Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The 3 Biggest Lies About Promotional Pens

Author: Cindy Carrera

Article: Every time you turn around there's someone on your phone or doorstep, trying to sell you pens for you to use for promotional items. Every time they show up, you buy a few hundred or thousand, though more than likely you have a storage closet somewhere that's full of them.

That's because you've bought into lie number one: Pens are a great way to easily promote your business. The truth is a pen is good for branding your business, but it does little to promote your business. Why?

Because it doesn't do any real promoting! A pen with your logo, name, address and phone number just tells people who you are. It does nothing to make them want to use your company's product or service. Worse, it just lies around, waiting to be picked up and used-and mostly it will be used to make a grocery list, not to find your company's name and address!

Lie number two is that pens are a great way to inexpensively market and promote your business. This isn't true, and that closet full of pens should be proof enough. Yes, you can get fairly cheap promotional pens, but you know what they really tell people about you? That you're cheap!

People aren't stupid. They know a cheap item from a more expensive one. And even though they will take and even use your pen, they will not connect you to quality. If you want a pen to do that, and you do or why bother, you're going to have to buy more expensive pens that show you're a class act all the way. This kind of promotional pen costs a great deal of money, so you won't get away, um, cheaply. Quantity and/or quality will, either way, cost you money, so pens aren't really a cheap promotional item after all, are they?

Now, for lie number three. Yes, it's the big one! Because everyone gives pens away as promotional items, you should too in order to compete. Remember being in high school where everyone dressed the same way? Look back at your yearbook and you'll see that everyone pretty much looks the same. Only a few brave souls who dared to be different stand out.

Same thing with promotional pens. There are a gazillion of them out there. And they all pretty much look the same and say the same thing: logo, contact information and website URL. If you want your promotional item to ""wow"" your customers and potential customers, you won't do it with a pen, most likely, unless it is one killer, expensive pen that does everything a cell phone can do.

The promotional arena is just saturated with promotional pens. So break away from the herd! If you feel you have to use a writing instrument as a promotional item, look into buying some cool mechanical pencils!

They're easily available and are far more effective for promoting your business than promotional pens for two reasons: 1) Not everyone else is giving them away, so they're automatically different, and 2) (and this is a secret!) people want them. Why? They're great for kids to use in school or to do homework. And help one of today's busy, overly zealous parents out by giving them something little Jake or Jane can use, and I guarantee you'll be remembered-and better, called on for your product or service!

About the author: Cindy Carrera is a freelance author who has written numerous articles about creative <a href="""">promotional gifts</a>. Learn how to choose the right <a href="" y-gifts.html"">corporate holiday gifts</a> and make a lasting impression in the business arena.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Using Autoresponders In Your Direct Sales Business

Author: Annette Yen

Article: Are you in a direct sales business and trying to figure out, like me, how to streamline your systems so that you can spend more of your precious business time working on income generating activities?

Well, I'm here to tell you that there are some simple steps you can take NOW to help your business for the long term and an Autoresponder is one of those ways! An autoresponder is an online program that takes a prewritten email message or series of messages that you've created and sends it out automatically when someone signs up either via email or a web form.

That sounds a whole lot more complicated than it really is. So let me give you examples that might work in various aspects of your direct sales business to help you see how easy this really is:

Lead follow up and tracking. Do you advertise either online or offline? With an autoresponder you can put an email address into your advertisement and when one of your potential customers/recruits emails you to find out more about your company, they are automatically sent your initial packet of information instantly. Take it one step further and you can even put a different email address into each ad, making it easy to track which ads are producing results.

Lead Generation. Do you have a coupon or e-book that you can give away to potential new customers or recruits? Set it up in your autoresponder and create a web form (all free with most systems) that you can place in your blog or on your website. Then just add a quick statement of ""Request more information on my business today and receive a free gift"" sending interested prospects to your autoresponder where the gift and the information are sent to them automatically!

Downline newsletters. If you've built a team of distributors under you, you'll want to stay in contact with them regularly. An autoresponder can do that easily, first with a ""welcome to my team"" email and then later as you broadcast your team newsletter through the list.

Help your new consultants get off to a great start in their new business with a series of email training messages geared toward those days when they are waiting for their starter kit. It's a great way to keep the enthusiasm high during those first days!

Is there a specific area in your direct sales business that seems to generate the same questions from all the distributors in your group? Set up another series of emails specific to that business topic and set up your team members there as the questions come in.

Leadership communication. As your direct sales business grows you'll promote leaders from your team. Set up a series of emails congratulating them on their promotion and encouraging them in their new role as leader. Many people in direct sales have no idea what it means to lead a team of their own and you can set up a system to get them trained and equipped as well. and have it work for you continually.

Customer newsletters. Stay in contact with your customers by using an autoresponder series just like you do with your downline. Have a welcome series for new customers to keep your name and information in front of them.

Customer classes. Set up a series of emails that highlight a product of the month from your product line, or an email class on how to use some of your products.

Contests Set up a series of contest emails for either your customer base or your downline. For instance, have a ""scavenger hunt"" through your catalog and use the autoresponder system to create the excitement over a series of days.

I'm guessing that most of you, unless you're brand new to direct sales, have much of the information for many of the above ideas already in your computer somewhere. With an autoresponder it's just a matter of transferring that information into the system where it can work for you, even when you're off doing other things. Give it a try. Many autoresponders have a free trial offer so you can check out how they work before you take the plunge. but after just 6 months of using it with my own direct sales business, I can tell you it's well worth every penny!

About the author: Annette Yen is a home schooling mom in Direct Sales for over 20 years. Get a FREE trial autoresponder <a href="""">HERE at </a> or see how one works by emailing Annette for her free guide: ""Creating a Series of Email Trainings for your New Recruits"" at

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Staying Out of Trouble with eBays Listing Policies

Author: James Mahony


While you can sell most things on eBay, quite a few things are banned. If you try to sell any of these things then eBay will remove your auction and all bids will be void. </P>

Here is eBays full list of prohibited or questionable items: </P>

Academic Software Airline and Transit Related Items

Alcohol (also see Wine) Animals and Wildlife Products

Anti-circumvention Policy Artifacts Authenticity Disclaimers Autographed Items Batteries Beta Software Bootleg Recordings Brand Name Misuse

Catalog Sales Catalytic Converters and Test Pipes

Celebrity Material Charity or Fundraising Listings

Comparison Policy Compilation and Informational Media Contracts and Tickets Counterfeit Currency and Stamps

Counterfeit Items Credit Cards Downloadable Media

Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia Electronics Equipment

Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries Encouraging Infringement Policy Event Tickets Faces, Names and Signatures Firearms, Ammunition, Replicas, and Militaria

Fireworks Food Freon and Other Refrigerants Gift Cards Government IDs and Licenses Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items Human Parts and Remains Importation of Goods into the United States International Trading - Buyers International Trading - Sellers Lockpicking Devices

Lottery Tickets Mailing Lists and Personal Information

Manufacturers' Coupons Mature Audiences Medical Devices Misleading Titles Mod Chips, Game Enhancers, and Boot Discs Movie Prints Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix Programs OEM Software Offensive Material

Pesticides Plants and Seeds Police-Related Items

Political Memorabilia Postage Meters Pre-Sale Listings Prescription Drugs and Devices Promotional Items Real Estate Recalled Items Recordable Media

Replica and Counterfeit Items Satellite and Cable TV Descramblers Slot Machines Stocks and Other Securities

Stolen Property Surveillance Equipment Tobacco

Travel Unauthorized Copies Used Clothing

Warranties Weapons & Knives Wine (also see Alcohol) </P>


If you liked what you've read so far, you'll love the rest.  Now you too can access the resources created by top experts. </P>

They will help you save hours of frustrating, wasted searching, and let you zero in on the best material on this subject - like this article you're reading.  Go on...</P>

Most of this is very obvious of course you cant sell illegal things like drugs, pyramid schemes or stolen goods. Almost everything that is on the list is there because there is law against selling it. </P>

Some of the reasons, though, are a little strange. The autographed items entry, for example, doesn't mean that you cant sell anything thats been autographed it just means that you can only sell it if it comes with a certificate of authenticity. </P>

