Monday, March 31, 2008

Frank Kern, Lazy Ultra Underachiever or Genius Internet Marketer

Author: Jason ""Profit"" Moffatt

Article: Frank Kern and Ed Dale have coined the term ""Underachiever"" very effectively during the last year. What is a Underachiever many ask?

This can be best described by saying this: ""A Underachiever is one who does the least amount of work, yet reaps the most amount of benefits for that lack of work"".

It doesn't get any better then that, don't you agree? However, nobody is fooled into thinking that the Underachiever method allows you to push 2 or 3 buttons and head off to the local Saloon while the email you sent out is making you millions.

I'll admit, the Underachiever process does take a bit of work. But the second you compare it to slaving away on a construction site, it seems like effortless child's play.

Frank Kern has definitely taken Underachieving to a whole new level. His approach to niche marketing has been aped by too many to mention in the internet marketing community, and wisely so. This Underachiever process really works. People would not be jocking his style so hard if it were not effective.

Good old Frank ""Superbad"" Kern has taught me a insanely valuable lesson in the last few days. That lesson has been about prioritizing my time.

You see, I'm often known as a ""Forum Whore"". Yes, I said it, Forum Whore. I slut out on all kinds of forums like John Reese's Marketing Secrets Forum, Warrior Forum, Michael Green's How to Corp Forum. However, when looking at what I could be doing instead of spending times in these forums, it's obvious I'm wasting time and money.

So why am I here typing this right now? Isn't this a waste of time too?

Well not really. You see, now I'm ""Article Whoring"". I'm writing this article in hopes that others in the internet marketing communtity will pick up this article and use it for content on their websites, blogs, or splogs ( sure scrape me for your splog you chump) for Adsense Revenue.

At the bottom of this article there will be a link to my site that reviews the newest ""Underachiever iPack Product"". It is my hopes that you visit this site, like it, buy it, and bam I get to take my old lady to Sizzler. Boo Yaaaaaaaaaa.

So, my journey from ""Forum Whoring"" to ""Article Whoring"" has officially began. Why are you still reading this? Shouldn't you be buying from my site below? Ok, just kidding.

Back to the Macon Mafia Master, Frank Kern.

This dude has literally changed my thinking. Before I was floundering around the world wide web screwing off and making lot's of friends. Now, I'm on a mission to build a niche empire with my tiny little Underachiever sites.

The beautiful thing about this Underachiever process is that it was built for folks who might not be net savvy. Even if you have never built a website in your life, you can go through this process. It really is that easy. All that is required for you is to follow Frank's simple Camtasia videos where he walks you through the entire process.

When evaluating all the things I have learned in my life, I can honestly say there is not one single thing that compares with the knowledge attained by going through the Underachiever System.

I dearly love these guys for looking out for the little folks, and making this crucial info so attainable for anyone. If you would like a sneak peek into the Underachiever iPack then visit the links below where I'll show you some videos of exactly what's in the latest ""Underachiever iPack"".

Wishing you the very best with you Niche Marketing Empires,

Jason ""Profit"" Moffatt

About the author: Jason Moffatt was the recipient of the coveted ""Underachiever of the Year"" award for the year of 2005.

His site gives you a sneak peak into the latest Underachiever product the iPack.

If you are at all interested in learning a simple, yet highly effective method for locating niche markets, creating products, and selling them, you can't find better teachers than Frank Kern and Ed Dale.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Promotional Products Don't Work, Unless You Do This...

Author: Cindy Carrera

Article: Promoting your business is hard work! You have the aching head and feet to prove it. And if you're like most business owners, you're tired tired tired of purchasing promotional products that get little to no results.

That's because you haven't done the most important thing first: plan. Yes, purchasing promotional products takes more than skimming through a mail order catalog or clicking to a promotion product site and placing an order. You need to put some time and thought in to what and how you plan to use the promotional product.

You need to ask questions like what's the basic idea of this promotion. What results do I want? What IS the promotion exactly? Who's it for, youngsters or oldsters? Where do they live? If I received this promotional product, would I use it or toss it?

Which is probably the single most important aspect of promotional items that marketers totally fail to consider. If they wouldn't use that cheap pen or soda can themselves, why would they think their customers would use them?

So never, ever underestimate your customer-even if that customer or person who will be using your promotional product is a child or teenager. In fact, you can pretty much count on the fact that unless you do some serious planning for your promotion, any promotional item or product you give away will be taken home and given to the kids.

That's why it's essential to plan your promotional product purchases around a central idea, much like you would for an advertising campaign. And that means knowing if there's a need for your promotional product. It isn't likely that people are beating down your door to get a notepad or refrigerator magnet from you.

If people don't want it or can't use it, a promotional product isn't worth very much to them. The reverse is true too. If the promotional product doesn't directly relate to your business and give people a reason to buy your product or use your services, then it isn't going to do your bottom line any good at all. Worse, the money you spend on it is pretty much wasted.

So pull together your top people and have a brainstorming session for good promotional product ideas. Find out what your customers really want-and more importantly, what you mean to accomplish with your promotional product. This ensures you'll have dynamite promotional products that get you the results you want every time.

About the author: Cindy Carrera has dominated the art of giving <a href="""">promotional gifts</a>. Learn the secret to picking dazzling <a href="" y-gifts.html"">corporate holiday gifts</a> and be sure to be remembered.

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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Author: Drew Graef

Article: Thousands of part time and full time bloggers have swamped, a consumer-generated media site based on democratic voting principles and active participation of its members. Since the launch of the site (, over 50,000 visitors have come to the site, posting hundreds of stories and news features. 1000 Scooop correspondents have registered to post news stories, making it one of the fastest growing sites of its kind.

Bloggers are excited about because it gives them a national forum to gain exposure for stories that they publish on their web sites. A study performed by Pew Internet & American Life reports that 7% of the 120 million U.S. adults who use the internet say they have created a blog or web-based diary. That represents approximately 8 million Americans. Twenty-seven percent of internet users say they read blogs, totaling 32 million people.

Consumer generated media is fast becoming a major source of news and information for average Americans, and sites like will only accelerate this trend. This is proven out by the amount of visitors who have come to to read the news posts, many of which are blog related. ""We knew we were going to attract interest from the blogging community,"" says Bob Cefail, Chairman of InTouch Media Group, which launched, ""but to have thousands of people hit our site each day this early was a surprise. It looks like we better get some more server capacity.""

The site is also experiencing a significant number of return visitors each week which indicates that is becoming a true destination site and news outlet. ""We can't believe how many times people are coming back, over and over, to to see how many times their stories are being voted on,"" states Cefail enthusiastically. ""We have caught lightening in a bottle for sure.""

The web site also validates traditional news outlets that are favored by the general public. Member correspondents of are encouraged to post web site links on which contain specific news items which are compelling. Some of the favorite traditional news site include,, and

Since members vote on which stories should be promoted to the main pages of the site for more exposure, the quality if writing and story telling on many participating blogs is dramatically improving. ""Some bloggers think that having a blog is all it takes and that people will just flock to their blog. That couldn't be further from the truth,"" concludes Cefail. ""You have to provide something that readers can't find anywhere else. In essence you are quite literally selling yourself. Good writing skills and unique content are essential things to have in a successful blog,""

Drew Graef Executive Director Press Direct International

About the author: Drew Graef is the Executive Director of Press Direct International

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Trading forex to advance your financial position

Author: Jay Moncliff

Article: Everyday, currencies are traded in an international foreign exchange market, otherwise known as the forex market, with the main marketplaces (otherwise known as bourses) existing in the world's financial centes New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Zurich. Historically, the only way to participate was from the trading floor of one of these bourses, but today, people can trade forex from anywhere through a secure internet connection and a PC.

Today's traders operate in a global network, taking positions in the market and making investment decisions based on either relative value between two currencies, or a particular currency's actual price. Currency value fluctuations are constantly renegotiated through trading activity, and this activity, and the corresponding currency values are also indicators of the levels of currency supply.

An example of market behaviour greater demand for the Euro might indicate a weakening supply. Low supply and increased demand will drive the price of the Euro up against other currencies like the dollar, until the price better reflects what traders are prepared to pay when short supply exists. Another way to look at this situation is this higher demand means it will cost more dollars to buy the Euro, which equates to a weakening of the dollar in comparison. Analysis of situations such as in this example forms the basis for a trader's investment decisions, and they will purchase or sell currency accordingly.

