver is used for all jewelry items. Gold parts (for some items) are made of 18K gold plated quality. Engravings On Chain: All pendants that comes with chain, chain has engravings on the bar near the clasp, like Peretti or Tiffany & Co. Engravings on Jewelry: Engravings are clearly visible, we Q/C them before shipping them out. &#12288; Minimum Order

We're able to offer outstanding prices and great selection because we sell exclusively wholesale, in volume. As such, our minimum order size is $500 (no minimum quantity for any style).If your total amount over $1500 USD, you will entitle the exclusive right to get FREE TIFFANY PACKING and FREE SHIPPING. &#12288; We accept Westernunion Transfer,MoneyGram Transfer and Bank Wire transfer. Please inquire the payment info via LIVECHAT. &#12288;

We can do UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, AAE expedited delivery Once you have submitted the order, it will normally take 2-3 working days for us to process the order. Expected transit times for each shipping method are listed below:

UPS, DHL, TNT express shipping: 3 - 5 business days after shipping EMS, AAE express shipping: 3 - 7 business days after shipping

You can combine as many items as you like.

Express shipping: $29 for first item and $7.00 per additional necklace/bracele and $3.50 per additional ring/earring If all your payment more than $1500,you can get free shipping


7depot.com pride ourselves on offering the highest quality merchandise. If you are not delighted with your purchase, we will gladly accept your return or exchange. Simply file for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). All requests must be filed within the same day after receiving your merchandise. All returns must receive by us within 15 days upon of receipt your package.

All items must be unused and in original condition with original packaging, and accessories. A 15% restocking fee will be applied on all returns. Shipping and handling fee is not refundable.

All Returns must only be shipped to the address indicated in the RMA instructions. If the return merchandise is returned to any other address other than that indicated, the customer will be charged a $50 handling fee.

&#12288; Drop shipping and wholesale:

Want to get Lacoste Polo as low as $12.5/pc ?Did you believe that The North Face Jacket only $45/pc? It seems that it is the smart way to expend your business if you work with Cndepot.com wholesale supplier. Lots of profits you will surely make soon.

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About the author: website: www.cndepot.com Name: Jennifer MSN: fanghua0608@hotmail.com yahoo : cndepot_111@yahoo.com.cn

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Taking Marketing To The Extreme

Author: Sandy Baker

Article: Marketing is a fundamental aspect of virtually every business that is out there. For many companies, this is where most of their budget goes: advertising. There are hundreds of ways for you to advertise from coffee shop windows to on the web through banner ads. The goal is of course to target your key audience at the exact right time. This is not an easy task nor is it on that you should take lightly.

One of the most intense types of marketing that is geared towards people no matter where they are and where they go is mobile marketing. Consider this. You could pay for one hundred banners to be put on the sides of buses in one major city. This will cost thousands of dollars in marketing. Those who see the ad will be able to react to it. But, in order for them to see it they need to be at the right place at the right time to see the bus go past them. In the end, your target audience is quite difficult to target in this medium.

But, when you consider mobile marketing, the tables are turned. What is the one thing that you insure you have when you grab your keys to head out the door? You mobile phone! And, so does about half of the population out there. Marketing through mobile phones is an excellent way to get your message out to individuals who are going to take this medium with them where ever they go.

Mobile marketing is fast becoming the talk of the town simply because it is so very effective. Because you can target such a large or such a specific group of people, it makes sense to take advantage of this type of marketing no matter what your product or service is. Because it can be very targeted and very broad, mobile marketing can serve many companies marketing needs: effectively.

About the author: Sandy Baker is a well respected writer and recommends using http://www.juicewireless.com, for your <a href=""http://www.juicewireless.com"" target=""_blank"">mobile marketing</a> needs. They create and deliver the most innovative, consumer-friendly, useful and profitable mobile data services to market.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How To Gain Monopoly-Like Profits Through Ethnic Marketing

Author: Michael Bolden

Article: Introduction

In today's U.S. marketplace, marketing to various ethnic audiences is vital to consumer-oriented product and service companies. Latinos and African Americans already have a critical mass of buying power of over $1 trillion combined and this total is increasing rapidly. The growth of the Hispanic and African American affluent and middle class is occurring faster than the majority of Caucasian Americans. These ethnic audiences are becoming so large and lucrative that even sub-groups of them command substantial buying power. Becoming the dominate player within a sub-group such as affluent and middle class 2nd generation Latinos would allow a company to make substantial revenue and develop a strong loyal customer base. To ""own"" an ethnic market space would enable a company to obtain monopoly-like profits!

