Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How To Get Traffic And Keep Customers

Author: Ben O'Rourke

Article: So your web site is up and you are now ready for all those visitors. But wait a minute, where are they? I am afraid it does not work quite like that. You have a lot to do in order to get traffic and to ensure that they come back again. Short and simple, it is all about the quality of your site in relation to the content you provide.

First of all you must research your keywords and pick the ones most appropiate to your site content. Doing this well will give you a good chance of getting traffic from the search engines. Search engines also love updated and fresh content and this is something else you will have to ensure you do regularly.

When visitors arrive you now need something to offer them to keep them happy. Best of all is free reports, or software, designed to blend in with your overall site content. Everyone loves something for free and the higher the quality the better. You can receive an email address in return and build up a relationship in this way.

Your set up your autoresponder to maintain contact and offer lots more information and advice on a timed basis. Try using training information and newsletters and ensure that it is relevant to your overall site content. People are happy to receive good quality content and will look forward to your emails.

You will gradually build relationships with your subscribers. This is really important so take note! You will come to be known and trusted in the areas you provide advice and information. Put up surveys and ask them if they have any questions or problems. Then help them out.

Recommend solutions you have tried and found to be good. Do not recommend something just to make a quick buck if the solution is not of a high standard. This is one of the quickest ways to lose trust and your traffic will dry up fairly quickly. If people are happy and trust you, they will also recommend you to their friends and associates.

You know that without your customers, or list, you do not have a business. So you really need to make sure you look after your list once you have one. Always try to do something special for them. Special offers and freebies only for them is a good way to show your appreciation for being on your list. Make sure to give them the absolute best value that you can and do not offer the same outside of your list.

Remember, forget to update your site on a constant basis and you have thrown the anchor overboard. Your business will slowly grind to a halt. Your traffic will dwindle away. And always remember to keep your visitors when they arrive. Work hard at providing valuable and useful content for them. You worked hard enough to get them to come now ensure you work just as hard to keep them. Sounds simple and is simple when you enjoy what you do.

About the author: Ben O'Rourke is an Online Marketer and Software Developer.

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