This should be remembered, as while many see the foreign exchange market as the vehicle for converting their home currency while travelling abroad, many others choose to use the market to advance their financial position and secure their future.

About the author: Jay Moncliff is the founder of <a href=""""> a website specialized on <a href="""">Forex Online</a>, resources and articles. This site provides updated information on Forex Online. For more info visit his site: <a href="""">Forex Online</a>

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

5 Tips To Roll Customers Your Way With Promotional Items

Author: Cindy Carrera

Article: Hopefully, you've had a few promotional items that have been total failures, ones that you thought were totally fabulous but turned out to be complete flops.

What, you're asking, I'm hoping you've had some failures in the promotional items area? What kind of person am I, anyway?

I'm a person who wants you to have some experience being sold promotional items and products that never work so you won't be taken by them again, but are, instead, ready to break the mold and hit it big with your promotions.

Which also happens to be chief tip number one! Break away from the promotional item pack, and be a leader instead! I love pens, but the truth is, I have at least a hundred right now with different company names on them, and if yours is one of them, I most likely couldn't find it to call you if I searched all day and night. And I'm no different from everyone else out there. But if I had, say, a notepad handy with your name and address on it, well, that I could definitely put my hands on-which means I would be able to call you!

So the very first tip is to do something different with your promotional items that's different. And as for tip number two, that would be to deliver your promotional items in a different way. For instance, instead of mailing 1,000 whatnots, have 300 or so hand delivered. I can guarantee that hand delivering promotional items will earn you enough business so that you can afford to hand deliver the next 300 and so on.

Now, the third tip is to let the professionals handle it. And I don't mean promotional item manufacturers and bulk distributors. I mean hire some real advertising and marketing people at a real advertising agency to advise you and develop your promotions and promotional ideas for you. Yes, you'll spend a little more money upfront, but you'll have a promotion where all the pieces and parts work together to get your message and call to action across to your customers-which means your customers will be more likely to call you rather than the other guy.

And that's tip number four. Remember that there is more to an effective promotion than handing out one item. There are pieces and parts to it. It takes a consumer an average of six to seven times of seeing and/or hearing your promotional message before they ""get"" it and take action of any kind-even saying no thank you. No, it's not because your target audience is stupid: it's because they're constantly being bombarded with marketing promotions from all sorts of businesses.

Which brings us to tip number five. Know your target audience. If your promotion is for teens and young adults, for example, don't give them refrigerator magnets-they don't usually have refrigerators! At least not of their own yet. Give them a cool key chain or CD holder, or even better, a CD instead.

No matter how wonderful and unique a promotional item is, if it's given to the wrong target audience that has no use for it, they will have no use for you.

About the author: Cindy Carrera has dominated the art of giving <a href="""">promotional gifts</a>. Learn the secret to choosing dazzling <a href="" ays.html"">tradeshow giveaways</a> that will knock their socks off!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dramatically Increase Qualified Leads With Qualified Promotional Gifts

Author: Cindy Carrera

Article: Are you sitting at your desk, scratching your head and wondering why you just spent a gazillion dollars on a marketing promotion that brought you exactly zero return on your investment? Do you still have boxes and boxes of those pens you thought would have your phone ringing off the hook, sitting in your storage room or warehouse, lonely because no one wants to take them home?

Don't freak out. There may not be a lot you can do about past promotional products that ended up losing or even costing you money, but you can guarantee that you never again lose money on promotional items that fail miserably.

How? Well, see, it's all the idea behind the promotional item. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking if they stick their logo on a cheap or even very nice pen or magnet, their bottom lines will instantly rise.

It takes more than that for promotional items to work. It takes some thought and planning on your part for them to stand a fighting chance in this extremely cluttered marketing and advertising arena. Yep, it takes knowing two things: 1) What message do you want the promotional item to convey, and 2) What action do you want the customer to take.

Unless you know these two things and work them clearly into your promotional items, even the cleverest promotional product will fail. People may get a nice pen or refrigerator magnet, or even something unique, from you, but unless it has a message and spurs your clients to take action of some kind, the pen will get stuck in a drawer or lost, and the magnet will get stuck on the refrigerator and forgotten until it's needed to stick up a grocery list.

Pens and magnets are great for branding your company, but they rarely make anyone want to use a company's services. At best, in an emergency, because your number just happens to be on their desk or refrigerator, you'll get a call-and a sale.

That's because other than presenting your logo, name, address and phone number, they don't have a clear message. The promotional item may even say you're the best widget maker in the USA, but so do a zillion other pens and magnets and notepads out there. But they don't give anyone a reason to use your company's product or service. And even your promotional ideas have to connect to your customers' needs for them to take action of any kind. People need a reason or benefit to make them take action.

So get your message and call to action clear in your mind, then choose a promotional item that gets those two things across to your customers-and you'll have promotional items that are hands-down winners every time.

About the author: Cindy Carrera has dominated the art of giving <a href="""">promotional gifts</a>. Learn the secret to choosing dazzling <a href="" ays.html"">tradeshow giveaways</a> that will knock their socks off!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

White Papers In Business-To-Business Direct Mail Lead Generation: How To Name Them

Author: Alan Sharpe

Article: Yes, white papers are an effective way to generate leads with business buyers. But the tricky part is getting your white paper into the hands of those buyers in the first place.

The best place to start is the topic and title of your white paper. You need a relevant topic and you need a compelling title. A poor topic with a great title will perform just as poorly as a great topic with a poor title.

<b>How to choose your white paper topic</b>

My thanks go to Paul DiModica, President of Digital Hatch, an IT sales and marketing consultancy, for his insights in this area. When Paul sits down to create a white paper aimed at management prospects, he picks a topic that answers the most common sales objections that sales people hear.

Here's what he does. He gets together with the sales people who move the product or service he is promoting. He asks them to list the top 20 sales objections that they hear from management prospects. Then he writes white papers to answer these objections, one white paper for each objection, being sure to keep the discussion in each one objective and free from self-promotion.

The secret to a successful white paper, says DiModica, is to address the one reason that management is reluctant to buy, while avoiding any mention of features and benefits offered by what you are selling.

<b>How to name your white paper</b>

DiModica has a unique way of titling his white papers, too. In every white paper title he tries to put the following:

1. the sales objection raised by management

2. the job title of the management prospect who raises that objection

3. the industry of that management prospect

Here is an example of how this works:

<b>Industry:</b> Restaurants

<b>Product:</b> Automated time and attendance system

<b>Buyer title:</b> Payroll manager

<b>Sales objection:</b> Can't afford it

<b>White paper title:</b> How Restaurant Payroll Managers are Recovering their Investment in Automated Time and Attendance Systems Within Months.

DiModica says this method works because prospects see their job title, industry and sales objection in the title of the white paper, and are thus more inclined to read it than they are to read a product brochure. Managers pass white papers along to their peers. But they file unsolicited product brochures in ""the file that is emptied daily,"" says DiModica.

If you'd like to learn more about Paul DiModica's innovative approach, read his excellent book, <a href="""">How to Sell to Management</a>.

And if you need help crafting that white paper, or the sales letter that offers it to your business prospects, give me a call. My number is 1 877 SHARPE COPY (742-7732).

© 2006 Sharpe Copy Inc. You may reprint this article online and in print provided the links remain live and the content remains unaltered (including the ""About the Author"" message).

About the author: Alan Sharpe is a business-to-business direct mail copywriter and lead generation specialist who helps business owners and marketing managers attract new clients using direct mail marketing. Sign up for free weekly tips like this at

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Motorsports Marketing & Sponsorship

Author: Louis Albornoz

Article: <b>Why Become A Motorsports Sponsor?</b>

A company can benefit from motorsports sponsorship in many ways, such as:

<b>1. Driving Sales</b>

<a href=>Sponsorship </a href> geared towards driving sales can be an extremely effective promotional tool. Many successful companies use motorsports sponsorship to stimulate consumer interest, which in turn, generates sales. Sponsorship also drives traffic to their web sites and increases online purchasing. This contributes to a significant rise in overall sales volume as well.

<b>2. Heightening Visibility and Creating Positive Publicity</b>

<a href=>Motorsports sponsorship</a href> provides wide exposure in broadcast, print and electronic media. This exposure creates positive publicity and heightens visibility of your company's products and services. The various media covering a racing event usually include sponsor names and/or photos. Additionally, the media coverage you often receive as a <a href=>sponsor</a href> would prove too expensive if purchased outright, assuming it was even available. Motorsports sponsorship often generates publicity that could not have been bought.

