Sunday, August 31, 2008

Benifits of Mini Web Sites

Author: Chet Holcomb

Article: If you are looking to earn money working from home, Mini Web Sites are a great way to run your own business. Usually these are simple one or two page sites that are designed for selling a single product.

A mini web site is basically a sales letter that is designed to convert viewers into buyers, it is there to provide some information about the product, but most importantly to explain how you can benifit from this product. This type of site can attract more viewers, which means more sales and more money for you. After your presentation interested buyers can be directed to your payment processor for the sale, or to your affiliate link for more detailed information.

The steps for creating a mini web site are:

- Find a profitable niche, or affiliate program. - Determine the best product to sell for that niche. - Write a well crafted page. - Design a landing page.

Make sure you do not include banners or other advertising, these might distract the attention of your visitors, your only focus should be on selling your product.

Design a Mini Web Site

Each site should sell only one product and be optimized for just that product. Select keywords, and keyword phrases based on your product, that are popular enough to attract a targeted audience that will convert to buying customers, and always use your keywords in the title, heading tags, and graphic alt tags.

Whatever your product, start by quickly describing that particular product and keep your focus tight on that product. Try to pre sell your product by including several endorsements from people who are happy about using your product. After the endorsements, include several free bonuses to get your visitors even more excited about buying.

To host your site look for a reliable hosting service, one that has a good track record for minimal down time. Select a domain name that includes your keywords, this will also help your search engine rankings and get you more traffic.

Some benefits of Mini Sites are:

- Easier to optimize for search engine rankings. - Focuses on a single product that keeps your visitors attention. - You can be perceived as an expert at whatever you sell or whatever service you offer. - Higher traffic generated than regular web sites.

Mini sites are the easiest way to make money because they do not require a large setup cost, and they are . All you need is a great idea and you are ready to make some money.

About the author: Chet Holcomb of is a successful marketing expert providing advice for web marketers and webmasters on how to promote your website, or product using marketing tools that work

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Internet Marketing with E-books

Author: Daniel Ramerez

Article: Internet Marketing with E-books

E-books are one of the best and cheapest forms of merchandise available on the Internet today. We are now in the information age and everyone is reading books and using the internet for information, after all what is the internet for? Finding out the answers to questions and there is no better opportunity than providing these answers in the form of an e-book.

E-books have no overheads so you could sell over 10000 books and all the revenue you generate is pure profit, its nothing less than amazing selling something which cost you nothing!

E-books with Resale Rights

E-books with resale rights are an excellent source of income. You can buy or acquire an e-book for free, there are a lot of websites that have promotions for free e-books, try doing a Google Search for free e-books, some sites will have whole sections for free, also try signing up for site news letters that offer you free e-books as a joining incentive (we will look at news letter generators later.) When you have your e-books you can sell them to others for 100% profit, that is the beauty of resale rights and digital products you can reproduce your stock as many times as you like for free (no overheads.)

A good step forward to generating profits is to own your own e-book website. Better still is having your own e-book website with your own written books available to buy. Writing and selling your own e-books is paramount to a successful e-book business. If you can think of a good idea for an e-book then do it! Sell it on after all you may be on for a winner and sell thousands.

If you look on e-bay now you will find e-books everywhere and because most of these have resale rights these books are being sold by more than one person. Most e-books are being sold by quite a few people you may notice that sellers are selling some e-books with the same titles. Someone wrote these books and every e-book sold is a link to the author whoever sells the e-book. These e-books are not just on eBay I have also seen them all over the internet. The beauty of it all is that this e-book links back to one place and one place only the authors links, so everyone that reads this e-book will be taken to a website/sales page where ultimately more sales are generated. Writing your own e-book does take a little time and effort, however the results are well worth it for obvious reasons, links and money. First of all start with a simple word document like this one, write your e-book on your chosen subject then use a software converter. You can convert a word document into either .exe or PDF. Opinions vary on the format but I prefer PDF. You can acquire some free/trial software at: .exe e-book software PDF Free trial has various e-book compilers

As I have explained writing your own e-book and having your own e-book website is a major step up the Internet marketing ladder. You can write an e-book on any subject you like because there is always someone who will read it, of course some topics sell better than others but once the e-book is written and has been sold it will be sold again and again (viral marketing) by others who wish to make a profit from selling e-books. This is where your website hyperlinks come into play! If you assume that your written e-book is being sold by 100 people/websites around the world and each of these people/websites has 10 sales a day that's another 1000 e-books sold per day that link back to your website. These links back to your website happen because in the contents of your e-book is a hyperlink to your website and if you advertise your link as something like ""FREE E-BOOKS"" the reader of your e-book will click on your link which will lead to more traffic and more sales from your website. The process then starts all over again because you have just sold an e-book which links back to your website, this also gives the buyer the opportunity to resell the e-book they have just purchased to others to make a return profit or give the e-book away. Whoever receives the e-book also clicks on the free e-books hyperlinks which links back to you website. So eventually the e-books you do sell will spread like a virus and will be passed from person to person and website to website all over the world.

E-books without Resale Rights

E-books without resale rights usually sell for a lot more than e-books with resale rights. This is due to the availability of the e-book, layout, and the information that is supplied. Resale rights e-books are everywhere because they have resale rights. E-books without resale rights are usually very good e-books they are content rich and also very informative and well written. E-books without resale rights still work in the same ways as e-books with resale rights for example:

1. They all advertise ways of creating more revenue for the author 2. They can all have affiliate links incorporated in them

However with non resale rights e-books, if you have information that is highly sort after and does contain market value then writing and selling an e-book without resale rights can be extremely lucrative.

One of the major suppliers of non resale rights e-books is ClickBank. E-books that start their lives on ClickBank usually sell for around $50 and they all have an affiliate program (I will talk about affiliates soon) and a sales page. If you are going to buy an e-book for $50 dollars you would not just buy it on the strength of a brief description would you? To part with $50 dollars I want to read what the book is about and why I should buy it. That's why a Killer sales page is required in situations like this, so building the perfect sales page is a must when selling e-books especially ones for a lot of money. When the potential customer reads your sales page you want them to need to buy your product like their lives depended on it, you want then to think that if they miss out on this opportunity they will regret it. It does not matter what product you are selling if your sales page is a winner then so are you! Obviously if you sell someone crap then they will never buy from you again, but the sales page is the gateway to the sale so it has to be a winner.

You may use this article on your website, however please do not alter it.

Article supplied by

About the author: Please find more e-books and article help at

All informational products at

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Seven Reasons Why Seasonal Marketing Sells Products

Author: Sintilia Miecevole

Article: The celebration of Thanksgiving is approaching and later on will come Christmas, then New Year's, Saint Valentines Day and so on...

Now, what is so special about each celebration? They all increase the selling of products. There are many reasons why you should consider seasonal marketing to promote your products, including the seven which are listed below:

1. People tend to buy more products during seasonal celebrations than the rest of the year.

2. People are determined to purchase products, so it is easier to persuade them to purchase a product you offer (assuming of course you are doing it the right way).

3. Most purchases concern gifts to others, therefore quality is what matters while price is less significant.

4. The time of celebration is limited and specific. Therefore people cannot leave for tomorrow what they need to buy for the celebration. They must act in a timely manner. This urgency is a huge advantage to marketers trying to sell products.

One other motivating factor for buyers is that seasonal products are limited and something they have in-mind may not be available in the stores at a different time.

5. People connect seasonal celebrations with their childhood. That makes them more emotional and as you might already know emotion is the key factor that makes people buy a product.

6. It is not always necessary to offer a celebration related product to increase your sales. Even a valued Internet product like software or e-books can be a valued gift.

7. Marketers do not have to invent new or never before used methods to create interest in seasonal products. The old traditional marketing techniques are effective and can still be applied. People want to buy because of the ""celebration"". In fact, many people may not see their purchase as buying at all, but as an act of making someone (including themselves) more happy.

Naturally, seasonal marketing may use different strategies to promote products. Instead of offering a product discount try the following:

- Offer a portion of the price of your product to charities and make people feel they contribute to this charity themselves.

- Try a special offer like ""purchase one product and get the other at half price"" or ""purchase one product and get another free to offer as a gift"".

These types of special offers can very easily increase your sales volume.

