Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Free Marketing Tip #5: Get Out and Speak

Author: Debbie LaChusa, 10stepmarketing

Article: Have you been to a networking event, or a conference or industry meeting lately? If you have, chances are you heard a presentation. Someone got up and spoke to you and the rest of the group about a topic. A topic they knew a lot about, and a topic related to their business. They may have even made a special offer to the group, such as a special product or service package they don't usually sell, or a special discount on their products or services.

These people are using speaking as a marketing tool ... as a way to get the word out about their business, products or services. They're doing this by sharing valuable information with the kind of people they can best help, and those they'd like to have as clients. And by offering everyone the chance to go deeper by making a purchase, or joining their email list, or some other offer to bring them into the fold of their business.

If you're a small business owner or independent professional, you can do the very same thing. And the best part is, it's free.

So what if you're not sure how to use speaking as a small business marketing tool.

Here are 10 steps to get you started:

<b>(1)</b> Identify a topic you know a lot about and that is related to your business.

<b>(2)</b> Using that topic, put together an outline for a presentation.

<b>(3)</b> Create a 30-60 minute presentation from this outline, being sure to share valuable information and helpful tips, but also being careful not to give away the whole store.

<b>(4)</b> Identify who your ideal clients are.

<b>(5)</b> Look for groups or associations these ideal clients belong to that hold regular meetings.

<b>(6)</b> Contact these groups to see if they feature outside speakers at their meetings.

<b>(7)</b> For those groups who do feature speakers, offer to come speak at a future meeting for free. Be sure to help them understand how your topic will benefit their members or attendees.

<b>(8)</b> Find out if the group you are speaking to will allow you to sell your product or service to the group at the end of your presentation.

<b>(9)</b> For those groups that will allow you to sell, put together an irresistible offer. Consider packaging together products or services you don't usually sell together, or give them a big discount if they purchase from you at the event.

<b>(10)</b> For those groups that won't allow you to sell, do a giveaway of one of your products or services and invite all attendees to submit their business card for a chance to win. Follow-up with everyone who enters, inviting them to join your email list.

Speaking is a great way to get yourself in front of your ideal clients so they can get to know you and your business better. It's also a great way to build a mailing list of your ideal clients that you can market to over time, through a regularly published newsletter or ezine.

(C) Copyright 2006 Debbie LaChusa, 10stepmarketing

About the author: Debbie LaChusa created <a href=""""> The 10stepmarketing System </a>to make marketing your own business as simple as answering 10 questions. Learn more about this unique, step-by-step system and get a free 10-week <a href=""""> Marketing E-Course </a> when you subscribe to the free, weekly 10stepmarketing Ezine at

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Monday, December 29, 2008

How to profit from reciprocal links

Author: Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi


Reciprocal links are one of the most fantastic and effective forms of website promotion, because one good reciprocal link can give you the same amount of traffic as a major search engine and you can have hundreds of reciprocal links .

The basic concept is simple - you link a related site to yours, and then ask it's webmaster to ad a reciprocal link to your site in his. If he agrees, then you'll both get an increase in traffic.

But of course you can't just start asking for reciprocal links to random sites.


FIND SIMILAR SITES TO EXCHANGE RECIPROCAL LINKS WITH: The sites you chose for reciprocal link, must have a content related to the one in your site. A content that's targeted to the same kind of visitors that your site does. i.e. if you have a web designing tools site, it will be ok to exchange links with a site that offer graphics or music to enhance web designing.

FIND NOT TOO SIMILAR SITES TO EXCHANGE YOUR RECIPROCAL LINKS Although it only makes sense to exchange reciprocal links with similar sites, the sites you chose need to be different enough so that they don't compete with yours

ACCEPT ONLY INTERESTING SITES FOR YOUR RECIPROCAL LINKS If you find sites filled with ads and typos, that doesn't feel and look professional, you'd better discard them. There's a good rule you can follow when you're looking for a reciprocal link's prospect: ""If it doesn't interest or like you, it's not going to interest or like your customers"" Remeber that your site must reflect you in all its contents, even in its reciprocal links.

TARGET TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC Some webmasters think that they must search for sites with similar amount of traffic to ask for a reciprocal link exchange that will really be interesting. Of course that if you have to chose between someone that has 100.000 visitors a month and another one that has 5.000 visitors a month, is better to chose the first one. But you will receive the same ammount of trafic from one site with 100.000 visitors than from 20 sites with 5.000 (that are much easier to find)

And if your site is really good, your reciprocal link exchange proposal will be accepted even if you get less traffic than the site you're trying to exchange with.


Search for similar and interesting sites

Create the link in your site

Write to the webmaster of your complimentary site telling him that you have already stablished a link to his site in yours, because you liked his site, and think that your customers and his customers will benefit, with the mutual reciprocal link exchange.

Give the web address of the page where you have included the link

Offer him an outstanding placement of his link if he ads a link to your web site

Create a special web page where you can offer the HTML texts that they can use to create the link to your web site. Offer text link text, and banner link text.

Some people say that If you don't get the reciprocal link (and it will happen in 9 over 10 offers) you should erase and forget that link. I think that if the link is a real beneffit to your customers, you must keep it, to enhance your web site's content.

Don't remove the link from your site once you get your reciprocal link. Tha's not only dishonest, but once again you're losing benefical information for your customers.

Check the site of your partner every now and then to see if he's honoring his comittment. If you don't find the reciprocal link to your site, ask for it and if you don't receive an answer, take it off from the outstanding position you gave it.


A god automation program will do all of the above for you plus...

Create a reciprocal links directory for everyone of the themes related with your site

Create qualified traffic to your web site in numbers you have always thought to be impossible

Look for sites related with yours much faster than you can do it

Create themed pages keyword-tuned to score high in search engine rankings

Allow you to email an individually-personalized reciprocal link request to each website's webmaster

Resuming, everything is easy to edit, organize and maintain, with an automate reciprocal link program. I know of only one that coul do all this, and you can read about it here:

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

About the author: Dr. Roberto Bonomi is a successful e-book writer that shares his home business experience at: <a href=""http://www.easy-home-""></a> If you already have, or are looking for an Internet Home Business, you can't miss the free knowledge that you'll receive at his site.</p>

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to make a better business (Part I)

Author: Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

Article: Make money with what you know!

Everybody knows that your better business is your own business.

Many want to do something at home and earn money with their computer, but they don't know how to come up with a product.

But you are alive aren't you? And most of all you have lived lots of experiences that could mean money to you. The only problem is that you don't know it, you don't know to find your better business making profit from what you know!

Maybe you just lived you life taking care of your sick parents, or you have carpenter's knowledge, or, plumber, or electrician, you say. Whatever you know there's people that would like to know it and would like to pay for it!

So what am I trying to tell you? I'm telling you that no matter what you did with your life, you most probably are sitting over gold without knowing it.

There are hundreds of millions of people on Internet, and tens of thousands would like to know whatever you know, you only need help to obtain profit from your better business knowledge.

Each of us lives a life of unique circumstances and experiences that results in building a body of knowledge... knowledge that has value and that can be packaged and sold to others!.

Of course you can always work in someone else's business, and if this is the idea you like most, read my Affiliate Programs web page at:

But why work for a share when you can take the lion's part? The biggest profit will always come from YOUR better business!

Start right now! I will help you write your first Info Product, a simple 10 pages booklet, going through the following points:

Discover your better business within you Create a product with it Give your product a name Build a site Publish it Sell it


To discover your better business within you you need to do some brainstorming, the goal of it is to make you aware of the gold mine within you. You must choose from something you love and are passionate about. Maybe something you like to read or do, maybe your hobby. What special body of knowledge have you learned from your job?

What do you do day after day, without even thinking about it (ex., child-rearing) -- think about what you tend to do in a typical day, and what you've learned from it. What sections of a book store or a magazine shop do you automatically gravitate toward? What kind of TV shows do you tend to like most? Movies?

Don't worry, there are tens of questions that will help you discover your better business.

For instance, if 'travel' is a hot topic for you *AND* you're a mom with three children in diapers, your better business could be based on ""Travel tips for families with babies"". Or... If you're a woman who can fix a flat tire, without breaking a nail, or change a spark plug in 5 minutes flat, your better business could be to create an infoproduct for other women who aren't so car savvy.