<b>3. Enhancing Image and Shaping Consumer Attitudes</b>

Companies are often looking to improve how they are perceived by a particular audience. One way of achieving this goal is by becoming affiliated with well-liked sports personalities. Professional auto racing is the largest spectator sport in the world and reaches a consumer market that crosses all boundaries of age, race and gender. <a href=>Sponsoring< /a href> a race driver is an excellent way to shape the buying attitudes of this vast demographic and will help to generate a positive reaction towards your company and its products and services.

<b>4. Differentiating from Competitors</b>

The mere act of <a href=>sponsoring< /a href> a race driver or team, especially an exclusive sponsorship, is a significant way to create competitor differentiation. Your company name can stand out head and shoulders above the competition. Motorsports sponsorship is a powerful weapon against a competitor with a larger advertising budget. Sponsorship allows smaller companies to compete with their industry giants and consumers often perceive <a href=>sponsorship </a href> in a positive way. Using motorsports sponsorship will give you a decided edge over your competition.

<b>5. Enhancing Business, Consumer and Employee Relations</b>

<a href=>Sponsorship s</a href> that offer hospitality allow companies the chance to entertain key customers and solidify business relationships. Using sponsorship in connection with a consumer rewards program increases goodwill and customer retention. Companies that use <a href=>motorsports sponsorship</a href> as part of their employee reward and incentive programs experience increased productivity. Treating employees to a fun day of racing excitement is an excellent way to boost morale and to thank them for their hard work.


<a href=>Motorsports sponsorship</a href> is a powerful, cost-effective marketing opportunity. The enormous international appeal of auto racing, combined with careful planning, can elevate your company to new heights of success.

For more detailed information about motorsports sponsorship, please visit <a href>http://www.topspeedracer.comCopyright © Louis ""Topspeed"" Albornoz. All rights reserved.

About the author: Louis ""Topspeed"" Albornoz is a professional race driver that offers <a href=>motorsports marketing</a href> services to large and small businesses. Companies that would like a free proposal or additional free information should visit <a href>www.topspeedracer.comTop Exposure on 150+ SEARCH ENGINES and DIRECTORIES Your Keywords - No Bidding - 6 Hour Placement A New Kind of Paid Inclusion from ExactSeek Sign Up Today and Receive FR-E-E Bonus Software

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Increase Your Response Rate With This Killer Promotional Gift Tactic

Author: Cindy Carrera

Article: You've been around the block a time or two. When it comes to choosing promotional gifts for your clients, you know your stuff. Why, you always get the nicest phone calls, notes and emails from your clients, thanking you for their gifts.

The question is: do those people call and write again with new orders for your company's product or service? Which, when all is said and done, is what giving clients promotional gifts is all about. Right?

Of course! And most of the time after those polite thank you calls and notes, you hear nothing, at least not right away and certainly not in the way of increased orders and sales.

That's why you need to know this secret to giving the perfect promotional gifts to your clients-and guarantee results your accountant will notice.

The secret is personalization. No, no, not as in giving gifts with names and such engraved on them, though those can be quite, quite nice.

No, this is individualized personalization. That's a mouthful, isn't it? What it means is that when you're giving your clients promotional gifts, you need to think of each and every one of them as individuals-and give them gifts that speak to their tastes and interests.

This isn't as difficult as you might think. In the course of doing business with people, we learn a great deal about them. Things like if they're dog lovers, wine enthusiasts, proud parents, gadget freaks, that sort of thing.

So when it comes time to do promotional gift-giving, take those things you've learned about your clients and use them in choosing stellar gifts that will keep your customers calling you. Give that wine enthusiast a good bottle of wine. Wrap up a picture frame with a border of dogs on it for your dog lover client. Give you gadget freak client a handheld game or cell phone accessory.

No money for that? Think you should give everyone the same thing? Great! You can still personalize.

Think packaging here. Instead of cookie cutter wrapping paper, wrap the dog lover's promotional gift in paper with dog bones on it. Put a card with miniature wine accessories hot-glued to it on your wine enthusiast's gift. The possibilities are endless.

And in doing small things like this, you show your customers they're more than just dollar signs to you. They show you see and appreciate them as people. And as we all know, we like doing business with people who ""get"" us. Our clients and customers are no different! We like doing business with people who like us. Master the fine art of individualized personalization, and your bottom line will give you a very personal and sincere thank you.

About the author: Cindy Carrera has dominated the art of giving <a href="""">promotional gifts</a>. Learn the secret to choosing dazzling <a href="" ays.html"">tradeshow giveaways</a> that will knock their socks off!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sticker Printing that Sticks On You

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Every marketing tool counts. They have their own features to bolster what they are marketing. Posters, billboards, banners, flyers, business cards as well as stickers play an important role in the advertising and marketing world. They give spice to the world and the world can go crazy over them..

At a flick of a finger, these marketing tools can change the thinking, habits, belief and fact stored in one's mind. In fact, they can be a catalyst that can change the trend of today's advertising and marketing. They make businesses find their edge in the business work. They make products and services popular and in demand. They also make competition overwhelming and active. Marketing tools like the aforementioned come in different aura and armors to persuade, lure, and seize the potential customers.

The keyword is information, retention and persuasion. Without these characteristics, the marketing tool will be futile. Information, obviously, because no one would dare buy or subscribe something he or she doesn't know. That is why information dissemination is inevitable. It is the chance of saying what kind of product or service is this, how it is different from the rest of its competitors and how it can cater to the wants and needs of the customers. Retention, on the other hand, is what leads to easy recollection. The moment you glance at a product or need a particular service, the most retentive marketing ad can pretty well go first in your mind. That is the edge of having effective marketing strategy. You can never be left behind just that easy. Finally, there is persuasion. This is the driving force for the probable customers to hit their purchase button and go for a certain product or service. Basically, buyers do not buy or subscribe just because they need a certain thing or service.

They buy because they are hit by persuasion. It is the soft spot of all the buyers and subscribers. You have to hit it too to yield positive sales.

Isn't amazing how marketing tools can change your business? We must be thankful they are in the bag for a real action. Nonetheless, we must be grateful of their existence ? and I mean grateful to all of them. As we observe, the most neglected marketing tool is the sticker. Most of us are still thinking that they are kids stuff only and without realizing that they are as equally powerful as the rest of the ads. In fact, retention is at stake.

There are a lot of sticker process out there. Some include features like UV protection, customization or the 'do it yourself sticker and the likes. They also come in different types - address sticker, bumper sticker printer, cd sticker, laser sticker and a lot more. Thus, if you want a good impression even at a distance, think about sticker printing since they are pretty catchy and visible!

About the author: Please visit Online Printing Services site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Ramping up to test your promotional copy

Author: Eugenijus Sakalauskas

Article: How you can actually go about testing your email promotions to ensure that every message you send in bringing in the highest profits. First of all , let's examine a couple of steps you'll need to take before you start the testing process: 1.Choosing your ""control"" 2.Deciding how many test to ran

1. Choosing your ""control""

In order to get accurate results when you're testing effectiveness of your promotions (or anything else, for that matter) , you must test only one element at a time. If you try testing several different element at same time , you'll have no way to determine which change improved your response.

For example , let's suppose you decide to test two different e-mail promotions. The firs in structured as a long, formal letter to your customers written in HTML, with the subject line, ""Dale could you give me your opinion? ""The second e-mail is short, punchy note written in personal tone and delivered in plain text, with the subject line, ""Dale, could you help me out?""

After testing both letters the small list of your customers, you discover that the second test is bringing in a better results, so you decide to launch that letter to your entire list. The problem is that you haven't learned WHY the second letter was more successfull. Was it the subject line? The text format...

This is why it is so important to establish a ""control"" letter, and the test different versions of your control letter with only one things change at a time

2. Deciding how many test to run.

You can run as many test as you feel are necessary to tweak and perfect your email promotion. Recommendation -run a minimum of three tests before launching their e-mail promotions.

In general, you will want to test at least two different letters and two different subject lines for any e-mail promotion you plan on sending. The testing setup would look something like this: - Letter 1 with subject line 1 - Letter 2 with subject line 1 - Letter 1 with subject line 2

By running these three test, you will be able to get a good feel for which elements of your e-mail promotions are generating the best results, so that you can launch the most profitable combination of letter and subject line. The more testing you do, the more targeted and effective your promotion will be.