So, do not hesitate. Start promoting your products (or affiliate products) now. And don't forget, once a celebration ends, there are many others right around the corner. People are always looking for reasons to purchase gifts for others or for themselves.

About the author: Visit with host, Sintilia Miecevole and enjoy a site dedicated to providing the educational and professional needs of marketing executives. Be sure to visit for information, resources, and reference for professionals, academics and students in traditional and internet marketing and more.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Making More Money During The Holidays

Author: Deborah Crawford

Article: Tis the season! People are in a buying mood. Many retailers make half their yearly revenue from now until Christmas. People will be shopping for gifts, decor, food, and more for Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza. How can you increase your sales during the holiday season? If you run a small or home-based business, make sure you plan to incorporate some special promotions during this time. It's tempting to put off business until ""after the holidays"" and focus on your own celebrations--there's always so much to do. That's fine if it's your choice. But if you are trying to increase business, now is a great opportunity to do so.

Here are some simple, low-cost ways to increase your revenues during this busy shopping season:

Revamp your descriptions:

Think about how your product/service would make a nice gift and tell your prospective customers. ""Makes a great gift for the special guy in your life"". Perhaps you could create a gift suggestions flyer. People need help choosing great presents for their friends and family. Help them out by telling them what to buy for their mom, dad, wife, husband, sweetheart, child, co-worker, aunt, etc. Offer your ""gift-buying"" guide free on your website, put it in with all your orders, and distribute it around town.

If you provide a service, those make great gifts, too--who doesn't like a massage, or a free housecleaning, or a free tax planning session? Sell gift certificates for your services. A key selling point is that people don't think to give services, but they can be very unique and appreciated gifts. You might have to come up with ideal recipients--i.e., for the harried homemaker, the busy executive, the loving mother, and so on. Tell your customer (the gift-giver) how much the recipient would love your service instead of a fruitcake

Create Gift Packages:

Perhaps you could bundle several products into a basket. Think about the ""recipients"" and create special baskets--for example, if you sell cosmetics, create a ""teen-dream"" makeup kit, an ""anti-aging"" kit, a ""glamour party makeup"" kit, and so on. Almost any business can come up with creative packaging or bundling for their products and for their services. For services, you could do a ""buy one, get half-off"" package. Or a buy three, get one free package. You can even team up with partners to create super packages--a spa and a housecleaning service could combine a massage & a house-cleaning for a fabulous gift for working moms.

Offer Free Gift Wrapping or Free Shipping:

The word ""free"" gets attention. Wrapping and shipping are two things that add to the cost of the gift and if you can include it, that would increase your sales. To make it worthwhile, set a spending requirement--free gift wrap on items over $50 or something similar. Ditto for shipping. You can even run specials where shipping is only $5 for all orders by a certain date, or gift wrapping is free on Mondays.

Holiday Give-Aways:

It's nice to do something extra for your customers during the holidays. If you have a retail store, bring in Christmas cookies or candy or hot chocolate. If you ship products, buy some ornaments at the dollar store and toss them in with the orders. If you visit clients, take a small goodie bag or fruit basket. The ideas are endless. For spa-type businesses (products or services for anything from manicures to bath gel), consider a sample of a product - a holiday-printed emery board costs pennies and is a nice thought. For an event planner, send everyone a ""holiday party guide"" even if you don't have their business this year--fill it with great ideas and you'll get more business! For a wedding planner, a personalized ornament for all your wedding couples will create much good will.

My Holiday Card Rule:

If you are going to send holiday cards, please, please, please sign them. Having your company name pre-printed on the card is so impersonal that you'd do better saving your money. Hand-addressing your cards is nice, too, but some people have illegible handwriting, so printing the envelopes is okay. But, really, an unsigned card is simply going to send the message that you don't have time to be bothered with things like signing cards and you never want your customers to think you don't have time for them. It's the greeting card version of a form letter.

Action Item: Take a few minutes to write down some holiday ideas you can implement in your own business--just one could be enough. Don't overload yourself-one idea well executed will be more fruitful than 20 haphazard ones. Then, put it on your calendar and spread some holiday happiness to your customers!

About the author: Deborah Crawford, owner of <a href=>Smart Marketing Works</a> provides coaching and consulting services to help small business owners creatively grow their businesses. She is also an online columnist at <a href=></a>.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Online Resources for Webmasters

Author: S. Housley

Article: As the web becomes increasingly more crowded, it is important for webmasters to take the extra step to make their web sites user friendly. There are a number of free resources available to webmasters:

What is a Favorite Icon - Favicon? Favorite icons, also known as favicon, appear in the URL bar. When a user bookmarks a specific Web page, that Web page loads a customized icon into the user's browser, typically a tiny version of a company or Web site's logo. Because the favicon is usually displayed next to the web site address, it can act like a small logo or an icon that visitors can use to remember the web site or the site address.

The favicon is displayed next to the Web site's name in the Favorites list and can also be displayed in the Links toolbar. When a site has not created a favicon, IE will load the IE logo into the browser by default. When a user bookmarks a page, the browser will request a favicon.ico file from the directory of the Web page. If such a file exists, then the Web page is using a favicon and will return the file to the browser. Many browsers support favicons including all current versions of the major browsers support favicons, including Internet Explorer 5/6+, Firefox 1+, Mozilla 1+, Netscape 7+, Opera 7+, Konqueror 3+, Safari and more. If a particular browser doesn't have support for the favicon feature, it'll simply ignore the favicon and the presence of a favicon won't affect that browser.

Webmasters can establish branding by customizing a favorite icon. The free service from HTMLKit

Custom 404 Pages. Urls are often mistyped into browsers. When a domain is correctly entered, but the web pages full url is entered incorrectly, it is possible to display a custom error page to web site visitors. By providing users a navigational bar or assistance rather than a generic error page. The customized error page will help keep prospective customers on your site providing them alternatives.

Webmasters should also routinely check their log files and correct any pages that result in errors. Most log analysis software will provide the referring document information for a webpage (the page that the user was at prior to the current page). Use the web log to track faulty links, if the links are out of the webmaster's control (a 3rd part), consider setting up a re-direct and forwarding the traffic to the appropriate webpage.

Sample Custom 404s - or

Navigation Clear and intuitive navigation is important so that web surfers can locate the material of interest. Many web surfers will enter your website and land on a variety of pages. It is important that they navigate your site regardless of the webpage they landed on. Links on the site, should contain text that relates to the linked webpage's content.

Consider recruiting a child or inexperienced adult to test your website's navigation. Webmasters can often learn how others view their website, by just watching.

Webmaster Tools There are a number of freely available web tools that will evaluate a site for a variety of things. Most of the online tools will generate a report and highlight the positive aspects of the website and possibly the negative aspects of the website, as it relates to the evaluation.

Web Analyzer Tool - Search Engine Assessment Tools -

Take a few extra steps to make your site stand up and out from a competitors.

About the author: About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Get Affordable--Even Free--Targeted Advertising In Magazines

Author: John Frazier

Article: By now most of us have tried just about every advertising method available. From ads on Google to website banners. And even though you may have found an advertising method that works, you're probably still looking for more.

I'm often surprised by how many home-based business owners and opportunity seekers have never thought of advertising in magazines. Magazines are the original targeted media. While TV shows and newspapers may try to appeal to a very wide audience featuring many different kinds of people, magazines have always focused their efforts on a tightly defined audience.

For example, look through the magazine rack the next time you're at the grocery store and you will see dozens of different magazines focusing on everything from cars, fishing, crafts, home decorating, relationships, and business. All these magazines cater to a different audience with different tastes and buying habits.

By choosing magazines that focus on your best potential customers, you almost guarantee your ads will be successful. It's an old rule in marketing that getting your ad in a magazine that intensely appeals to your best customers will get you ten times the results than advertising in a famous mass appeal publication like Business Week, Time, or Newsweek.

That's right, advertising your home-based business in Home Business Magazine will most likely get you far more response than getting your name in Newsweek.

And this is REALLY good news for those of us working from home. Smaller, more tightly-focused magazines almost always offer very affordable ads, usually in the back of the magazine. While full and half-page ads can cost hundreds or thousands, you can advertise in the back for about the same cost as putting a classified ad in your local paper. Then, as very few people know, there are also ways to get FREE ads in big magazines. Either way, it's cheap, targeted, and it could be your best path to new profits.