No matter what topic you brainstorm up, you'll need to do a quick survey to determine your readers' most pressing needs/problems.

If you think that an expert step by step detailed guide will help you find your better business, you won't find a better one than ""Make your knowledge Sale"" (MYKS)

Idea - Generating Exercise 5 in MYKS! has several more variations on this valuable exercise. Actually, MYKS! has six powerful brainstorming tactics to find your better business..

Before you give your idea a GO, review it against the MYKS! 10- point ""Reality Checklist."" It will determine if your better business idea can withstand the rigors of being exposed to the world.

You must answer ""yes"" to at least 8 questions to proceed. Otherwise... ... next idea, please! OK, let's start...

Is this a topic that I really have a great deal of interest in?

Will I genuinely ENJOY writing about it?

Are there at least 10-20 places to promote/market my information product (e-zines, mailing lists, Web sites)? Does it lend itself well to search engine marketing (via gateways -- read Make Your Site SELL! for full info on traffic-building via gateways).

Are there at least 5 people that I can interview as part of the infoproduct?

Have I identified at least 3-5 pressing problems that my readers are currently facing?

Can I find at least 100,000 prospects through online and off- line opt-in e-mail lists? (the more, the merrier -- check out Postmaster Direct ( ) or Best Mailing Lists ( ).

Have I read at least 4-5 of my competitors' information products?

Can I find at least 5 distinguishing factors to write about in my infoproduct, that my competitors have not focused upon?

Have I come up with at least 5 benefits of why my infoproduct ideas are better than my competitors'?

Are there at least 5 people from whom I can obtain testimonials or endorsements?

Have I come up with a great domain name that is both memorable and applicable to my infoproduct's content? (Check at ( ) for availability.)

And, the most important single factor to consider, for your better business, and how to be sure about it...


(In MYKS! you can find another 16 important points, too. ) But we're trying to get you up and running with a simple e- booklet about your better business idea in a couple of days, right? So let's keep running...

The most important time that you spend on your entire project will be the time that you spend brainstorming your better business idea, and assessing your ideas! Take your time and get this part right. It will save you a lot of time and grief down the road. Why? Because you'll think up and develop the RIGHT product, instead of the wrong one!

Okay you've got a great topic for your better business information product. Using targeted discussion groups, you've discovered your prospect's needs and pains. Plus you've used Your better business 10-Point ""Reality Checklist""

to assure that your better business idea's booklet is indeed a saleable product. Now it's time to start developing an outline.


Since we're creating a simple e-booklet for your better business, it's a good idea to keep our outline as simple as possible. So let's use two of the simplest, most basic outlining formulas for your better business from MYKS!.

Your better business e-booklet can feature a selection of 10 or more tips, techniques or guidelines, that apply to your specific niche. Depending on the number of tips, you can either have a few sentences to explain each one, or a couple of paragraphs.

Your better business Frequently Asked Questions: Come up with 20-30 commonly asked questions within your niche, and provide the answers.

You're halfway to finishing your better business infoproduct. And after you do finish, the real fun starts... Marketing and Selling it! At this point you have an outline, and you have thought up at least a few key points you want to discuss for each tip or question.

Just to make sure you haven't missed anything from your better business prospect's point of view, continue collecting and evaluating responses from the discussion groups. Do another hour or two of research on the Web to smooth out any of the rough spots.

If you need more data, read a few ezines in your better business niche, to see what people are most interested in. You can find ezines galore at The Directory of Ezines

OK, got all your notes together? It's time to flesh out your outline. Using all of your collected data, along with your own knowledge, elaborate upon each question or tip in your better business booklet. Write the content, just the first draft of your better business idea.. It's not critical to make it perfect yet. Just write ideas as they come. Organize them into the appropriate parts of the outline and elaborate upon them.

Write, write, write all the ideas that come to your mind for your better business.. Forget about grammar and typos --just get it down for now. Three hours each day should result in a pretty good first draft of your better business 10 page document.

Now that you've written most of your better business content, you've got a strong feeling for the primary message and the major benefit... your USP (Unique Selling Proposition). that single most important benefit to your customer that only *YOU* can deliver with your better business..

This is fully explained in Make Your Site SELL! (Actually, EVERYTHING about how to build your better business with your knowledge is fully explained there. :-) that's why it's generally accepted by marketing gurus as the ""best resource ever for selling on the Net.""

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

About the author: Dr. Roberto Bonomi is a successful e-book writer that shares his home business experience at: <a href=""http://www.easy-home-""></a> If you already have, or are looking for an Internet Home Business, you can't miss the free knowledge that you'll receive at his site.</p>

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Are You Writing Articles to Boost Your Business & Explode Your Sales?

Author: S.G. OR

Article: For many years search engine marketing has been the most popular advertising strategy on the Internet. But, as you know, strong competition makes it extremely difficult to get high rankings in search engines. So, what is the solution to get placements in the top 20 listings in search engines?

To get the top ten rankings which receive the lion's share in attracting traffic to websites has almost been impossible for most businesses because of the insane competition. That's why online business owners and marketers are striving hard to find solutions to this problem.

Finally, they have found one affective strategy to get top rankings in search engines. They are now writing informative articles on any subject they know well. Then, they send their articles to hundreds, even thousands of online and offline publications, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, e-zines, journals, online portals, websites and weblogs.

Utilizing this marketing strategy helps marketers expose their offers to multi-millions of target audience in related categories worldwide, attracting tens of thousands of potential customers to their websites, helping their target audience receive information, learn many things in their favorite categories, or learn the most powerful advertising methods to grow their businesses fast.

So, articles provide the authors with opportunities to expose their offers to millions of target audience, having many of them visit their websites. You know, more traffic generates more sales. Their readers get information on the subjects they have interest in, getting answers to the questions they have in their minds, learning many methods to boost their businesses.

In fact, both authors and their audience benefit from articles in many ways. This makes articles valuable tools serving millions of people online and offline.

Because great number of people benefit from articles, search engines evaluate articles as valuable tools, too, giving them high credits when evaluating websites. This way, articles play a great role in getting higher search engine rankings.

But, most probably you are a busy person, don't have enough time to send your articles to hundreds of distribution points including magazines, newsletters, e-zines, journals, weblogs, websites. Besides, you don't know how to submit articles to those publications, you have no idea about their rules.

How could you possibly benefit from article marketing when you are unable to send your articles to any publication. To reach herds of people, millions of target audience you have to send your articles to thousands of popular publications, high traffic websites, and you are simply unable to do it!

Don't worry. There are many nice people out there to distribute your articles to hundreds of best places and popular publications for you to reach millions of target audience in a specific category. Most of these wonderful people would even do it without any cost on your part.

These are the links to the websites of free article publisher and distributors:

1. 2. 3. 4. Marketing for Success 5. The News 6. Free Content Syndication 7. New Free Articles http://www/

Your original articles sharing useful information with the readers will enhance your credibility and reliability which are essential values to keep your existing customers in your business, while attracting many more potential customers to your website. Keep writing.

About the author: S.G. OR has been a marketer, owner and operator of several Marketing websites since 1997, providing clients with very profitable advertising options, ad spaces, helping clients' ads get awesome exposure, millions of impressions to substantially increase their sales, revenues & ROI, at: , Contact:

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

What the World Poker Tour Can Teach You About Marketing....

Author: Brett Curry

Article: Steve Lipscomb, creator of the World Poker Tour, has taken a dying sport and turned it into a national craze.

Not long ago poker rooms at casinos where closing - nobody was interested. Today casinos are working like mad to build poker rooms and set up poker tables, and televised poker tournaments command millions of avid viewers.

What he's done with the sport of poker is nothing short of brilliant...and it provides some very good lessons for marketers and entrepreneurs.

His work is worth noting for a couple of reasons. One, he had the foresight to see that this game could be a huge hit (even though ratings for poker tournaments before he started WPT were dismal at best). And two, he implemented his game plan to perfection. And, in business it's implementation and action that counts more than anything else.

Lipscomb and his team have done a lot of things right, but here are four BIG marketing lessons that the WPT can teach to any business...Plus a few additional lessons worth noting.

1. It's all about presentation. Poker Tournaments used to get lousy fringe placement on ESPN. Steve Lipscomb said the presentation was, ""about like watching paint dry.""

