Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rich Jerk - Don't Be Jealous!

Author: SBB

Article: Don't Be Jealous.

You can sit around and be jealous of a man who made $20K the first month he created his website and put an ad on google. He is rich, lazy and watching his website make him millions & millions.

He is a rich jerk...the rich jerk.

The truth is you probably don't have what it takes to be an affiliate marketer. Don't feel bad...most people that read this don't and are longing for a better life or are interested in working from home...but just don't want to learn about it. But whatever, that's fine; doesn't really matter to me. The thing is, all of this is possible with a little bit of work in the beginning. Anyone that tells you that you can make millions without any work is a damn liar. You know that, I know that...they know that.

The Rich Jerk's E-Book is an amazing book. It shows you exactly what to do to make money...and when you start off you don't even have to have a website or spend any money. To get started all you need is the drive to make money. It is not too long like other books out there on affiliate is straight to the point.

I've read it numerous times and I refer to it regularly. You will not believe how simple information can change your life and make you money. It gives you advice if you are a web designer or just a regular guy/girl with no internet experience whatsoever.

Honestly, us affiliate marketers can't spend too much time trying to sell someone who isn't going to I'm not going to sit here and keep explaining. You are either going to go for it or pass up the opportunity and be poor (excuse me, ""just getting by"").

I have to get back to my life now...but to learn from the Rich Jerk click here and see for yourself what the big fuss is about him. I paid double for the ebook....for a short time it is HALF OFF...NO JOKE. So now is the time to download it. I can't express how much it is worth it. Good Luck!!!

And...Thank You Rich Jerk!!! WOOHOOO!

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