And don't let that ""back of the magazine"" position discourage you. More than half of people read magazines from back to front. Businesses advertising in the back actually have the most visible spot in the magazine.

The weeks ahead are traditionally a time when magazines drop their advertising rates. Place your ads NOW to take advantage of low rates early in the year which, incidentally, is the time of year when the most people are interested in joining a business opportunity.

About the author: John Frazier is the author of the industry's highly acclaimed mail order marketing course 'Magazine Millionaire' and an internationally known speaker and consultant. For a limited time, get a special FREE Report on how to create lifetime wealth using 100% FREE-to-run magazine advertising: http://www.MagazineMillionaire or call 1-800-657-1320.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Internet Marketing from a Customer's View

Author: Suresh Babu

Article: Today I was talking to a customer about why your Business needs Internet Marketing Strategy? We had a very interesting conversation. He said....

""I don't want to be number 1 in Google, I already have clients and I am doing well for B2B, so I don't expect to be top rankings in search engines. But I wanted to know how the website can be user friendly""?

Here is the interesting part. ""How the Website can me made user friendly""? Don't Google and other Search Engines expect the same too? Yes that is what all the search engines expect. The easier and useful for the users, the most importance it gives for ranking too.

Lets see some of the Guidelines by Google Google Says:

Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

Why Google says that? So that it is easier for the users to have a clear hierarchy and text link, all users should be able to read. Text links helps everyone to view. No matter what browser, what version the user use. The text makes everyone to access. Users don't want to have trouble finding other pages, text link makes it easier to access other pages. If I want to buy something online, I want to know more about the company and their history, so I like to go read more about them. So make all the pages reachable from at least one static text link

Google Says: Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map is larger than 100 or so links, you may want to break the site map into separate pages.

Why Google says that? Users don't want be lost exploring the site, they like to easily navigate your website like a shopping complex. In case even if they were lost they can go to the maps and find their destination. And once they view they view the map, It should be easier to find their destination, so organize your site maps

Google Says: Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.

Why Google says that? User wants to find useful information that is the reason they go online. To find information. Give visitors useful, valuable information. Give more links, tips and write articles about your expertise. Give some value to the users, they will come back to your site. Describe the content, not everyone using the internet is an expert. Help them to understand what the content is about.

Google Says: Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.

Why Google says that? Keyword. The words users' type to find your site. Have that word in the copy so that users know that this site is about that particular keyword. Make it easier for search engine to find your website and index it.

Google Says: Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links. The Google crawler doesn't recognize text contained in images.

Why Google says that? No all users can view images. It might not be compatible in all browsers. Not only the users can't view even the crawlers doesn't recognize image.

Google Says: Make sure that your TITLE and ALT tags are descriptive and accurate.

Why Google says that? Give a Title and describe the alt tags. Alt tags are used to show what the image is about. Everyone needs a Title to recognize. Giving a title is giving a name. Help others know what this site is about by seeing the Title.

Google Says: Check for broken links and correct HTML.

Why Google says that? Nobody wants to view a bad URL or Error when they visit a site. When a user clicks on the links, they expect to go that page to view that page. Correct HTML helps and gives a standard to your website.

Google says: If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a ""?"" character), be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few.

Why Google says that? If you have a dynamic page make is easier for users and search engines to navigate and find out. Don't confuse the users and the search engines

Google says: Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100).

Why Google says that? Don't fill the page with link, Limit your links, again don't confuse your users

The Fox Internet Marketing Solutions A Division of the Fox Advertising Agency, Inc. 9114 58th Dr. East, Suite 103 Bradenton, FL 34202 Phone: 941.758.2404 FAX: 941.756.6484 Email:

About the author: The Fox Internet Marketing Solutions A Division of the Fox Advertising Agency, Inc. 9114 58th Dr. East, Suite 103 Bradenton, FL 34202 Phone: 941.758.2404 FAX: 941.756.6484 Email:

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Make Money on Internet: Promote the product not the program

Author: Hector Milla

Article: Allan Gardyne a well-known affiliate marketers on the Web, gives various pieces of advice in order to earn money online. Promote the product and not the program is one of these ones. However, some people seem to have not listened to this uttermost advice of one of the successful men on the net.

For Gardyne there are thousands of ways to promote affiliate products, but the worst way of doing it is promoting the programs, since the important thing to do is to assess your own skills and interests, using your strengths.

He explains that he wrote and launched a newsletter. He also contributed to online forums and spent a lot of time answering emails at the beginning. Things that work for him but that have not to work for others.

For example, to earn money online he recommends to create ezine ads if you are good on that and then link them to a free report, that you divide into a series of articles in order to promote and place them on an auto responder.

But there exist other key points you have to look for before choosing an affiliate program to promote and make money online such as: a site that has a high conversion rate or looks as though it has, an excellent product that will appeal to your niche market, a high commission (40%-50%), programs that pay residual incomes or lifetime commissions.

Gardyne suggests also earn money online to try the product before promote it. He likes to study and use the products he is promoting, because if you like the product you will talk about it with more enthusiasm and your writing will show that, increasing your sales.

Despite other experts consider that is better to offer your own products by the Web to make money online, you don't need to do that to succeed online, according to Gardyne though it's an excellent idea, if you want to get ahead fast.

About the author: Article written by Hector Milla, editor of, where has been published several articles pointing <a href="""">ways to make money on the internet</a> at <a href=""""></a >, plus a full list of those articles may be found at <a href="""">http://www.bigmoneyu</a>.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

More bang from your business card

Author: Jake Gourd

Article: Marketing experts the world over have all preached at some time that the business card is a small businesses most important marketing tool. The majority of business cards handed out fail to impress and make a lasting mark on our customers. The confidence that a well-designed stylish business card can give you in any market cannot be over stated enough.

Business cards use dates back hundreds of years initially as personal calling cards, and more recently as business marketing tools. Almost all forms of marketing has been transformed by the arrival of computers and Internet technology, business cards however remain the tool of choice for many situations.

This article focuses on how as a designer or a marketing entrepreneur the steps you should take to avoid making common mistakes when designing your business card. With a little time and effort you can produce a business card that even the most cynical large corporate marketing expert would be proud of.

Business Card Basics

1. Designs and artwork should be up to date, colorful, stylish, accurate and most of all legible. If in doubt about any of these points then you should consider hiring a professional designer.

An alternative option is to visit online business card providers. Here you can choose from thousands of professionally designed templates to suit your organization and then customize the text online and order directly from their website. Goodprint UK Limited are a leading online business card provider based in the UK, providing the highest quality print and templates from their website.

2. Try to let your design cover both sides of the card, this will double the impact of your card and allow space for more marketing text or information on your company. Common uses for the reverse of your card include calendars, appointment details and maps. Try to be inventive and the reverse of your card will make your card more memorable and more useful to your customers.

3. The text on the card should include a strong message or slogan that raises the reader's curiosity or to attract them to make contact with you. Promising a benefit to the customer if they contact you is a common practice such as ""Use this card to claim a discount"" is a proven marketing technique to generate a sales lead.

4. When finances allow every member of your organization should carry business cards. Not only does this increase the possibility of a sales lead from both work and social events but awarding business cards is shown to increase morale in employees.

These basic rules probably sound familiar but you'd be amazed at the number of times these basic ideas aren't followed closely enough.

Making memorable Business Cards

Now that you have read about the basics of business card design, read on for ideas to inspire you how to really make a business card that will cast a lasting impression on your customer's minds.

- Make your business card physically different from the rest. Use bright bold colors and patterns. Use alternative materials such as plastics and metals. Or how about a folding mini brochure? Try and think outside of the box and your business cards wont end up in the garbage!

- Turn your business card into something worth keeping hold of, for example ""On presenting this card you are entitled to one free hour of consultation"" or offer a discount ""This card entitles you to 30% off any orders made"".

- A popular gimmick tradesman and other personal industries use is to include a photograph of yourself on your card. Your customers will feel more comfortable when meeting you and might be more likely to trust you, in many cases it is yourself you are trying to sell.