However, if your opt-in list contain less than a few thousands subscribers, you may need to watch trends over a period of a few months before you'll have a solid feel for what your subscribers prefer in terms of promotion stiles, format and voice.

About the author: Eugenijus Sakalauskas is an established ezine publisher and direct marketer who specializes in developing new ideas and methods on Website Marketing & Home Business Secrets Get FREE

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Walk in the Clouds of Multi-functional Posters

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: As you walk by a bookstore façade, you can see a lot of things. Some are worthy of your stare but some are worthy of your time. Between the two, dwell on the latter. They can make you better.

Look around. Does it have your most wanted books? Does it have your favorite novelist?s paperbacks? Does it have catchy and priceless posters? Isn?t it beautiful to stare and reckon how these precious things build foundation, character and wisdom? Yes, these things have somehow contributed to your becoming YOU.

Let's take posters as an example. When I was still a baby (as supported by the photos taken), I am surrounded by playful, informative and colorful. These posters include the alphabet, cartoons, numbers, animals and the likes. My mom's habit of having them around continues until I became a teen. From then, I noticed that I have adopted the same scheme. I keep on placing posters to continue being updated, to keep me reminded and to be inspired and entertained. Those reminders and fact have been made part and parcel of who I am today. You may take for granted materials like posters but they do have a large-scale impact to all of us.

Posters have many faces. And that faces can yield different emotions. It can make you laugh with grace. It can turn your laugh into tears. Or pinch your heart in sorrow. It can make you sigh in relief or grimace in dismay. It can inspire you to do something hard and unusual. Nevertheless, it can calm your shattered mind and soul.

Poster is everywhere. And in every piece of it is a multi-functional mentor. They are not just a piece of crap hanging around your room. In fact, they are so priceless that they can move people to action. In connection to the marketing world, poster is one of the effective marketing tools for movies, events, products and services. With a short span of time, posters can make a great percentage of populace informed and updated. That?s how powerful poster can be. It can drive just anybody to watch a show, make a purchase or subscribe to a service.

Moreover, poster printing must be quality and free from any flaw. To ensure this, poster manufacturers must choose expert and reliable printers. The outcome of your masterpieces depends on the printers. The choice is critical. Thus, be cautious in choosing...

About the author: Please visit Poster Printing site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TR Cutler Profiles Cadence Network in December Industrial Connection

Author: manufacturing,marketing,public relations

Article: Thomas R. Cutler profiles Cadence Network in the November issue of Industrial Connection, the leading regional manufacturing publication of the Southeastern United States. According to Cutler, Cadence Network, Inc. delivers comprehensive utility, telecommunications and lease facility expense management to chain stores, multiple site businesses and government. The people, services and software of Cadence Network proactively enable business and government to gain control over electric, gas, water, waste, lease and telecommunications expenses by streamlining such services as invoice auditing and payment, rate analysis, and procurement. Cadence Network is at work in over 200,000 locations nationwide.

Manufacturing business leaders report energy management as one of the top threats to business growth; this fact augers the value of Cadence Network which provides a competitive advantage to multiple site organizations. Cadence Network CEO, Jeffrey Hart, recently announced that the firm has brought over 200,000 sites into its watch. Based in Cincinnati, serving the manufacturing and industrial sector nationwide, Cadence Network was founded in 1997, and is the leading energy and operational expense management firm in the United States, working with multiple site business and government entities to reign in operations expenses - the third largest cost of doing business. Nowhere is energy consumption more significant than in the manufacturing industrial sector.

Cutler is ranked as the nation's leading manufacturing journalist by the Manufacturing Media Consortium. This is a group of more than 2000 journalists worldwide writing about trends, data, case studies, profiles, and features in the manufacturing and industrial sector. Cutler worked with hundreds of media outlets to expand the coverage and importance of the manufacturing media coverage. Cutler has authored more than 1000 articles for a wide range of manufacturing, industrial, and business journals, dailies, and month trade B2B publications. Cutler also authored the best-selling Manufacturers' Public Relations & Media Guide.

TR Cutler, Inc. Thomas Cutler 954-486-7562

# #

About the author: Professional Marketing Firm

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Printed Postcards vs. E-Postcards (Which prevails?)

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Postcards have gone a long way already. From the first printed postcards used in Austria at around 1969 to the state-of the-art postcards that we are having now, we can say that postcard printing industry has accommodated immense changes and growth.

The very first printed postcard was used to provide a chief means for brief communication. They were famous in Austria and because of its practicality, it was copied by the European countries including Great Britain. These printed postcards were just plain and unadorned. The message can be found on the other side while on the other half is the address of the recipient. It was only in 1902 that pictures was introduced to postcards. The early photographic cards were printed in Germany. This is because the latter was more advanced when it comes to photo-reproduction that the rest of the states.

With this innovation, printed postcards became more picturesque and comprehensive. They included different subjects like places, people, cartoons and fine arts. This change made printed postcards popular not only in Europe but in other continents as well. In addition, some of these postcards were made collectors items.

Since the inception of the Internet, e-postcards are slowly replacing the printed ones. Finding the right message and image is not that taxing when it comes to e-postcards. They Net displays a wide-variety of postcards from different occasions, places, people and other artsy stuffs. Sending them is not that burdensome anymore. You just click on the mouse and there it goes. You do not have to haggle with a postcard printing company. Another advantage is that e-postcards are cheaper. Sometimes you can even send it for free.

However, a great percentage is still in favor of the conventional printed postcards. They are saying that printed postcards make them feel special. Hand or mail delivered postcard is still more personal. This is because you can actually feel it, hold it, keep it, display it on your board or ref. You do not need electricity to send it on. Printed postcards also carry more personal designs and formats. They reflect the effort to show how special the recipient is to the sender.

Whether we like the classic or the modern way of sending postcards, the choice is ours to keep and enjoy!

About the author: Please visit Postcard Printing site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Beer Coasters will drive Visitors to you

Author: Keith Tomlinson

Article: If you want more traffic on your beer label's website, the simple, useful and well-accepted beer coaster may be the answer! A recent German market survey describes the beer coaster as one of the consumers' favorite forms of advertising. Survey participants classified beer coaster ads as entertaining, eye-catching, appealing and non-intrusive. More than 50% would take a coaster home with them - and they're a lot more useful than a soggy cocktail napkin. Their durability is what makes coasters a viable advertising format.

The direct marketing situation is ideal. Your customers come across a beer coaster in their free time in a relaxed atmosphere where their attention will be drawn to the coaster on the table. With your brewery's website address prominently advertised, the message is immediate. Integrating creative ideas such as contests, merchandise sales and the promise of details on your website will prompt the customer to visit the site and extend the temporal attachment to the advertising medium. If you have joined the growing number of companies buying advertising space on the beer home page you will see how beer coasters or beer mats drive up the traffic count.

The next step is getting your beer mats under the noses of your target audience. Of course it is common practice to supply beer coasters to the brew pubs, restaurants and clubs that sell your beer. Let's extend the market! Do you sell your product in cyber-pubs, or non-alcoholic beverages in cyber-cafes? Providing coasters to these venues is a marketing opportunity that is bound to succeed.

Besides making beer coasters available at your booth, roam the crowds at beer festivals giving out coasters as you go. Contact sporting events and local fairs offering beer gardens - you will supply their beer coasters! When your company sponsors or provides beverages for a charity or special event, include beer coasters in your handout goody bag.

Contests are an interactive way of attracting attention to your coaster and on to your website. Along with your logo and company name, 'Win A Pub Crawl In New York' is sure to get attention! Add an arrow or 'turn over coaster to learn how' and use the flip side to ask the customer to visit your website for details.

Contest advertising on coasters is ideal for distribution at events and festivals. Attend with a display table and a computer with your website running so people can enter and join the fun instantly. Signage will prompt those present to look at the coaster and visit your site.

Coasters are collectible. A simple Internet search proves their popularity. Including your brewing company's website address on special collection editions, lottery or coupon campaigns, etc., will enhance the coaster's value for beer enthusiasts and coaster collectors.

Remember, beer coasters may not be potable but they're portable. Not many customers take home a beer bottle with its label, set it in front of their computer and log-on; but they will take home a beer coaster!