The artifacts entry prohibits you from selling Native American graves; celebrity material means you cant sell unauthorised pictures of celebrities; embargoed goods means that you cant sell anything that comes from Cuba on and on it goes, and most of it you never need to know. If your chosen kind of item seems to be on the list, though, and you're concerned that you might not be able to sell it, then check the full list at <A href="""">http://p</A> to see whether the item is banned entirely or there are just a few restrictions. </P>

eBay says it will remove any items that it believes violate copyright law, but in reality they dont have that many people to monitor the site. You will generally only find that your auction gets removed if someone decides to report you and even then, they might not get around to it. </P>

Really, buying and selling on eBay can sometimes feel more complicated than it really is, thanks to all the rules surrounding it not to mention the jargon. Our next article is a jargon buster, to help you learn the language of eBay. <A href="" o.html"">Learning the eBay Lingo</A></P>

Writing this article was hard - but fascinating - work.  We spent hours researching this material and crafting it painstakingly into an article that will provide you with useful, valuable, practical information.</P>

And the end result was worth all the hard work!  Don't you agree?  Drop us a quick note to share your thoughts and comments.</P>


About the author: James Mahony is the founder of <a href="""">Online Auction Handbook</A> - Learn How to Make Money on eBay

<a href="""">Make Money on eBay</A>

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Press Printing Pros and Cons

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: The introduction of the printing press has made producing multiple copies of a document much easier and convenient. This machine has changed the totality of the written language. It was a breakthrough in spreading literacy in the lower classes as books and other printed materials are now easily reproduced. Many more copies of a document could be made making the documents more available to the masses.

But have you ever wondered how these books, magazines or newspapers are produced? Are these printed materials literally written and colored by the writers? Absolutely not! Just imagine how long it will take to write a single copy of a book. It would seem impossible to actually produce one copy if one has to do it manually. Then how are they able produce thousands of copies in just a short period of time? The answer to that is press printing. Press printing can make copies of words and images by placing ink on paper.

In the past, when the printing press was not yet invented printing a hundred copies of a book can take a year to produce. But after the printing press was developed, it takes only a few months to print not only hundreds but thousands of copies. The printing presses available today can do more things than those available in the past. There are those long ones that can print different colors and those short ones that can print only black colors. There are also those that can connect to a computer to make printing much easier.

The traditional process of press printing has several advantages and disadvantages. Let's begin with the advantages. For one, press printing offers good color precision. This printing technique can create much brighter print outputs. If you are a person who is particular with color precision, press printing may be the right choice for you. You can also use different types of color with press printing. Whether its colored papers or pitch black type, you have the liberty of deciding which is best for your printed material. Additionally, color printing will look smooth and flawless as fine line screens are available with press printing. Wide array of finishing options are also available such as foil stamping, embossing, and die cutting. Hence, using press printing techniques can help you produce materials that really stand out.

On the other hand, press printing can be quite costly. Films and plates need to be produced adding to the overall cost. It is also time consuming as setting up, aligning the press and washing the press needs a considerable amount of time. Then after this process, folding, cutting and other finishing have to be done. Thus, print jobs done with press printing can cost twice as that of digital printing.

Nonetheless, your decision to use press printing in your print jobs depend on you. When you think this printing process is appropriate to your print needs, then by all means avail of this process. After all, you are after the quality of the print job not the manner on how it was produced.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Printing Press </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Logo Design

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: All business owners know that the most vital part of a promotional material is the message that it communicates to the customers. That is why even the logo has to be carefully designed and created to make sure that it gives the right meaning.

In the past, there is actually no need to put logos in stores or in the products. This is because there is little competition and oftentimes, towns only have one clothing store, restaurant or general store. But today, things have changed. From everyday necessities such as toothpastes and soaps to expensive jewelries and clothes, there are literally hundreds of different suppliers and retailers. Competition is stiff, that is why most of these vendors are looking for the best way to make their products stand out among the rest.

Picture you are in a grocery store. You need some soaps and shampoos. So you went to the section where these products are displayed. You will be surprised to know that there are quite a number of brands to choose from. If you are the kind of customer who doesn't stick to one brand you will have a hard time choosing which brand of soap or shampoo is best for you. But most customers today look for consistency and familiarity when it comes to products they need on a daily basis. Hence, a good logo will create a differentiating characteristic of a brand that will eventually become familiar to customers.

Simply put, business owners use logo because they are good stimulants that once a customer sees a particular logo they will immediately remember what brand it is. With the seemingly complex way of modern life today, people just don't have a lot of time to research all the benefits and features of each brand. They simply take note of the logo and know immediately what these products are all about. In addition, with the advent of the Internet, shopping has never been easier. Just like when people shop in stores, they also look for familiar brands when browsing through the Internet. Hence, when you have a good logo people will not have a hard time recognizing your brand. Logos are in a way the simplest, most direct way of promoting your business. It is like an overall statement of what you are about, minus the lengthy statements. Since logos are distinct graphic images, they can easily create name recognition and easily entice your target customers.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Graphic Design Company </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Posters for Presentations

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: It is amazing to know posters are considered to be less significant to an oral presentation by many people. But others consider it as a great medium to communicate with customers and colleagues alike. Poster presentation has become more popular in businesses nowadays. When there is a need to exchange ideas and information, posters offer for a more convenient setting.

Basically, a poster can allow for a clearer and more insightful process of presentation. You can even highlight main points and conclusions in the poster. In doing so, you are facilitating for a better way for readers to absorb the information you want to convey. It can also be viewed for several hours providing readers the opportunity to carefully read the data included in it. Additionally, poster sessions allow for a lengthier discussions allowing viewers to go forwards and backwards through the poster.

Nonetheless, posters cannot contain all the details of your work or research unlike in an oral presentation where you can include everything there is to know about your work. For this reason, it is essential that you see your poster not only as a summary of your research but more as an advertisement of it. Just like an advertising poster, presentation posters have to have the right information, paper choice and color. So if you want to print your posters in different colors, make sure that you do not sacrifice readability to attractiveness. The choice of paper color, shade and type will also play an important part in the success of your presentation. This simple detail should never be taken for granted as it could be your ticket to success or failure. For instance, a simple white paper has many different shades. It could be soft crème, soft gray or perhaps a soft blue. From afar these papers all look white but when you put them next to each other you will immediately notice the difference. The choice of the right paper color is important as it could mean the difference between an effective promotional material and a lousy ineffective one.

Even so, a well prepared and provided presentation is still the essential concluding factor of your work. Understand that however brilliant your work may be, it will be lost if not properly communicated and presented. So get to work and make your posters work wonders for you.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Online Poster Printing Services </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quality Poster Prints

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Posters have been around for ages. It has been used by monarchs and politicians since the 18th century to announce gatherings, advertise entertainments and any other events. It has been used for commercial purposes and for propaganda. Additionally, it has been used by political organizations or charitable institutions to announce any event they may be planning to carry out. Today, there has been a massive revival of interest in poster for interior embellishment. Among the most popular posters are movie posters, reprints of World War I, and photographs of celebrities and animals.

A good poster design does not only mean being legible enough for people to read. It requires, above all, a clear expression of the idea, service or product being advertised. These promotional materials are now easily, quickly and affordably produced. Whether your poster printing need is small or large, many companies now have printers that will match any of your needs. If you want a customized poster, you can always choose among the different paper types, font types, and backlit media. All you have to do is provide your printer with your files and they will produce the poster for you.

In poster printing, your imagination is the only constraint. To create good designs, it is important that your first consideration must be the poster's purpose and application. Think of who your target readers are and from them you can create a design that will best meet your print needs. Keep in mind that your poster will be displayed in a public area and will have to compete with other posters. That is why it is essential that you produce a truly creative and appealing poster.

The size and shape of the poster will be the first thing that you should consider when designing it. Consider the places where you will most likely put your poster and you can use this information in deciding which size, proportion and shape is appropriate. Next you have to create the information that needs to be conveyed. It is vital that the information to be communicated is simple as much as possible to make sure that it is communicated clearly and vigorously. Also, carefully select the typeface that works for your design. And if possible present a number of alternative designs. After the design and printing process, you are now ready to put your poster to the test.

So make that poster work for you. Make wise decisions when it comes to your poster printing needs.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Poster Printing Service </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recruit More Affiliates To Your Website By Tapping Into Their Money-Making Desires

Author: Carole Nickerson,

Article: If you run your own affiliate program and you're trying to recruit more people, you likely did all the basics - adding a link on your site, submitting the affiliate program to directories, etc. Since nearly everyone has their own affiliate program these days, affiliate networks and directories are getting a little crowded. If you're just starting out, you'll likely start out at the bottom of the pile and it is especially difficult if you sell only one or two products.

