Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Sure Fire Way Of Selling More Of Any Product To Your List Members

Author: Keir Smith

Article: © Copyright 2005 by Keir Smith

It's finally your turn...

You've sent off your latest email campaign, and it's a dousy...

You've put in the proper tracking codes so that you can tell within a split second if your message has hit the intended target...or if you've missed your point all together....

A quick look at your stats suggests that your message made it to it's intended email boxes, and all the early signs point towards a high opening rate.

But then that's when it stops...

The goods news now turns into worry.


Because despite all of the other good signs pointing in your favor...the one that counts most still lacks life.

The one category I'm referring to is the actual sales made.

Yep, after all of your planning, delivering emails, and clickthroughs, your bank account still reads zero.

No need to worry though...

There's a simple solution to this problem that will have your prospects reading your emails along with making purchases from you within no time.

Here's how to literally have your prospects eating out of the palm of your hand and crawling over broken glass just to get their hands on whatever it is your selling.

There's a way to have your customers salivating over your offers whenever they receive them from you and it all has to do with one little word.


I know, not really earth shattering stuff I'm talking about here.

But believe me, there's only one thing that's on your prospects mind at the time when they are reading your email, and that's results.

Your market just wants to know what kind of results can your product or service offer them that they aren't currently getting right now.

Tell them that your product or service can improve their results, and by how much, and you'll have a new customer.

Tell them that your product or service will take away a current problem that they're having, and you'll have a new customer.

It not hard folks...

It's results...

Speak about results in everything you say to them.

Stop talking about how long you've been in business, and how many customers you have...

That's not important..not now anyway...there is a time for that in your message, but if you tell them to soon, you'll lose them quicker than you can say yes dear...

Empower them, by telling them that they can achieve the results that your talking about. (like I'm doing here)

Do all the things that I mentioned in this report and you'll see your customers lining up to buy from you. It won't even take any effort from you at all, just tell them that they can bridge the gap of where they currently are, to where they want to be and you'll be rewarded with their cold hard cash.

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