- Stretch your business title and people will take you more seriously and you will be granted respect more readily. For example use ""Account Executive"" instead of ""Account Clerk"" or ""Area Director"" instead of ""Regional Sales"".

About the author: Written for Goodprint Ltd, providors of instant <a href="" .php?utm_source=articles&utm_medium=bang"">online business cards</a> and matching stationery via their website <a href="" .php?utm_source=articles&utm_medium=bang""> .uk</a>.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wheelchair Spares

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: Buying a wheelchair is not merely about providing a disabled individual a means to transport himself. It's more about integrating a disabled person into their society. And when a disabled person has the right wheelchair parts and accessories, he can continue to be a productive member of the community.

Disabled individuals who use wheelchair know that when it comes to buying a wheelchair one of the most important things to consider is the availability of spare parts. Is it easily available when you need them? Are they affordable? Because wheelchairs are used almost everyday this can cause immediate wear and tear to its parts. When this happens, it is essential that spare parts should be easily available to you.

Wheelchair parts that are often worn out include tires, upholstery, batteries and cushions. Different wheelchair tires are used in wheelchairs, so before you change your tire make sure that you are familiar with your tire type so you would not have a hard time looking for a replacement. The cushion is probably the most important accessory in a wheelchair. Basically, cushions are used to protect the skin from pressure sores. As you are probably well aware of, pressure sores could greatly affect the person's functional activities such as reaching, forward motions or transfers. A lot of researchers have spent a large amount of money in developing cushions to make sure that wheelchair users will be comfortable in their chairs. Because of this you now have quite a choice of cushions based on your needs. Several factors are needed to consider when choosing a cushion. This includes the weight of the person, sitting balance, extent and type of deformities, duration of time he will spend in the wheelchair and skin condition among others.

To make sure that you are comfortable in using your wheelchair it is important that you check it for any signs of wear and tear everyday. You would not want to get in an accident and risk harming yourself, so make it a point to check it at least once in a couple of days if you cannot do it everyday. Remember that many different materials and combination of materials are used in a wheelchair, all of which have both positive and negative characteristics. By better understanding the features and parts of your wheelchair, you will be better able to make choices about your wheelchair. Anytime you need to change parts of your wheelchair make sure that they are compatible with you and your wheelchair needs. After all, comfort is important for a disabled person to be a net contributor in society.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Wheelchair Company </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Top Ten Reasons Companies in Montreal Canada Use Promotional Products!

Author: Steven Schneidman

Article: Let's face it the busines world we live in today is extremely competitive and those who sit back and do business the way they always did it are sure to perish. Think back to the general store. Every year you knew approximately how much you were going to make. A good year mean't 10 or 15% over expectations and a bad year meant 10 or 15% under expectations. The extra profit would mean you were able to purchase a luxury item. The slight loss mean't you cut back on a luxury item.

Today the world has changed. You earn more but the word savings is a word few know anything about. To compete today you always need to be on the consumers mind in a positive progressive way. Look at well established companies like Kodak and Bell. There monopoly days are over and they are looking for new ways to do business. Having a great product today is not enough. It must be advertised and marketed to the right consumer group, in the right way, at the right time. This brings me to the topic of Promotional Products.

Not to long ago when one mentioned promotional products you thought of a gadget or a pen with a company's name on it. Today this same field incorporates practically every product you can think of. The Gap, Banana Republic, American Apparel, Sony, Coach, Sharper Image, American Express, Seiko, Movado, Nike, Calloway, and Liz Claiborne are all companies who buy booths in trade shows for the promotional product industry. Why are they there? They know that this industry includes corporate gifts, incentive programs and give aways and is a multi-million dollar industry and they would like to get their piece of the pie.

Think of any item, and you can brand it with your logo. Think I'm kidding, look at my web site, There are over 600,000 items to brand with many more not even in my data base yet. The numbers grow every day.

Here are the top ten uses for promotional products:

1) Business Gifts - Gifts to foster customer goodwill and retention. 2)Tradeshows - Trade show traffic generation. Watch how many more people go over to a booth when you are giving something away for free. it really doesn't matter what but the better the gift the more lasting positive feeling you tend to get. 3)Brand Awareness - Promotion of brand awareness and brand loyalty. 4)Employee Relations and Events - Morale and motivation, corporate/employee events, employee orientation, corporate identity, employee referal programs. 5)Public Relations - Corporate involvement with community, fundraising, sponsorship, school programs, media relations, corporate image. 6)Dealer/Distributor Programs - Dealer incentives, co-op programs, company stores. 7)New Customer/Account Generation - New Customer or account generation rewards. 8)Not-For-Profit Programs - Not-For-Profit use for fundraising, public awareness campaigns (health,environment,public safety,etc.). 9)Customer Referral - Customer referral incentive programs. 10)New Product/Service Introduction - New product or service introduction.

Today smart companies are allocating a greater proportion of their marketing budgets to promotional products. This is due to it's effectiveness. Promotional Products can be a cost effective and personal way to leave a great impression on one person. Word of mouth or exposure by this person can exponentially grow the positive results.

Need help with your next campaign give me a call at 514-337-2238, drop me an email at or visit my site for great original ideas at Here's hoping your next campaign or launch keeps your company on the road to success.

Steven Schneidman Solutions Ink

About the author: Steven Schneidman runs a successful printing and promotional product company in Montreal Canada. He has an MBA and has worked as a finance professor at a Canadian University and has worked for the head office of a top Canadian Bank.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Search Engine Marketing & Keyword Consulting

Author: Lee Rummage

Article: Search engines seem to be all the rage these days. Internet users want easy accessibility to various sites for shopping, entertainment, business, etc. And the best way to do this is with the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Overture. So, how do advertisers get their listings on these ever-popular sites? Google and Overture, the two major players in search engine marketing, offer two ways--organic (natural) or paid listings. We're going to explore the latter and how you can make it work for you, particularly with respect to keyword match types. Google Match Types: Google AdWords is Google's own advertising system, allowing advertisers to ""create your own ads, choose keywords to tell us where to show your ads and pay only when someone clicks on them,"" boasts its site. It is basically a way to purchase Google's search engine keywords. In order to get users to see your Google ad placement, you must first determine what keywords you will apply in relevance to your ad. Google has four different keyword matching options, each with their own stipulations as to how you can target different sets of users. General keywords generate the most impressions but often result in fewer clicks. On the other hand, by changing your matching options you can better target your ads. The options are as follows: Broad Match: The most basic and common option - you include your keyword/keyword phrase (usually best to go with a phrase because users generally search for 2-3 words) in your keyword list. Say you list ""tennis shoes"" ...your ads will appear when a user searches for the words ""tennis"" and ""shoes"" in any order. Furthermore, your ad will appear when a user searches for plural terms or similar variations. Phrase Match: When you enter a keyword in quotation marks like ""shower curtains"" your ad will show when a user looks for this exact term in this order. It can also be viewed when someone does a search for ""green shower curtains"", but not for ""curtains"" or ""shower"". Phrase matching is obviously more targeted than broad match and is more flexible than exact match, the next option. Exact Match: This is the most targeted option of the four. You surround your keyword in brackets - [jewelry cleaner]- and subsequently your ad will only show when a user searches for ""jewelry cleaner"", in this order and without any other terms. Undoubtedly, this is extremely targeted. You are likely to receive more clicks than impressions. Negative Keyword: Perhaps you sell dog collars of all colors--except green. You can set your keyword for dog collars but add the word green as your negative keyword. In other words, simply type in -green. If someone wants a green dog collar, he/she will not see your ad. Overture Match Types: Search engine marketers should note that while Google and Overture offer similar services, they apply different terms. So, be conscious of this fact when distinguishing between the different options. Overture allows you to bid differently for each match type. There are currently three of these options, but Overture also allows for negative keywords, like Google. Standard Match: This is the equivalent of Google's broad match option. If your bidded search term is ""diamond ring"" your ad will appear when someone types that exact phrase, singular/plural variations of the words, or misspells any word/s.

Phrase Match: Overture will preserve your search term in its exact order but will also allow for other terms to be included in the query, as well. e.g.- The bided search term is ""golf shoes"". If a user enters ""golf shoes in size 10"" your listing will show. Broad Match: True to form, your listing will appear when your search term is used in the broadest form. For example, if a user types in ""car used in James Bond movie"" and your term is ""used car""...your listing will appear.