Lipscomb's current combination of great camera angles, easy-to-follow graphics, shots of an intently interested audience, and fast-paced editing have made WPT one of the most popular sporting events on TV. One of his big breakthroughs was creating graphics that allow viewers to see the exact hand each player had, plus their bid, and their odds for winning. This made it easy for poker veterans and novices alike to follow along and get involved.

With current viewership of 3.5 to 5 million, the WPT now regularly commands more viewers than NBA and PGA broadcasts on major networks.

This just goes to show that presentation and customer perception are what really matters. So what are you doing to improve the presentation (and therefore the perception) of your products, services, and business? This doesn't just mean a new visual look for your company (although that may be in order). More importantly it means presenting your products and services in such a way that they are perceived as being MORE valuable than your competitions. It means stressing the features AND (more importantly) the benefits of your product or service. And, it may also mean improving the features and benefits that you offer.

2. Great Sources of Exposure. To create his tour Lipscomb approached some of the big name casinos - Foxwoods, the Bellagio, Borgata, Commerce, and the Bicycle. These casinos gave him excellent exposure and the perfect locals to start his tour. What this also did was put his future competition at a disadvantage (anytime you create something as popular as WPT you WILL get copy cats - and the WPT has a bunch). Because of his relationship with the Bellagio and the likes - his competitors will have to find other venues and other sources of exposure, putting them at a disadvantage.

His concept for going to casinos is a reminder that every business should seek to partner with other non-competitive, complimentary businesses. In Lipscomb's relationship with casinos the casinos are probably getting MORE benefit out of the deal than he is....So ask yourself, who could benefit from what you are doing as much as or maybe even more than you? When you find out who - go to them and build a relationship.

These strategic alliances could end up being one of your greatest sources of leads, exposure, and income.

3. GetCustomers Involved. It took just a few months for the phrase ""I'm all in!"" to sweep the nation. America is obsessed with sports and celebrities. But, until the World Poker Tour a person couldn't plop down $30,000 and play on the PGA Tour, or fork over $40,000 and be the star of a movie, but just about anyone can enter the World Poker Tour for $10,000. That's a doable amount for a lot of Americans.

This taps into something powerful inside people because everyone would like to be famous. And, people are fascinated with the ""high-roller"" life style. Both are seen as real possibilities for almost anyone on the World Poker Tour.

While you may not be able to make people a ""high-roller"" with your business, you can still get them involved, and make them feel like a ""high-roller"". One of the greatest ways to do that is simply to communicate with your customers (via survey), find out what they want, and then give it to them. The more involved a customer is in your business the more loyal they will become, and the more money the will spend with you. Get your customers involved.

4. Creating Profitable Spin-off Products and Services - in this case, Merchandising. One of the greatest lessons in business is to take a successful concept and create profitable spin-offs. In other words to create ancillary products, services, etc. that are a natural fit with your concept. In the case of the WPT that mainly involved merchandising. A few of the first spin-off products created were WPT cards, tables, and chip sets. Last Christmas the WPT chip sets sold faster than their manufacturer could make them. Also in the works, are DVD box sets of the first season, several books, and a wireless platform that lets you play WPT on your cell phone. They've licensed and sold ""All-in Hold'em"" poker tables to be set up at casinos across the country. The WPT brand has even be extended to the state lottery of 7 different states.

Spin-offs do a couple of things. One, they provide you with MORE exposure. Two, they promote deeper customer loyalty (in the case of the WPT the term fanatics would be more appropriate). And three, they get maximum revenue out of your good ideas.

*Note: A few more keys to Lipscomb's success. He didn't invest a nickel of his own money in stating the WPT, only sweat equity. How did he do that? Simple. He found others who stood to benefit even MORE than he did (namely Casinos) and he had them front the money. Also he fought to get the WPT consistent TV placement. He didn't want it to get a few air dates here and there. He sold a 1-year contract to the Travel Channel (of all places) where ""Wednesday is Poker Night"". Consistency is a critical for something to build.

Yes, WPT has created a sports revolution - and a very profitable one at that. And you should take notes and see if you can create a mini-revolution in your business and in your industry.

About the author: Brett Curry is the President of Curry Marketing, Inc. a direct response marketing agency. Brett is a skilled marketer, public speaker, and is the author of the Marketing Muscle Newsletter. For more tips, ideas, and money-making strategies visit you can email Brett at

Sign up for the FREE Marketing Muscle Insights weekly e-mail at

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How to make a better business

Author: Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi


To get you started, here are just a few templates from over 30 in MYKS! for naming your better business infoproduct...

20 Questions Answered About _______________________ 20 Tips and Techniques For _______________ Who Want to _______________________ 20 Ways to ________________________________________ How to Make the Most of ___________ For Under $____

Now here's your mission (should you choose to accept it!). Marry your USP, that single most important benefit from your better business to your target audience, into one of the above templates.

Take your time Believe me... a great name literally multiplies your better business infoproduct's saleability by several fold.

Now, this is the point where the pros separate from the amateurs:

Read your better business infoproduct and make it better. Then read your better business infoproduct again. Then read your better business infoproduct again. Then give your better business a break!

Spend two days on this because it's important and it takes time... 3 hours each day, minimum. B-r-r-r-r... Yes I know this is the dreaded action step. This is where you take your better business e-booklet from first to final draft. Polish, test and polish your content until you have a brilliant final draft.

Proofread and edit your better business entire booklet. This is hard, because by now, you're a bit too close. Ask a spouse or good friend to give it the ""once-over.""

What about copyright and your ISBN? Don't register a copyright for your better business if it's just a booklet. When you do your better business full e-book, that may be the time.

It's all explained in MYKS!. For now, just write your copyright notification at the end of your better business e-booklet


If you already have a site, just add a Web page that persuades your visitor to buy your better business infoproduct. If you don't have a site, Join FREE the 5 Pillar Program and use Page Build It! to build yourself a free Web page for your better business.

No need to know html. Just join FREE the 5 Pillar Program and use this powerful and free tool...

Use Page Build It! to create a page that persuades your visitor to buy your better business infoproduct. Normally, this tool is only for affiliates to build traffic. But if you own MYSS! or MYKS! it's OK to use it for this!

Joining FREE the 5 Pillar Affiliate Program is a brilliant way to turn your better business infoproduct into TWO income streams rather than just ONE:

INCOME STREAM #1 -- The 5 Pillar Affiliate Program. On your site, mention the fact that you created your new e-booklet as a result of following the advice in MYKS!. Mention it everywhere...

- on the Web page that sells the booklet - on any other Web page that promotes MYKS! - or at the end of your e-booklet itself.

No matter where you mention it, always do it with a link to your special redirect URL so that you will receive credit for the commission.

INCOME STREAM #2 Your better business Info Product! PUBLISH YOUR BETTER BUSINESS INFOPRODUCT! How should you publish your better business info product? There are many ways:

eBook Pro Is an user friendly product for packaging information... It also gives you far more security and control than other program or packaging options.

E-ditor Is a low-cost, high-profit, easy-to-use and completely guaranteed affiliate program that will let you create original products to start your better business, add to your product line, use as bonus items on your existing affiliate program or simply use as unstoppable traffic generators for your affiliate program.

And you can always use Adobe Acrobat Whether you create business plans, spreadsheets, graphically rich brochures, or Web sites, Adobe® Acrobat® software lets you convert any document to an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file.


The Automation Manual, and ""186 Places to Promote..."" and ""120 New Places to Promote..."" are three tools in the MYKS! Tool Kit that are loaded with strategies and places for you to SELL your better business infoproduct...

You can build up your income over the coming days, as you implement more and more of the above three tools from the Tool Kit.

First, build your order page at ClickBank it's a snap.

ClickBank is the online billing solution used by thousands of web businesses that deliver unique products and services over the Internet itself

Link to ClickBank from your better business mini-sales-site. They will accept credit cards on your behalf, and handle all customer billing, billing inquiries, and bank inquiries. Twice a month you'll receive a check, minus their $1 + 7.5% fee per sale. Second, use MYKS!'s brilliant strategy called ""Secondary Outlets.""

For example, you can place your better business digital booklet on's digital bookshelves. *THEY* do the marketing, building traffic to their site. *THEY* get the sale, clear the credit card and take care of the download. And *THEY* handle all the money. Yes, they charge you more... 50%.