The 4 Benefits of Owning Ethnic Spaces

Tapping into and creating ethnic space monopolies is at the heart of this article and should be the goal of every ethnic marketing plan. Owning an ethnic market space yields the following 4 critical benefits:

1. High Monopoly-Like Profits 2. Loyal Customer Base 3. High Lifetime Value of Customers 4. Low Competitive Dynamics (Competition Blind Spots)

It is for this reason that ethnic marketing and owning market space in the Hispanic and African American audiences is not a ""side"" item, but a vital strategy which affects the whole enterprise and will only increase in importance as this century progresses. This kind of marketing can turn a marginally profitable company into a revenue generating ""powerhouse"" and an unprofitable company into a firm that operates solidly in the ""black"" - no pun intended.

Importance of Perceived Needs

The first step to finding ""ownable"" ethnic market spaces is to discover which groups of ethnic consumers are underserved or are not actively targeted by an industry's product or service offerings. An executive, manager, or business owner must find an ethnic market space with a differing set of values, and different perceived needs than mainstream consumers. For example, Hispanics believe that family life and the home are very important, so products and services by a company geared toward key aspects of domestic home life have a chance to dominate niches within that space.

The most powerful driver of finding an untapped market space of ethnic customers is perceived need - whether that is for basic functionality or additional comfort or luxury. One may say that this is also true for the general market but a good marketer will understand that this perception of need differs from mainstream consumers. Latinos and African Americans view the world and products & services from a completely different paradigm than Caucasian Americans. Their values, lifestyle, cultural and taste are all different from the mainstream and this phenomenon translates into unique selection, buying, and usage habits for a given set of goods and services. For example, the urban African American 'middle class' higher desire for stylish and designer brand items and the raised threshold for luxury should be a driving factor in developing products and services for this market space.

Capitalize on Heterogeneous View by Competitors

An additional key factor for locating potential monopoly spaces is to examine ethnic spaces overlooked by the competition. In the multicultural marketing of even the most progressive companies, often whole ethnic groups are viewed heterogeneously. Especially for Latinos, this could not be a bigger mistake. Latinos have a multitude of sub-groups that are the result of the following major factors:

1. Country of Origin 2. Acculturation 3. Generation 4. Spanish Language Usage 5. Level of Affluence

A company cannot expect to use mainstream marketing to effectively reach Latinos and African Americans. For Blacks, the ""they speak English too"" syndrome pervades throughout industry and is used as an excuse for not trying to understand the various segments within the African American consumer audience. For astute executives and marketers, ""broad brush"" marketing by the competition to ethnic audiences represents huge opportunities to own a substantial set of key niche spaces within the Latino and African American audiences. To many marketers, these ethnic niches are invisible. This creates the perfect opportunity in many industries for companies to choose and capture valuable niche spaces within Hispanic and African American consumer audiences.

Important Relationship Strategy

Strategically, it is important for an executive or marketer to develop deep relationships with a particular ethnic audience. This relationship is particularly important for companies offering a service or providing a product that differentiates itself in the marketplace. This means not just having marketing featuring Latinos and African American characters and themes but targeting specific groups within this audience. This type of marketing will really speak to the target group and develop deep ties with them that will be hard to break by competitors. It is important to concentrate on a key set of sub-groups to maximize penetration and effectiveness, and to create a strong base. A company's product or service should not try to be all things to all members of the larger general ethnic group - this is a recipe for a weak market.


Owning ethnic market space is very profitable and in the near future for the U.S. market, it will become essential to ensure business growth. Companies are now looking to ethnic minority groups as a source to fuel their growth as the mainstream market continues to be over-saturated. To own a space, it is vital to let the perceived need of a targeted group drive the product or service offering, and to understand the nuances in reaching sub-groups within the greater minority audience. This creates markets within the U.S. which are equally or more attractive than China or India, due to their easier accessibility and huge buying power. In most consumer industries, these ethnic sub-space pockets are huge gold ores just waiting to be mined!

(c) 2005, Michael Bolden. All rights reserved. Reprints welcome so long as the article and by-line are published intact and all links are made live.

About the author: Author Michael Bolden is a Managing Partner of the Chatham Consulting Group. To learn more about ethnic marketing visit Chatham Consulting's website at <a href=""http://www.chathamchicago.com"">http://www.chathamchicago.co m</a> and also obtain a full report based on this article in the ""Free Stuff"" section. Readers of this article and visitors to our website are eligible for a free 20 minute consultation on your company's

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Monday, July 16, 2007

How to Use World of Mouth Build a Mailing List

Author: Ann Liu

Article: If you don't have much money to spend on advertising your online business, if you don't have time to write your own e-book, then write ezine articles, which is the most effective and least costly way to attract visitors to your site.

Why do I say this? One of the reasons everyday, there are an increasing number of people using internet to find information. To satisfy this growing quest, ezine owners are always looking for fresh articles to publish in their newsletters or website to attract visitors in case if they don't have time to write their own material.