About the author: Keith Tomlinson is President of Excalibur Communications, the company that created Pixel Marketing web portal. Besides web marketing and development Excalibur provides value added 1-800 lead generation, tracking and conference call services to a wide range of clientele through North America. Visit to find out more about this exciting and fun new way of advertising.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obtaining Links For Your Website

Author: David Andrew Smith

Article: One of the most difficult tasks, having developed your website is to promote it on the search engines and achieve first page rankings. This is after all where we, as web site owners want to be, especially if you are selling products or promoting your services. Anything after the third page is generally useless for attracting visitors and potential customers. So how can you achieve this first page ranking on the major search engines?

I will assume that you have good content and update this at least on a weekly basis as this attracts the search engine spiders to regularly visit your site. However content alone will not see you leap through the rankings. What will encourage this movement on all the search engines are backward links.

You will have undoubtedly read of the many ways of getting links to your website, from reciprocal links to one way links, and that the latest information out of Google suggests that buying links may result in a penalty and in being demoted in the rankings. So how do you, as a busy person running your own business and attempting to promote your own website do it? You could as people suggest e-mail a variety of webmasters whose sites are related to yours asking them to link to you. This is very time consuming and yields little result. Reciprocal linking is easier but still time consuming and the links seem to be of little value now so again the time spent on this may not be a useful and productive way of using your time. Directories are again relatively easy if time consuming and many of them now require a payment for a link in their directory. If you are planning on registering with as many directories as possible then this can ultimately turn out to be an expensive enterprise. This is OK if you have a big budget but most of us work on very tight budgets. It is also being suggested that the value of directory links is being downgraded so again it may not be the most valuable use of your time.

That leaves one avenue, that of writing and publishing articles. You are presumably an expert in your field so writing about different aspects related to your website should not be difficult. The very first article is difficult and takes up a lot of time but subsequent ones become easier and easier to write. You will surprise yourself as to what you can actually write about. How valuable these articles are I can only relate from my own experience. Three months ago I started writing articles and have averaged ten per month ever since. When I first started my web site had 12 links registered on Google, 36 on MSN, 8 on Yahoo and none on Teoma and was languishing on pages seven and eight. Three months down the line and 30 articles later the site is on the first page of these three search engines for at least six of my keywords and the links have increased as follows; Google 54, Yahoo 616, MSN 2056, and Teoma 606. When these links are investigated over 90% of them are from these articles which have been picked up by ezines, weblogs and used as content on other people's sites. It is a constant source of surprise and enjoyment looking to see where they end up! Getting excellent link backs to your website is not the only benefit you get from the articles because they also encourage visitors to your site, and every visitor is a potential customer.

About the author: David Andrew Smith operates a cleaning services company,, which operates throughout the UK.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

In Marketing You Need To Focus On The Benefits

Author: Peter Geisheker

Article: In this marketing article I discuss the most important element of marketing - turning features into powerful benefits. If you want to increase sales, you must focus on the benefits of your product or service, not the features.

So what is a benefit compared to a feature?

A benefit explains how a product or service will help a person. If I buy this product, how will it make my life better? Will it save me money? Will it make me feel better about myself? Will it make my life easier? Benefits are very powerful sales tools because people buy products and services for an end result.

A feature explains a fact about what a product does such as a specification. For example, the new ZMX car has anti-lock brakes. That is a fact about the car - it has anti-lock brakes. The problem with only listing a feature is that a feature does not explain why it is helpful - how it benefits a person. Why would you want a car with anti-lock brakes? The answer to that question is the benefit. Anti-lock brakes are much safer because they keep your tires from locking up and skidding so you do not lose control of your car. Therefore, if you drive a car that has anti-lock brakes, you are less likely to be in an accident. The benefit is the positive end result. In your marketing, it is that positive end result that you want to focus on.

Here is another example. XYZ Car Company has developed a new car that gets 100 miles per gallon. The feature is that the car gets 100 miles per gallon. But what is the benefit? Why would a person want a car that gets 100 miles per gallon? The benefit is that you will save a fortune on buying fuel.

If you want to improve your marketing and increase sales, you absolutely must focus on the benefits of your product or service. Whenever you say what your product does (a feature), ask yourself, ""how will that feature help my customer? What is the benefit of that feature?""

About the author: Peter Geisheker is the President & CEO of The Geisheker Group, Inc., a marketing firm that specializes in developing strategic marketing programs for small and medium-size businesses. For more information, please visit <a href=""""> or call 920-884-9041.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Using Search Engines To Connect With New Local Customers

Author: Chris Swemba

Article: Local Search Marketing provides you, the business owner, with the most targeted and cost effective customer acquisition opportunity.

Your customers are more and more often searching for businesses like yours on the Internet. Studies show that these customers have a serious buying intent. As a local business (online or off) you need to figure out how to cost effectively reach out to these ""Local"" customers and start the business relationship before your competition does.

Why should ""local search marketing"" be important to your business? The Kelsey research group found:

* 74% of households use the Internet as an information source when shopping locally.

* Approximately 45% of local searches had a buying intent.

* The percentage of respondents who used yellow page directories decreased from 75% to 62%. (If you have a yellow page ad, it is time to consider buying a smaller ad and shifting your marketing dollars to the Internet.)

As local business owners you need to take action now. You need to keep your existing customers, and gain new customers, so you need to be found where they are searching. Local Search Marketing is where your future clients and customers will come from.

So where do you start?

Most likely your customers will have a default setting on their computers and this will be set to one of these sites for search; Google, Yahoo, MSN or AOL. These search engines all index web pages and have some form of paid advertising referred to as Pay Per Click. This is fine if you have a website but what about many small and local businesses that have little or no web presence at all? And even if you do have a website, does it show up in the search engines above?

Okay, so what other choices have you got?

There are those folks, you know whom I am talking about, who will place you not only in a hard copy directory but also have services online. The challenge is in what the financial cost is, BIG, but hey, they have been around a long time and have deep pockets. The other issue is that they often advertise in the search engines and you will find them there BUT if you follow the link to them, you need to do your search all over again! What a pain.

There are other commercial ""local search engines"" and some of these are good value but many are not comprehensive. If there are only a few thousand businesses in a local directory most users will leave given the limited amount of content.

So what you need to do is use a search engine like Google and search for ""local search directory"", make sure you limit your search to the country you're in. The results include Yahoo local search and a number of local directories. You should check these out and see what it takes to participate in the directories that make the first page of the Google search. By doing so, you'll be able to get a feel for how they work and what is needed for you to get listed competitively

About the author: Chris Swemba is the founder and CEO of Kinetica Media, LLC. a media firm that offers website design and internet marketing services to small and medium businesses. Visit for more info on how your business can GET and KEEP more customers with our proven online marketing services and products.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keeping All you Need in a Folder

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Organization? That's my fetish. Messy room, disorganized files and chaotic atmosphere can very well trigger my temper and rage. I know it, they too, knew it. This is the reason why I am a fanatic when it comes to organizational items. Tables, drawers, baskets, containers, say it, I'm obsessed about them!

Anything that organizes and makes things in order catches my attention. This is also the very reason why I am so much into folders. Yeah, folder is one of my obsessions. They keep my organization skills active and well. They save my day from getting spoiled. If you are also a neat-freak, you gotta? have this also!

Folders are pretty useful in organizing files. I have them at home and in the office for practical solution to my organization needs. In fact, there are a bunch of folders revolving around my everyday chores. To give me a good office ambience, I line up my folders in my cabinet for easy filing. I always see to it that my files, documents, effects and other papers are well-kept, protected and easy to find. I also carry a few when I'm transacting business with other people. Sometimes I am amazed when, in my next transaction with them, they are also carrying a folder with them. They are very useful in segregating what files are of lesser importance than the rest, what files are needed at this point up to what files deserve to rest in the confines of a drawer.

Recently, I tried customization. It is the thing that you must choose if you want to personalize your folders to have a unique, distinctive and personal look. When you have your folder made, you can choose from a wide array of folders and prints like presentation folders, file folders and the likes. They can be used as pocket folders, media kits, training materials, investor packets, conference handouts and more.

Customization can pretty well cater to our individual needs, designs, preferences and use. All you have to do is communicate what kind of design, paper, color, size and printing process to be used and then at a given time, you can have your most wanted folders.

You can also transact online. First, you have to search for a trusted online printing company and fill up the order forms according to your specifications and demands. Depending on your quantity and quality order, your folder order can be had at the stipulated time.

About the author: Please visit Folder Printing site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Words To Avoid Using In Copywriting And Advertising

Author: Ray L. Edwards

Article: I could still recall the days of writing telegrams. That was before the fax machine, internet and email. Writing a telegram meant economy of words and so obvious verbs and needless adjectives had to be omitted.