But they spend money attracting traffic. Some of this traffic will find your product when they search. So these are sales that you would not otherwise have. This is worth repeating... these are sales that you would *not* otherwise have.

Done with Fatbrain? Great. Place your better business booklet in 50 other outlets. They'll all generate a bit of bread for you, and it will all add up to a loaf.


This web page is only a briefing of what you can do. There's your better business e-book in everyone. Each of us lives a life of unique circumstances and experiences that results in building a body of knowledge... knowledge that has value and that can be packaged and sold to others.

There are tens of tips, tricks and help templates that can help you to find ""your better business infoproduct within,"" create it, publish it, market and sell it. They all can be found in MYKS! the ULTIMATE USER'S GUIDE TO INFOPRODUCTS. To receive the full version of The InfoProduct Masters Course send a blank e- mail to:

Written by Dr. Roberto A. Bonomi

About the author: Dr. Roberto Bonomi is a successful e-book writer that shares his home business experience at: <a href=""http://www.easy-home-""></a> If you already have, or are looking for an Internet Home Business, you can't miss the free knowledge that you'll receive at his site.</p>

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Simple Way To Create 7 Effective Autoresponder Messages

Author: Kevin Nunley

Article: Email is the Net's most powerful marketing tool. And autoresponders are the best idea yet for marketing with email.

There is an old saying that the first ad rarely sells. You have to put your product, service, or idea in front of a prospect several times before she buys.

Autoresponders are designed specifically to get your message back to the same prospect over and over. That's why most autoresponder packages come in groups of 7 messages--from the 7 message marketing rule that has been the rule in advertising since our grandparents were in diapers.

But what do you say in your 7 messages? We've written autoresponder series for hundreds of customers. Here is one method that always works.

This method is called REMIND 'EM. People don't read your sales letter as carefully as you think. They tend to skim. They read the first message, but miss the second and third message. The prospect may not tune in again until message five. It's so easy for people to completely miss your main points intended to lead to a sale.

It's important to *repeat* your main message over and over. Say it once, twice, three times in your first message. Say your main message in a different way in the second message. Re-cap your main point again in the third message. That way, people who aren't paying attention still get your important ideas.

Here's an example of how the ""remind 'em"" formula works for a 7 letter series promoting personal security products.

Message (1) The world is a dangerous place. You need new innovative security products to insure your protection.

Message (2) More details on how and why the world is a dangerous place. List places or situations that are especially threatening.

Message (3) Recap how the world is a dangerous place. Give more details on the key new security products that have come out.

Now start the middle section of messages. Note how they become more instructional telling people how to use the products.

Message (4) Protect yourself from the dangerous world with Product A. Here's how to use Product A. Here's why you would use it. Here's where to use it.

Message (5) Protect yourself with Product B. Here's how to use it. Here's what happy customers say about it. Tell a hair raising story of how Product B saved a customer's life.

Now comes the wrap-up and reminder, especially important for people who never got around to reading your earlier messages.

Message (6) Go back to your main sales letter used in numbers 1 and 2. Start all over reviewing your main points and highlighting your most popular products.

Message (7) This is the final follow-up email. I usually have it come two weeks to one month after message 6. It's designed to scoop up all the people who weren't ready to buy in the beginning, but may be ready to buy now.

It can start with ""For the past few weeks I've been sending you important information about how to protect yourself in threatening situations. I know you are busy and may not have had time to consider how these products could improve your life and confidence."" At that point, you again review your main points.

Repetition is the key to advertising success. Find creative ways to keep the main message going week after week and you will have as many customers as you can handle. Busy prospects simply need time for your message to sink in. As we used to say when I worked in media, it's just when you and your staff are sick to death of a commercial that the audience is just beginning to notice it.

About the author: Kevin Nunley writes autoresponder messages that get results. See his quality, affordable writing packages at Reach Kevin at

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Marketing Offline Can Substantially Increase Your Online Business

Author: Jill Hart

Article: The Internet can be a scary place for those looking for a home-based business opportunity. The fear of not connecting personally with others is one concern and many people have been ""taken"" by online scams in their search for a legitimate business and are fearful to take any more risks. One way to overcome fears such as these is to market your online business locally. By simply offering the person a contact that they can speak to and possibly even meet face to face you will making the statement that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.

It is effective to market your online business locally primarily because potential customers and business recruits prefer to have the option of speaking with the business owner face to face. By attracting customers locally, you can maximize the opportunities to meet with them. You will no longer be that ""someone they found online,"" but someone that they will be able to relate to and feel confident doing business with.

But how do you market locally? Here are some excellent tips:

Besides the common local advertising routes, such as Newspaper Ads, Yellow Pages, Etc., another effective (and inexpensive) way to advertise locally is to post business related flyers around your community. Many grocery stores, libraries, bookstores, and office supply stores offer bulletin boards for this purpose. Make yours stand out and be recognized, yet professional enough to warrant someone trusting you with their business. Also, if possibly have a tear-off section on your flyer so they can take your number and leave your flyer.

Look for events geared toward work-at-home businesses. There are organizations, such as the National Work at Home Mom Association, that hold events across the nation to help promote the work-at-home business owner. At events such as these, you can purchase a booth and make hundreds of local contacts, as well as sales, all in one day.

Reach out to your community. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, get involved in community events and become known to those around you. Pass out flyers and hand out business cards to everyone you meet. Door Flyers also work well for marketing - pick one neighborhood a week and go door to door. Be consistent with your marketing with door flyers, too. If a potential customer sees your ad repeatedly, they will feel more inclined to use your services in the future. Magnets can be great promotional items as well. You can have magnets printed with your business information and hand them out to people that you speak to about your products. Potential clients can keep these on their refrigerator or filing cabinet. You can also leave flyers, magnets or even catalogs around town in places like doctor's offices, hair salons, etc.

Volunteer in your community for marketing success. Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing, Inc. suggests, ""Volunteer at school events such as PTA meetings or community functions. When your child's school needs a flyer, volunteer to do it and attach your card to it. Look to see where you can also inexpensively advertise. Often ads in the kid's yearbook or community events newsletter will get your more exposure than the expensive ads in the daily newspapers.""

Direct mail is another great tool for gaining local clients. Get the Yellow Pages out and write a professional letter or send your brochures or postcards to those that would be interested in your products or services. Send a mailing to local businesses that my be interested in offering your products to their customers. For example, if you sell home décor products, send a professional letter to real estate agents in your local area. In the letter, describe how your products would be valuable for them to use as thank you gifts when they sell a home.

It's important to talk to everyone you possibly can about your business. You can find prospective customers in line at the grocery store, while waiting at a doctor's office, or even while playing at the park with your children. Let others know that you are excited about it and believe in it. If the people around you hear the excitement in your voice, they may become excited about your business, too! You'll be rewarded with more sales and a business that prospers from year to year.

About the author: Jill Hart is the founder and editor of Christian Work at Home Moms,, and the author of the e-book, The Two Week Devotional Journey for Christian Work at Home Moms. The website is dedicated to providing moms with free resources to aid them in their work at home search. E-mail Jill at for additional information or stop by her site at

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Flyer Delight

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: You would often see people handling out a piece of paper in the street. Out of your curiosity you would probably like to see what these people are handling out. So, you would get near them and ask for a piece of the paper that they are giving out. Then perhaps you would found out from the piece of paper that your favorite salon will be having a big discount on all their services this weekend. Good thing you ask for a piece of the paper and you learned about the discount. You surely cannot let this opportunity pass.

These pieces of paper that businesses often give out are called flyers. Flyers are valuable and cost effective form of promotional material. For small businesses who are just starting up or do not have enough money to produce more expensive advertising materials, flyers are a good alternative. If you have extra money to spare you can ask a professional to make the flyer for you but of course you can always do the flyer yourself.

If you are designing the flyer yourself make sure that you do not just use ordinary white paper. Make your flyer attractive by using colorful, cheerful and attractive papers, one that would really interest a passer by to have a look at your flyer. Your flyer will serve as your business card so as much as possible include only the necessary information such as the product or service that you offer, your address and contact number among others. If you are offering a sale or discount on your products or services, put inclusive dates to get people to act as soon as possible.