As the whole concept of affiliate marketing exploded with the onset of ppc advertising and the ease of setting up affiliate programs, so did the demand from internet marketers for only the best affiliate opportunities. Just like you have to compete for the best web traffic, you have to now compete to get the best affiliates selling for you.

So how you do get more affiliates to promote your website?

Now this might surprise you, but if you're trying to find a way to attract more affiliates, one good solution is through reselling ebooks and software in a way that taps into the money-making desires of affiliates. People want the biggest & easiest commissions possible and will invest more time, energy & resources into promoting programs with big payouts.

How do ebooks & software with resell rights fit into this picture?

The more products you offer for sale, the more reasons affiliates have to link to your website and the more visibility you'll have in your affiliate network. If you offer very big commissions (70-80-90%) on those ebooks, you're bound to get a lot more attention from potential new affiliates. The goal here is not in generating huge profits from reselling these products - it's the traffic factor - getting a large amount of targeted visitors into your site by having your affiliates do all the work. If the visitors they send don't buy the ebooks you're reselling, a good percentage of them will buy your main products or click on some Adsense ads. If they do buy an ebook, then that's just extra gravy on your potatos. Even if you end up with a measly $5 on every sale, if your affiliates bring in 100 new sales every day - then that's a fast $500 every day.

But I'm not saying you should increase affiliate commissions as much as 90% for your main products - certainly not! That would just be foolish. I'm saying that you offer these huge commissions ONLY on the ebooks and software you are reselling.

When you think about it, the one-time cost of an ebook or software reseller package ($30-$60) is probably one of the best investments you can make and most contain dozens or even hundreds of products to get started with.

As you gain more affiliates, you get more traffic, and thus make more money.

About the author: Carole Nickerson has been a successful internet marketer since 1998. To learn more about reselling ebooks, ebook reseller marketing and ebooks with resell rights, visit:

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Manufacturing Journalist Cutler Profiles Energy Lean Efficiency in Quality Digest

Author: Thomas Cutler

Article: Quality Digest online profiles a feature article by the North American Manufacturing Journalist Thomas R. Cutler in December 2005.

The feature article can be found at and Cutler details the quality process with outside operations-expense management firms is much different. Instead of three steps, there are more than ten documented quality steps depending on the type of solution being offered.

Quality steps for operations-expense management:

* Scanning and bar-coding the bill * Extracting the data * Stage one of bill auditing, which includes auditing 120 data points * Paying the bill * Uploading the data into Web-hosted software * Performing information management functions such as analytics and document storage and retrieval * Invoice auditing * Rate analysis * Benchmarking * Demand-side management * Performing many other operational-expense management services * Budget forecasting and variance reporting

""When performing bill auditing and rate analysis services, many utilities in the United States have errors on at least one to three percent of the bills they send to their customers and have at least some of their customers on the wrong rate. Sometimes finding and fixing these quality mistakes translate into small incremental savings, but other times it's a quality error that can add up to a major erroneous expense,"" said Jeffrey Hart, CEO of Cadence Network, an operations-expense management firm.

Thomas R. Cutler, President & CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based TR Cutler, Inc. (, is the nation's leading manufacturing journalist. Cutler is the founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium of 2000 journalists writing about trends in manufacturing. Cutler is the author of the Manufacturers' Public Relations and Media Guide and a frequently published author within the manufacturing sector...more than 200 feature articles published annually.

TR Cutler, Inc. Thomas Cutler 954-486-7562

# # #

About the author: Professional Marketing Firm

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for your Child

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: In the past, if a child needed a wheelchair parents would simply buy a large chair and let the child grow into it. This should not be the case. Sitting is important to all children. Since most children attend school, increased attention should be provided to them. If they do not have a comfortable wheelchair to use, they will most likely get discouraged from studying.

Today there are many wheelchair style, colors and features available to meet all the needs of younger users. Many manufacturers have developed wheelchairs that will cater to the changing needs of children. There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a wheelchair for your child. The first thing you need to consider is the child's age, abilities and disabilities. It may be in your best interest to consult a professional to decide which type of chair is appropriate for your child. They will determine if your child is suited to use manual chair, powered chair or other wheelchair alternative.

It is likewise important that children and their parents actively participate in the selection process of the wheelchair. They are the individuals most aware of the needs and circumstances in which the wheelchair will be used. So they should work together in choosing the right wheelchair.

There is really no need to rush on buying a chair for your child. It is far better to take sometime than to make a rush decision. You would not want to regret your purchase in the end. That is why it is important that you make an informed decision when it comes to the chair you will use for a considerable amount of time. Realize also that less is more. So use accessories only when necessary. As every wheelchair is as individual as the user, it does not really matter if the chair is really good if it does not fit the child who will use it.

Lastly, it is also important to consider the child's personal interest and choice. The wheelchair will not simply be something he will need. It will also be an expansion of his personality. Hence, comfort in a wheelchair is more than how it feels to the body. It should also be comfortable to the personality.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Power Wheelchairs Company </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Author: by Phillip King

Article: (Don't be the one caught making these mistakes...)

When you stop making the mistakes discussed below, you'll be successful beyond your wildest dreams!

First there was movable type, and then along came mass publishing and finally we are at the most advanced part of the cycle to date --the Internet.

A lot of things have changed? You bet! Or have they? You'll be surprised. This article's discussion is vital to the success of anyone and everyone, as the success building formula have *not* changed from Gutenberg's Press to the days of Instant, ""Everyone Publishing"" on the Internet.


Most of the operations on the Internet are 'copy cats' that are taking one idea and twisting it and then advertising and marketing it as their own. There's nothing wrong with this. Everyone does it. If you look at cars on the street, or even nature, you'll see the copy cats in action. The copy cat formula often is adopted because it is less risky. The car manufacturer knows that the type of model worked for ""A"" and why not for us? Even in nature a very successful fish, bird, or what ever will have a slight modification and then go about on it's own ""tree of life"" and become success for ages, doing just that.

There's no problem with it. However, the issue that is NOT discussed is the of expectations. The returns. When a copy of some work or an idea is floated around with great expectations, note that the work's rewards may not and often do not exceed that of the ORIGINAL IDEA.


An example might be better: You cannot go out and make your own NEW BEETLE(R) car, and then expect to sell as many MY OWN BETTLE cars. The problem on the Internet is that everyone is trying to do this and the end result is that there is mass failure and a lot of people are out their $29.95 or worse, $99.95 and in some cases a lot more!

So, what do you need to DO? You need to commit to a revolution. Perhaps, your car will run 100 MPG or cost 1/2 as much while offering the same quality OR --Some fantastic benefit that the user will RANT and RAVE ABOUT for months and years. That's what you need to do. You need something with benefit, benefit, benefit and more benefit.

Chasing the same old tale and following the same old 'gurus' and the latest flavor of ""Tips and Tricks"" will get you nowhere.


Most people on the Internet working with Affiliate programs, network marketing programs and everything in between often forget WHY people are on the Internet and what they are doing. Most often they are seeking information and often that is for self improvement.

Why is someone looking for higher education? Why is someone looking for a trip? Why is someone looking at safety standards of passenger cars? Why is someone filling out a questionnaire about their personal information at a dating site? Why are they doing that?


Most of the time, using the above examples, there is only one reason --Higher education to get a better job or a raise or... Checking trip details to plan a vacation. Just a look at what you can get for your money. The personal information is completed to find a partner --someone to share life with.

With all these needs, with all these wants, moving around the same ""OLD STUFF"" will get you nowhere. When you are working with any type of business what you need to do is keep the customer needs in mind. What the customer wants is the key and when they get it, they will be happy and pave the path to gold that you seek.

If you don't meet the customers' demands, then you might as well not even get started!

BULLET #3: THE LAST of the SNIPER's BULLET: (?????) The last of the 3 deadly bullets is something that we don't realize we are doing and a day or two will march by. Then we keep doing it, and a month or two march by. Before you know it, years have gone by.

Life is short! We're luckily to live long... So,

I am not going to tell you what it is. In fact, the very aspect of it should be worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS to you, regardless of what you do. The idea of it (F) is very special and if you concentrate on (O) what I am writing and you take a pencil and note down some of the letters that ""pop out"" at you, you'll see ONE WORD, just ONE WORD that will make the difference (C) for many of you. It will (U) turn whatever that you are working on and take that idea and ENERGIZE it 100% and turbo charge the launch of it. (S). Then you will understand the importance of it and what it can do, not just in your life, not just in your work, not just at your job --but in everything you do. When you wake up in the morning and make your list of things ""to do"" and then apply the very idea, you will learn that step by step, you *will* make a difference.