So write and submit your articles to different ezines to expose your articles as an essential strategy to help you build a mailing list, the submissions are free. The main reason for writing articles for submission to ezines is the amount you save on advertising. At the end of your article, your personal bio and your site's URL are published, and there's your free advertising. On the other hand, there is an author resource box, which usually is the same size as a typical ezine advertisement; all of your information is there. As a result, you will earn ten times the coverage; this is great value for an investment that only cost you an hour or two of your time.

People who have read your articles and like them will spread the news. They will refer them to their friends and family who they think will find them interesting. As a result, you increase your website's visibility. Visitors who in turn become motivated purchasers are turned into repeat buyers. You build goodwill by teaching and sharing your experiences freely with your readers.

Furthermore, every ezine has an archiving section, which will give you additional benefit. Once your articles and links to your website appear on more and more pages, your search engine link popularity will increase tremendously. The beauty of this is it is there permanently. Five years from now it will pop up on a search. Because the increasing exposure and link popularity, your name will become better known your credibility as an expert in your field will increase and build. Once you become an 'expert', you will frequently be interviewed by other publications and eventually attract more readers and enhanced your popularity; resulting in your mailing list building up without frustration.

Guard your list with your life as it is the most valuable asset in your entire business.

This is how Word-of-Mouth grows your business at no cost.

About the author: Ann Liu, an affiliate marketer and the founder of bizbizlink.com, To learn how you too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, go to: www.bizbizlink.com and sign up bizbizlink powerful, new internet marketing concepts newsletter to discover the Better strategies and Insider Tips on how to successful and make money online. Visit at: www.bizbizlink.com

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Don't Let Your Book Promotion Specialist Disappoint You

Author: Stacey Miller


When authors place sole responsibility for their book promotion campaigns into a book publicist's lap and leave it there, the results are often disappointing. Despite their best intentions, book publicists may fail to generate important reviews. Interview opportunities may slip through the cracks. Worse still, highly promotable books may languish without visibility in a highly competitive marketplace. The book promotion campaign, and the book promotion specialist, can disappoint you. Does that mean you should give up on book publicists and wait for Oprah to call you? Or that you should give up on your book promotion campaign altogether? There is another option. You can work in partnership with your book publicist and take the following steps to maximize your chances of success:

Be clear about your book promotion expectations from the outset, and make sure there is a meeting of the minds. If landing on the front page of the Wall Street Journal would be the ideal coup for your book, make sure your book promotion specialist focuses on accomplishing that instead of pitching you to every producer at National Public Radio. Give your book publicist your wish list, and offer to prioritize your book publicist's to-do list; you'll both be happier in the long run.

Suggest news angles for promoting your book, and provide your book promotion expert with a list of buzz words and phrases. Your book publicist most likely isn't an expert in your field and will welcome your help, even if he or she doesn't specifically ask for it.

Tout your credentials and sing the praises of your book to your publicist at every opportunity. Don't worry about sounding pompous or immodest; your publicist will appreciate your self-confidence and be even more enthusiastic in pitching you to the media.

Keep an eye on the media, and inform your publicist about developing news stories and current events that might tie into your book and enhance your book promotion campaign. Ask your publicist what else you can do to complement his or her efforts. Are there professional associations or mailing lists you can steer him or her toward? Have you compiled contact information for your alumni, professional, and hometown publications?

Ask your book promotion specialist for what you need, whether it's a redirection of energies, an accommodation to your schedule, or a weekly progress report. You'll come out a winner if you ask your book publicist to communicate with you and commit yourself to doing the same. And you won't be disappointed with the results of your book publicity campaign or your book promotion specialist's efforts.

About the author: Stacey J. Miller is a book promotion specialist. Her company, S. J. Miller Communications, coordinate book publicity campaigns for authors and publishers. A free book promotion plan is available upon request. For more information, visit http://www.bookpr.com.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

8 Methods For A Sales Promotion Of Your Product Or Service

Author: Paul Curran

Article: <b>1. Advertising in the press</b>

- Place your ad next to editorial and feature articles

- Avoid general advertising pages unless they are specific to your product or service

- Try to get the right hand page and outside edge

- For reply coupons; put them on an outside edge at the bottom.

<b>2. Press Releases</b>

Ask yourself the following questions;

- Is the subject interesting enough for the readers?

- What benefits will they get from it?

- Any entertainment or amusement?

- Are there human elements to stir the readers emotion?

<b>3. Direct Mail</b>

- Absolutely essential that your mailing list must target the best customers for your business.

- This is the most obvious statement but is also the most common mistake made.

- Don't buy a cheap list and expect good results.

- Ensure your mailing is full of customer benefits.

- For response methods, use Postal Reply, Telephone response or customer invitation to an event.

<b>4. Exhibition & Trade Shows</b>

- Trade Associations or institutions are usually better attended than private events.

- Get recommendations from business associates for the best ones to attend.

- Work out your costs from staff costs + stand cost + fitting out cost.