Additionally, put comments of satisfied customers in your flyers and ensure that you put yourself aside from other companies by listing your qualifications. The back part of the flyer can be used for listing additional comments, qualifications and offers. When you have effectively designed your flyer you are now ready to distribute it. As much as possible hand it out in areas where your target customers are found. You can also post it in bulletin boards, grocery stores, offices or any other place that allow postings.

Public gatherings such as parades are great places to hand out flyers. You have to remember though that if someone gives back your flyer accept it back and just smile. Do not thrust your flyer on anyone. And before you post or leave your flyer in any place make sure that it is allowed in that area. When you have taken these few tips into consideration, chances are you will have a wonderful time giving out your flyers and increasing your sales over a period of time.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="" ml"">Short Run Flyers Printing </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Truth about Fifth-wheels

Author: David C Skul

Article: Fifth-wheel trailers range from about 8,000 pounds to more than 18,000 pounds, plus the weight of fluids and personal effects. In the more compact fifth-wheels, sleeping accommodations differ from the conventional size models; the small fifth-wheel models all provide a full-time bed in the raised forward section, which can be a real advantage when compared to a convertible bed. Headroom varies considerably, but most compact fifth-wheels require stooping while using the front section. Most of these models provide adequate living accommodations with little wasted space. All fifth-wheel trailers require a pickup truck for towing, but owing to the relatively small size of these units, a wide range of trucks is suitable.

The larger fifth-wheel models are the hot setup for anyone seeking maximum living space - the RV of choice for full-time living. Most fifth wheels include up to three large slideouts and standing room in the front bedroom; the larger models are available with a wide range of appliances, including built-in washer/ dryer, dishwasher and entertainment center with surround sound. The larger fifth-wheel units require the beefiest dual-rear-wheel pickup trucks as the tow vehicles, or specialized conversions of medium-duty trucks. It is important to match the size and weight of a new fifth-wheel to the tow vehicle, or select the fifth-wheel first and then order a truck of adequate towing capacity.

The fifth-wheel trailers are designed to be affixed and towed by a pickup truck equipped with a special hitch in the truck bed. These two-level units provide great living quarters, equipped with all the comforts of home

Features of the fifth-wheel travel trailer include unique bi-level design that raises the master bedroom or living room over the truck bed and a large window at the rear for panoramic views, detachable from tow vehicle, allowing complete freedom on arrival at your destination to use your truck for shopping or sightseeing trips.

All the conveniences of home are built into a fifth-wheel for sleeping, showering, dining, cooking and entertainment. Many fifth-wheels manufacturers also offer true luxury models, that are very spacious and elegantly furnished.

About the author: <a href="""">David C Skul</a> - CEO and <a href="""">Relativity, Inc</a>. is pleased to serve his clients through traffic generating articles and one way links. So, if you want to find out more information about <a href="""">Fifth Wheels</a> we suggest you to click this link

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guerilla Versus Gorilla - Small Companies Can Win

Author: Jim Estill

Article: We make our living as guerillas - not the bad kind, but more of a freedom fighter. By using the term 'guerilla' I mean EMJ (now a division of SYNNEX) fights for business against big gorillas (other distributors) in the field. Our competitors are almost 100 times our size; EMJ is a Canadian-based, $165 million per year distributor. We have made an operating profit for the past 80 consecutive quarters. So even though we are up against the big gorillas as a distributor, we must be doing something right.

If you are in a business where some of the competitors are much larger, you may be able to benefit from using guerilla tactics. The principles of running a guerrilla organization differ from running a gorilla organization. As a guerrilla, we hide from our competitor; we do not try to crush them. I even go so far as to examine what they do well and let them do it. At the same time, I look for under-serviced markets and get to these markets fast.

A gorilla takes all competitors head on, trying to crush the competition. Sometimes this takes the form of a price war. Sometimes it takes major prolonged, drawn-out investment. This works as long as you are the same size, or larger than the competition. Even then, such a long battle can sap power and ultimately profits.

Companies that die often believe they were gorillas. It is certain death for a business to fight gorillas unless they can withstand the siege. Any time we hire someone with a gorilla-company background, we watch and coach that person to make sure they are indoctrinated with the appropriate tactics. We have to make sure they understand out business model.

My 8 favourite guerilla tactics are:

1 - Act fast. I use my company's size for my advantage. I can act lightning fast. In the computer business, this is a huge asset. Things change so rapidly that moving fast and being first to market is a huge advantage. Larger companies do not react quickly. Develop a reputation for being first - it gets the attention of customers.

2 - Welcome smaller opportunities. Gorillas tend to say 'no' to manufacturers who don't think they can do significant volume with. But a small opportunity rejected by a gorilla can be a very profitable opportunity for a guerilla. For EMJ, a million dollar per product line is an opportunity big enough to get the attention of my first string. In your business, look for the right-sized opportunity for you. Frequently, it is the smaller opportunity that has the best promise. The gorillas will leave you alone. There is always a right-sized opportunity for a company of any size. Knowing your rightful place in the market can help you to thrive.

3 - Get focussed. Higher focus means we know more, stock more, and sell more product of fewer manufacturers. The smaller our product listing, the more powerful we become. We know a lot about a little. That means we know the products we sell better than a gorilla, and we become a sales tool for the reseller, not just an order-taker. Could you become more focused and specialized in a business area by giving up on a part of your business?

4 - Be more flexible. We can adapt more easily to our customers and suppliers. We try not to be ruled by policy. The bigger a company gets, the more likely they are to have policy and some of it is required. As a small distributor, we can be more flexible. Are there areas that your competition is ignoring that by being more entrepreneurial, you can capitalize on?

5 - Be smarter. This sounds too simple, almost embarrassing to write. Since we are smaller, we can look at the business we do more carefully and make sure it makes good business sense. We don't pick up another manufacturer just to increase the size of our line card. That's just not good business sense for us. That's the way we have to think - and so should you.

6 - Lower your overhead. For some reason, most companies seem to choose more expensive offices and furnishings as they grow. This expectation tends to increase costs in all areas of the company that distribution, at current margin levels, can ill afford. At EMJ, we buy quality used furniture. We are on the outskirts of Guelph where the cost of land and taxes is less. Our capital base is even high enough that our cost of capital is less than some of the gorillas. Are there areas that you can be lower overhead than the gorillas in your field? Costs always add up on the bottom line.

7 - Foster staff loyalty - one major advantage guerillas have over gorillas is the ability to attract, motivate, and keep good people. Primarily this is because guerillas can be more flexible, easier to work for and give people more of a sense of accomplishment because what they do contributes more directly the company's bottom line. I have always found there to be great power by being smaller and treating my people with respect and not just as numbers. Gorillas can try to do this but it is tough for them to copy you.

8 - Just BE a gorilla. We like to enter market areas that we can dominate and specialize in. We may not be the biggest but in certain specific niches, we dominate. As long as we are the biggest in an area, we can act the part. We can under-price and over-service the competition forever. Anyone who enters our markets learns that it is expensive and often impossible to unseat us.

9 - Be personal. One thing a smaller organization can do is to be more personal. People buy from people. You can foster relationships that will help you sell. Part of the way we are personal is by showing our customers what markets and products ARE profitable. There is nothing that cements a customer relationship better than making them money, because you'll be making money for them AND for you!

10 - Be opportunistic - to sum up guerilla strategy is simply to be opportunistic. Take advantage of opportunities that the gorillas cannot do. There are many companies that remain profitable by being opportunistic.

In summary, unless you are huge - think guerilla. Appropriate guerilla tactics for your size will win any battle.

About the author: Jim Estill is the founder of EMJ Data which sold to SYNNEX in 2004. He is now CEO of SYNNEX Canada, a billion dollar distributor of computer products. He wrote this article when he was running EMJ. His blog can be found at

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Million Pixel Home Page Advertising Search Engine Marketing How It Works

Author: Wayne Hagerty

Article: How do they produce high traffic?

One of the most important reasons this new Search Engine Marketing system produces traffic is the Buzz going around the internet from forums, articles like this, word of mouth, press releases and the fact that it is a brand new way of Internet Marketing that has never been seen before.

Here is what you need to do if you would like to receive the benefits from this amazing Search Engine Marketing traffic generator.