Today, with the advent of email and other cheap sources of communication you don't have to be that paranoid about your message-except you are writing an advertisement. When writing a classified ad for example, every word must count in the small space allowed and so word choice becomes very important.

But word choice is not only about being brief.

Even when crafting a long sales letter you should try and avoid using the personal pronouns: ""we, me, I, our,us"". The sales message should be about your prospects and not about your company. The ""we syndrome"" is a common error but it can easily be avoided. A sales message should state upfront the benefit to the customer not parade how many awards the company has received in the past ten years. Whenever possible then the copy should be written in the third person.

There are some other words that are very common in advertising but are just too vague to have any force. Great copy is always specific. ""How to make $3,567.23 from your home in 30 days!"" has more force than ""How to make money from home."" Here are some commonly used words that lack force because their meaning is too ethereal:

It - State what ""it"" is rather than leave ""it"" for the reader to figure out. This word can often be replaced by what 'it' represents or stands in place of.

Quality - This has a similar meaning to ""personality"". We often hear people say that someone has personality. But everyone has a personality whether good or bad. The same holds for quality. Every product or service has some quality which the customer will be the ultimate judge of.

Superlatives such as ""tastiest, best, fastest, strongest, superior, minimize, optimize"". The problem with these words is that they instill doubt in the readers because these claims appear unsubstantiated. These words lack power because they are not measurable. Take the word ""superior"" for example. What criterion or measurement was used to judge this product as superior and by how much?

Solutions - This word cannot stand on its own. If you are selling a product or service it is also obvious that you are selling the solution to a problem, so state what the solution is rather than just using the word.

Technology - This word is commonly used to suggest innovation and newness. But customers have little concern about the technology that is behind the products they buy. They are only concerned about the benefit they derive from these products and services. How many drivers are really concerned about the technology that's under the hoods of the vehicle they drive? They are really only concerned that the vehicle is reliable and gives them some social status.

Difference - Rather than stating that you are different from your competitors state the difference instead. Just saying ""different"" means little and is just filling space. The statement ""We make all the difference"" doesn't leave the prospect more educated than before reading your sales message.

Consider the following advertiser's blurb:

""We make all the difference because of our superior quality and solutions we offer.""

It's like junk food - a lot of flavor but zero nutritional value. This statement means little because it's not specific at all. It creates more questions than answers and leaves the reader totally confused. And this is the last thing you want to do to a customer.

Go to any website and you'll see statements such as ""can save you time and money"", (well how much?) ""creates website in less time"" (less than 2, 4, 100 hours?), ""maximize your gas mileage"" (by how much 1%, 5%, 40%?). All these statements will triple their effectiveness by using numbers (note that I gave a quantity, 'triple').

The more specific your message is the more believable you will appear. Using a bunch of superlatives only makes you seem self-serving. Customers are immune to this type of hype and filters out these claims like a squirrel discards peanut shells.

When making any comparison in your sales letter state the baseline, use numbers and give a time period whenever possible. In this way you don't have to use superlatives because the numbers will speak for themselves. If you follow this simple rule your sales conversion rate will increase by 4.7% within 29 days of putting this into effect.

Even though that last statement was hypothetical you can sense its power because specific numbers were used instead of just saying 'your sales will increase'.

I think it's time to review your sales message and sweep away the chaff words leaving the pure wheat behind.

You'll be 9.9% happier that you did!

About the author: Ray L. Edwards is a master copywriter, published author and Internet Marketing Consultant. His copywriting clients have claimed up to 1,600% increase in their conversion rates just from using his services. Find more hot-selling tips at <a href="""">Copywriter website</a>

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Website translation as a way to promote your business abroad

Author: Elena Mokeeva

Article: Today every self-respecting company understands the advantages and power of the internet and runs one or several web sites advertising its products or services online. We all want to be recognised worldwide and invest a lion's share of our budget in offline international marketing. At the same time we often forget about the advantages of international internet marketing. All that we can think of is creating another .com website in English, adding the word ""international"" to its title. Why do we forget that one third of all internet users do not speak English, and thus our ""international"" site is passing by all this mass of potential clients (business partners)? With constantly growing quantity and quality of non-English material on the Net they are more likely to surf in their own language.

Today a multilingual website is becoming a necessity for international business due to a number of convincing reasons:

<b>SEO Marketing.</b> Multilingual web sites allow you to enter new markets. Local language search engines will index your site and give you new links from within this market area. In most non-English speaking countries, regional search engines in their native language play much greater role than English-speaking Google, Yahoo and MSN. Hence, you gain better positions, more new visitors to your site (i.e. more potential customers) and more sales.

<b>Company Image.</b> Multilingual sites create an image of a serious and respectable international business, and will win over visitors from companies who have not made this effort.

<b>Customer-centric approach.</b> It allows your visitors to surf quickly and efficiently in their own language. This gives your company and products an advantage over your less prepared competitors.

Now you clearly understand that website translation can be a great help in attracting foreign public to your business. However it has to be done in such a way that people will end up buying your product.

To have a website translated means much more than get mere text translation. There are numerous factors that have to be taken into consideration. Actually, it is more correctly to speak about website localisation, when you want the site successfully working in the market of your target countries.

<i>Localisation</i> is defined as modifying a product to make it usable and suitable to a target market.

First of all, it implies <b>culture-centric translation</b>. Perfect culture-centric translation makes the reader feel as if the content was not translated, but originally written in the target language. It takes into consideration the culture, style and language of the target audience.

Using electronic translations for this purpose is not a good idea. The decision to have your site translated by a human being, preferably a native speaker, familiar with the culture, terminology and sayings of the target language, is an ideal one.

Then, website localisation takes into account the <b>appearance of your web pages</b>. Are there pictures, colours or images that would cause offence? A good website translation company will analyse your site and offer you a cultural applicability consultation.

Further more, decent website translators will offer an <b>after-care service</b> that assists in helping you with the small changes in future.

Some translation companies will even provide you with <b>internet marketing services</b> to help your site achieve high visibility in the target country.

If you are serious about promoting your business among foreign internet users it is best to trust your website translation to proven professionals. The leading UK translation company, <a href="""" title=""Website Translation Services"">Lingo24</a> can supply your company with these services.

Professional <a href="""">we bsite localisation</a> and <a href="""">cultu re-centric translation</a> can become a very promising perspective for your business.

About the author: See the author's biography here:

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Personalized Color Wholesale Printing

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Company image is the most treasured and cared aspect in business. It must be treated that way so as not to yield trust and loyalty.

In the business world if you have outstanding company image, it means, more people are patronizing your products and services. It is means you are famed by your excellent dedication in catering to individuals needs and wants and that dedication extends up to the point of knowing whether they are fulfilled by what you are offering to them.

There are a lot of ways to create and improve company image. First is the use of effective marketing tools in order to publicize and boost your company. A wide variety of marketing tools are now available these days. We have the world wide web, television and radio to ensure a fast and accessible information dissemination.

In print, we have the magazines, newsletters, brochures, posters, flyers, banners, stickers, postcards and business cards. These materials can definitely bolster the company's image. You may think that having them printed is a taxing and expensive job. Worry no more because we now have this wholesale printing services that are especially made for bulk orders. This is will ensure quality printing materials at a not so expensive cost.

If you want a personalized way of marketing your business, you can opt for customization. How do you make this happen? First, you can make your own design and use your pictures and images that can represent your company quite well. Then, upload these photos or graphics. Next, select fonts and colors that will blend with your design and company image. Use colors interpretatively and wisely. You can choose full color printing to get the most appropriate and long lasting colors. This process make use of four colors ? cyan, magenta, yellow and black in bringing out brilliant images. Aside from pictures, use tag line or personalized texts that will reflect your company. The outcome of which must be presented personally to the printer of your choice or submitted to them online. After all these, all you have to do is wait. After a few days you can stare at your masterpieces. Start the ball rolling by distributing them to your probable customers.

About the author: Please visit Wholesale Printing Services site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Language of Color

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Colors do not only exude character or attitude. It can also represent moods, holidays and enliven language.

Here are some of the widely used colors and their language:

1. Red. Red means passion, love, battle and celebration. 'To see red' means to be angry. In connection to business parlance, 'to see red' means losing money.