Regional Targeting: It is important to note that there are also regional targeting options for advertisers. Google recently implemented this feature and it is sure to gain momentum. Regional targeting allows advertisers to not only specify a particular country, but states and regions, too. This option can benefit advertisers that are trying to reach people in particular areas. If you are selling your product or services but can only provide them to a very specific area, this is a very effective option to implement. Prospects in your targeted area/s will see your ad even if they enter very general terms. Determining what keywords you will use is an extremely difficult task. Both Google and Overture have keyword tools to assist you, but it still takes time, strategy, and good ole' playing around to figure out what words are the most effective. Search engine marketers need simply to put themselves in the shoes of Internet users. What terms do they commonly use? What combinations? With some fine-tuning and research, any advertiser is sure to gain from paid search listings. Help with website design and search engine marketing can be found at The specialist here are experienced and certified in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

About the author: The author of this article is a certified SEO expert specializing in search engine marketing and search engine optimization. He also has a back ground in web design and website linking services. For help with any of this please visit

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Online Campaigns - Not Rocket Science, Really!

Author: Lauren Hobson

Article: Thinking about trying an online campaign of some sort? Good idea! It's a proven method of reaching your customers effectively while keeping marketing costs down. But of course, online advertising is nothing like the print, radio, or even direct mail campaigns you may be used to. So to be successful in an online campaign, you need to know some of the basics that apply to online advertising.

<b>Think About Your Goals</b>

Whether you are sending out an e-newsletter or starting a click ad campaign, you need to determine what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to get name recognition with your e-newsletter? Are you trying to drive more traffic to your site with click ads? Some online initiatives are measurable, while others are a bit more difficult to assess. With a click ad campaign, for example, you can set some concrete benchmarks, such as a 20% increase in traffic during the first week the campaign. By setting tangible goals you can compare marketing activities and repeat the ones that seem to work the best.</p>

<b>Two Sides to the Story: Media AND Message</b>

One of the most important things to consider is the media you will be using for your online campaign. The vehicles you select will depend a lot on the budget you have to work with, but banner ads, paid ads in industry publications, email messages to your customers, etc. can clearly be effective ways to get your campaign out into the ""media"".</p>

But before your campaign is out there in cyberspace, you need to determine what your message really says. Is it effective in motivating your prospects into taking action? Is it memorable in some way? If possible, try your ad on a small sample of existing customers and get their reactions to it. You may find you've overlooked something that is important to the outside world!

Be certain that your message is right, and then make sure it shows up in the most effective media outlets that you can afford or that have already worked for you before.

<b>Test and Measure, Test and Measure</b>

Keep an eye on your web stats, email responses, banner ad views, ad clicks, and whatever else will help you determine changes in customer behavior or response. Analyze the data to identify trends and other information that will help you measure your results against the goals you set at the beginning of the campaign.</p>

Online campaigns can be very cost effective ways to market in today's Internet world. Be sure to set goals, evaluate your message, and keep track of your results, and your online campaigns should turn out to be a very efficient way to reach your customers and prospects.

About the author: Lauren Hobson is editor of <a href="""">Biz Talk Newsletter, </a>a free, subscription-based e-newsletter sent to our clients, friends, and associates interested in tips for helping small businesses make the most of their web sites and marketing efforts without spending a lot of money. Biz Talk is a publication of <a href="""">Five Sparrows, LLC, </a> a web site

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Printing, Promotional Products, I live in Montreal, Where's My Free Lunch?

Author: Steven Schneidman

Article: Look around everbody is offering you a great deal. How many offers do I get from credit card companies offering no interest or very low interest on cash advances? Visa, Mastercard and American Express all offer below cost rates to entice you to their lines of credit. Why do they do this? Traditionally if you needed a loan you would go to a bank fill out an application and get either a term loan or a line of credit, which was prime rate plus a percentage depending on your credit worthiness. Today I must get 3 to 4 offers weekly to get rates for a cash advance for prime less 3, 4 or even 5%. Are these credit card companies stupid? I wouldn't bet on it. Take a look at the annual reports for theses companies and see that their profits are at all time highs. Today we live in a debt-ridden society where access to funds has become very competitive. To attract you they offer ridiculous rates for a limited time. Miss a payment or after your low rate period expires watch the interest rate jump to 2,3 or even 4 times the rate of prime. Coupled with the fact that people are learning to live with debt rather than eliminate it, the credit card companies now have a great long-term client where they get a great return on their investment.

Is it just the banks that play games? No, this week I purchased a new printer for my house. How do they play this game? Canon, HP, Epson and Lexmark basically give away their printers. Why? One reason could be because they are such nice corporate companies who want to give something back to each household. My belief is that they view the printer as a lost leader. Once you buy the printer they will make their profits on their consumables, namely the toner. Look around at the number of no name refill toner companies that sell compatibles at a fraction of the cost. The actual toner costs pennies; add marketing and packaging it probably raises the cost to a few dollars. It's common to find a name brand toner selling for $40.00, $50.00 and even $60.00. How do they get away with it? They market it aggressively and they put a little fear into the consumer's mind, telling them that the guarantee will not be valid if their competitor's toner ruins their printer. While the company running out of their basement may have an inferior product, the large generic company probably has a very safe product. Let's go to the extreme and say after using a generic toner cartridge 10 times you get a problem and it ruins your printer. The cost is still cheaper to go out and buy another lost leader updated printer with even more features. OK so I'm on to their practices and so are other people, what can the name brand printer companies do now. They are very smart people and have come out with a smart chip for the new cartridges making it harder and more expensive for someone to copy.

Here I am in my Montreal, with my printing and promotional product company Solutions Ink, listening to my customers everyday asking me for a deal. How can I cut my cost? There are no free lunches out there. Sure we can switch the brand of paper, use a cheaper press, or combine your order with someone else's. Something's got to give; odds are you'll get an inferior product, a worse delivery date or a product that won't handle your purposes. Budgets are fine and all these consequences are acceptable as long as you know your options upfront. Deal with a reputable company who can explain the differences in price and why there are these differences. For the promotional product choices the bulk of the items are coming from China. Even in China there is inferior quality, good quality and exceptional quality. Find out what your getting and what guarantees the company selling you the merchandise offer. Wearing a t-shirt, then seeing it fade or disintegrate after one washing is not what you were expecting when you saved one dollar on the shirt and were counting on a medium term exposure for your company brand. Worse the negative quality will impact greatly on this customer's quality expectations for your product.

Nothing is for nothing everything is very calculated these days. Whether it is real deals say a pharmacy chain that offers Coke at a great price but limits you to 4 bottles. They know that the time and effort you put in to this lost leader purchase will end up more than 80% of the time leading you to buy one if not many other items at the same time at much better margins. Think a deal is too great, chances are that it is. If you are unsure compare, shop around and ask those with a higher price why this is so.

If you need help or have any questions drop me an email at

Steven Schneidman Solutions Ink

About the author: Steven Schneidman owns a successful printing and promotional products company in Montreal. He has worked as a finance professor at a Canadian University and has worked for a major Canadian Bank.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Site is Bigger than Your Site.....

Author: Lauren Hobson

Article: Surfing around the 'net can be interesting, informative, and sometimes a little intimidating. When you run across sites that offer similar products and services to yours, it's nearly impossible not to compare how your site ""stacks up"" to theirs. But, the good news is that you can make your web site stand out from the crowd with a little effort and planning ahead.

Gaining some sort of advantage over your larger competitors can be a huge challenge. If you are a small business in a competitive market, it is quite easy to be ignored or even pushed out during your first few months of building your online presence. Patience is your best friend here, but there are also some other tactics to consider that will help differentiate your web site from everyone else.