#1- Look for a Pixel Page that is fairly New, very little current ads ( I have listed a link to a great one below ). Reason being is that you really benefit greatly by having the opportunity to place your Pixel AD were ever you want.

Note: Look for middle available sections as well as top left hand corners ( the way people read the paper ). Also another important reason is that when other interested people that want to place there ads clearly spot your Pixel Ad first. This generates curiosity on what's behinds door number one = Tons of traffic for you.

#2- Choose the amount of pixel space you need and want to purchase. Prices for pixels normally cost about $1.00 ( less that a cup of coffee ). This is one of the most inexpensive ways of Internet Marketing I personally have ever seen.

#3- After you decide how many Pixel Advertising spaces you wish to purchase and were to place them on the Million Pixel Page Grid now it is time to create your Search Engine Marketing Pixel Ad.

#4- When putting together your Pixel Ad be creative, you don't have to purchase a large amount of Pixel Page Realistate if your thumbnail Pixel Ad is creative. It has been reported that a ton of the small mini Pixel Ads, because the are unique and eye grabbing are receiving close to the same amount of traffic to the larger sized Pixel Ads.

That is all you need to do. These Pixel Page sites will bring a continuous amount of traffic for years to come. This type of Search Engine Marketing will pay for itself over and over again by generating more sales, and tons of new unique visitors to your site. These sites marketing creates the buzz your sites get the benefit of the continuous high volume of traffic.

About the author: This article written by Wayne Hagerty certified SEO/SEM professional with years of experience. To get continuos traffic to your website visit the Million Pixel Page new traffic system. Learn how his unique platform can bring your site continuos traffic at:

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Giveaways: Gifts that People Fancy Receiving

Author: Viojieley Gurrobat

Article: The right kind of promotional product can mean the difference between gaining customers and actually losing them. As everyone loves receiving gifts, promotional giveaways are one of the best ways to foster loyalty and get the attention of potential customers or clients. Likewise, these promotional products can help create name recognition and create customer goodwill.

Promotional items such as mugs, pens, clothing, glasses and alarm clocks among others are often inscribed with your logo or messages that can create long lasting impression to anyone who would receive or see it. Company promotional giveaway options are endless ranging from serious to silly items. When choosing the right promotional item for your business, it is essential that you take into consideration what your customers often use. Say for instance, most of your customers spend most of their time behind a desk; hence, your giveaways can be pens, clocks, mugs, computer accessories or calendars. It is likewise important to think how many times your promotional material can be used by your customers.

Now that the holidays are near, it may be in your best interest to start thinking immediately of what to give to your customers as a holiday gift. When you have decided what to give out, you still have to take into account the color, design and quantity that you are going to produce. It is a given fact that color adds life and attractiveness to any material. That is why it is vital that you choose the right colors to your promotional item. But also make sure not to over do your colors. Just make it simply yet catchy as much as possible. You would not want your customers to have one look at it and decide to toss it in their drawers or cabinets.

When it comes to the design less is also more. Keep it simple as much as possible. Put only what is necessary such as your logo and the message that you want to say to your customers. Do not overcrowd your design as a disorganized product could discourage your customer from using it. Furthermore, it is important that you plan ahead. Give yourself enough time finish all the things you have to do before giving out your promotional giveaways. Avoid rushing as it could affect the production process and smooth transaction of your business.

And so, choosing the right giveaway for your customer is essential to a successful marketing strategy. Remember that giving some promotional products as a form of incentive to your customers can encourage them to continue doing business with you.

For comments and suggestions kindly visit <a href="""">Promotional Products </a>

About the author: Viojieley Gurrobat loves readings books in her spare time. She writes stories and poems about anything under the sun.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

4 Methods To Master The #1 Success Secret Of Infopreneuring (3 of 3)

Author: Stu McLaren

Article: If you don't have good fresh content to use for new products, your momentum comes to a crashing halt and so does your business. So the question begs itself, how do you consistently create new content? Here are your four basic options:

1) You can continually write your own materials...and you should.

2) You can record your thoughts and get them transcribed... and you should.

3) You can hire a ghostwriter to write materials for you... and you should.


4) You can purchase the rights to content that you can resell... and you should do this as well.

Each option has its own positives and negatives but in my opinion you should be doing a little bit of each.

Let me explain...

4) You can purchase the rights to content that you can resell Purchasing the rights to content that has already been created can be a double edged sword, but, if you do it right, it can be VERY profitable for a number of reasons.

First and foremost you want to review the ""legal mumble jumble"" to the materials that you have purchased. There are different ""rights"" and you need to be aware of the differences. I'll give you a quick break down of the basic ones that I commonly come across for these types of products.

A. Recording Rights: These usually grant you the rights to record the written material in your voice and sell the audio for whatever price you want. They do not give you the right to reprint the materials or transcribe your audio (yes that is the same thing!!) and resell that.

B. Reprint Rights: Reprint rights give you permission to resell the written content. You can't modify the content at all but you can resell it. Sometimes there are clauses that do not permit you to resell the product beyond a certain price point. Make sure you read all the details carefully

C. Master Resell Rights: With master reprint rights you basically have permission to sell the content AND you have the right to sell the reprint rights. However, you do not have permission to change the content at all. Once again make sure you read all the conditions yourself because every contract can be different.

D. Private Label Reprint Rights: These are basically the grand daddy of them all. These rights allow you to change the content, rebrand them with your own logos, name, graphics, and turn around and resell the finished product. The only thing you don't have permission to do is resell the private label reprint rights.

So that's a basic breakdown of the major categories of what you would get if you purchased the rights to any content. I do want to emphasize that I am not a lawyer and every agreement is unique and different. Therefore you need to read over all the legal stuff before you agree to purchase anything and then start reselling it.

So what are the advantages of doing this?

Well you can get access to good quality content that you can sell right away. Obviously if you purchase any of the rights we just talked about you will want to read the content and make sure that it is a good quality product. You don t want to be reselling crappy products.

Another advantage to this approach, specifically the private label resell rights, is you can use the content for a variety of different purposes. This is where the creative imagination really comes into play.

Here are some examples of what you could use THE SAME content for:

1) Break up the written course into 5-10 different special reports 2) Rework the content into a mini-course 3) Chunk up the content up into a whole bunch of articles 4) Break the content up and plug it into an autoresponder series 5) Use the content for teaching material on a teleseminar 6) Use the ebook as a special bonus for an existing package that you have developed. 7) Break the content up into a ""tips"" series 8) Use the content for teaching material in a seminar 9) Record the written material into an audio product 10) Use the content for a monthly newsletter

These are just 10 quick tips for different ways that you can use this content once you have it.

Are there more? Absolutely!

There really are all kinds of possibilities once you learn what you can do. So purchasing these types of rights can be VERY beneficial in a variety ways.

So how much do these types of rights normally cost?

Typically they are a one time cost ranging anywhere from 12-15 times the retail value all the way up to 40-60 times the retail value (that's normally for a master resell license). That means if the retail price of the product is $200 an average reprint license would be between $2,500-$3,000.

For a master resell license of the same $200 product the cost would be somewhere between $8,000 - $12,000.

Now that is a lot of money but remember you get to keep all the profits of any sales that you make from that point onwards. So if you sold this $200 product at a seminar you could potentially make you money back very quickly.

If you enjoyed this article make sure to look up the other two articles in the series dealing with the other 3 methods of creating content: Part 1 - Writing your own materials and Recording Your Thoughts and Part 2 - Hiring a ghostwriter!

About the author: Don't let your brainchild go to waste! Discover how to start making money with your ideas by grabbing a special report entitled 11 Creative Methods To Make More Money With Your Ideas In Less Time And With Less Effort at

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are You One of The 96%?

Author: Jugglingmum

Article: WARNING - Read This or Risk Going Broke Like 96% of the population!

This may shock you but the Bureau of Statistics shows that 96% of the population at age 65 end up dead or dead broke on a pension. Only 3% become financially independent, and only 1% at age 65 will become rich and there is a similar pattern in most western countries including Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Japan and Europe.

And it's getting worse...

On February 26th, 2004, Peter Costello, Federal Treasurer MP, told ABC Radio that in the future ""There's going to be no such thing as full-time retirement."" He continued with ""There's going to be part-time retirement, and part-time work.