2. Blue. Blue connotes loyalty and faithfulness. This is the reason why most brides carry with them something blue on their wedding day. This color also means of noble descent. A color used by the 'blue-blooded' individuals like aristocrats and persons of equivalent echelons. The color blue is also used in some phrases like 'out of the blue' or from an unknown source or unexpected time and 'into the blue' or into the unknown.

3. Purple. This is a royal color. A lot of royalties use purple robes as an emblem of authority and rank. In addition, even Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen loved the color purple. In order to acquire the same she orders her servants to soak 20,000 Purpura snails for ten days. Purple is also good to enhance imagination. In fact, artist like Leonardo da Vinci believes that this color heighten imagination ten times. Same thing with Richard Wagner. For him purple serves as an inspirational color. In speech and writing, we have the phrase 'purple speech' which means profane talk and 'purple prose' which is a writing of exaggerations and ornamentations.

4. Green. Green symbolizes jealousy, victory, nature and youth. It is also considered as a healing color. We have phases like 'a person with green thumb', 'green with envy' and 'green-eyed monster'. The first phrase means that a person is good in growing plants. The second means full of jealousy or envy and the last means jealousy.

5. Yellow. Yellow means deceit, warning and danger. It may also mean brightness and jolliness. In communication, if someone calls you 'yellow streak', he means you are a coward.

6. White. It means peace, purity, truce, innocence, devotion and enthusiasm. When we say 'white heat', it means intense passion or anger.

7. Black. Black means elegance, sophistication, darkness, secrecy and evil. In business, 'in the black' means it is making money. Other phrases using this color are 'black sheep' and 'black humor'. The first means an outcast and the last means unhealthy or gloomy humor. In history, 'Blackshirts' is the name for the security troops of Hitler. They are also known as S.S.

Everyone must know the meaning as well as the significance of colors. This is to avoid misrepresentation especially in the field of marketing. Printers and web designers as well must also be acquainted with this to give the right impression in their web designs as well as color printing services.

About the author: Please visit Wholesale Printing Services site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

4 Color Printing and Pantone

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Colors exact attitude and moods. They are essential in a way that they give off meaning and feelings. This is also true with the printing systems.

The two common color printing systems used in printing services are Pantone and CMYK. Let us tackle them one by one.

Pantone Matching System (PMS), Spot color or Pantone color is a color system based on a set of inks which are mixed to produce solid colors. These colors are now used in printing your job order. The colors here are mixed prior to mixing thus, they are more accurate and consistent all throughout the printing job. Also, Pantone colors can be 'screened'. This means that fewer dots of color are used per inch therefore, the color emerge lighter. Pantone colors are indispensable when it comes to logos, stationery packages and the likes. This is especially true if the customer is interested in exacting the accurate color in the original image.

The use of Pantone colors in printing services is expensive compared to CMYK. This is the reason why the use of Pantone colors is limited up to three colors only. However, Pantone colors on your logo, graphics or your corporate color ensures that exact colors can be yielded.

Cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) colors also known as 4 color printing or process color printing uses the four ink colors in order to yield tiny dots referred to as screen or line screen. These dots contain tiny rainbow of colors. This is the reason why it can produce a full range of color. Thus, when your printing needs demand a wider color application, you can opt for 4 color printing.

4 color printing services is less expensive than Pantone color printing. If you further want lesser expense then go for CMYK digital printing instead of 4 color printing. Nonetheless, the colors, thickness of paper and types in digital printing are oftentimes limited. They are dependent on the printing machine's capabilities and specifications.

A word of caution in using 4 color printing: Do not expect to yield metallics and very bright colors. Most often than not, these colors vary depending on the printer's range, calibration and colors to be printed. Moreover, color accuracy may not be that exact. To expand the range of colors, use Pantone colors alternatively or go for a six or seven color printing. That way, you are not that limited in the choice of printing colors.

About the author: Please visit Four Color Printing Services site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Flyers Printing Can be a Zephyr

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: When I'm having business meetings with individuals, I see to it that I am equipped with the right marketing tool. I always carry with me business cards and flyers. These two are the most convenient marketing tools. They are neither heavy nor harsh on the budget. In addition, they are trendy, too. Moreover, they get the word about your business in a quick and inexpensive way.

Between a business card and a flyer, the latter can transmit lots of information about your business. Flyers usually come in folded sheets printed through one, two or 4 color flyers printing. The one and two color printing is chosen by the customers. However, there are times when the printers suggest what colors to be chosen. If you are faced with this instance, try to consider their advice or they are already expert in the field of color printing. 4 Color Printing, on the other hand, uses CYMK or cyan, yellow, magenta and black in order to bring out the brilliance of each image and the crisp in every text. 4 color flyers printing makes flyers eye-catching and worthy of everyone's attention.

Flyers come in standard sizes but can also deviate in special circumstances especially when the customers would like to customize or personalize. Customization or personalization allows you to make your flyers exceptional in a way that the design and text are made specially relating to your business. These images and texts may come directly from you. With it, you can vary the flyers size, design and the likes. The customer, therefore, is given a wider leeway to make his flyer appealing according to his own perspective.

Remember that flyers extend your facilities in order for your business to be popular and preferred by many in a quick an easy manner. This is the very reason why flyer designing must be handled by a reliable flyer printing service. Most printing companies do the designs from the scratch until its finishing point. Customization may take a little while compared to a ready made design. Aside from designing, most of the printers supply considerable content and graphic design.

If you worry about budget, well, take this into consideration. Budgeting lies on three factors - the quantity of the order, the distribution process and style and the flyer print. To pay less, you can try gang or bulk orders. This is done in the offset presses and film plates.

About the author: Please visit Four Color Printing Services site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Client Referrals - Gain client referrals by building credibility, trust and loyalty

Author: Jennifer Woodard

Article: If your clients are not referring business to you. You may be lacking the credibility, trust and loyalty needed for them to refer you to others. Clients will not always tell you that they do not feel that you are doing a satisfactory job with their business.

How well do you really know your clients?

Do you have an understanding of the challenges that your clients are currently facing? Do you take the time to ask them what they need from you and how you better serve them? Do you know how they feel about money? To truly understand your clients you must focus on your client relationships. Get to know your clients very well. You should your clients and contact them often. According to CEG Worldwide you should have an average of 28 contacts in a one year period with your clients to be truly successful. You are not looking to just contact your clients. You want quality contacts with your clients. Ask them about their lives and challenges they are facing. Do you know your client's lifestyles, values, and attitudes? Where do they see themselves and their finances in 10, 20 years? How do they see their lives after retirement? Are you taking the time to really get to know your clients or just managing their money and sending them reports? You should know your clients inside and out.

What are clients looking for in an Advisor?

Your clients are looking for advisors who will:

&#8226; Treat them as people and not just another case

&#8226; Listen to what they have to say

&#8226; Provide useful relevant information that they can use

&#8226; Be easy to do business with

&#8226; Be available when they need them

&#8226; Show consistent performance

&#8226; Ask them questions

&#8226; Speak their language

&#8226; Keep them informed

&#8226; Provide solutions tailor made to their problems

&#8226; Show their expertise and knowledge

&#8226; Demonstrate shared basic core values, common ground, and personal goals

&#8226; Make them feel that they are being taken care of

&#8226; Go the extra mile

Building Credibility, Trust and Loyalty with your clients.

So how do you go about building the king relationship with your clients that leads them to sending your referrals.

Ways that you to build credibility with your clients:

Your company website: It should be well-designed and updated on a regular basis. You website should demonstrate to visitors and clients that you are an expert in meeting the needs of your target market. You have to provide reasons for clients and prospects to visit your site and visit it often. Provide content that allows them to become knowledgeable about investing and how investments are managed. You should have articles and reports that keep them informed on the different kinds of investments available. Try offering reports on the basics of investing. Provide examples of different types asset allocations for different types of clients. Provide case studies of problems that clients face and how through planning they were able to overcome them. Provide links to financial news and quotes. Offer a client access area, newsletter and a referral form for them to refer others to you.

Write articles and get them published in the type of publications that your clients read. Don't forget to have your articles published in trade magazines, local business magazines and newspapers. Write reports and white papers on industry topics and have them published. Every article, report or white paper should address a topic that is of interest to your target market. Provide valuable information that will fill and need or solve a problem. Include all articles, reports and white papers on your website.

Provide seminars and speeches on topics of interest to clients and prospective clients. Provide transcripts on your website, along with video and audio recording. Try giving speeches and seminars to associations and civic groups your clients and prospects are members. Make the seminar informative, but also leaves them with the desire to do business with you. You should also have a way to get contact information so that you can add prospects to your database. Provide workbooks for clients and prospects to use to help them understand their finances and goals.