- Never ask people 'Can I help you? Ask 'Do you use our product/service?'.

- Not the best method for getting new customers.

<b>5. Telesales</b>

- Use as part of a direct mail campaign to confirm receipt of mailshot, to prompt the required action and to research feedback from the product/service.

- Use to make appointments for epresentatives, to prompt re-orders from customers and to invite customers to special events.

- Use as part of an advertising campaign to handle responses with trained people.

<b>6. Seminars</b>

- useful when potential customers need to go through a learning curve in order to buy.

- Can be risky, especially if free, as potential customers don't always turn up.

- Can be expensive so you need to have a high value product or service on offer.

- Follow up mail shots with telephone calls for confirmation to attend.

- Consider offering gifts or booking a special location to attract attendees.

<b>7. Commercial Radio</b>

- Check listener profiles to identify those that would be most likely to be interested in your product.

- Ask the radio stations for a list of companies similar to yours who have used their station to advertise.

- Select the best time of day for your product to be advertised.

- Check the geographical coverage. If too far away they might not buy.

- Use professional presenters and ensure that the benfits are spelt out to the listeners.

<b>8. Directories</b>

- Ask your customers which ones they use. Then advertise in there.

- Your main message must be clearly visible and easy to read.

- A small display ad with a compelling message is just as good as a large ad.

About the author: (c) Paul Curran, CEO of Cuzcom Internet Publishing Group and webmaster at Wealth-Building-Secrets.com brings you sales & marketing strategies, promotional marketing products plus <a href=""http://www.wealth-building-secrets.com"">strategies and advice for personal and business success</a>.

This article may be reproduced in its entirety provided the resource paragraph above is included and all urls kept active. 541 words

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Know If Your Brochure Works

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Nothing in the business world is easy. Everything has to be done with hard work, purpose and good strategy.

Let's face it, most promotional materials especially brochures end up in the basket. Most companies spend their time writing everything about the company in the brochure instead of focusing on their services and products and its benefits. This is why most readers would not read beyond the cover of the brochure and instead toss it in their storage basket. This is the common mistake that businesses often commit - an often costly mistake. Thus, the headline and cover page should be given the same if not much attention as you would give to the inside pages.

So let's say you were able to create a good headline and cover page, is it enough? How would you know that your brochure is really able to encourage readers to respond? The best thing to do is ask yourself, your customers, prospects and acquaintances. Ask if you were able to create a brochure that looks professional and pushes readers to contact you. If your brochure looks like it was printed off a bad printer, your prospects will lack confidence in you and would scout off for other stores. Also, determine if your brochure answers the questions of the readers. If not, know what is lacking. And remember to include more information the next time you print your brochure. Include also information about your company but do not focus much on it. Just tell the readers what they need to know about you.

Ask also if your brochure is able to prompt prospects to make some action. This means encouraging them to call, stop by your store, e-mail you or request more information from you. Additionally, find out if you are able to give your reader a reason to keep the brochure even if they are not interested in your products right now. How can you do this? You can put recipes at the back of the brochure if you know that most of your customers are women or you can put a calendar in it. On top of this, ask yourself whether readers are able to easily find the contact information. Make sure that you put your phone number, e-mail address and website in easy-to-find places. A reader would not waste his time searching through the whole brochure to find your contact information. They would never make that call if they get frustrated and that is a big loss for you.

Understand that people buy from people they feel comfortable with. Thus, when you are able to send off a professional and comfy feeling to your prospects with your brochure it would be easier for you to make that big sale.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href=""http://www.digitalroom.com/Digital-Brochure-Printing.html""> Brochures Printing </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Generating Buzz: The Benefits Of Public Relations Marketing

Author: Paolo Basauri

Article: Public Relations Marketing Overview

The key to the success of any business lies in having a plan for effective public relations marketing in place. Whether a business is centered around real estate, product sales, service providing or education and training, the benefits of public relations marketing can be clearly identified by increased revenues on the bottom line. Regardless of the quality of the product or service being offered, if people don't know if exists, they won't be able to purchase it. Successful public relations marketing can generate goodwill relationships with customers, advertise sales and specials to attract new business, and put smaller companies on the map using public and media contacts. Developing good public relations is a great way to increase your business and profits.

Who Uses Public Relations Marketing?

Many large corporations have specific departments devoted exclusively to public relations, but most smaller businesses do not have the resources available to generate their own public relations marketing . Because of this, it is often beneficial for such companies to hire an external public relations marketing firm. The cost of contracting a public relations service can be quickly recouped by the profits from the new customers that the P.R. firm will draw to a business. Implementing a public relations marketing strategy is a quick way to get the word out on new products, services or businesses in the marketplace. Hiring an independent public relations firm can turn a small business into a major business in a short amount of time.