You will succeed. That is how success on the Internet or for that matter anywhere that success is 'appreciated', you'll find the roots of this idea.

Often people like to be at the corner office. Often people like to be at the top of the building. Often you'll have email, music and even a phone connected to your PC while working.

There's a major problem in that --then you've lost it. You've lost what you need because with each email, with each note or phone ring, there's yet again someone knocking! Again.

Then you've lost it. Sure, you need to do some of this stuff. It's life. It's all Good and Fun --but you don't need it all the time. Switch it off. Turn it off. Unplug it. Get your ""GAME SET"" going. Get your ""SUCCESS MODE"" >>ON<< and MOVE IT!

NOW ON to a REVOLUTION YOU NEED to BECOME PART OF EVERTHING that you DO or want to DO: See the below link! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Entrepreneur Phillip King is part of a worldwide network that tests and authenticates Internet Success, one step at a time. You can see his work at his personal site at

Revenue*CHECK: Learn what works and what does not on the Internet, AND WHY! ----------------------------------------------------------------- ---

About the author: Phillip King is an entreprenour working with some of the top internet guru's helping achieve marketing excellence from what works and does not. Extensive levels of internet marketing have been achieved and now being implemented for further advancement in the recent internet changes.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Consumer Website Marketing With Content: The Case Of Amazon

Author: Joel Walsh

Article: Amazon is widely recognized as the most successful ecommerce site in history. Much discussion has been devoted to the role of Amazon's affiliate program, website usability, website personalization, and capital investments. But little attention has been paid to the vital role content plays on the Amazon site, and how big an advantage Amazon has over its competitors thanks to content.

How Does Amazon Use Content?

Unlike most ecommerce sites, Amazon doesn't stop at a simple product image and a blurb.

* Amazon includes just about every bit of text the manufacturer or publisher of the item provided. For books, this is the publisher's description and selected quotations of reviews.

* Then there are the famous user reviews. A lot of sites give visitors an opportunity to cast a review, but few sites accord their reviews the pride of place that Amazon does, with the result that there is rarely a product or book on Amazon that doesn't have at least a few reviews.

* Finally, there are the original reviews Amazon's in-house writers create. Even with a wealth of content it does not have to pay a writer for, Amazon still sees the value in professionally crafted words.

What Advantages Does Web Content Bring Amazon?

* Eyeballs. A visitor who is reading something is much more likely to stick around the site. And as every web marketer knows, the longer the visit, the better the chance of them buying something. Meanwhile, you're much more likely to turn to Amazon in the future when you're in the early stages of shopping. After all, Amazon is one of the few ecommerce sites that actually provides the information you need to make a decision.

* Mindshare. Were you ever sitting on the fence about buying something, until you read something on Amazon that sold you? You probably didn't realize it at the time--we all like to think our decisions are ours alone and not the product of careful marketing--but carefully placed content was working its magic on your decision-making.

* Trust. An oft-overlooked dimension of content on ecommerce is sites is how it can built trust enough in visitors to make them feel comfortable pulling out their credit cards. The ultimate trust issue in ecommerce is that the product isn't really what the visitor wants, that when it finally arrives it won't be quite what you had in mind. Detailed information about the item goes a long way to assuaging those fears.

* Search engine traffic. Certainly there have been numerous times when you've searched on a product or book name and Amazon was one of the first results. How often do you see Overstock-com or BarnesandNoble-com appear? How could they? They don't have anywhere near as much text for a search engine to base its listing on.

* Reduced advertising expenditures. Overstock-com has launched a relatively massive (for the web world) television advertising campaign along with a significant web advertising campaign. It's even followed through on the campaign with a lot of truly great bargains. Yet Amazon-com is still number-one in ecommerce and has not felt the need to make a big splash on offline media in quite a while. When you have the search engine traffic and mindshare that website content brings, even the biggest advertising budgets will have a hard time unseating you.

In short, Amazon may have the most sophisticated and carefully fine-tuned ecommerce operation in existence, but it still appreciates one of the most time-honored methods of selling something: words. If your business doesn't have the advertising budget of Overstock-com or the brand recognition of Barnes and Noble, that's an encouraging fact indeed.

About the author: Joel Walsh, who has no affiliation with, writes on web content and business marketing. Contact Joel to discuss your <a href="""">business web content copywriting</a>:

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Brand Management Hassles Relieved by Online Storage

Author: Harry Chittenden

Article: According to branding guru, Jerry Robinson, creativity, profitability and morale all rise when the large file in branding projects are available to everyone involved.

Robinson has been a creative director for 20 years and has managed countless projects for countless companies (Revlon, Marriot, and Citicorp Global Payment Products, to name just a few). Operationally, one thing has consistently driven him crazy: effective management of the files used to create and support brand identity. These files include advertisements, radio and TV commercials, photographs, and design assets like logos and fonts.

""If I had a dollar for the number of times clients have called with the following request,"" said Robinson, ""I'd be rich. It goes like this, 'Hi Jerry. Do you remember that logo you configured for the new product roll-out last year? Would you please email it to me? I have a deadline this afternoon.'""

Robinson said that he gets ruffled for a couple of reasons. First of all, why doesn't the client have a copy of the logo? The client paid for it. It's an integral part of its brand asset base. Why isn't the company taking better care of its brand assets? Does it leave its other assets strewn about with venders around the country?

Secondly, someone at his firm has to stop what he is doing and hunt for the logo. That person has to put aside paying work and search for something that was last seen 18 months ago. ""Of course, I have no choice but to charge the client for looking for an asset that rightfully should be in its possession, but I risk angering the client. Why, the client reasons, should I pay for something that I already paid for last year? Who can blame them?"" he said.

Here's another scenario. The printer has set an absolute deadline for an eight-page positioning brochure at eight a.m. tomorrow.

""My designer is in St. Petersburg, my writer is in Cincinnati, and my client is in Dallas,"" said Robinson. ""Everyone wants to make last minute changes. The only way I can aggregate the files that the printer needs along with everyone's input is to spend a fortune on overnight delivery fees (most likely private couriers).""

Finally, workflow can be a nightmare when part of the team is off-site, which occurs more and more with the increasing effectiveness of the internet. If more than one person is working on a file, is it the most up-to-date version? Who has access to it? Who is authorized to make changes?

Sending these files via email can spoil a nice day. According to Robinson, many if not most megafiles are too large to make it through ordinary email channels. And internal networks are hyper-security conscience and can halt a project for a day or more while someone figures out why a file cannot be accessed by the designer from his home.

The solution is <a href="""">online storage</a>, a hard drive on a computer (server) with access to the internet. Anyone with access to the internet theoretically has access to the storage. In actual fact the storage is protected by user-names and passwords.

Robinson said that in order to be effective as a project management and a brand management tool, the storage must possess several features.

First of all it must have a flexible access capability. Say your company is working on an annual report with Ad Agency A and a catalogue with Ad Agency B. What you don't want is for Ad Agency A's work to get mixed up with Ad Agency B's work. Consequently, you want Agency A to have access to certain folders and sub-folders and nothing else; same with agency B.

Second, you want both agencies to be able to upload and download into their respective folders.

Third, team members must be able to see at a glance what the files and folders are. Legible descriptions and thumbnails pictures for graphics are a must.

Fourth, the company needs a place where it can archive it's brand assets where they will be easy to find and available for future projects as needed.

Finally, the system must be economical.

After exploring the market, Robinson found that some of the digital asset management, licensed- software solutions would work, but were very expensive, well out of the reach of most businesses. Other online storage solutions are cheaper, but don't offer the features necessary for best practices brand management.

""With a backlog of frustration and a passion for eliminating it,"" he said, ""I worked for several years to create a solution for managing brand asset and came up with For the last year has done a great job of making brand management easier for companies and allowing branding professionals to do their job of promoting brand identity rather than functioning as digital asset file clerks.""

Robinson's solution is available at He offers a 30-day free trial as well as an online demo.

About the author: <a href="""">Harry Chittenden</a> of Chittenden Communications promotes ideas and companies in the media and on the internet.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tips For Using Video & Web Conferencing To Train, Manage And Support Your Sales Team

Author: Dan Richmond

Article: If you have a large sales force, spread out over wide distances, or if you have a small staff in various locations, then video and web conferencing is an ideal way to train, manage and support your team. In case you are wondering what online conferencing has to do with managing and training a sales force, here are a few ways to utilize this new technology.