Become a guest on television and radio shows. Provide transcripts, video and audio clips of your interviews. Becoming a quest or hosting your own television/radio show causes your credibility to jump greatly.

Ways to build trust with your clients and prospective clients.

The way that you build trust with you clients is by contacting them often. You should become very familiar to your clients and come to mind first, when it comes to their finances.

Offer a monthly e-zine or e-mail newsletter. This will give you 12 changes to show your expertise, let your clients know that you understand their needs and have the solutions to their problems. You can also use the e-zine/newsletter to let clients know of upcoming seminars, workshops and important news concerning your business or investments.

Send quarterly reports and call each client to discuss any questions or concerns that they may have. You should meet with your client face-t-face at least once a year.

Send reprints of articles you have had published and where you are quoted as an expect of subjects of interest to them.

Get to know your clients and prospects. Ask them questions about themselves, lifestyle, motivations and desires. If you read an article on a subject that you know is important to them, clip it and send them a copy.

Turning Satisfied clients into referring clients.

A highly satisfied client is a loyal clients. By building your credibility and trust you build client loyalty. You can ask clients outright for referrals. When you send their quarterly statement include two business cards for them to pass along to a friend. Add a referral form to your website that includes a place to add referrals name, email address, phone number and referred by. When they refer a client, send them a thank you note. If a referred clients becomes a client, send the person who referred them a small token. If you truly know your clients, you will know what to send that they will truly appreciate. Don't send a run of the mill promotional items. Keep track to the things they tell you they are interested in and send them something that only they would receive. Show your clients that they are truly respected and appreciated and they will return the favor.

About the author: Jennifer Woodard is a freelance Copywriter/Marketing Communications Consultant. If you would like more information, she can be reached at You can also join her monthly newsletter for Financial Services Professionals at

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

12 Daily Pro - The Latest Online Money-Making Whirlwind: What Is All the Fuss About?

Author: Sylvester Suedonym

Article: 12Daily Pro is currently all the rage in the world of auto surfs.

Because of the relative shortness of its surfing cycle, the ease of getting to one's money and, above all, the payouts, 12DailyPro represents an exceptionally attractive money making opportunity. Its membership is rapidly growing and there is widespread feeling that this might be one of those few auto surfs that stays in business for over a year. If this turns out to be true, the potential money to be made through 12DailyPro will be very serious, and there are several ways to ensure that you get and stay ahead in a short amount of time.

If you already know about 12DailyPro and want to learn some money making strategies, scroll down the page.

What Are Auto Surfs and How Do I Make Money From Them?

Auto surfs are simply web sites that present other web sites in an automated manner: you get to see a particular site for several seconds, then go on to the next one. If you do this each day, viewing anywhere from a half-dozen to a hundred ""page views"", depending on the auto surf in question, - you are given a payment which represents a percentage of what you initially deposited in order to enter the auto surf game. The payments are always very lucrative and greatly in excess of what you'll make in the traditional markets.

The rules vary from auto surf to auto surf, but in the case if 12DailyPro you can enter with anywhere from $6 to $6,000 and are asked to view 12 sites for 12 days. This ""job"" takes five minutes. At the end of this period, you are given back your deposit, plus 44%.

A Totally Unsound Business Model That Actually Makes Money

How can auto surf companies afford to do this? Don't ask. The answers are never sufficient. This is a totally backwards business model. Auto surfs like to project the image that their concept actually offers value in the advertorial sense - people watching the ads. But those ads are provided by investors who have ponied up money to win the auto surf game. They couldn't care less if people acctually watch their page flash on the screen for 20 seconds, which is probably a good thing since nobody does. Don't believe me? When was the last time you sat back and, from five minutes to one hour, watched anywhere from 10 to 100 web ads? 12DailyPro claims it will hold a major conference in late February. A deposit placed around the turn of the year could double four to five times if the company lasts this long.

So far as those who gamble in auto surfs, (and probably those who own them), your answer is quite beside the point. Most of them just make sure they turn on the auto surf each day and let it run on autopilot. (Click Here for a fuller discussion.)

The only thing that really does matter in this amoral world is how long the auto surf in question lasts - which is usually how long it pays out and makes money. Don't expect a smooth departure as a general rule, either. Auto Surfs usually just disappear. No Christmas Cards either.

But none of that matters to your average auto surfer. The mandate is simple: Just get in early enough, and find a way to get your deposit and some profit out before the poop hits the fan. Anything approaching a year is very good longevity, by the way. 12DailyPro, which has been around since late summer 2005, has about 8 or 9 months to go before it reaches this lofty standard. People are already salivating at the thought of this gravy train lasting till sometime summer 2006. If it does, there'll be a lot more than just Americans having a blast this 4th of July.

How 12DailyPro Makes Money. A Simple Example

With 12DailyPro, you make 144% of your deposit every 12 days. All you have to do is view 12 sites each day in order to qualify for this reimbursement.

Let us suppose that you invested $1,000 in 12DailyPro. After 12 days, $1,440 would be sent to your personal account. (By the way, at a normal bank rate of 2.5% it would take 15 years for your $1,000 to grow to this level.) It takes a few days for the payment to be processed to your account so for the sake of convenience, let us say that it takes 3 days, which is probably a bit on the fast side, but makes for easier calculations.

At this point you have a few choices. 1. You can keep all the money. 2. You can keep some of it and reinvest the rest back into the 12DailyPro system. 3. You can reinvest all of it back into 12DailyPro, until it rises to $6,000 (at which point you'd be making $2,640 every 12 days).

With droves of people signing on daily, and getting their money out, it is easy to understand why there's so much excitement about 12 Daily Pro. But two important questions to ask are,

""How long wiill it last?"" and ""Are there any strategies that can be applied here?""

The answers are ""nobody knows"" and ""yes!"".

Sylvester Suedonym is the author of ""How to Ensure Permanent Victory in 12Daily Pro in One Month or Less"" which can be found at

About the author: Sylvester Suedonym is the author of ""How to Ensure Permanent Victory in 12Daily Pro in One Month or Less"" which can be found at

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lithography's Timeline

Author: Maricon Williams

Article: Lithography is a type of surface printing. It is used both as an art and commercial printing process. In commercial printing, it is synonymous with offset printing. Lithography is based on chemical action between oil and water. Lithograph, on the other hand, implies a print on stone. However, in commercial printing, grained metal or plastic plates are used instead of stones.

The discovery of lithography was made possible by Aloys Senefelder, a playwright, when he used Bavarian limestone for and art piece. It was in 1880's when lithography was widely used for magazine printing. However, it become popular in the 19th century when renowned artists like Bonnard, Degas, Delacroix, Daumier, Gavarni, Goya, Manet, Toulouse-Lautrec and Whistler used it for their posters and other works of art. In the early days of colored lithographs, only one or two colors were used to tint the entire stone or plate. Moreover, the process has improved in the beginning of the 20th century to accommodate more colors and to make possible photolithography. In photolithography, a photo negative is exposed to light over a gelatin-covered paper. Those parts of the gelatin that were struck by light rendered them insoluble. Those which are not struck remained soluble. When the soluble parts are washed away, the pattern is formed. This pattern is inked and transferred to the stone or plate. If more colors are to be printed, more stones or plates are required. Thus, the number of stones or plates needed depends on the numbers of colors to be used. In todays wholesale printing services, photolithography plays a crucial role in reproducing modern artworks.

Transfer lithograph was consequently discovered. With this process, the drawing is made on paper and transferred by pressure to a heated stone. Transfer lithograph does not require the drawing to be placed upside down. This is why it is considered easier than the conventional lithography. After that, the surface of the stone that was not affected by oil is desensitized to the drawing. Then, the portions drawn upon are fixed against spreading. A gum arabic and nitric acid solution is used afterwards. The oil has now penetrated the stone. To see the image accurately, use turpentine and water to remove unwanted chemicals. Now, the stone is ready to be inked and printed but be sure to keep the stone moist. Printing will make use of a special lithographic press with a sliding bed passing under a scraper.

Among the printing processes available, lithography is one of the least limited. It can produce colors from solid black to gray and full range of colors. This is the primary reason why it is famous for magazine and brochure printing. It certainly captures the photographic quality and fine gradations of pictures at a wholesale price.

About the author: Please visit Wholesale Printing Services site at for comments and inquiries regarding this article.

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