Typical Public Relations Marketing Services

There are many diverse services offered by public relations marketing firms that all serve to drive revenue to a business. Whatever the public relations needs of a company, specific contracts can be agreed upon to utilize all or some of the services available. Some typical public relations services can include:

* Mass mail advertising * Publicizing announcements to local, national or global media contacts * Trend or product based articles positioned in media outlets * Press events and the development of press kits * Web based marketing strategies and implementation * Promotional event planning * Market research and analysis * Development of product incentives * Public relations general strategies

Public Relations Marketing Staff

Different PR marketing personnel are effective in diverse areas. Depending on the needs of a specific business, choosing the right type of people can positively affect the success of the endeavor. Promotions managers are skilled in handling public events, developing promotional strategies and incentive programs. Marketing managers are more concerned with understanding the current market and making sure that advertising strategies are targeting the appropriate demographics. Simple public relations marketing and media contact distribution are best served by a general public relations firm. Most public relations firms will consult with a business prior to contract initiation to decide on the most effective course of action and the personnel necessary to implement the strategy. Getting help from a professional provider can make the difference in whether a not a business is ultimately successful.

About the author: P. Basauri is an expert author who writes for <a href=""http://www.public-relations-firm.org"">public relations marketing</a>

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Add Promotional Products to Your Advertising Arsenal

Author: Spencer Steele

Article: We all know that direct mail, magazine ads and online marketing are great ways to increase revenue and create awareness, but one form of advertising is often neglected and can be a secret sales boosting weapon for any small business. Promotional products are a great way to get your brand in front of prospective clients and keep them thinking of you frequently. Here are some reasons to use promotional items in your advertising arsenal.

Get People To Your Website - Promotional Items with your logo imprinted on them are great, but a promotional item with your company website on it is even better. Promotional pens, t-shirts, mints and calendars are items that have long time visibility and are perfect to help drive traffic your site.

Get Existing Customers to Buy From You More Often - Every time a customer buys from you, you should send them some promotional products as a follow-up. Having a promotional item of yours around will remind them to purchase from you more frequently.

Give Your Customers A Thank You - You should always thank loyal customers. You can express gratitude to customers that repeatedly by your products, customers or customers who buy your high-ticket items. If someone is spending hundreds of dollars with you, it's no big deal to spend a few bucks on promotional items to thank them. This let's customers know that you appreciate them and build a long lasting relationship between you.

Get an Edge On Your Competition - Chances are, your competition is not taking the extra time to show customers appreciation. This is where you step in and show that you are heads above them. Also, when someone receives a promotional item from you they are more likely to remember you over your competition.

About the author: Spencer Steele is the owner of Bsleek.com (http://www.bsleek.com) - a site that specializes in quality promotional products at low prices. Bsleek also offers web hosting, website design, printing, email marketing solutions, CD Presentations and more. Some of Spencer's Favorite Sites: http://www.wittyshirts.com and http://www.daterade.com).

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tiny Pieces of Paper can Turn Into Big Bucks!

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Tiny pieces of paper are powerful. They may be considered by many as trash, crap, rubbish but they can serve as business catalysts. You may not be aware of its essence but let me tell you that it can make a great change - a change so remarkable that it can make trash into something green.

When it comes to businesses and marketing strategy, tiny pieces of paper can standout from the rest - business cards, flyers and postcards for instance are essential ingredients of a not so expensive yet effectual marketing. Tiny pieces of paper like these make it easy for customers to buy your product or subscribe to your business. They are accessible, convenient and inexpensive. Thus, you can stretch your budget to your worthy advantage.

Business cards, flyers and postcards can be incorporated with other marketing tools like newsletters, magazines, periodicals, survey forms, coupons and other announcements and releases. To make them catchier, you can use photos and attractive colors that will match your primary goal. Might as well, use company photos or those that are directly related to the company. Hence, it will be easier for retention to take place. Colors, on the other hand, bring life to your tiny pieces of paper. They create the mood of enthusiasm and interest. You can also add in free gifts or souvenirs to entice potential customers. In fact, in times of holidays like Christmas, more and more companies are incorporating small gifts like candies, cookies, cheeses and the likes in order to be more personal and friendly. Moreover, do not forget to make obvious your call to action. Tell the readers what you want them to do next. If it is to purchase, subscribe - then, say it!

Business card, flyers and postcard printing and mailing will become easier if you choose a reliable printing company. Seek considerable amount of support from the latter in order to come up with a fabulous marketing presentations and tools. Generally, they have pools of printing experts to assist their customers to get full printing potentials. More often that not, they advice their clients to use full color printing for their customers marketing tools. This is due to its dominant visual cues that can easily grab anyone's attention.

Without you noticing it, your business may already in the black because the response of your tiny pieces of paper is overwhelming and the sales just keep on coming!