Obviously, the bottom-line for you and I is that we need to do something about it. Otherwise, it's almost too easy a prophecy that many of us will end up working and broke at the age of 65... 70... 75!

Now you can join the inner circle of Money Masters!

MONEY is your number one problem - True? Like most people you need more cash, and you need it right away.

You can now discover some of the most important financial facts you'll ever read. The key is here waiting for you to unlock the door of success beyond anything you could ever imagine.

How do you think the rich became rich? Do you think they are more intelligent than you? Or were they born into wealthy families? Or perhaps they have a lucky charm and everything goes their way. No! I don't think so.

You see the fact is....We all make our own luck!

If I gave you 10,000 right now, 80% of you will have spent it in 12 months. 16% would turn it into 10,500. 3% would turn it into 20,000 and just 1% of you would turn it into 1 million in 12 months!!

Do you want to be right or do you want to be rich?

It's estimate that 50% of the people who read this and then act on it, could within 90 - 180 days, be making more money while they sleep than they make while they work. Which half are you in?

Be prepared to have your mind blown, and your entire world change forever. This amazing 269 page book really is that powerful! You can buy a copy in book stores for 34.95 but it's available to download, for a limited time, at no cost whatsoever. Click below now, to get your FREE copy.

I promise, you will be absolutely amazed!

This report may be used anywhere by anyone as long as nothing is changed. Place it on your websites, email it to friends and colleagues. Don't keep this to yourself because greed, like fear, won't get you anywhere in life.

About the author: Jugglingmum helps others achieve their dream of earning an income while they sleep. Sign up to her newsletter by sending a blank email to To get a FREE copy of the amazing e-book mentioned in this article visit

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Become an Expert For Web Site Success

Author: Chet Holcomb

Article: Do you want to know what it takes to successfully market a web site and generate repeat sales?

It's simple really.

You must position yourself as a perceived expert. It doesn't matter what product or service you are selling, this same premise will hold true.

What is a perceived expert, you ask?

Good question.

Gone are the days where you could build a simple company web site, list your products and send customers to an order page. New web sites are sprouting up like blades of grass and competition is intensely fierce.

The bottom line is this: why should a customer buy from YOU?

A small but growing number of small business owners have discovered the answer to this question and are kicking your butt. How are they accomplishing this? By positioning themselves as an expert in their industry and using their web site to communicate that fact to potential customers.

How can you become an expert too?

Offer your potential customers an education to compliment the product or service you are selling. You can write it, buy it or license the content you need. Whichever you choose, teaching your customers should be an essential component of your web site and its importance cannot be overstated.

Here are some examples:

If you are selling diamonds or jewelry online, offer articles, tips or even a free guide on ""How do I choose the right diamond for me?"" or ""20 ways to spot fake jewelry.""

If you operate a job search or career database, offer a wealth of guides and tips such as ""20 ways to improve your resume,"" ""what to wear at a job interview,"" or ""how do I know if a job is right for me.""

If you are selling health related items (ie: vitamins, pills or creams), don't simply throw up ad copy, a few product images and an order form. Educate your customers on the benefits of each ingredient and how it can improve their well-being. Take it one step further and provide an education on every vitamin and mineral known to man. Just make it fun and easy to read.

You get the picture.

How can this help your web site prosper?

People want to buy the best product they can, at the best price, from someone they trust. Given the fact your customers will never see or meet you, this task is accomplished by your web site. By offering them a wealth of expertise related to the products you are selling, you immediately create a foundation to build upon. You are helping them make a more informed decision as to what to purchase while at YOUR web site. In essence, your web site becomes the salesperson that the customer would normally see in the store or talk to on the phone. Customers always have questions. You have the opportunity to give them the answer and a whole lot more knowledge by becoming a perceived expert in your industry.

If you give your potential customers an education, they will reward you for it. Plus, they will likely tell their friends too!

About the author: Chet Holcomb of and is a successful marketing expert providing advice for web marketers and webmasters on how to promote your website, or product using internet marketing tools that work.

You may reprint this article if all the information is kept intact.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

3 Strategies For Increasing Profits

Author: ElmerFizz

Article: 3 Strategies For Increasing Profits


It's a simple yet common question, ""How can I make my business more successful?""

Success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people but when it comes down to it, the success of your business should only be measured by one thing - profit.

At the end of the day, it's not how many people came in to your store or phoned in. It's not even how many widgets you sold. At the end of the day, what truly matters is how much of a profit you made.

It would make sense then that your efforts focus on profit as the end result. With that in mind, there are only three strategies to increase profits for your business.

1) Increase the dollar size of each order 2) Increase the number of times people buy from you 3) Increase the number of people who buy from you

Most likely, your business is already primed to attack each of these three angles and implementing that attack should be fairly easy.

Let's say that you are the owner of Happy Wicks Candle Store. Let your customers know that for every $50 they spend they will receive a free 4-inch candle. When they are eligible for the free candle, offer them the option of upgrading the 4-inch candle to a 6-inch candle for only four dollars.

Implement a customer loyalty program. Whenever a customer spends $200 with your store they receive a 20% discount on their next order. Show loyalty to your customers, too. Create customer-only events and sales, even workshops on how to make candles at home.

Candles are also popular gifts. Be sure to place your contact info on each and every candle. This makes it easy for the gift recipient to purchase from you. Be sure to also use this tactic when co-promoting with similar businesses such as a flower and bath and body shop.

Looking at the example Happy Wicks Candle Store, the tasks of increasing profits was not a difficult one. Truly, it's a matter of putting systems in place that generate increasing profits.

Take a look at your business and examine the systems you have in place. Chances are there's undiscovered profits lying about. Put systems in place to gather those profits and you'll find your business reaching new heights of success.

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About the author: See for more reprint articles

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

What To Say: How to Find Material To Fill Your Seminar or Small Business Management Course

Author: Kirk Ward

Article: Running a seminar or a small business management course can potentially be a labor intensive undertaking. You want to ensure the ROI. A major part of that effort will be in researching developing your materials for presentation. How do you do this?

The following acronym (SOAP) sums up the process and the result:

reSearch leads to Originality and Authenticity in Presentation

Essentially, if you research your topic thoroughly before you begin, even when it is an area you work in daily and are familiar with, you are more likely to produce original materials and ideas and present them in a fresh and authentic style.

In addition, you want to get away from the dull familiarity of 'talk and chalk' training. Training should be participatory and your presentation materials should include in addition to standard lecture materials,

o Ice breakers such as problem solving and team bonding exercises o Scripts for introducing and running hothouse sessions to generate ideas o Case studies o Role plays o Workshop exercises o Multi media presentations o Supplementary guides and more in-depth technical explanations o Where to find further information

Researching an area, particularly one where in-depth technical knowledge is required can be a time-consuming process. It also needs specialist skills. While books and trade magazines supply useful background and allow you to ground yourself in the concepts and principles, they are normally out of date. They also cost money to buy or subscribe so unless you have a very good library (probably belonging to a college) to hand, they not the cheapest or most readily available resource.

The best source for fresh and up to date material is the Internet. This material can come from several places -

o Professional association pages o Magazine and specialist sites o Discussion forums o News organizations

The key to unlock this material is knowing how to use an Internet search engine.

Everyone has experienced entering what they thought was a meaningful phrase into a search site such as Google only to be presented with unexpected and unwanted material or so much apparently relevant information that there seems no possible way of trawling through it all. Experts in the area know how to use specific search engine commands to cut down the amount of work required.

For example, if you enter the following words into Google -

income tax

you will be presented with every site that has the word 'income' and the word 'tax' in it and from sites throughout the world.

Whereas the following phrases -

""income tax"" date:3 IRS

will pull up recently searched pages on US income tax increasing the relevance factor by 100% and cutting down the amount of material to trawl through (a process called 'data scraping') by an order of magnitude.

You can also use search engines to trawl news, discussion pages and blogs on the same subject and track down any multi media information - such as cartoons, pictures and training films.

And there are specialist search applications which work with search engines to make this process easier and more thoroughgoing. However, these normally need a license from the search engine owners to run and so are generally only used by agencies or individuals that specialize in this area of work.

Whether you or someone else is doing the research you need to be very discerning. The Internet can be extremely useful but some of the material posted can be both out of date and very misleading.