1. Hold Virtual Online Sales Meetings

Instead of calling all your representatives to one physical point, you can set up a web conference and meet with them online. Your sales people only need a computer and a broadband connection to the Internet and they will be able to take part in the online sales meeting. The newest conferencing systems have a real time notepad allowing online brainstorming.

2. Hold Meetings More Frequently

Whenever your organization holds a physical meeting, then you have to pay a cost in terms of travel as well as in time lost from normal work. For this reason meetings have to be scheduled carefully and not too frequently. When the meetings are held online, the ""opportunity costs"" of your meetings are reduced because no one has to leave his or her location in order to attend. This should make it possible to hold your sales meetings more frequently, and take advantage of improved communication with lower costs.

3. Show Your Staff How to use Video Conferencing to Sell to and Support Customers

As you get more accustomed to online conferencing with your staff, you can use these meetings to train your staff in online conferencing skills so that they in turn can reach their contacts, clients and customers using the same online conferencing technology. Your sales people can meet a contact ""face to face"" online, demonstrate products and even perform after-sales service without leaving their offices once they become familiar with online conferencing. Your regularly scheduled online meetings offer a great opportunity to impart these skills to your staff.

4. Get Valuable Feedback From Your Team With Online Conferencing

Meetings do not have be a one-way street where only the organizer or presenter gives information or instructions to the attendees. Rather, online conferencing makes it possible for the executives to get valuable feedback from the field. For example, you can take a poll of your organization or get information via an online survey using the new instant polling and survey features of the newer web conferencing systems.

5. Inspire Your Team With Guest Speakers and Special Presentations

Once you have your online conferencing system set up, you can announce and hold meetings whenever you like. Use this channel of communication to educate and inspire your staff with the best speakers in your particular field of activity. Your guest presenters do not even have to come into your office, they too can participate online which will save you a lot of money in transportation and lodging costs.

Once you get the hang of online conferencing you will probably be able to add to this list and come up with even more ideas on training and supporting your sales team.

About the author: Dan Richmond is Co-founder of MegaMeeting provides Web & <a href="""">Video Conferencing services <a> for individuals & businesses. For more information, please visit <a href=""""> or call 818.783.4311.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Be Wary of Green Washing

Author: Brad Hole

Article: Products on market today that claim to be recycled or have recycled content in them may not be true. Because there are not any regulations in place about recycled content, it's often confusing and misleading to consumers. By distinguishing the difference between what Post Consumer Waste and Post Industrial Waste, Consumers can make more educated decisions on the products that they purchase.

Post-Consumer Waste can be defined as paper that has already been used and returned through a recycling program, and keeping it out of the landfill. This process usually involves removing the inks from these materials and then processed to make new paper or board. Office paper waste makes up the majority of post-consumer waste content that is used to make recycled copy and printing papers.

Pre-Consumer or Post Industrial Waste can be materials that have not met their intended end-use by a consumer and include allowable waste left over from manufacturing, converting, and printing processes. Examples: mill-converting scraps or trim to pulp substitutes.

Some products claim to have recycled content by using mill broke (trim and bi-product removed during production) and low or no Post Consumer Content. Read the fine print! As a nation, we create a lot of post consumer waste that should be converted into new materials. Rebinder is made from a minimum of 35-38% Post Consumer Recycled Waste.

There are some binders on the market claiming to be made from ""Recycled Vinyl"". Vinyl is not recyclable unless you are using left over bi-product from producing vinyl binders! It's great that they are reusing the waste that they produce, but don't be confused with the idea that people are recycling their used recycled binders.

Another binder manufacturer on the market, claims that their product is ""PVC Free"" and ""100% Recyclable"". The ring metals are riveted into the plastic. If you can find some way to disassemble this binder, just try recycling one of these binders at your curbside one week. Your curbside recycling pick up will not take it!

Why buy a product that is not recycled or cannot be recycled? We are confident that you will find our <a href="""">recycled binders</a> to be as durable as a vinyl binder. Replacing your cover with a new one is cost effective and easy to do.

Protect Your Documents While Protecting Your Environment! REBINDER

About the author: Brad Hole is President of Sustainable Group ; a Seattle based company that manufactures environmentally friendly office supplies.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4 Reasons Why You Need Testimonials to Sell More

Author: Neil Sagebiel

Article: The other day I was writing a sales brochure for a West Coast manufacturer. As I got to what I'll call the ""proof"" section of the brochure, I was rummaging around for testimonials. The company already had a full-blown Web site and a solid PowerPoint presentation. So I was hopeful that I'd find some ready made testimonials or at least some material I could use to create some.

As it turned out, they had one case study with a couple of customer quotes. I pieced together the material to create one measly testimonial. It was less than adequate.

Well, maybe it's no big deal. After all, I wrote strong copy. Why even bother with testimonials? I'll give you four good reasons.

<b>1. Credibility</b>

Testimonials give your company, product, or service credibility. Everyone is bombarded with advertising messages every day. It's a brutal marketplace. If you want to sell something to somebody, you stand a much better chance if you can convince them that you're credible. Testimonials are like references on a resume. They're the people who vouch for you.

<b>2. Identification</b>

Your prospects identify with your customers who are providing the testimonials. They have similar concerns, problems, hopes and desires. They commiserate. This is good. You want this in your marketing. (Sorry, but your prospects don't identify with you. Not really. You're trying to sell them something!)

<b>3. Proof</b>

Proof, alone, is reason enough to gather and use testimonials. This is where your customers say, in effect, ""They're right, Mr. or Ms. Prospect. They can save you 50% ... or make you feel 18 again ... or make you enough money to retire at 50. They did it for me and I'm thrilled!"" Testimonials notarize your marketing speak.

<b>4. Closure</b>

Testimonials help close the sale. Sure, they can be used throughout a marketing piece. But they definitely come in handy toward the end. You've introduced the problem or need, your product or service, the features and benefits, and more. Then you line up your testimonials, all the customers whose heads are nodding and saying, ""Yep, it worked for me."" Soon after, you ask for the order.

For many reasons, testimonials give your prospects the confidence they need to buy from you for the first time. And once your prospects turn into new customers, the door to repeat sales swings wide open.

(c) 2005 Neil Sagebiel

About the author: Neil Sagebiel is a veteran copywriter who has served clients such as Microsoft, The Seattle Times, Lucent Technologies, March of Dimes, Airborne Express and Unisys. To sign up for his FREE expert tips to help you write better and sell more, visit

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Monday, April 14, 2008

What Do You Mean I Am A Product?! (Career Marketing 101)

Author: Alesia Benedict, CPRW, JCTC

Article: Job search seems to have many hurdles to overcome - resume, interview technique, appearance, and networking are challenges that job seekers face. These hurdles are surmountable with a strong job search plan and dedicated execution. Job seekers need to apply traditional advertising and marketing methods to their job search to achieve results. By thinking of themselves as the ""product"" and the employer as the ""buyer"" job seekers can approach their career transitions from a sales aspect.

Market Analysis

Most job seekers have no clear concept of their target market, the conditions of the market, and the types of employers whom would hire them. They need to conduct a market analysis similar to what most business owners have developed as part of a business plan. The business owner must conduct some sort of market analysis to determine to whom they are going to be selling their products or services, to create a profile of their target customer, to describe their competition, and to find out the conditions of the current market. Job seekers should go through the same process.

Job seekers should educate themselves on the conditions of the employment and economic markets in their targeted geographic area. They must research companies in either the industry or area to create a profile that includes financial conditions, past activities, names of executives, products, services, financial forecasts, etc. for each company. By doing this, job seekers get a good picture of their target ""buyer"" - who they are, what they do, how much money they can spend, and if they are planning on being around for awhile.

Scoping out the competition is also important for job seekers. The market is flush with very qualified, highly experienced professionals who are offering ""buyers"" (employers) skills and knowledge that are all very similar. Job seekers need to find out what kind of competition they face - what they are offering employers, what salaries they are seeking, what benefits they are seeking, and what type of skills/experience combinations they are offering. One method is to contact target companies and ask what skills/experience the employees they've hired in the past six months possess. Job seekers can also talk with executive recruiters to find out what they see in the market conditions and what they expect for the next six months.