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Affiliate Program Marketing: 10 Significant Sharp Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Author: Ikey Benney

Article: Millions of people sign up for affiliate programs, but have no clue on how to promote and market them effectively to generate piles of cash.

Below are 10 significant sharp affiliate program marketing secrets to start generating a lot of sales and commissions, starting now:

1. Participate in chat rooms related to the product you're reselling. Start a conversation with a person without trying to sell to them. Later on, while you are chatting, mention the product you're reselling.

2. Create a free ebook with the advertisement and link of your affiliate web site. The subject of the free ebook should draw your target audience to down- load it. Also submit it to some ebook directories.

3. Start your own affiliate program directory. Join a large number of affiliate programs and list them all in a directory format on your web site. Then just advertise your free affiliate program directory.

4. Write your own affiliate program ads. If all the other affiliates use the same ads you do, that does not give you an edge over your competition. Use a different ad to give yourself an advantage over all the other affiliates.

5. Use a personal endorsement ad. Only use one if you've actually bought the product or service for the affiliate program. Tell people what kind of benefits and results you've received using the product.

6. Advertise the product you're reselling in your signature file. Use an attention getting headline and a good reason for them to visit your affiliate site. Make sure your sig file doesn't go over 5 lines.

7. Join a web ring. It should attract the same type of people that would be interested in buying the product you're reselling. You could also trade links on your own with other related web sites.

8. Participate on web discussion boards. Post your comments, answer other people's questions, and ask your own questions. Include your affiliate text link under each message you post.

9. Create a free ezine. Use your ezine to advertise the affiliate programs you've joined. Submit your ezine to online ezine directories and promote it on your web site.

10. Start a private web site. Use it as a free bonus if people buy the product you resell. You could also allow people to join for free and you could advertise the affiliate program you've joined.

May these affiliate marketing program secrets help you to make a lot of money.


I-key Benney, CEO

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Receive BIG exposure with little effort

Author: Carlos Machuca

Article: Now, I know most of you trying to make a living out of your own product or out of someone else's as an affiliate have had a very hard time getting the exposure you need to create a good stream of traffic AND sales. You've probably paid for ""targeted"" visitors which are nothing but a bunch of worthless popups, 404 redirects, etc

Until now, not many people know what kind of benefits are behind writing articles. Writing articles takes a little bit of time and a bit of effort to do, yet after submitting them to some resource sites, they create a very good stream of traffic and most probably sales as well. I've been writing articles for quite some time now, and I'm still amazed at what kind of exposure they give me and my business considering that all I have to do is spend a bit of time researching a subject and writing an article about it. That's it! No investment, no costly writers, nothing!

If you are familiar with a certain subject and like to write, then you can become a great article writer online, thus giving you and your business, huge exposure.

These are some of the benefits of writing articles:

1. Huge exposure, giving you a good stream of traffic and possibly sales.

2. If your articles get featured in big ezines, that will create a large hit of traffic.

3. Constant, regular stream of traffic to your website. By writing articles, you make sure the stream of traffic never stops!

If you have an online business and you're not writing articles for exposure, then you're missing out on a GREAT opportunity of getting visitors and sales as well. Write articles regularly and watch your earnings boost.

About the author: Carlos Machuca has been a successful internet marketer for 5 years. Receive FREE affiliate marketing tips at his website -> http://www.affiliateguide.ca

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Conference Calls for business - The Global Way to keep in touch

Author: Conference Call Journal

The Global Business Market

In the context of the modern, dynamic and busy world, saving time and money is more than essential. There is a wide range of technological innovations that can efficiently help business owners to save time and to avoid unnecessary trips while helping them, at the same time, to conduct their businesses successfully and this is precisely what conference call helps business owners to accomplish.

Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Conference Call services include both audio and video services and some packages are defined as complex web services.

Audio conferencing services establish the audio communication between two or more participants over the regular telephone lines and they come in distinctive packages: from the extra secure audio services that can be conducted via online or by phone to the ones that are permanently assisted and supported. Audio conferencing frequently offers many specialized features and extras.

Video conferencing refers to the technologies that allow participants to establish a visual virtual communication. There are various companies that offer support, advice and provide the necessary equipment for such video conferences, in order to allow the customers to manage and conduct their businesses efficiently and in timely manner.

Web conferencing are ideal when conducting both a private face-to-face official meeting and an international event. The web conferences can be of two distinctive types. First of all, there are the seminars, also known as webinars. These seminars follow a certain agenda and they are conducted by a presenter, while the other participants form the audience. In most cases, the participants opt for audio support, as well, in order to communicate with the help of microphones. Secondly, web conferencing services include webcasting, which establish the communication between various participants that have computers and Internet connections.