<b>Find Out What Your Customers Need</b>

Filling a need or solving a problem almost always turns a prospect into a customer. So get back to basics - find out what your customers' problems are and what you can do to solve them. Then, emphasize this information in your marketing strategies, especially on your web site. Do a little research to find out what customers are looking for, then make a list of things that you do better than the big guys to solve customer problems. For example, do you have excellent customer support? Offer discounts or special pricing? Have you been recognized in your industry or won awards? All of these things can make you stand out from your competitors.</p>

<b>Do Your Homework</b>

You need to find out what your customers want, but how are you supposed to get this type of information? Try short customer surveys, either by telephone or on your web site. Offer a free gift or discount for filling out the survey to increase participation from your customers. Do you know what blogs are? Blogs (short for Web Logs) offer information on all sorts of topics, and by joining the discussion you can find out from real customers what they like and dislike about certain products and services. There are several blog directories available to help you find the right topic for your business. Subscribing to newsletters and news feeds that pertain to your business can also help you keep up with what's going on in your industry overall.</p>

<b>Get a Little Personal</b>

Many people find it much more appealing to directly interact with the owner or employees of a business during their purchasing experience. A personal response to an order beats an auto responder any day! This can be a huge differentiator between you and a larger competitor. The idea here is to be available to your customers and help build trust in the relationship. Customers want to know you and trust you before they buy anything from you!</p>

<b>Bigger Isn't Always Better</b>

Small businesses have an excellent opportunity to understand their customers and what their problems are. Show them how your products and services solve their problems, and be sure to take advantage of the unique qualities that small businesses can offer, like personalized service or stability in the community. Add some of your own creativity and initiative, and you may be surprised how easy it is to make a great impression on the web!</p>

About the author: Lauren Hobson is editor of <a href="""">Biz Talk Newsletter, </a>a free, subscription-based e-newsletter sent to our clients, friends, and associates interested in tips for helping small businesses make the most of their web sites and marketing efforts without spending a lot of money. Biz Talk is a publication of <a href="""">Five Sparrows, LLC, </a> a web site

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Friday, August 15, 2008

How To Start Your Online Business In A Matter Of Few Minutes And Still Rake In Thousands Of Dollars Every Month

Author: Andrew Heuw

Article: Would you like to rake in $10,466 per month without having your own products? If you would like to then read on...

1. So What Is It?

It is called affiliate marketing. It, as a matter of fact, is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your online business and rake in thousands of dollars every month.

2. What's Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply to say is promoting other people's product and in return you'll get certain percentage of the merchant's item if and only people who buy the merchant's item buy through your link.

So we can say some sort of online multi level marketing.

Why I said that? Because many of these programs have 2-tier which means you can refer another affiliate below you. Whenever he or she makes sales you'll get certain percentage of those sales.

3. How do I get started?

Well, first off, you have to identify which niche you want in? For example if you are a maniac golfer, then the chance you're more likely to promote golf equipment rather than fishing equipment.

Then estimate the competition, go to Google and type in your appropriate term for example ""beginner golf guide"" and see how much sites on that subject already exist?

For me personally, I don't care much about the competition if you have more crowded competition that means you'll need to wait longer to make profits and so vice versa. It's just that simple.

However, be sure to do something you really love, because in the end it will be life and death of your business.

4. Let's Find The ""Eager-To-Give You Money"" Merchant

Now you should have roughly figure on which niche you want to in. The next thing we're going to do is find potential merchant that could bring you the potential income you always dream of. To faster the process we are going to choose them from affiliate programs directory. Affiliate programs directory is site that already does the hard-work for us in selecting which one the potential merchant, so you just need to pinpoint which one you want to embrace.

Some of the best are: <A HREF=""""> </A> <A HREF="""">www.5staraffiliatepr</A>

5. Skyscraper Website versus ""Mini"" Content Site

As the time writing, there're 2 current opinions:

The first state in order to get money from affiliate program you have to build skyscraper site and fill it with hundreds of content while

The second state in order to get money from affiliate program you have to build multiple stream of mini site

Which one that works?

Both work, it is ultimately up to you which one you want to adopt for example of the first one in action you can see <A HREF=""""></A> which has been running by Rosalind Gardner while the second one you can see <A HREF="""">www.dominatesearchengi</A> which has been running by Anik Singal (Actually, I haven't ask their permission to cover their web site in this article but I bet they wouldn't mind)

Both is very respected and highly acclaimed both affiliate marketer and internet marketer.

Here're the pros and cons:

If you decide to build mini site then you'll have to forget the possibility of getting traffic from generic search engine.

If you decide to build skyscraper content site then you'll have to invest considerable amount of time and energy to build it.

Don't re-invent the wheel there's no point in doing so just follow what already works. Examine both of their sites carefully and see which part you can adapt to your business model. (But mark my words don't copy them words-by-words!)

6. Ready to Drive Traffic?

Now you have proven business model at your disposal, it is the time to drive traffic to your site. I'd recommend first off you start by going to build reciprocal link campaign. Reciprocal link is the act of exchanging link between two sites in hope to send traffic to each other.

Let's put it into action...

Once again type in your keywords on search engine, next click on each of the site you found, if you like this site then examine it carefully. Are they having something like ""submit URL"" or ""add URL""?

If they have click on the link there should be simple self-explanatory instruction to exchange your link with that website but what if they didn't have one? Just contact them through email or phone and ask if they're willing to do reciprocal link with you.

What's great about this method? Here's what will happen...

Let's say after doing reciprocal link for one month in the end of the month you get 30 links. Each one refer one people per day to your site, now you already have 30 people visit your site without you doing a thing. In one month you will get 900 people visit your site on completely auto pilot. That's the beauty of reciprocal link-)

What happen if you can manage to get 200 links?

7. Final Note

Like any of other endeavors if you expect some results it means hard work and persistence. Don't expect result in a week I tell you that wouldn't happen but expect in a year or so. Trust me though it seems long far away at the beginning but in the end your perseverance will pay off many times.

About the author: This article has been authored by Andrew Heuw M.B.B (Maniac Business Builder) If you want to learn more on how to start your affiliate marketing business and generate 5-figure income every month. Please visit to get your FREE course.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Top 5 Tips to Have Them Lining Up At Your Trade Show Booth

Author: Patty Stripes

Article: You've jumped through all the hurdles and management just approved the budget for the trade show booth you've been dying to do for ages. You just high-fived your team when it hits you-you don't just need a trade show booth, you need that trade show booth to get results!

This means you have to get people to come to your trade show booth-lots of them or your boss is going to be one unhappy person. Yikes!

Before you start that letter of resignation, wipe the sweat from your brow and take a deep breath. Feel better?

Great, now you're ready to find out how to make your booth stand out on that trade show floor and have people standing knee-deep in line just to see what you're up to!

1. Think color. Lots of it! Bold, sassy colors that immediately get attention from trade show attendees. Many people make the mistake of thinking if they build it, they will come. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to trade show booths! You have lots of competition and to beat it, you need a trade show booth that lets people know they're dealing with professionals who know what they're doing. Color does this almost better than anything else-unless you're going against the grain by using stark, upscale colors like white and black to make your statement. And believe me, color does make a statement.

2. Now think lights! Lights can make a fairly ordinary tradeshow booth something special. How? Think of the way paintings in museums are lit, the way candlelight sets the atmosphere for dinner or weddings. You can take a regular Joe trade show booth, put some truly cool lights in place, and Presto! You have a real show stopper-right there at your booth where you can smooze and sell to your heart's content (or your feet wear out, whichever comes first!).

3. Next, sound. Remember that guy at the end of the row with his white-cloth covered brochure covered table? Remember how he reminded you of the Maytag repairman in the old television commercials? Now imagine if he'd had some great music playing from his booth-or had simply had people out in front of the booth greeting and mixing it up with the trade show attendees. Because you can have the best looking booth on the block, but if you don't make some noise that makes people want to get to know you better, then you're just another pretty face. And that would be a real shame since you have such a great company.

4. Action. Now, many trade show exhibitors are resorting to things like having magicians or dancers performing at their trade show booths. This is a great idea-if the performances are related to your business. If you're going to have a magician, have him or her pull your product out of his hat or some other item that will keep your company top-of-mind during the act. Why? While it's important to give trade show event attendees something to entertain them, if you don't keep your company and product in their minds along the way, they're more likely to remember the entertainment than who (your company!) provided it for them. So you want to spend your money on some type of entertainment that is fun and pertinent to your business.