Pricing is important in a market analysis. Salary levels can be researched through the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, and from scanning most recent job advertisements. In a buyers' market, prices go down; therefore, salaries are going down. Salaries have fallen from a high in 2000 to levels last seen in 1998 and are continuing to slide. Many job seekers price themselves out of the market because they do not know what their skills are currently worth. Job seekers who find out what salaries they can expect and market their skills with that salary in mind will receive better job search results.

Target Market

Location, buying power, motivation, industry - all are aspects of a target market. If Santa's chief elf gets downsized because suddenly Santa decides it's cheaper to outsource to Thailand, Mr. Elf has very few alternatives at the North Pole for work. Toy makers are overseas or in the US, not the North Pole. He can search for a job all he wishes at the North Pole but if the work isn't there, he will not have success. Location is a key factor in a job search.

Buying power is expressed through stock prices, growth forecasts, quarterly reports, annual reports, and spending. A company in stable growth mode has buying power - it can meet payroll and will be less likely to lay off. Determining the buying power/financial status of the target market (employers) is vital to a successful job search. Many people have not done this research, accepted a position, and found themselves laid off again in a month and a half or so.

Career Branding

Career branding is a hot term in the employment industry these days. Technically, career branding is simply building a great reputation in your career on purpose and then leveraging that reputation to further build your career. In traditional business, branding is a promise of an experience. If you see an advertisement for Coca-Cola, you automatically think of a cool, refreshing beverage. Coke has worked diligently over the years to establish their brand. To some degree, job seekers can do the same thing with their careers by documenting their achievements, working hard on their skills, and building a good reputation within their industries.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing in a job search is getting your message directly to the buyer. In this case, that means getting your resume directly to the decision-maker. Most job seekers have difficulty with this task. How do you identify the decision-maker? Many job seekers are turning to resume blasting services that employ databases full of hiring managers, recruiters, and other people in hiring positions. Just as traditional business people purchase mailing lists, job seekers can purchase resume blasts that send their resumes to members of similar databases. Typical results for direct marketing is around 1-2% response rate. Resume blasts tend to have similar results but they are relatively inexpensive and may be worth the effort.

Research companies can be hired to target specific industries, companies, or other sectors based on specified parameters. These companies can gather very specific information, often mining down to the direct decision-maker, but their fees are higher than resume blasting services. For the serious job seeker who does not have the time or the abilities to do serious data mining for contact information, this can be an investment in career search that pays off.

Print Advertising

Career print advertising is the resume and accompanying documents such as cover letters, project details, portfolios, and biographies. Most job seekers feel a self-written resume and supporting documents are fine but it is interesting to note that big companies rarely do their own print advertising in-house. They concentrate on doing what they do best - providing goods and services - and outsource advertising to experts in the field. In recent years, more and more professionals, especially those who are intent on career success, seek the services of professional resume writers and career coaches to assist them in effectively marketing their careers.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Simply put, word of mouth advertising is networking. Someone talking to another about the benefits of ""buying"" a ""product"". As any business owner can tell you, word of mouth advertising is the least expensive, most effective, and longest-lasting of all forms of advertising. Unfortunately, most job seekers use this method least because it seems so difficult. A good career coach can be invaluable in teaching job seekers networking and helping them overcome their fears of talking to others concerning their careers.

About the author: Published in 25 career books, Alesia has been cited by Jist Publications as one of the ""best resume writers in North America"" and quoted as a Career Expert in the Wall Street Journal. Serving as the Resume Expert for over 50+ organizations, she has numerous media appearances to her credit and is a frequent keynote speaker.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trading stock options

Author: David C Skul

Article: Nowadays the trade of stock options is done extremely often, an because of the large number of brokerages that can be found online, and also the large quantity of information about trade stock options available.

Also, trade stock options is quite easy to learn, but if you intend to make big sums of money you must wait for the skill to improve with time. The management and tehniques of making big money must be exercised a lot, and you must learn to control and hide your emotions if you wish to achieve success in the trade of stock options.

If you decide to invest in a company's stocks you should know that your investment and each share you've bought represents your interest in that company, and you must control your investment wisely. Having a background in the trade of stock options and share investment helps a lot and gives your investment more chances.

A stock option represents a contract which empowers you to sell (action known as a put option) or buy (action known as a call option) a number shares at an established price and on an established date.

The most widespread method of trade stock options is to trade these standard contract. There are two stock options traders in Europe, and six major ones in the US, and each of them trades standard option contracts. These trades can be traded independently too, but one of these independent parts is a large financial company.

In order to trade stock options you need to own an option account. If you wish to create such an account you need to talk to your broker, then you will sign a declaration that you understand the risks, which is required for the broker's protection if you sue him due to big money losses, thing which was successfully done in the past.

So, think wisely and gain experience before starting to trade stock options.

About the author: SEO Solutions and <a href="""">one way link</a> publicity services provided by LinkAcquire.CEO and Relativity, Inc. can provide <a href="""">global market</a> exposure and solutions. So, if you want to find out more about <a href="""">Trade Stock Options</a>, please click this link.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A simple way of getting stock option advices

Author: David C Skul

Article: If you are in the need of guidance and looking for stock option advices the best thing to do is to subscribe to a newsletter and create an account on an Internet page that is qualified in this domain. Once you've done that you'll always know many useful informations like if it is safer to invest only in stocks or in stocks linked to options, how you can insure the value of your portfolio or how you can make dividend-like incomes from non dividend paying stocks.

Stock option advices and newsletters can be found in a large number on the Internet and by subscribing to the one that you decide it's best for you can help a lot by giving many details and stock option advices. The information you will receive should contain examples, graphs, charts and tables that will inform and help both the experienced users and the new ones.

Also, along with the precious stock option advices you will receive information about valuable investments, links to other sites important in this domain, and rules, tips & tricks of trading for example.

If you wish, you can give the stock option advice newsletter an hour at which you are available ant you will be called and informed about the best investments that suit your needs and fit the criteria you've given before.

If you decide to subscribe to one of these stock option advice newsletters perform a thorough search on the Internet before, and from the many results found pick the one that you find that fits your needs and requirements. You can try the stock option advice newsletter for free in the beginning because most of them are offering a trial period.

An extremely good use of stock option advices newsletters is that they can help you be among the first persons that get the online press releases on stocks. Monitoring the Internet in the search for these press releases and stock option advices by yourself may take up all your spare time, so the best and easiest method is to simply subscribe, and as soon as the stock option advice or the press release appears you will receive an email that notifies you.

So, if you wish to achieve success in this domain where the market is always shifting from one direction to another, and always get the proper stock option advices, simply subscribe.

About the author: SEO Solutions and <a href="""">one way link</a> publicity services provided by LinkAcquire.CEO and Relativity, Inc. can provide <a href="""">global market</a> exposure and solutions. So, if you want to find out more about <a href="""">Stock Option Advice</a>, please click this link.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic

Author: Neil Sagebiel

Article: In his classic best-seller, <i>How To Win Friends And Influence People</i>, Dale Carnegie's second chapter is entitled The Big Secret of Dealing With People. The secret is summed up in this principle: Give honest and sincere appreciation.

Carnegie said there is only one way to get anybody to do anything -- by making the person want to do it. How can you encourage customers to say good things about you and give you referrals? By giving them what they and all human beings crave: honest and sincere appreciation.

<b>The Two Magic Words</b>

The big secret of dealing with people (or customers) is often overlooked or forgotten. It's simply saying ""thank you"" consistently, personally and, above all, sincerely. These two words work marketing magic because customers want to feel important.

Saying ""thank you"" is an act of kindness, besides. But don't say ""thank you"" for the sake of flattery. It must be sincere. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, ""You can never say anything but what you are.""

<b>""Thank You"" Promotes Referrals</b>

The uncertainty of referrals can be disconcerting. Can you control them? No. Can you influence them? Absolutely.

First you must provide a valuable product or service for customers. (You're already doing this, right?) But perhaps you can make an even bigger difference in their minds by your continued interest after you've delivered the product or service.

Each customer has a different level of satisfaction with your products and services. However, all customers to whom you say ""thank you"" are satisfied that they're important to you. This can determine whether you'll continue a relationship with them and get referrals.

<b>""Thank You"" as Direct Mail or E-mail</b>

If you've never used direct mail and are considering it, start a thank-you correspondence program. If you've used direct mail or e-mail but haven't sent thank-you letters or e-mails, start now.