Main Advantages of Conference Call Services

When trying to gain profit and avoid unnecessary expenses (and this is what all business owners want), traveling and spending time, effort and money on flights and accommodation is no one's desire. What conference call services do is that they actually allow entrepreneurs, managers and employees to remain in their city or country and to establish their business plans, strategies, to settle deals or to conduct any other type of business action or process, without taking an official trip. Quite often conference call meetings happens on a very short notice and can accomodate small to a very large audience.

Some might think that the phone can be used with the same purpose, in order to replace the conventional business trip. But the fact is that a phone call can not connect, at the same time, more than three people. If opting for conference call services, up to 80 people from an outsourcing or international company can participate at the same audio business meeting. Planning, brainstorming, advising, managing, debating, setting agendas and basically, anything can be done during a conference call meeting.

But besides the money saving benefit of these specialized services, there is one more thing that makes conference call services that appealing, popular and used: they can be started at any day and at any hour. The decision regarding the length of the conference belongs to the users, who also have the possibility of opting for a customer support. Conference Call service providers can easily adjust to your level experience and will offer relevant services to ensure that connection flows smoothly and easily for all.

With the number of business conference call services and providers growing daily it is important to have an eagle's eye view on this universe to be able to quickly select the best service provider for Your business needs.

Conference Call Journal's Business Reference Guide helps to accomplish exactly that quickly and easily.

Both small and complex business that have international subsidiaries or that focus on outsourcing projects can benefit from the advantages of the conference call services and adapt the packages to their specific needs and desires. Conference call services are a true expression of what business globalization represents and implies: world wide connections, technological innovation and efficient time and money management.

About the author: Visit http://www.conferencecalljournal.com to access ratings of modern conference call service providers, review all features, and find the best prices on conference calls for your business needs. It's free!

Conference Call Journal is your one stop portal to get detailed, easy and quick guidance about modern audio, video and web conference call services, providers and fees - all in one place.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Avoid Conference Calls That Waste Everybody's Time

Author: Ajeet Khurana

It is quite easy to have a conference call go awry. All it needs is a lack of adequate planning. Sure, Conference calls are easy to make, involve less physical effort (through traveling), and save time. However, on the flip side, a conference call that is badly managed will surely be a disaster. Just as in a regular meeting, everybody has to be informed, and everybody must come on time. If you thought reaching a meeting late was bad business etiquette, so is being late for a conference call. After all, it is simply a meeting in a different incarnation.

Moreover, the fact that a conference call does not require the physical presence of every participant in a single room is at once a disadvantage. If you thought controlling people within your reach was a handful, just try doing it from a country away. After all, there is no need for the people to pay attention, and they are likely to get bored because the element of personal touch is not as strong.

It is easy to call this one of the major disadvantages of a conference call and leave it at that. But then, what is the point of a meeting that does not get the participants enthused at all? There are several ways in which one can pep up a conference call. For instance, it helps to give clear instructions to participants before the conference begins. Then, it is necessary not to confuse them by making too many people act as host. It would be a better idea to choose a single host and let him do most of the talking.

Of course, there is no point in having a conference call if it is going to be one-sided. A conference necessitates the participation of the various delegates. The purpose of any conference is to seek some kind of a consensus even among different groups of people. So, it is essential to get each of the delegates to pitch in once the basic presentation has been made.

One way to do this is to have a clear-cut agenda and to communicate this to the conference call delegates beforehand. This would give the delegates some time to prepare, collect their thoughts, form opinions, and enrich the conference call. The fact that it is a call, makes it all the more difficult to grab the attention of the participants. If you happen to be hosting a conference call, make sure that you know exactly how you can make the conference richer and livelier.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Conference Calls Control Time and Space Not Minds

Author: Ajeet Khurana

I always associate corporate culture with suits and ties in high summer, and with unending business meetings. I always picture these meetings being held in an air-conditioned conference room with a long rectangular table where the delegates are seated, some attentive, others bored, yet others thinking about the lunch hour. One person or two people at a time stand up to give a presentation, complete with graphs, charts, and statistics. Thereafter, there are questions, debates, arguments, and sometimes a conclusion. Finally, everyone files out towards the cafeteria.

Of course, these days, it is no longer necessary to have those really long tables at a conference room, thanks to the development of methods like conference calls and web conferencing. These are used increasingly frequently by corporate organizations to overcome the hurdles put up by time and space.

These days organizations that offer services to facilitate conference calls have been becoming increasingly competitive. And why shouldn't they? As demand for conferencing rises, so too will the supply, and everybody wants to prove that they are the best. So each conference call service provider tries to provide better service. So you can get CDs recording all that took place in the discussion. Also, the person hosting the conference call usually has access to a number of features that may be used to better the conference.

Perhaps I am being old-fashioned when I say that nothing can replace the good old days when every conference delegate was within touching distance. I am not convinced that the personal touch element can be achieved through conference calls. Can a conference call really be a good enough substitute?