5. Free stuff. Now before you finalize that order for 500,000 pens with your company name and logo on them, stop. Put some real thought into this first. Pens are great, but people lose them, they run out of ink, not to mention that practically every trade show exhibitor is going to be giving away, yep, you guessed it, pens. So give away a notepad instead. One with your logo on it instead. Or better yet, have a drawing several times a day for a larger item that people will really use and that's related in some way to your business. This is the very best idea ever. Why? Because people come BACK to your booth to see if they've won. This gives you yet another chance to get your marketing message across-which makes you the real winner.

About the author: Patty Stripes is unlocking her chest of trade show secrets without keeping anything back. Learn how to design sizzling <a href="""">trade show booths</a>, and learn everything about <a href="" ml"">trade show giveaways</a>.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trade Show Marketers: How To Make Attendees Willingly Rush to Your Booth

Author: Patty Stripes

Article: Trade show booths are a lot like cars. They all basically do the same thing: they take you from point A to point B. Some do it in sleek, chic manner, others with zip and zing, and sill others do it more by just sort of lumbering along.

And when it comes to your trade show booth, the last thing you want to do is lumber along. You want a trade show booth with class, sass and kick, well, you know.

The absolute best way to ensure your trade show booth has just the right combination or class and sass is to hire graphic design experts to create the perfect trade show booth for your business.

Yes, you can buy a trade show booth that's more or less designed using a template, and it will look good. But you want more for your booth than to just look good: you want it to be stunning and hypnotic and suck people over to check you out like they will a lovely Jag in a mall parking lot.

Graphic designers know how to do this. They'll take the time to learn about you and your business. They'll look at all your marketing materials for colors and themes they can use in your trade show booth. Professional graphic designers know their eye candy and can guarantee you will have a visually appealing trade show booth that customers will be drawn to.

More importantly, what professional graphic designers can do is to develop an overall marketing concept for your trade show booth. Why is that important? Every great marketing and advertising campaign has a concept, a basic message that it works to convey. That concept will carry through all of a companies advertising and marketing materials by using various elements in them all of them to ensure that consumers are saturated with that message.

For instance, if your company uses the colors royal blue and white, you want these colors to be dominant in your booth design. You don't want to go with purple and green for your booth, though you would definitely stand out from the trade show booth crowd using that combination of colors! What would happen, though, is after the trade show when a customer saw your standard royal blue and white marketing materials, they wouldn't automatically connect those materials with your business-and worse, might toss them in the trash.

Professional graphic designers also know how color and visuals work together to be appealing, inviting and tell a story. They also understand color and balance, and how to use them to get a response from the viewer. And that response should always be something more than ""Oh, what a nice-looking trade show booth."" They can create a trade show booth that will have customers going ""Oh, wow! I've got to get over to that booth right now. Gotta check it out!""

And really, why would anyone settle for being nice looking when they could be fabulous! Or lumber along in a nice mini-van when they could just as easily be zipping around in a Porsche!

About the author: Patty Stripes is unlocking her chest of trade show secrets without keeping anything back. Learn how to design sizzling <a href="""">trade show booths</a>, and learn everything about <a href="" ml"">trade show giveaways</a>.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Niche Marketing: Where Is It?

Author: Oze Parrot

Article: Niche Marketing: Where Is It?

The principles of Niche Marketing are based on sound business practices that have been studied and tested in past years by some of the world's most successful marketers.

I intend to set out for you the knowledge and tools that you will need to determine niche product ideas, study them, select a suitable product, develop the product, profit from the marketing of the product and then duplicate your success in another niche product.

What is a niche market?

A niche market is a group of people that have a need for a certain product that is not popular amongst the majority of consumers but whose demand warrants a continuous, substantial supply of the said particular product.

To put it simply, it is like selling golfing requisites.

Let's say that all the products that you sell are golfers needs, golf clubs, golf balls and accessories. The only people who buy your goods are the ones that play golf.

Then it follows that golfers are your niche market.

Should you choose to expand your product list and market other articles to a broader market then certainly you may attract new customers however your marketing competitors will increase substantially.

Niche Marketing is most beneficial to the small business owner as, generally, he does not have the resources to cater for the masses and, more importantly, the larger corporations tend to ignore the niche markets.

The larger corporations overlook the niche markets because they are not concerned with making an extra $5,000 to $10,000 a month, they are looking at turning over millions of dollars per month from a huge market place.

To attract customers to a particular niche market you will have to satisfy a few requirements.

Can people readily define your product and realize the benefits?

Where are the customers?

Do they select a particular advertising medium? Are they members of a certain club or organization? What are their online habits?

Can you make a make a profit from this market and is there a limited amount of competition?

Are there enough product consumers available to sustain your business

Does the market have enough disposable income to purchase your product?

Are there any other sites selling similar products to this market?

Are these sites popular?

Is this market group passionate about the product.

Is it a hobby that controls their lifestyle?

You must look for a product that will enthrall people so much that they must obtain all the information that pertains to their chosen endeavor.

Musicians, for instance, must have instruments and accessories, sheet music, song words, sound equipment, speakers amplifiers, microphones . . . it goes on.

About the author: Oze Parrot Webmaster/Editor/Publisher Internet Marketing Consultant

You may republish this article as long as you include this resource box and provide an active link to:

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Research Results - Elder Care Industry

Author: Barbara Mascio

Article: <b>Selling to seniors?</b>

The report will benefit any business that offers product, resource or a service for an older adult. You will learn

<b>How to reach the consumer effectively

What the consumer wants and expects to receive from a service

Why a consumer remains with a service and why they cancel

What a consumer wants to know prior to contracting with a service

And much much more!</b>

Barbara Mascio, Founder of Senior Approved Services is offering the results of the market research conducted with senior citizen consumers and the adult children of the senior. ""You are welcome to take advantage of our market research - no strings attached. The research took three years and thousands of dollars to accomplish. If this improves your service, then a senior will benefit and that's why we're all in this industry to begin with.""

Seniors contract with a variety of services beyond what is commonly thought of as 'elder care.' Seniors need lawn care, handy man services, attorneys and so forth. Based on the feedback from this market research, Senior Approved Services includes a wide variety of services in their network, building a One-Call Solution.

Of the nearly 10,000 individuals participating in the initial focus group studies the following were noted as extremely important

<b>90% desire one central location to turn to when in need of any and all service

89% desire an impartial entity to verify the history of a business 89% desire one point person serving as the advocate for the senior 75% desire easy access to education, support and information for the family caregiver</b>

Rather than take the approach to <b><I>'build it and they will come',</b></i> Senior Approved Services decided to learn what the consumer wanted and then develop their entire program around these consumer wishes.

Ms. Mascio invites you to use the data collected to perfect your service. The report is in a free ebook format. Simply go to and request the password key to open it.

If you consider yourself to be a business dedicated to serving the elderly population with integrity and one that is committed to quality of service, you may also want to learn how to add your business to the exclusive network of Certified Senior Approved Services.

About the author: Founder of <a href=""""> Senior Approved Services</a>

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Revealing The Sneaky Advantages of Renting Your Trade Show Booth

Author: Patty Stripes

Article: If it were back in the day when people still used adding machines with paper, your office would be filled to the ceiling with literally miles of that little paper ribbon, you've run the numbers so many times. No matter how many times you've run them, though, there just isn't enough money for a new trade show booth.

Before you give up and allocate what budget you do have into another round of direct mail - that won't get results -, consider renting a trade show booth.

Yes, renting has many advantages beyond just saving you money on the initial trade show booth purchase. For starters, if you don't currently have a trade show booth, then it's a safe bet that you haven't done any, or at least very few, trade shows. Renting a booth can give you an opportunity to give trade show exhibiting a trial run, so to speak, before you make a major investment in a permanent trade show booth. You can learn the ropes of trade shows without spending a mint to do it!

Plus, this not only means you get to learn the ropes of trade show events with far less of an investment, but (shh!, don't tell anyone else) renting a booth gives you a chance to go and see what everyone else is doing-and gives you a bird's eye view of seeing what really works and what doesn't before sinking a ton of money in a booth that you'll be using for a long, long time.

It also will keep you from ending up, by accident, of course, with a trade show booth that fifteen hundred other people have. That's the last thing you want for your trade show booth! You want to stand out, not get lumped in with everybody else which will get you yawns, not sales. You want to be different from the crowd, and by renting a trade booth for your first few shows, you'll be in a great position to do something unique with your own booth.