Once you have collated your material and selected the most relevant items, you need to structure your training around them. Here it helps to bring in someone with good composition and typing skills as you need to rapidly and accurately develop the key lecture materials and notes along with supplementary guides and sources of further information. If they have also participated in the research effort, so much the better.

In addition, you also need to script the other types of sessions. Even sessions where you are expecting your participants to generate the material need a carefully worded introduction and a well thought out set of rules to structure the session so that it is maximally useful to those who take part and that no one is put under pressure or embarrassed during the process.

What you can be sure of is that the more effort you put into research and development and the more professionally it is done, the more it will repay you in the long run.

About the author: Kirk Ward provides free marketing resources for accountants, consultants and tax professionals at

Or, you can subscribe and learn what you need to make your professional practice grow.

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Friday, December 05, 2008

The Value of Finding Great Web Content

Author: Matthew Bass

Article: It goes without saying in today's competitive Internet market that content is still king. We've heard it over the years and are living it as recently as today. The need for web content is not going away. It's growing every second! What are you doing about it?

Do you have your head buried in the sand hoping that the 100 pages that you loving created for your site are going to make you millions? There may be a few lucky ones out there that can use that approach and get away with it, but for the rest of us it just isn't practical. Search engines are devouring content at an alarming rate. They are on the search for not just any old content, but fresh, relevant content to slurp up on a regular basis.

Let's face it. Not all webmasters are Hemmingway's, so they look to someone else to help them produce content, which adds up quickly. Writer's fees for good quality content can add up into the thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Are your good sites earning enough to cover your content costs? If you're like most, they aren't earning enough to pay thousands a month in writer's fees.

The best solution I've found is to use an article service. However, be warned. Not all article services are the same! The three most important things in choosing an article service are: High quality articles, Well-researched niches and Exclusive memberships. If content is king to get visitors to your sight, then the quality must be readily evident when they arrive. Nothing less will do.

If the articles aren't written on well researched niches, then your content may never be found. Don't compete with people unnecessarily. Find niches and exploit them. A good article service can help you do that.

Exclusive memberships are a must in my book. Look for memberships that have 300 people or less. Fewer members mean less competition when you use the articles. Plus, with most memberships you are given full rights to the articles to modify them as you see fit thus making them even more unique. One of the best memberships out there today is <a href=""""></a>

About the author: Matt is the owner/operator of <a href=""""></a>, which supplies 375 articles to its limited membership of only 200 people. Memberships fill up fast, so be sure to get yours while they're still available!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Author: Charlie Cook

Article: Everyone knows the web is a cost efficient way to generate leads and increase sales, but do you know how to make it work for you?

Yesterday I began to feel like a broken record. John called from a company in Boston that owns 25 storage facilities in 3 states, then Martha called from a web design firm in Austin, and Steve called from a computer networking software firm. All three had almost exactly the same exact question; How could they turn their web sites into profit centers?

There are two key elements to creating a web site that sells. You need visitors, you need to convert visitors to leads and then you need to convert leads to sales. You probably knew this already, but do you know how to put these two elements together to generate a flood of new business?

1. Create A Web Site that Sells Before you can expect to generate a single lead or sale, your web site may need a tune-up. Your site needs to get your prospect's attention, keep their attention long enough for you to get your message across, and motivate them to contact you or buy from you.

When a site visitor sees your homepage, or any page on your site for that matter, you've got at most 3 seconds to get their attention and interest them in reading more.

Your site needs to instantly give visitors a reason to not click to another web site, say, one of your competitor's. Does your website have that kind of stopping power?

Once your web pages have gotten your prospect's attention, you need to engage them and get them thinking about how you can help them and why they need your products and services. Think of this as the beginning of a conversation that they'll want to continue by contacting you or purchasing from you. Look at and read your site from your prospect's perspective; is it engaging?

The next step is to prompt prospects to contact you. The visual elements and marketing copy on your site should prompt prospects to take the next step. Does your site do this?

Once your site is generating hundreds of leads a week, you're headed in the right direction. Now, how will you convert your qualified leads into sales?

The average business loses 80% of sales due to lack of follow-up. To avoid losing sales, give prospects the information they need to trust you, to value your products and services and to remember you. Do these three things and your conversion rates will soar.

2. Pull in Thousands of Prospects If you've got a site that grabs your prospects' attention, engages them and then prompts them to contact you, you're ready to build traffic to your site. There are two primary ways to get prospects to your web site.

Improve Your Search Engine Positioning Most people who arrive at your site will start their trip at one of search engines. If your site is listed at the top when your prospects use relevant keywords in a search, they'll be more likely to find it and visit it.

It's not easy to push your site to the top of the search engine listings. A whole host of variables affect what is referred to as your site's ""organic position"" in the search engines. The most important are your use of keywords and metatags, and the number of links to your site.

You can improve your sites' ranking in the search engines using a few key strategies that include where and how often you use your keywords and links including our keywords. This involves carefully coding each of your web pages, a painstaking process. The alternative is to pay someone else to do this for you.

While there are thousands of firms that can supposedly put your site at the top of the search engines overnight for a few dollars, don't be duped. This process is long and tedious and the reputable firms take 2-6 months to provide results and charge between 10-15 thousand dollars a year to maintain your sites positioning.

Advertise with the Search Engines For many small businesses, pushing your site's organic position to the top of the search engines can take too long or be too costly. You may want to get more visitors to your site to supplement the traffic you're getting or hope to get. One way to do this is to pay to have your ads appear in the search engines.

Overture and Google's pay-per-click AdWords program are the most effective types of online advertising. I find Google's much easier to use and provides better results, but you should test both.

You can also pull visitors to your site by distributing your articles online, using a blog, and advertising in email newsletters.

Create a web site that uses design and copywriting to engage your prospects, and a distinct strategy to convert them from visitors to customers. Then implement a system to drive traffic to your site and you'll have both lots of leads and sales.

2005 © In Mind Communications, LLC. All rights reserved

About the author: The author, Charlie Cook, helps service professionals, small business owners and marketing professionals attract more clients and be more successful. Sign up to receive the Free Marketing Strategy eBook, '7 Steps to get more clients and grow your business' at

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

E-Z GRO Opt-In Mailing List Techniques

Author: Shon Christopher

Article: An opt-in mailing list can be your most solid internet marketing tool. Think of it as a foot in the door - or better yet, a standing invitation to drop by anytime. Research has shown that it takes an average of seven contacts with a prospect to make your first sale.

It's hard to count on someone returning to your web site seven times - but if you get them there once, and convince them to join your opt-in mailing list, you have a standing invitation to contact them with your offers, at your convenience.

The trick, of course, is turning your web site visitors into opt-in list subscribers. Opt-in list building is easier than you think. There are a number of tried and true methods of list building that you can use - but don't be afraid to think outside the box to sign up folks who drop by your web site for a short visit.

Start with a good reason for people to join your opt-in list. People don't join opt-in lists out of the goodness of their hearts - they opt in because you're offering them something of value. What have you got to offer?

* Get a 10% discount on all purchases over $25 - exclusive to members of our mailing list! * Find out about our newest products through our opt-in mailing list! * We'll keep you up to date on the latest developments in [insert your field here]. * Special discount prices and offers exclusively for members of our mailing list.

Get the picture? You're not saying, ""Hey, can I keep bugging you to try to sell you stuff?"" You're offering a service - ""I'll let you know when I've got good stuff you want to buy.""

Post the invitation to join your opt-in list prominently on your web site. Simple list building truth number one is that people can't join your opt-in list if they don't know about it. Put an invitation to join your email list on every single page of your site - and make the invitation enticing.

Practice opt-in list building everywhere. Include a short invitation to join your opt-in email list as part of your email signature so that it goes out every time you email someone. If you do a presentation or event, personally invite participants or booth visitors to join your opt in email list.

Bribe people to sign up with a free gift. Bribery is a tried-and-true fast list building technique and website promotion tool. Selling weight loss products? Put together an e-book of weight loss facts about nutrition and offer it as an incentive to sign up for your opt in list. Be creative, and watch your list grow like a weed.

Offer incentives for referrals.

About the author: Shon Christopher is the owner of which offers 11 powerful software toolkits created especially for webmasters and affiliates to help them drive website traffic and increase sales.

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