The thank-you letter or e-mail to your customers is targeted (you know them, they know you), personal and effective. It's guaranteed to receive a positive response.

Furthermore, it's a pleasant surprise if it's snail mail. They see your envelope. They think, this must be something for me to review, to sign, or worse a bill. Surprise! They're appreciated; they're important. And you're the one telling them so.

Write a thank-you letter or e-mail at every opportunity. But don't send one with an invoice or other correspondence. Always send it separately.

<b>Writing the Thank-You Letter or E-mail</b>

The thought behind a thank-you letter or e-mail may seem simple, but writing one can be tricky. Here are 9 tips for writing a winning thank-you letter or e-mail:

1. <i>Keep it brief.</i> A half dozen lines (or fewer) are sufficient.

2. <i>Make it sincere.</i> This is crucial. If you aren't careful, it can sound awkward, even when you're trying to be sincere.

3. <i>Start with ""thank you.""</i> Dear Ms. Johnson (or first name, if appropriate): Thank you for ...

4. <i>Make the tone warm, but professional.</i> Be friendly, but keep it businesslike.

5. <i>Reinforce a positive.</i> Jog their memory of a positive aspect of the relationship.

6. <i>Offer your continued support.</i> If I can help, please call ...

7. <i>End with ""thank you.""</i> Thanks again for ...

8. <i>Use an appropriate closing.</i> Sincerely, Best regards.

9. <i>No ulterior motive.</i> Make it a pure ""thank you,"" otherwise sincerity is jeopardized.

Remember: Saying ""thank you"" is part of building strong customer relationships over time. Use these two magic words consistently and watch your repeat business and referrals grow.

(c) 2005 Neil Sagebiel

About the author: Neil Sagebiel is a veteran copywriter who has served clients such as Microsoft, The Seattle Times, Lucent Technologies, March of Dimes, Airborne Express and Unisys. To sign up for his FREE expert tips to help you write better and sell more, visit

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Buy Unique Visitors PPC Submissions

Author: Joe Sansoucie

Article: Guaranteed visitors sounds good doesn't it? Targeted interested people reading your copy, your titles and clicking on your links. Where do you find the kind of visitors that are air breathing, mouse clicking ever looking for the silver bullet that will set their income on fire?

Well you can do it many ways for free online and those types of promotions should not be ignored of course but the most direct method is to buy unique visitors. You may or may not have ever used pay per click marketing but those who do seem to always produce better sales and signup numbers than those marketers who only use the free resources.

Are you one of them?

Now in order to use ppc advertising you as a business owner must know who your target market is before you start any promotional campaigns. Targeting the wrong market is as bad as not doing any marketing at all. They produce the same results for you, nothing.

If you've never use pay per click marketing or used a ppc submission service the best advice I can offer is to start with the smaller less expensive resources before you go dropping serious coin at the major three. If your total monthly budget is less than $100.00 then the major three will burn that up depending on the keyword set you use in a matter of hours or days.

Can you afford to stay in the game? If your sales copy converts well then your budget should be able to grow as your sales increase over time. The problem it seems is that everyone thinks and what really is confusing is that the also believe that success is just a mouse click away so why bother with learning about keywords branding or anything else? The money will just magically appear in their laps!

A fool and his money are soon parted. Goes for the gals too!

Ok back to reality. It takes three to five years to build any real business online or off. The reason is that we must first identify who our customers are and how to attract them to your site so they can either buy now, bookmark and visit later to buy or leave never to return.

Knowing who to target makes it an easier job of getting guaranteed visitors who are also highly targeted to your offers. When you buy unique visitors you have what's called ""fresh people"" or eyeballs looking at your offer. Now if the flow of traffic is solid and constant then testing your ad copy and headlines will reveal the path to the success you desire.

Not tracking is the single best way to lose big money!

As a business owner you must always test test and re-test in order to find what works. With the resources available online today it is not hard to find the guaranteed visitors you need at a price you can afford to use for a decent length of time. With out the time to test your headlines you will be wasting your money when you use ppc submission. PPC advertising is a craft, an aquired skill if you will that takes time and patients to mature into a profitable skill.

If you are new to pps advertising then it may seem very laborous to create even a short list of keywords that properly identify your target market. Your target market is those people who are more than a little interested in what you are offering. This make it easier for you to build a tageted list of folks who desire to hear more of what you are offering.

Even a small list under one hundred members can produce a substantial income for you provided you have taken the time to create that very important keyword list.

Ask others who are not familiar with your business to read your copy and give you feedback. It may surprise you how far off you really are from what you thought was the correct target.

Proper and careful use of the power of pay per click marketing does and will produce the results you are looking for. It's just a matter of getting guarantee visitors who are also targeted to your offer. You have nothing to lose but sales, signups and new members joining your programs if you aren't already using ppc advertising.

The bottom line is this. If you don't have traffic then buy unique visitors for your online business and track the results. Don't be afraid to test every word of your healine and descriptions to squeeze every once of fat from it so it's just the steak. Give your interested visitors what they want or you will lose them forever which would be a total waste of your time and money. Time is money.

Don't just think about getting unique visitors, actually take the action. You will be happy with the results.

About the author: Joe Sansoucie is the owner of the Pay Per Click search engine where every Thursday evening he hosts a keyword workshop for new online business owners in an effort to help them identify and successfully target their market. Visit Joe here.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Ease your work with powerful stock option software

Author: David C Skul

Article: When working in the stock market you definitely need as much help as you can get. That's why new stock option software is continuously being developed. You can find a wide range of stock option software that can substantially ease your work available for purchasing on the Internet.

Among these powerful software packages you can find stock option software trading platforms that can monitor, analyze and trade option derivates and equities. This type of stock option software uses the Internet, and it can automatically update itself. Trading platforms are also going to be released for use on palmtops. With a simple palmtop, the proper stock option software and a wireless connection to the Internet trade can be done anywhere in the simplest manner possible.

If you need a research based option calculator you can also find a software that can turn your computer into a very performant one. Option calculators that also return bottom line information have been developed.

A really good use of stock option software is helping you to be the first person to get the online press releases on stocks. You could obtain these press releases by monitoring the Internet yourself, but this involves a lot of time. So, the best way is to have someone do this for you. This is where stock option software intervenes - you can purchase stock option software that monitors financial news web pages, and quickly notifies you about the press releases. Many programs that do this can be found on the Internet al quite low prices, 20-30 dollars. There also are newsletters that you can subscribe to and you can use if you don't have full Internet access but you own an email account. You will receive emails as soon as the press releases come out. The disadvantage is that you only find out about them when you check your email.

Therefore the market is full of stock option software and a simple search will help you find exactly the software package that suits you best.

About the author: SEO Solutions and <a href="""">one way link</a> publicity services provided by LinkAcquire. CEO and Relativity, Inc. can provide <a href="""">global market</a> exposure and solutions. So, if you want to find out more about <a href="""">Trade Stock Options</a>, please click this link.

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Pay for performance stock options strategies

Author: David C Skul

Article: Companies and company managers have always had the problem of motivating and increasing the work-power of employees, because many of them don't see the difference between working slower or harder. Therefore, new stock options strategies of attracting and motivating employees appeared. One of these strategies is the pay for performance method. Pay for performance consists in rewards (usually money) given to the employees who work according to certain criteria set up by the employer. Most of the companies consider this strategy good while others say that it has ruined their plans. The goal of the pay per performance stock options strategies is to raise the company's performance, based on the fact that today the best way of motivating someone to work harder is using money.

Another of the stock options strategies of motivation is the recognition of the employees' achievements. You can alternately reward them not necessarily by using money, but by offering the some other benefits, such as free tennis lessons for example.

Giving rewards for motivations is a method used widely in today's society. It is the same thing when a mother or a teacher rewards the child to motivate him to learn better.

However, there also are some disadvantages to this stock options strategies - for example the employees can turn on each other, and not work together anymore, which would divide the company. Some say that money can't do good motivation, and that it can only be done by the excitement of the job.

Some statistics discovered that many of the large companies have tried and then stopped using this stock-option strategies. In the past stock bonuses were regarded as great by the workers, but now the economy has changed and they are not too profitable.

Therefore, these pay per performance stock options strategies are not too efficient overall, but they can give good results in some certain cases, at some companies they work efficiently. It is important to analyze the need and options of your company careful before proceeding to use these stock options strategies.