Then again, conferencing is quite a cost effective way of getting one's employees together. The organization no longer has to spend as much on travel expenses to get people from far and wide to attend a meeting at a tiny portion of the globe. All it takes is a little expense on the technology involved, a little planning, and a conference call can be conducted with great ease. With a little practice, even those that are not what one might call technologically savvy, will soon be successfully having meetings with people who are continents away.

However, as with the meetings prior to conference calls, one can never really count on having everyone's mind on the job. That more than one mind will be wandering elsewhere, is guaranteed. Even with all our progress, the development of humanoid robots, cloned sheep and so on, we have yet to learn how to go about controlling people's minds.

About the author: Read

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Meet-Me Conference Calls

Author: Sam Schwartz

With international culture picking up and companies opening offices in every country, it's becoming more difficult to arrange meetings. This problem has been solved to an extent by conference calling services. In a conference call, three or more participants interact via telephones, video and Web. But this service can impose a huge financial burden on the company. PhoneFusion's Meet Me Conferencing surpasses any other service.

The Free Conferencing calling system is a 24X7 service and operates on any kind of calling device: traditional phone, desktop softphone, cell phones and broadband phones. Free reservation less conferencing is also very popular. Conference services are free as they charge for voice center messaging, toll-free reservation and operator assistance. The Free Conferencing calling service can add to the services provided by entitling the user to download a softphone patron and connecting to any conference call.

PhoneFusion Meet-Me conference numbers are allotted on a one-time basis with a confirmation number to make sure a conference bridge is retained only for the particular party for a specific time slot. Meet-Me conference calls can house from three to 150 participants. The starting caller or the meeting organizer retains a Meet-Me conference bridge. This system was designed for small and medium businesses.

In a PhoneFusion Meet-Me conference call, each party is given an exclusive meeting identification number for the conference call. The party then calls the teleconference bridge at the predetermined meeting time.

The working mechanism of Phonefusion Meet-Me Conferencing is simple. The originator has to call from a PhoneFusion phone number. He will continue to hear the ring until the next caller joins the system and the other callers are connected to the conference.

The Meet-Me Conferencing service of PhoneFusion lets one to improve alliances by setting up conference calls easily. This system is a digital, fully integrated, easy to use, password secure audio conference bridge which lets several people in different locations establish communication channels with each other without accruing the cost of other systems. It provides a secure and easy way to enterprises to conduct the conferences without any obstruction and as an annex to their already strong VoIP systems.

About the author: The elaborated version difference between using a free conference calling service and phonefusion.com Meet Me Conferencing can be found at The unified communications company which also offers solutions for voicemail and conference calling .

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Amazing Applications of Web Conference Calls

Author: Amit Laufer

Conferencing in its very basic form might be two people talking over the phone while browsing through a web site and making comments about the content.

Web conferencing started initially as an audio conferencing calls and it is still largely Used today mainly for presentation calls where the host is guiding a group of listeners, illustrating to them some concepts and from time to time answers questions or asking for comments.

This call can be recorded and later on either distributed to a larger group of potential customers or be put on a web site where other customers can download the audio file to their computer and listen to the whole thing at their convenient time.

With the introduction of the broadband, conferencing emerged into live Video conferencing where participants can actually see each other in addition to be able to hearing each other.

Then it developed into multi layering of information where conferencing participants can talk, see and even share and exchange presentations as well as drawing and sketch a concept on a tablet board (it's called Whiteboard) while making comments on it.

In Addition web conferencing can conduct poles and votes among the participants same as they would during a board meetings.

This technology is a real alternative to face-to-face meetings. This level of conferencing is not without problems, it must be meticulously planed ahead of time, positioning the web cams at appropriate well lighted spots, same for the microphones, the participants must exhibit high self discipline and concentration.

It can be implemented locally as well as internationally by medium to large companies. A well planed and coordinated web conference call can save a bundle of time, money and hassle.

One field where this conferencing application really revolutionized the whole process is the engineering and architectural planning. This has became part of e-construction methodology.

The planner is transferring his drawings CAD files to the next level or levels like the electrical engineer or the air-conditioner planner, they can all design and add their drawings over the original raster background (that is because it works in layers).

Then they can coordinate a web conference call and discuss potential conflicts and problems in their separate planning to the general construction plan, this can boost and speed up the whole planning and design processes and help meet deadlines on time.

Another application can be Coach hiring managers on corporate process, screen candidates and avoid the significant costs associated with flying unsuitable candidates out for interviews.

Training sessions with selected employees around the globe is another time and money big saver. This e-Teacher technology is going to have a tremendous impact in the future on the education system as a whole from high school to the universities.

About the author: Amit Laufer is a writer and Internet Marketer. MBA - International Trade & Finance. Bsc. Computers and Information Systems.

Owner Editor of: Web Conference Call

(c) Copyrights 2006 http://www.web-conference-call.com