Renting also gives you the advantage of not being stuck with a trade show booth you don't want if you should decide for any reason that trade show events are not for you. And trade shows aren't for everybody, that's for sure. Trade shows involve an incredible amount of work when they're done right, but the results are more often than not well worth your tired feet and aching back!

About the author: Patty Stripes shows you how to pull off unimaginable marketing success with the help of your trade show booth. Learn the biggest mistakes people do when designing <a href="""">trade show booths</a> and get more tips about your <a href="" tml"">trade show promotions</a>.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Key To Successful Promotion

Author: Jaci Rae

Article: Promoting your CD to radio takes a lot of organization and time management skills. Let me help organize your process. First you need to find radio stations that are willing to accept submissions from independent artists (Contact names, addresses, phone and email for radio stations across the globe are listed in Chapter 35 in my book ""The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money"" ISBN 978-0-9746229-4-1).

You have to decide whether you are going to local and regional stations (which are a good recommendation if you don't have a lot of money to work with and you aren't worried about charting.), or if you are going after national stations, which is only a good idea if you are already established locally and are seeking national exposure and a chance to chart.

As with all submissions, always get permission ahead of time before you submit your music. There are two easy ways to find radio station information. The first is to log onto the internet and search the radio station databases available. This method is free, but will take some time. The best resources I have found are ""MIT Radio Stations on the Web"" ( and ""BRS Radio Stations"" (

Most sites list the stations by genre (style of music), state, etc. You should bookmark these sites in your Internet browser. You will find yourself going back to these sites often. The major advantage the internet offers is the ability to download information into a spreadsheet or word processing document to make labels and save data for your follow-up files. However, if you decide looking for information on the internet takes too much time, an alternative is to purchase books that already have all the information for radio stations listed in them.

When finding radio stations to submit to, it's best to start with college radio first, especially if you are a new act without a track record. It will be easier for you to get added on college stations, which are usually ""free format"" and are more likely to air something new and exciting.

If you decide on the college route, make sure you have verified they have a format for your music. Most college stations have a variety of music styles and Music Directors. Rock, Jazz, and Alternative Music tend to be the main stay for college stations. Country acts will have a more difficult time on college stations and there are many that have Folk Music programs. For Country acts you'll have a better opportunity at stations that play Country Music specifically and/or those that play Americana.

Once you conquer the college charts, you will have a solid base and track record to promote yourself to the larger stations. It's like a snowball that rolls down the mountain. The more it rolls, the larger it gets. Make sure when approaching larger stations that you ask specifically if they play independent artists.

If they tell you they occasionally give an independent artist an opportunity, and you have the extra resources, go ahead and submit your CD to them. You never know, they may play it. But if you hear: 'No. We only play major-label releases, or artists that are in the top 50 of the Billboard charts, but why don't you go ahead and send it along anyway.' Think long and hard about it before sending your CD. You're better off to be patient, record the comment on your spreadsheet and wait until you chart before contacting that station again.

If the goal for your music is charting you will need to make sure that all of the radio stations you submit to, report to the same charts. This will help ensure that all of your ""spins"" count. (Spins are the amount of times a song is played.) If the radio stations don't report to any charts, or the charts they do report to are not consistent with those you already have, you may want to think about passing on them until you have more resources. It would be like sending an unsolicited press kit to a management firm that doesn't accept them. It's a waste of time, energy and press kits.

If you are only looking for exposure, then by all means send it to every radio station you get permission from as long as your budget allows. However, try to stay in one local/regional area so it's saturated with your music. It will give you a much better chance at lining up a distributor as well as selling more CD's. It is easier to get added to a play list on stations that don't report, than do. The competition is not as fierce. Remember: air time is an important commodity to a radio station. Each station only has so many hours and slots they can play songs. If you can get your song charted, you will have a better chance of getting into one of those precious slots. You have to decide which route you want to take.

Once you have found the radio stations you plan to submit to, and you have entered that information into a database, you are ready to send the press kit out (assuming your CD is ready). At this time, make sure to call the radio stations again and verify that all the information you've gathered is still the same. The industry is very volatile. Stations get bought and sold very quickly, and there is an extremely high turnover rate for personnel. You don't want to send your Heavy Metal CD to a station that is now a Smooth Jazz station. And you don't want to send something out with the words ""Material Requested"" on it, to someone who no longer works there.

You'll need a cover letter for your press kit, make sure to suggest the tracks you think radio personnel will like, and the ones you think are more commercial. Give them an opportunity to listen to several tracks, but don't ask them to listen to the entire CD. It's not professional. Radio promoters push one track at a time.

Pushing only one track will show them you know what you are doing and are respectful of their time. To push a track means to tell the radio personnel which track you are suggesting at this time for airplay. Tell them it's the first release off your new CD. In order to chart you must have a substantial amount of ""spins"". Here's another major reason to push only one spin: If you have a lot of tracks that are being played, but no stations are playing similar tracks, your chances of charting for a particular song are very slim. While you really don't have a choice of what is played, you can help it along by constantly suggesting the same track.

Most Program Directors (PD's) and Music Directors (MD's) have specific call times, on specific days, every week. You can only call them on these days or they will not take your calls. Once you have sent your press kit out, wait approximately two weeks, then call and confirm that your CD has arrived safely. If the CD has not arrived, wait one more week and call again. If at that point the CD has still not arrived, tell the PD or MD that you will send another package and then send it. Wait another week and then follow up again.

The life of one song is anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks. You can't just assume that at the end of 6 weeks the radio station is going to automatically play another track from your CD. It's up to you to suggest it. At the end of your first 4 weeks of air time, continue to push the first track but also start suggesting the next track you plan to release. Start building a rapport with the PD's and MD's. Find out their likes, dislikes, and interests. You will get much farther if you are truly interested in who they are and what they do, than if you are only interested in what they can do for you.

Because Program and Music Directors have different call times and days, time management is essential. To help make your job a little easier, create a database to hold all your contact information and keep track of calls and call times. If you have succeeded in getting a station to add your music, here are some questions you should ask:

* If they are playing your CD, ask them how your CD is doing at their station. * Ask them if they are playing the track you specified in your promotional package, and if they have had any listener response. * Ask if there is anything additional that you can do to assist them.

More often than not, you will only be able to leave a message when you call. If you are able to contact them directly, always ask them if it is a convenient time for them to talk to you. If it is, keep your conversations short, as they are extremely busy people. If it is not a good time for them to talk, ask them when you can call them back and then do.

Keep them informed of any newsworthy items. Every time you succeed in getting another station to add your music, go a little further on the chart, or score a major gig, send out a press release by faxes or emails, and definitely hype it on the phone during your conversations with them. Build excitement so you keep yourself in the forefront of their minds. Keep them interested in your music. Offer to do interviews and liners. Liners are a small commercial you record for the station. For example: 'Hi! This is Joe Smoegh and you are listening to today's hottest mix on such and such a radio station.' I will say it again, be persistent and pleasant.

If you have not been added, or you are not receiving airplay yet, continue promoting yourself to these stations via email, fax, or doing your follow up phone calls. Ask them if they do test spins. If they do, ask them if they would try your CD during one of their next test spin slots. Additionally, stop by radio stations in your area and make live appearances.

Bring something special, perhaps pizza or donuts and soda. You will bring a smile to their faces and create a personal association. Try to come up with unique ideas to ""sell"" your CD to them. Additionally, when you release your CD to radio will affect how much airplay you receive. If everything fails, try to remain upbeat and positive with them. Radio is very political. Remember there is only so much air time and only so many time slots available. Most will not pick Joe Smoegh over Britney Spears. After repeated efforts have failed and you're still not getting any air time, it may be time to call it quits on that particular station and stop contacting them with your weekly phone calls. You should still continue to keep them informed of your comings and goings via email. Copyright 2005 Jaci Rae

About the author: Jaci Rae is the #1 Best Selling author of ""Winning Points with the Woman in Your Life One Touchdown at a Time"" ISBN 0974622907 and ""The Indie Guide To Music, Marketing and Money"" ISBN 978-0-9746229-4-1 as well as the host of the Jaci Rae show. Dubbed by the media as ""Racy Jaci"" because of her quick wit and ""The Rae of Hope,"" for her powerful insight, please make sure to check her out at: To hear

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