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Monday, April 07, 2008

The Mighty Marketing Brochure

Author: Neil Sagebiel

Article: ""Brochure"" is French, and it comes from brocher, meaning to stitch. According to <i>The American Heritage Dictionary</I>, a brochure is ""a small booklet or pamphlet, often containing promotional material or product information.""

Accurate, yes. And also incomplete.

For one thing, brochures aren't always small. Sometimes they're quite large. As for brochure contents, they vary greatly depending on the situation. A brochure definitely can be more than a pamphlet or small booklet, coming in all shapes, sizes and a range of folds.

While brochures are found practically everywhere -- used by businesses and organizations of all types and sizes -- they're not the answer to all communication needs. Nor are they obsolete due to the Web.

<b>What Can a Brochure Do?</b>

Actually, a lot. First, determine your purpose or objectives.

Will your brochure generate sales or leads? Fulfill inquiries, support the sales force or be displayed at the point of sale? Will you use your brochure as a direct-mail piece or a leave-behind?

The brochure can do one or all of the above with careful planning. Here are some more functions of the brochure:

*Provide product and service information</br>

*Support trade shows and conventions</br>

*Provide news (about products, services, company, industry)</br>

*Build company identity</br>

*Educate prospects and customers</br>

What are you trying to accomplish? Once you decide, you're ready to start putting your brochure together.

<b>What Goes in a Brochure?</b>

Following are some common subjects for three areas brochures cover most: products, services and corporate or organization capabilities.






*How It Works</br>






*Company history</br>

*Call to action</br>

*Client list</br>

*Mission statement or business philosophy</br>


*Contact info</br>

<b>Keep It Simple</b>

Although a brochure can do a lot, keep it simple. Zero in on your audience and purpose, and the rest will fall into place. Consider the format, page size and how the brochure will fold. Decide on visuals, fonts, colors, paper stock and other design characteristics.

As for copy, put a strong headline on the cover. Capture the right tone, and make sure copy has a logical flow. As a rule, keep sections short, incorporating plenty of subheads.

It's always wise to include a call to action. What do you want people to do after they read the brochure? Finally, make sure you know how your brochure fits into your overall marketing program.

(c) 2005 Neil Sagebiel

About the author: Neil Sagebiel is a veteran copywriter who has served clients such as Microsoft, The Seattle Times, Lucent Technologies, March of Dimes, Airborne Express and Unisys. To sign up for his FREE expert tips to help you write better and sell more, visit

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

The 7 Components Of Effective Website Design And Marketing

Author: Chris Swemba

Article: 1. Target Audience: (Who Buys From You?) The foundation of effective web marketing is the 'who.' Determining your target audience, their needs, wants, level of knowledge, goals, etc is critical to creating a website that will be effective at either lead generation or e-commerce.

2. Core Message: (What Exactly do You Offer?) Flowing directly from who you want to target, is the question of what you want to say to them. Your core message delivers your value proposition in a clear and compelling way. Your core message is not a mission statement, or an executive summary of your strategic plan. Your core message is essentially a list of the reasons that people do business with you - written from their perspective.

3. Site Structure: (Is it Easy to Navigate) Many websites are little more than on-line brochures. Visitors are free to click between this page and that, reading a little here and a little there. The result is that a site visitor develops very little emotional attachment, and the 'back button' is increasingly enticing. Sales people intuitively understand that their message must be delivered in the right sequence - A, B, C, then D, which leads to E. A website that is carefully structured can accomplish this same effect, building understanding and buy-in, step-by-step. At the end of that 'presentation' the visitor takes the next step willingly.

4. Calls to Action: (Ask People to Buy!) Asking a site visitor to take the next step is the 'call to action'. This is the ""contact us"", ""join our mailing list"", or ""sign up today"" option, which informs the site visitor of the correct next step. Most people are grateful to be guided through the process of evaluating a product or service, so if you tell them that the next step is to sign up for a 30-day trial, many of them will.

5. Lead Capture: (Get Their Contact Info) Actually capturing contact (and qualification) information from leads is relatively easy with today's technology. Some simple web scripts and an effective 'off the shelf' business database are all that are needed. Many companies set up automated responses, saving time and energy, and ensuring that their sales people spend personal time with only the most qualified leads.

6. Good Graphic Design: (Makes You Look ""Bigger""!) Unfortunately, many companies spend 90% of their web budget on graphic design, and only 10% on 'the other stuff'. Graphic design serves two purposes: 1) to establish credibility, and 2) to entice visitors to read your text. Credibility is established when a company uses effective graphic design and 'looks big'. On-line it's hard to tell, but poor graphic design leads visitors to believe that your company is small. Once credibility is established, visitors will spend some time evaluating your specific message.

7. Site Promotion: (How Will You Get Visitors?) Once your site has been optimized to maximize conversion rates, using the strategies listed above, site promotion activities should be used to drive increased traffic onto your site. Site promotion ranges from listing your website on your business cards, through expensive and time consuming Search Engine Optimization strategies to increase your ranking on sites like Google. The area of site promotion can be a minefield to those new to web marketing.

Perhaps the 3 most cost effective strategies to investigate are:

* Email Marketing * Search engine submission and marketing * Reciprocal linking

Each of these strategies are relatively inexpensive, and place your prospect just one-click away from your website and possibly a sale.

About the author: Chris Swemba is the founder and CEO of Kinetica Media, an internet marketing company that develops and implements affordable internet marketing and website design services. Please visit for more information on our website design, logo design, email marketing and search engine marketing services.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Your Way With Words Is Key To Increased Website Traffic

Author: Anton Cheranev

Article: You have to have a way with words in order to increase the traffic on your website. Sometimes, the most intelligent people in the world can have a problem communicating with others. When those intelligent people or great businesspersons develop a website that would blow your mind with great inspirations and benefits, they may not know exactly how to get across their message to their target audience. Learning to communicate with the right words to get your point across clearly and without rambling is an important skill that takes some time to acquire. You can take the time to learn communication skills or you can hire a consultant to help you get your point across to others. Sometimes the simplest things are right in front of you.

When writing to produce more website traffic, you will want to make your website easy for others to read. It is better to write in laymen terms than in long scientific or technical mumbo jumbo. You want people to be able to read the pages on your website without getting a headache and without having to refer to a dictionary. Visitors should not have to learn how to translate your website in order to understand what you are trying to say. A hard to read or hard to understand website will be abandoned quickly.

When writing, be sure all content is relevant to your website. Only write the information that readers are looking for and that is relevant to your website and products. When you begin writing your first paragraph, try starting with paragraph with your conclusion. By getting to the point right off the bat, this could grab a reader's attention and keep them reading. Keep your paragraphs and sentences short and to the point. Readers do not enjoy long, wordy web pages that take too much time to read through. Avoid writing in a passive voice. Readers want action words and a strong voice to tell them what to do. Keep your writing in a steady flow. Always read your writing aloud and listen to the flow. In addition, reading aloud can help catch those nasty little typos that will drive people away from your site. Proofread your writing before posting it to your website.

Understand that your website will be accessible to viewers all over the world. Although visitors from other countries may be able to view your website, they may not understand the language or the content. If your website is not for worldwide viewing, then you should specifically list the regions that can best view your website. You can add the intended region(s) in the page description or keywords. This way, if someone in Canada is looking for a veterinarian, he or she aren't frustrated by looking through all the veterinarian web sites that only cater to pet owners in Paris, France.

Even some regional topics hold value to worldwide viewers. Perhaps a person in Italy will be visiting your hometown and would need to speak with a veterinarian about traveling with their pet. You may wish to provide general information on your website that will appeal to visitors outside your specified region.

Most of the websites on the Internet are in English, but that does not mean that English is a first language throughout the world, it just means it is easy to translate. Never use slang when writing on your website. Slang is not an internationally understood language and can be difficult when translating.

Also, take into consideration money and number conversions. If you are listing a price for services on your website, be sure to list the currency you will accept or will be using (USD, pounds, yen, etc.) The same goes if you are listing measurements or sizes. Always list the conversions or provide a link to a website for conversions. When in doubt, hire a professional translator.

Your goal is to increase the traffic to your website to benefit you or your business the most. By using the World Wide Web, you will be able to reach an audience of millions, all to your benefit. However, reaching all of these people, in the far reaches of the world requires good communication skills. You must be able to explain who you are and what you can do for the people. Tell them why they need your services above all the others. Be concise and to the point.

About the author: Don't pay a dime for any ebook, marketing course or software program until you've read this groundbreaking document... Check Out : <a href="""">

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